device: "I thought it was going to be a rough year, it turned out to be the best one of my life"

September 23rd, 2018 22:40

Astralis have been crowned champions at the FACEIT Major with a dominant win against Natus Vincere in the grand final, with the HLTV & Betway MVP medal going to none other than Nicolai "device" Reedtz, whom we interviewed after the triumph.

device talked about Astralis' convincing run at the FACEIT Major, which they finished off with a 2-0 victory over Natus Vincere, the second-best team in the world, in the grand final.

We caught up with the elated device to discuss Astralis's triumph at the Major and more

He also shared his feelings about becoming a Major MVP for the first time and discussed Astralis' run with this lineup over the course of the last half a year, during which they secured five titles and two runners-up finishes.

We asked the AWPer to address his team's playstyle being called boring, a sentiment that has been repeated within the community over the course of the last few months:

You have been called the best team in the world for a while now, but after securing a Major with this lineup, as well, are you the best team ever?

I definitely think we are the best at a lot of things. We're very innovative, I wouldn't call us the best team ever, it's not up to us to decide that, but I think we're up there, for sure.

What else do you need to add to become that?

I don't know, really. I feel like the way we work together as a team and what we have achieved throughout the last six months, we've just done almost everything. Honestly, we feel like we could do even more, which is scary.

Tell me about this grand final overall - it was just so convincing, at no point did Na`Vi even have a chance, how did you manage that?

Without going into too much detail on the strategies and so on on Nuke, I think that we just had a really good game plan, we are really good on the T side, we feel like we can grind out rounds, we don't need the best economy, we have tactics for everything, and everyone just made sick entries everywhere.

I think it maybe put Na`Vi a little bit on tilt going into the second map, they're usually a really good Overpass team, and you could feel they were a little bit out of it, not to take anything away from the win or anything, but it felt like they could at least play better, and I think that they feel the same, as well. All in all, we had a really good game plan and that's basically how we work, it was the same against Liquid. When we get a good game plan and a good idea of how to play, we play as a unit, usually it goes really well for us.

device has added a Major MVP medal to his collection

You've received quite a few MVPs over your career, but this is your first Major MVP medal, what does that mean to you?

Oh, man, I don't know what to say. Honestly, it's really surreal, it obviously means a lot to win a Major, it did the last time, it did this time. I didn't even realize when I walked out to you guys and you were standing there, waiting for me, I got so shocked.

I'm really honored to get this award. It's like one of the career goals that has just been achieved, I'm just mind-blown in some way, I feel like. I'm playing at my best and I thought it was going to be such a rough year with all of the absence due to sickness and so on, and it's turned out to be the best year of my life.

We've been hearing a lot of people call your playstyle boring, what do you say to that?

I think it's normal to take a little bit away from a dominating team. It was the same with Barcelona when they were really, really good, people said they played really boring football and so on, but they won all their games almost. I think it's the same because of course, we play I would say a little bit boring, we don't do a lot of rushes and so on, it's not that flashy, we don't send one guy out to win the round.

We play on the best odds we can get throughout all rounds and we play with the brain every time, every time we get out of that sync, we play really badly, so that's the reason why we do it. It's not because we want the viewers to be bored (laughs), but, actually, because we really want to win. I think that there are flashier and more fun, more entertaining ways to play, but that's not coming from us, at least.

This is the best way, right?

Yeah, this is the best way, for sure.

Looking back at these last six months, what do you think has allowed this whole run that you've had with all of these titles and a Major one at the end?

I've got to give a lot of credit to zonic and how he's managed us in the beginning, how he got Magisk into the team, first of all. He was really good at adapting and we were really good at adapting. We've constructed a way to prepare for the matches that I don't think any other team is doing.

I think that's what's giving us this much of an edge going to the game, we know everything that is coming, honestly, and that's mainly because of zonic and gla1ve, also. Everyone in the team is putting in the work and watching and so on, and that's just been the main adaption we've made and we have just built upon that. We've done more things that I don't want to go into details that much, worked on the utility and such, and we're touching on all of the different areas of the game, and I think that's why we can play on all terms. I think that's what makes us really good.

Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Nicolai 'device' Reedtz
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Such a smart man and he is hot af too!!! Emilia Hult is a very lucky man!!!
2018-09-23 22:41
max | 
Sweden Unluko 
2018-09-23 22:42
<3 devve
2018-09-23 22:42
2018-09-24 06:55
fan of m16r lmao
2018-09-23 22:42
max | 
Sweden Unluko 
Fan of navi lmao
2018-09-23 22:43
2018-09-23 22:43
no one is talking to you no scener LMAO
2018-09-23 23:57
Lol troll or braindead
2018-09-24 01:13
Brain dead.
2018-09-24 07:43
REZ | 
Belgium PrgMorris 
I are think both
2018-09-24 07:57
braindead ofc
2018-09-24 08:18
2018-09-24 08:18
coldzera 0 major kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2018-09-24 15:06
cry is free bot p1mple 55 adr OMEGALUL
2018-09-24 17:03 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2018-09-24 18:35
"2016" "LG"
2018-09-24 18:54
"2016" "SK"
2018-09-24 18:55
p1mple rekt by coldzera awp shot, omegaLUL easiest major of CSGO history SK playing 5x4 vs Liquid
2018-09-24 19:05
the GOAT of csgo p1mple the bot of csgo with 55 adr in major final OMEGALUL
2018-09-25 00:13 your "goat" got rekt by s1mple LOL
2018-09-25 02:11
no arguments? expected from brazil
2018-09-25 14:30
coldzera 2 major s1mple 0
2018-09-25 18:58
pronax 3 major coldzera 2 major
2018-09-26 00:20
Did you just call a danish guy "no scener"???? European....someone is ashamed of his own country.
2018-09-24 13:48
2018-09-23 22:42
2018-09-23 22:43
I would do indescribable things to Emilia Hult given the chance.
2018-09-23 22:43
Italy davidedibe 
😂 +1
2018-09-23 23:00
Greenland Jardeet 
She looks like she needs cleaning with a wire brush
2018-09-24 08:31
Serbia whoa!! 
2018-09-23 22:46
2018-09-23 22:49
2018-09-23 22:50
Yea EMilia- lucky MAN xdddd Yea GODEVICE THE BEST btw
2018-09-23 22:50
Xyp9x | 
Portugal CRMN1 
2018-09-23 22:53
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puqet 
2018-09-24 07:11
Denmark devexCS 
Navi Will never win a major
2018-09-24 07:53
mb zeus have to leave for an other Team, so he can win a Major again :D
2018-09-24 08:13
Ye.. handsome grill , emilia is such a lucky guy. *keepo* They did well , easiest major in their life.
2018-09-24 08:49
Denmark EggplantxD 
Emilia hot guy
2018-09-24 09:52
2018-09-24 09:50
Brazil TURBOguy 
hahahaaahaahahaaa, s1mple 0 majors
2018-09-24 13:24
suNny | 
India S1ayR 
EZ katka
2018-09-23 22:41
2018-09-23 22:41
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
s1mple still better but he has not team
2018-09-23 22:43
Hopefully s1mple win next time. But pls it's time to kick some one from Navi!
2018-09-23 22:43
No , everybody in NaVi is good. But unstable
2018-09-23 23:37
zeus? LUL
2018-09-23 23:56
Kane | 
Russia Laxity 
Omg zues is capitan. All capitans have low stats
2018-09-24 08:08
you ment igl
2018-09-24 08:14
same thing tbh
2018-09-24 11:22
Ukraine blingg 
low stats? Look at gla1ve man
2018-09-24 08:14
This bullshit is irrelevant. Fallen and Gla1ve are hitting hard.
2018-09-24 08:50
FalleN still IGLing?
2018-09-25 04:47
yeah gla1ve surely has low stats lul he has better aim than most famous overrated entry fraggers in the scene.
2018-09-24 13:15
Gla1ve, ähm
2018-09-24 13:49
United States arandomguy 
I don't think Edward is good enough for NaVi
2018-09-24 00:55
Vietnam BakaJ97 
edward is main entry fragger of NAVI bro
2018-09-24 01:51
the only thing dedward is, is a bot!
2018-09-24 02:29
United States arandomguy 
In recent times......Edward has been doing the dirty work(support).Its as if electronic and edward have swapped their duties. Its usually electronic or simple that opens up things
2018-09-24 03:00
Same.. i am fan of Astralis but s1mple deserves to win at least 1 major.. he's a great player , sadly besides the fact Astralis are hella strong , s1mple played so damn bad
2018-09-24 08:52
Well sometimes shit happens. Plus Astralis never really allowed him to do something. Lastly if you will execute each round only as 20 seconds left you surely can't do much fragging
2018-09-24 09:00
20sec left its the famous: oh shit guys we only have 20sec left rush this shit and pray for this to work lulz. karrigan, fallen and zeus can relate tho. see how astralis si so agressive they can end rounds with 30sec from the start
2018-09-24 13:16
Spain N0Love 
There's nothing wrong with entrying late to a bombsite if you have played the rest of the round well: gaining information, map control, punishing CT's mistakes, etc. That's what Astralis do best and they usually dont have problems when entrying late. However, if you spend the entire round waiting behind the choke points and doing anything else that's when you are screwed. Zeus, Karrigan and even Fallen (not when SK where in their prime, they played that to perfection) they all have problems with these situations
2018-09-24 14:10
Not really, historically navi usually play that slow even in the 1.6 with zeus and edward. In overpass they were nervous or something. So many mistakes in a team that has 8months together.. Ofcourse astralis had the luck in their side 3 or 4 rounds but navi played horrible. Right now there isn't a team who can fight for the top 1 like SK last year or faze. The scene is completly dead.
2018-09-24 15:54
s1mple is very young though, I think even if his prime fades away he will win one at some point.
2018-09-24 16:26
hahahah s1mple worst performer against astralis in final he say he has no team lmao
2018-09-23 23:13
CeRq | 
Bulgaria Riooo 
One match means nothing
2018-09-23 23:18
So a Major final means nothing?
2018-09-23 23:21
Russia OlegShev 
Actually yes
2018-09-23 23:23
he never performes particulary well against astralis, he had been playing bad (aka not standing out) in 5 of their last 6 lost games in playoffs in tier1 tournaments!
2018-09-24 02:31
cause astralis tries to avoid simple. thats the preperation they do. ist boring but ist working...
2018-09-24 08:15
it is boring for for low level Players
2018-09-24 12:41
NiKo | 
Czech Republic SiCoLOL 
My ass
2018-09-23 22:41
Brazil So_what 
And what a ass
2018-09-24 03:05
Ez 4 my boy device
2018-09-23 22:41
2018-09-23 22:41
Lithuania KoksSkirtumas 
Thanks to Emilia.
2018-09-23 22:41
2018-09-23 22:41
2018-09-23 22:42
godvice <3
2018-09-23 22:42
inb4 complaining
2018-09-23 22:42
2018-09-23 22:42
North America dbanodbano 
boring pig farmers
2018-09-23 22:42
Said person from 3rd world country.
2018-09-24 02:47
Smooya>Dev1ce #EZ4GODSMOOYA
2018-09-23 22:43
United States ShawnM 
2018-09-23 22:50
2018-09-23 22:51
India Fukuforsaken 
You high on what? Shit? Smooya's ego is "BIG"
2018-09-23 22:59
"Fan of" checks out
2018-09-23 23:00
India Fukuforsaken 
I guess u might be one of that toxic team mates who doesn't do shit....
2018-09-23 23:02
You really felt in that bait? Fells optic India dude
2018-09-23 23:22
India MihirX27 
Smooya is definitely an Upcoming talent, but it might be incorrect to consider him better than s1mple, cuz let's faceit(Pun intended), he didn't qualify for the final over NaVi. He was kinda nervous during his match against NaVi. The Brit Sure has a Huge Future for Him, and I'd love to see it.
2018-09-23 23:18
Expected and deserved. Top 2 garanted
2018-09-23 22:43
cyx | 
Denmark VojenZ 
Unless he drops off totally stats-wise the next 3-4 months he will be top1 in 2018 by hltv. Simpel will get 2. place.
2018-09-23 22:50
United States J3nks 
Naah, unless s1mple really drops off, he wins it. His numbers are just too fucking crazy.
2018-09-23 23:10
HLTv is a danish site, NT burger
2018-09-23 23:22
s1mple more mvps and +0.09 rating, with s1mple the best in 10 categories in leaderboardm with such think that he is best open frager in 2018, and best clutcher in 2018
2018-09-24 08:06
this is just like ronaldo and messi imo messi has all better stats better score more goals more assists etc ronaldo wins champions league la liga and copa del rey ronaldo wins best player award. same with dev1ce and s1mple.
2018-09-24 13:21
if hltv award top-20 players right now s1mple still gonna be top-1, but to the end of the year astralis might won epicentr blast ecs iem chikago esl pro league, with this 5 tournoments with same stats device might > s1mple but as of now nope
2018-09-24 13:27
I are think yes dev1ce > s1 now
2018-09-24 13:28
i'm just looking how rating works last years, oskar was higher then boltz and olof with mouz = 0 achivements and boltz and olof had planty of them, if you compere navi to astralis there is no such a big gap like between mouz and SK\Faze, and still oskar was better
2018-09-24 13:32
Pakistan d1ckweed 
2018-09-23 22:43
World bigb1rd 
Astralis are not boring to anyone who really appreciates this game. They genuinely play the best CS of any team ever in GO and perhaps any team ever. All 5 are very smart, very careful but also capable of out aiming people and making flashy and genius plays when needed. A pleasure to watch them destroying everyone.
2018-09-23 22:45
Russia Nzr0 
They are boring cuz there is no show. There is no risky moves. Just perfection.
2018-09-23 22:55
this is the show. perferctly played cs. if i want to watch a show i watch jasonRs fucking stream. retarded community
2018-09-23 23:14
Russia Nzr0 
Being an aggressive prick doesn't make you a better person than a retarded one.
2018-09-23 23:17
atleast im an aggressive prick and right on the topic
2018-09-24 00:39
+1 why don't you guys understand this. I you want a frag movie go watch a fucking stream!!
2018-09-24 09:07
You had the show. Finish planting a bomb 1 second after round time is over.
2018-09-24 17:12
So tell me the “jumping awp”, the “fallen AWP”, the “burning defuse”, the “olofboost” of this Major.
2018-09-23 23:24
They didn't need it. They beat everyone by playing the game fundamentally better than anyone else.
2018-09-23 23:47
Dupreeh's almost 1v4 was crazy, but except that, nothing.
2018-09-24 06:47
Yeah, that’s I trying to say
2018-09-24 17:27
Dev1ce jumping pistol clutch was flashy
2018-09-24 08:47
2018-09-24 09:08
gla1ve 500 iq smoke. but u too dumb to notice that, right?
2018-09-24 13:23
This is cool/vac but not legendary ou impactant emotionally, like the plays that I said in my coment
2018-09-24 17:26
World bigb1rd 
Device awning the planter through smoke was cool.
2018-09-24 17:19
Man, hell no they didn't need it. The way they play doesn't require doing flashy things. Take NAF's quad-kills on Mirage. He just bought an awp out of desperation, and went along to get 4 flashy kills. The way Ast play differs. They don't need it. In conclusion, RESULT matters, Showing-Off is something else. But without a good Result, I think s1mple, Fallen or olof just cannot feel confident about themselves. Because CS is a game of 5 men, not a spotlight for a particular player.
2018-09-25 01:48
Indonesia Speartuna 
Their careful & smart playstyle won them the trophy yes, but I just wish there were more hype, crazy plays, and all that like in previous majors. Those things make a major memorable & special in my opinion
2018-09-24 03:49
Russia Nzr0 
2018-09-24 08:15
Indonesia linekerrr 
If enemies were able to put up with astralis' smart plays we would have had more risky astralis plays
2018-09-25 05:44
Poland L00kyy 
Trully deserved! I always support him!
2018-09-23 22:46
hes so cute <3 astra era.
2018-09-23 22:46
Xyp9x | 
Denmark nkkr 
22! Edit: 32!
2018-09-23 22:48
2018-09-23 22:48
2018-09-24 13:26
Tom Cruise of CSGO.
2018-09-23 22:48
India MihirX27 
Very Original Comment, my friend. NT.
2018-09-23 23:20
steel | 
New Zealand TEEZY 
why NT? you mean Nice Job...
2018-09-24 00:01
Thanks my friend.
2018-09-24 02:47
2018-09-23 22:49
India MihirX27 
I mean, Who doesn't love a guy providing you strats from his own personal notebook am I right?
2018-09-23 23:21
2018-09-24 09:17
get bested, best clan in the game ggz ez pick ums
2018-09-23 22:50
France Teellioz 
2018-09-23 22:51
Portugal xxxRUI75xxx 
Yeah... device is good, but I feel that gla1ve and Dupree deserved the MVP award more than him...
2018-09-24 11:47
Gg Devve well played !
2018-09-23 22:53
Ukraine extezy10 
boring eco fragger/camper with awp. Dupreeh xyp9x key of Astralis victory. Dupreeh just get most value kills. xyp9x take a lot of clutches. this guy just sneaky and very lucky to play on this team. Gratz Astralis, best team in cs go rn.
2018-09-23 22:53
but this is danish site m8, they dont fucking understand that they win a major thanks to dupreeh sick entries and a few xyp clutches.. sad but true ; /
2018-09-23 22:58
India MihirX27 
I think you're right. The Danish Site is Cold-Hearted, and only cares about the figures when it thinks of MVP
2018-09-23 23:22
Denmark monroEski 
Im pretty sure dupreeh is danish aswell so whats your point?
2018-09-24 00:01
Denmark ZENNCS 
Well, we all know it's because Device is getting angel pussy, he plays that well
2018-09-23 22:54
Denmark monroEski 
2018-09-24 00:02
Denmark ZENNCS 
Emilia Hult = Angel - Figure the rest
2018-09-24 21:17
Denmark monroEski 
I thought you were reffering to the danish saying "engle fisse" which means something entirely different
2018-09-24 21:18
Denmark ZENNCS 
I'm aware but wasn't referring to the saying - Haven't actually thought of that one completely to be honest with you
2018-09-24 21:20
Spain elskio 
2018-09-23 22:55
India Fukuforsaken 
The a Barca fan and legit smiling rn...
2018-09-23 23:00
Well deserved!
2018-09-23 23:00
Well spoken IMO
2018-09-23 23:01
Denmark GUNzales 
EEZtralis <3
2018-09-23 23:04
Norway SkaMathias 
Astralis too strong
2018-09-23 23:12
great read
2018-09-23 23:12
Ezzzz he really deserved top 2. And he will be #2 this year
2018-09-23 23:15
Maybe even #1 if Astralis will win more events
2018-09-23 23:41
they already won so much things this year so him not being #1 would be a surprise
2018-09-23 23:46
device | 
Spain NeilCS 
EZ for the cutest CSGO player <3
2018-09-23 23:18
EZ clap
2018-09-24 00:03
Sweden FocuseD 
He is going to get laid so much xD
2018-09-24 00:09
2018-09-24 09:10
he is so sexy
2018-09-24 01:51
This is the best way, right? Yeah, this is the best way, for sure.
2018-09-24 02:09
Brazil HigorIsi 
People losing their times doing fake perfils about teams... That actually don't care about them!! LUL
2018-09-24 02:27
Russia DeadFinger 
Now, i hate Astralis more.
2018-09-24 07:08
Now, that was expected from a S1mpleton.
2018-09-24 08:52
Hungary makszi 
Best player in da world You deserved it devve! Lets go astralis Lets go devve <3
2018-09-24 07:43
Dupreeh was robbed.
2018-09-24 07:51
device>s1mple brain>vodka
2018-09-24 08:01
I wonder if kjaerbye regret his decision now From former major mvp into eliminated in the group stage because teaming up with north
2018-09-24 09:39
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
i don't think so because he is shiterbye & astralis was losing a lot with him anyway thanks to gla1ve zonic & magisk for making astralis so good
2018-09-24 11:27
Yeah, he may regret it now. But imo, if Kjaerbye was kept in Ast, the team would not perform so well. When he was in Ast, dupreeh was Forced to do the dirty-work, that didn't work out, you see? So his transfer means that now dupreeh gets to play the star role in the team, and he grinds it perfectly, imho
2018-09-25 02:03
emilia better be banged hard
2018-09-24 11:55
CeRq | 
Bulgaria Riooo 
CS 1.6 CS:GO I don't play anything else
2018-09-24 12:46
2018-09-24 12:59
It's just your opponents became shit. FaZe now is like Astralis right before they kicked karrigan. G2 is as shitty as nV was before disbanding. Na`Vi after a period of extreme strength became shaky. Slumping mouz did the most stupid roster move, signing Snax, and destroyed themselves. Gratz Astralis fully using that, e.g. FaZe failed to use a period between SK became crap and Astralis became good.
2018-09-24 13:17
Indonesia linekerrr 
Navi has looked solid all tournament bar this one final match. I don't know where you get the notion that they're looking shaky.
2018-09-25 05:38
after the major device will win the title of best player of the year device top 1 s1mple top 2 ez for devking
2018-09-24 15:45
United States Er0berer53 
Lets go Astralis!!!
2018-09-24 16:13
Astralis act and speak like professionals, hopefully it will be a continuing trend for other teams. The reason their matches get called boring is because many times they are not even challenged, so no need for highlights from them..when teams have brought a good fight to them there are plenty of exciting amazing plays.
2018-09-24 17:38
United States jaeger_steam 
+all the points They are only boring because no one else is on their level right now. we can see that when tested, crazy shit does happen on their end. the first half of nuke against liquid was insane. Great plays, great clutches, force buys, exciting shit. Its just liquid and everyone else cant maintain that level for even a whole map right now. Its not astralis' fault, it is everyone else's
2018-09-24 19:15
amazing player, i love see AStralis play, i dont think they are boring, GJ gla1ve and zonic! and ofc dev1ce the best player in da world.
2018-09-24 18:49
2018-09-24 19:15
Astralis is perfect at this moment, but nobody I risk anything to break strategies, returning HE in overpas
2018-09-24 23:11
Astralis is the best CSGO team ever! These dudes are so strong))
2018-09-25 16:39
Nice and interesting interview, devve is da king
2018-09-25 20:16
2018-09-26 00:22
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