EPICENTER China closed qualifier invites revealed

September 17th, 2018 12:51

Huomao has announced the direct invitation list for EPICENTER 2018 China closed qualifier, which is set to take place from September 18-20.

On Weibo, the organiser revealed that ten teams have been confirmed for the online Chinese competition, with a slot to the Wild Card qualifier on the line.

According to 5EPlay, TYLOO was originally invited, but due to schedule clashes with the squad competing at FACEIT Major, they were replaced by Sparta, formerly known as ROAR.

kaze will make his ViCi debut at the EPICENTER closed qualifier

The teams have been separated into two groups of five, featuring a BO1 round-robin format. Following two days of group play, the top two teams from each group will advance to the BO3 single-elimination playoffs.

The groups can be found below:

To stay up-to-date with the event, you can keep track with the regional qualifier here.

Where is Stewie? LUL
2018-09-17 12:53
United Kingdom iMarbot 
2018-09-17 12:52
Denmark VeryEZ4EnceGuy 
2018-09-17 12:53
its china not kazakhstan!
2018-09-17 13:07
2018-09-17 12:55
NiKo | 
Sweden dinolinoxd 
2018-09-17 12:53
Brazil humkij67 
2018-09-17 12:53
Denmark VeryEZ4EnceGuy 
2018-09-17 12:53
2018-09-17 12:53
Ez for onca
2018-09-17 12:53
Europe KittyChamp 
2018-09-17 12:57
Poland hedyzpizdy 
2018-09-17 12:57
2018-09-17 13:06
ez invite for TyLuL
2018-09-17 13:08
Wait , if I form a chinese csgo team , does it mean that I get invited for free matchfix and shit? You don't invite no namers , EPICENTER , that only gives them chance to do shady shits 2 Direct Invite + 2 Spot for qualified team will be fine
2018-09-17 13:25
China de8kr 
You gotta give unknown teams a chance, you don't know how they may perform. I mean, look at CoL, who knows what these team can do
2018-09-18 08:55
Macau Bent0 
2018-09-17 13:40
s1mple | 
Mongolia Hakku^^ 
EZ4 5Power
2018-09-17 13:57
Jame | 
Israel altandi 
in which city is event being held?
2018-09-17 14:07
I looked through all the media I can find and can't find the city.It probably is a online event just for the ticket to Moscow
2018-09-17 16:29
Other Bulyyy 
Lol B is so much better
2018-09-17 15:27
2018-09-17 19:15
funny how New4 literally have 4 people in their roster.
2018-09-17 21:44
Brazil Fallenzera 
2018-09-18 18:45
Result of new4 vs team sparta?
2018-09-19 12:29
Why not invite me? I can match fix with more drama than these shitstain ching chongs ding dong bing bongs lul
2018-09-20 09:11
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