electronic: "It's too early to feel emotions"

We spoke to Denis "⁠electronic⁠" Sharipov after Na`Vi became the first grand finalists of the FACEIT Major.

Natus Vincere beat MIBR in convincing fashion, winning Overpass 16-10 after closing out a 15-5 lead and Dust2 with a 16-5 scoreline.

electronic isn't feeling any pressure ahead of his first Major grand final just yet

After the match, we sat down with electronic to find out more about Natus Vincere's point of view of the series and whether he feels any pressure ahead of his first Major grand final:

Let's first talk about the added value this match had to you considering the comments you made following an interview with FalleN, is that something you felt you needed to prove in the game?

As for me, I'm really, really satisfied, I had a tough feeling inside to prove to him that this isn't right, to talk about a team that you don't even know how they play at the moment. You can only imagine it, you can only think about how they play, you didn't face them at this tournament, so you can't know how they play, you need to feel it in the game. I hope he felt it, we did everything right, we did everything we had been talking about and we played well, I'm happy.

The Dust2 pick from MIBR was generally quite a surprise, was that something you saw coming?

Firstly, we expected to play Inferno, of course, because we played Dust2 only once and we beat BIG on it, but we know that this game didn't show our level of play on Dust2.

We were expecting Inferno, but of course we knew they could pick Dust2 and we prepared the map, too. It wasn't a surprise for us, we were prepared to play Inferno or Dust2. But we knew that, for them, it would have been better to pick Inferno.

Apart from the beginning of Overpass, it looked very convincing, but it took you quite a while to close it out after you clinched map point, were you ever worried?

We were pretty confident when we got the 15th round, we started to play a faster game, we were rushing and we weren't patient. It felt like we wanted to win this game, so that is why we made a lot of mistakes, but we were pretty confident, as I said.

They started to make a comeback, so Zeus called for a pause and said 'calm down, guys, stop it, let's just play what we had practiced before, let's play our game and we will win this game,' and we did it.

What was the key to such a strong start on Dust2?

Before this tournament, we lost a lot of Dust2, it was 0-6 I think, and we knew that every team could pick Dust2 against us, so this was a high priority to prepare on this map. We did a lot of work on it, we changed some positions, especially on the CT side, and, after this, we felt that we found the key to this map.

We felt much better on the map than before and we started to play it much better because of a deeper understanding of the map after the work we had done before the tournament. It works now, as you can see, so we're pretty confident.

Edward has had an improved performance here, especially in the playoffs, what do you think that is down to?

Edward is highly motivated now to improve his game because, before this, he lost his confidence for some reason. I don't know why, but I think it's all about his mentality, about his mindset, and he also knew that he needed to work hard and find his game, find the key to this game. And he just practiced it a lot and we tried to cheer him on, we believed in him, and I think he can feel that we trust him and he can play better and better.

This will be your first Major grand final, does that put any pressure on you?

This is the first time, as you said, and I don't really know how to feel in this situation. When I go to sleep, I will feel some emotions, but, for now, I'm pretty calm because I understand that this is not the end. One more step is left to win this tournament, this is my dream, I thought a lot about this and this is what I wanted the most for myself and for the team, to win the Major. I know that the last step is going to be the hardest one, so it's too early to feel emotions.

In that last step, you have two different matchups possible, especially from your point of view and due to the history between you and Astralis and Liquid. Is there any preference as to who your opponents in the final should be?

It doesn't really matter to us who to play because both teams deserve to get to the final and they are really, really strong teams. I would say they feel confident, they're highly skilled players individually and, as teams, they play at a very, very high level. They're showing great CS at this Major and before this tournament, so we know it's going to be a tough game, it doesn't matter if it's Liquid or Astralis. We will wait and we will fight any team.

Russia Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
s1mple = GOAT electronic = 2nd GOAT
2018-09-22 21:19
flamie = 3rd GOAT
2018-09-22 21:21
2018-09-22 21:22
2018-09-22 21:23
2018-09-22 21:25
2018-09-22 21:33
Netherlands itsm
Fallen = BOAT
2018-09-22 21:42
Denmark EggplantxD
Stewie = COAT
2018-09-22 22:24
Netherlands itsm
Tarik = deepthroat
2018-09-22 23:23
2018-09-22 21:55
2018-09-22 21:38
2018-09-22 21:56
Alexey Kostylev- 8th GOAT
2018-09-22 21:59
2018-09-22 22:05
2018-09-22 22:10
Dendi WutFace
2018-09-22 22:10
reply needs to have actual content
2018-09-22 22:10
North America Samalemor
Hard style 0th goat
2018-09-22 22:23
don't think so
2018-09-22 21:33
I think so
2018-09-22 21:42
i aren't think so
2018-09-22 21:53
I aren’t don’t think so
2018-09-22 21:57
girL | 
CIS Sforz
im gay!
2018-09-22 22:02
2018-09-23 10:25
Poland Unluko
2018-09-22 22:28
2018-09-22 21:19
Canada y0sem1tE
Ok mom
2018-09-22 21:20
Moldova NotBhad
Gg navi
2018-09-22 21:20
2018-09-22 21:20
2018-09-22 21:20
2018-09-22 21:21
2018-09-22 21:21
Qatar amega
2018-09-22 21:21
2018-09-22 21:21
2018-09-22 21:21
Russia Dedaireks
good to know
2018-09-22 21:21
2018-09-22 21:24
electronic indeed
2018-09-22 21:24
What's the backstory to what fallen said?
2018-09-22 21:26
He said in an interview that navi didn't look strong... that's all i know xD
2018-09-22 22:07
How does a professional player call the clear #2 team that competes for #1 all year not strong. What a tard, back in brazil
2018-09-22 22:08
Well... he said that, i mean he said that navi haven't looked well in this major
2018-09-22 22:09
They're literally the highest rated team this major by quite a margin. 1 really close loss to Astralis in a bo1, and not like they played shitty teams either. badfallen
2018-09-22 22:11
Just 2faced things I guess
2018-09-22 22:12
Brazil Whillpull
nope. He said that NaVi isn't a collective and structured team like Astralis and Liquid. He just said true. NaVi plays a messy game, based on aim.
2018-09-22 23:38
Flag checks out as always. TwoFaced said the Real Truth because Brazilian fanboy stated that. Lul
2018-09-23 01:43
mibr plays a bot game, based on monkeys fan LUL
2018-09-23 03:40
expected from twofaced Toledo and his fans to have such a clueless opinion about #2 team who is fighting for #1 spot this year.
2018-09-23 08:53
Brazil Whillpull
did you read my comment? He didn't said that navi is a bad team, he just did a critique about how navi plays. But he and you apparently don't understand.
2018-09-23 13:39
electronic acting electronic
2018-09-22 21:25
electronic is a robot hltv confirmed
2018-09-22 21:25
United Kingdom Fizzhaz
"Edward is motivated for some reason" hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2018-09-22 21:27
2018-09-22 21:31
Europe g4nl0cK
2018-09-22 22:06
2018-09-23 09:23
de_stroyed fallen
2018-09-22 21:30
electronic aka terminator
2018-09-22 21:33
Russia zovk
ez major dA
2018-09-22 21:33
all of na'vi players have been performing in recent games, their problem was mostly edward or flamie or both not performing, if they all perform like they did vs. mibr. they can possibly win this major.
2018-09-22 21:36
Indonesia MeX0NNNN
navi carried by electeonic and s1mple, also zeus still doing his BOT things
2018-09-23 04:37
zeus may be a bot, but he does his job as IGL very well, as long as it's not only electronic and s1mple who are only performing, they can win imo
2018-09-23 14:58
Indonesia MeX0NNNN
need more fragpower still
2018-09-24 05:56
Myanmar xdavidlm
Average Russian
2018-09-22 21:38
Poland SmartyyCS
fake, electronic cant speak english
2018-09-22 21:42
+1 but looks like this is translate by s1
2018-09-22 22:42
s1mple helped write the text?
2018-09-22 21:47
russian has no emotions
2018-09-22 21:49
lul never really saw him showing his emotions.
2018-09-22 21:57
It’s good to have a player like this especially when S1mple can sometimes show too much emotions
2018-09-22 22:04
Yes electronic is gud
2018-09-22 22:17
electronic robot, no emotions included
2018-09-22 22:04
2018-09-22 22:04
Nice read!
2018-09-22 22:04
Russia razorVJ
Pls link to what FalleN said
2018-09-22 22:05
picked dust2 against navi. Prepared strat, OMEGALUL FalleN
2018-09-22 22:05
Brazil Collee
he meant the game was too easy to feel emotions
2018-09-22 22:07
2018-09-22 22:15
he is right, they are gonna get pija by astralis
2018-09-22 22:40
Poland mamba99999
ez major winners.
2018-09-22 23:03
hye | 
Russia sosi
top1 player in 2018
2018-09-23 00:54
What a cocky guy is fallen, still gets rekt and Mibr was a wasted spot
2018-09-23 02:42
This guy top 10 hltv this year
2018-09-23 03:29
Top 3*
2018-09-23 08:02
2018-09-23 08:51
Ez For Navi
2018-09-23 08:02
2018 No.1 rifler and really consistent
2018-09-23 08:13
Always humble, always beast! It's all about you, Electronic!
2018-09-23 08:51
Hungary Ilove2bait
Sit down ! Be humble
2018-09-23 09:16
Costa Rica disturv
navi best team hope they fight the final
2018-09-23 09:30
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