coldzera: "compLexity is a good team to study; it's hard to play against [teams] you don't know much about"

We spoke to Marcelo "coldzera" David about MIBR's run in the New Legends stage following their win over NiP which propelled them to the playoffs in London.

The Brazilian star talked about MIBR's hiccups against TYLOO in the first round and their 0-16 loss to Astralis on Dust2 in the fourth round, as well as about their back-and-forth match with NiP on day five.

coldzera commented on MIBR's 0-16 loss to Astralis

He also shared his thoughts on Complexity as their quarter-final opponent and MIBR's confidence for the playoffs after the shaky second stage of the Major.

You've had somewhat of a shaky run throughout this stage, what are your thoughts on the two losses you had and how you've recovered?

The Major is the nicest tournament to play, so the hardest tournament to play, as well, as everyone was super prepared. Our run was pretty good at the beginning, I think we felt a little bit of pressure against TYLOO, we were winning 11-4 and they made a comeback, so... the first day was really tough for us, it was really hard, too much pressure. But on the second and third day, we showed up pretty well.

The game against Astralis... We studied them the day before we played against them, but at the same time, we tried to take so many risks, we didn't play our style, we just tried to gamble with some strats, to anti-strat. And it didn't work very well. When it was 9-0, we already lost ourselves, it was kind of hard to come back. They took a lot of good gambles, as well, to crush us on long, and that's why it was so hard. I think we didn't play our style against them and that made us play really badly.

You seemed to let the foot off the pedal today on Cache in the second portion of each half, going from 6-1 to 7-8 as CT and then from 15-8 to overtime - what happened?

In the first half, it was pretty good, we sometimes struggle on the CT side of Cache. We did a great half, 8-7 wasn't bad, we just had a bad moment when Stewie pushed door. I don't remember the round, but Stewie pushed door, he got all the information on A, and he said it was going to be B, and we had three guys on B, but we played it too separately and this round broke our economy. That was a crucial round, if we won that round, it would have been a better half for us. But, in general, the CT side was pretty good, especially because we love to play as T.

As T, the game was pretty good for us and we started committing some mistakes, especially in the splits, and the game started getting harder. When we went to overtime, we just said to go back to default, play our own game, do the splits correctly, and try to focus more on B because I saw they're not playing that well on B.

On Train, after the great half on the T side, NiP started to come back into it, and there seemed to be some confusion at some point in the 25th round, when NiP forcebought and it looked quite dangerous, what happened there? Was it a relief to win that round, after all?

On the CT side, they won the pistol and they won the first buy, so that broke us a little bit. After the sixth round as CT, we played really well, we started to build our economy.

The round against the forcebuy was a little bit chaotic for me because they did the triple-smokes on site and I didn't have too much info because a guy pushed sandwich, so when I killed this guy, I thought someone was pushing from the other side, so I swung and I flicked fast on FalleN. But the situation was really chaotic because one guy pushed and made the situation chaotic and we didn't know what was happening.

Tell me about your matchup against compLexity in the quarter-finals - what do you think about them?

compLexity is a good team, they proved they're a good team. They went 3-0, of course, so it's going to be a fun game because we always play against them in the US, the players, not the team.

They're looking good, it's going to be a good match to play on the stage. I don't know too much about them, it's a good team to study and a good team to prepare against because when you don't know much about them, it's hard to play against, so it's a team we're looking forward to studying some details.

Looking back at the first stage and the up-and-down run, how confident are you ahead of the playoffs?

We're really confident at this tournament, we practiced really well. Except for the match against Astralis, that was a tough game for us, all the matches were good to play, we learned a lot on the road.

Of course, the team is pretty new, but we already have one month, and this month, especially with Janko, he prepares really well. We're getting the confidence, it's going to be fun to play on this stage again, it's going to be fun to play the Major and show everyone what we have.

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Brazil Marcelo 'coldzera' David
Marcelo 'coldzera' David
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Baitzera in 2018 LMAO
2018-09-17 00:04
COL 2 - 0 MIBR
2018-09-17 00:05
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
He already knows he will lose
2018-09-17 00:06
Brazil Noice_boyzZ 
Oh, does he?
2018-09-17 00:19
Best player who ever touched CS GO
2018-09-17 00:37
2018-09-17 10:01
s1mple | 
Poland tutatek 
2018-09-17 10:31
Fan of S1mple, who never was even top 3 in his whole career and started to play CS before Coldzera!! OmegaLUL
2018-09-17 14:15
Fan of ecozera who is the biggest baiter and the most overrated player that ever touched cs:go s1mple would smash him 1v1 every single time without any problems also, HLTV ranking OMEGALUL
2018-09-20 18:30
Brazil LuizMoreno 
Lmao we shall see
2018-09-17 01:05
Brazil fuz1nato 
why so much hate?
2018-09-17 01:23
2018-09-17 00:05
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United States Eduzera 
who is mixwell? who is NiP vs MIBR? LUL
2018-09-17 00:22
m16r still crying? LMAO
2018-09-17 00:26
u r crying because never in playoffs went home :D hard for bot_right and botrest
2018-09-17 08:42
m16r 0 playoffs m16r 0 major m16r 0 tournament wins who is crying now?
2018-09-17 13:45
kNgV- | 
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2018-09-17 14:26
2018-09-17 14:28
you :'( cry is free noobs in pyjamas crying at home OMEGALUL
2018-09-17 15:47
m16r 0 playoffs m16r 0 major m16r 0 tournament wins why are you still crying? LMAO
2018-09-17 15:49
2018-09-17 16:03
NiP home :'(
2018-09-17 16:03
how much?
2018-09-17 16:04
f0rest and gtr is two great & famous players of all times cs scene and who are such a mibr (ex sk) at their level... i don't know really.
2018-09-17 08:00
"don't know too much about them," Motherfucker plays them in every fucking online league. That's thoorin & Richard "get a grip" lewis levels of ignorance when it comes to teams when it's your job to know about teams you play a lot domestically
2018-09-17 07:41
tarik | 
If you read well, he says that he don't know too much about them as a team.
2018-09-17 09:14
2018-09-17 00:05
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
ez 2:0 for mibr.
2018-09-17 00:05
2018-09-17 00:05
2018-09-17 00:06
2018-09-17 00:05
2018-09-17 00:06
Brazil Noice_boyzZ 
16-2 never forget.
2018-09-17 00:20
North America SLGam1ng 
blind mibr fans these days
2018-09-17 00:07
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-09-17 03:07
2018-09-17 00:07
Europe Vallon 
ROFL keep dreaming
2018-09-17 00:07
Brunei GucciLeIe 
NiP were great so were Mibr, don't know why youre saying that
2018-09-17 00:48
2018-09-17 00:09
2018-09-17 00:38
Portugal MSANTOS 
2018-09-17 00:06
Top3 baiter in the World!
2018-09-17 00:06
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no easy top 1 baiter
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Brazil MiBrS2 
2018-09-17 00:41
Brunei GucciLeIe 
2018-09-17 00:46
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-09-17 03:07
Liquid = brazilians carrying americans Mibr = brazilians carrying americans
2018-09-17 23:30
Twistzz | 
Canada rwsu 
TACO cant do shit in liquid lmao
2018-09-19 03:15
United States SilveryoHD 
taco carrying liquid????? OMEGALUL 0IQ B7AZ1LIAN
2018-09-22 19:36
why do you think the coach is brazilian?? because brazilians are inteliigent unlike 0 iq greasy brain americans
2018-09-22 20:09
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-09-22 20:53
Top1 you mean
2018-09-17 01:15
wow did not expect
2018-09-17 00:06
2018-09-17 00:06
Brazil DanishBias 
the MVP has spoken
2018-09-17 00:07
2018-09-17 00:21
Brazil oBarros 
2018-09-17 01:08
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2018-09-17 03:06
Argentina EnvyJ 
2018-09-17 00:07
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-09-17 03:06
Brazil Comandantee 
Hope he knows what he's talking, about the confidence and all...
2018-09-17 00:17
United States Eduzera 
Shahzam 40+ drops w/ free lose
2018-09-17 00:22
"IT'S HARD TO PLAY AGAINST [TEAMS] YOU DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT" Not for Astralis/Liquid/Navi/Faze - in 90% they crush lower tier teams with zero issues.
2018-09-17 00:23
Argentina ivanpb 
It's called being discreet, u retard.
2018-09-17 00:52
Baitzera delusional
2018-09-17 00:24
jogam direto contra esses filho da puta no NA, conversa para boi dormir
2018-09-17 00:42
2018-09-17 01:12
Brazil Djentleman 
2018-09-17 01:27
2018-09-17 02:16
Contra os JOGADORES, não contra o time. Anyway, tem que atropelar de qualquer forma..
2018-09-17 02:51
Brazil ZerongBr 
O engraçado é que tu misturou português e inglês lol
2018-09-17 02:59
Brazil millerjmatos 
2018-09-17 12:30
he is already giving excuses
2018-09-17 01:42
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-09-17 03:06
just plz dont let us see that annoying smug face of shazam's if they win PLS DENY IT
2018-09-17 01:43
2018-09-17 01:56
excursezera 2k18
2018-09-17 02:01
s1mple | 
China fu22Y 
s1mple & NiKo > baitzera
2018-09-17 02:10
Coldzera- 2 majors (on his way to the third) Pimple and choko- 0 majors
2018-09-17 15:58
2018-09-17 18:02
United States pepehands420 
stan is going to single-handedly destroy these frauds and traitors
2018-09-17 02:36
Finland Smoonah 
fk stan and fk traitors
2018-09-17 02:55
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
1traitor snakeislaw cant handle full team of traitors aka mibr
2018-09-17 08:54
Traitors? They should've left that shithole called Cloud9 earlier
2018-09-17 16:03
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
Holdanglezera 2018 lmao
2018-09-17 03:05
Wow, any other revelations Coldzera wants to share with us?
2018-09-17 03:24
Brazil Hideki77 
Hope to see them back on top!
2018-09-17 03:51
Belgium Morveques 
2-1 for MIBR
2018-09-17 04:30
United States Rambeard 
I'm just hoping for great CS from both teams. Two iconic brands going at it once more.
2018-09-17 04:34
But mostly CoL will choke
2018-09-17 05:09
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
Sucky team col play mm tacs then nobody expect
2018-09-17 07:08
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
lmao flair checkout
2018-09-17 08:54
Optic LUL
2018-09-17 13:15
k0nfig | 
Denmark strogie 
Why do you write optic? This article are not about them
2018-09-17 13:25
Europe Mrfloppy 
Hackzera- he knows his Time is over .
2018-09-17 09:07
Poland SZPERNi 
+1.5 complexity ez
2018-09-17 12:09
allu | 
North America hesh 
they play in NA they literally play them all the time
2018-09-17 12:22
They play FPL, its a fucking major now stfu
2018-09-17 16:04
allu | 
North America hesh 
they play eachother in pro league and ecs/starladder are you fucking retarded lmfao
2018-09-17 16:59
Are you really dumb? Do you think they throw away their strats on those fucking tier10 online camps
2018-09-19 17:07
allu | 
North America hesh 
yes, or they wouldnt qualify for lans....lmao
2018-09-20 18:03
Why the fuck would they need to put effort on those camps Qualifiers are always shit cs
2018-09-24 22:08
Denmark MetatronKbh 
Pretty normal to say that, he will never say,,,we have One OFF the Best Lineup, we are the OLd SK 😂😂😂😂😂😂 OMG
2018-09-17 12:30
Ur english gave me cancer
2018-09-17 16:04
Brazil 1DrK 
I think MIBR is going to win the BO3 against coL but I don't see them winning against NaVi in the semis atm, if NaVi wins against BIG.
2018-09-17 14:49
final mibr x liquid or astralis
2018-09-17 15:26
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
2018-09-22 19:37
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