stanislaw: "I want everyone on the team to stay humble and make sure they still work hard"

Peter "⁠stanislaw⁠" Jarguz's Complexity made the final of the MSI MGA tournament in New York, and will be the aperitif in New York tomorrow, playing AVANGAR on stage ahead of the main event's grand final.

Complexity made the MSI MGA final after defeating Movistar Riders and eUnited, with both games going to overtime. Now, Complexity will face AVANGAR tomorrow morning before the ESL One grand final featuring Liquid and mousesports kicks off.

stanislaw hopes compLexity can become a top 10 contender

In conversation with, stanislaw talked about his team's run at the MSI MGA Finals and the matches against Movistar Riders and eUnited. The Canadian player also touched upon his team's run at the Major, playing a best-on-one final tomorrow, and the short-term goals for the team.

Let’s start with the your run at the Major. It was a bit unexpected, so how does it feel to come here at a smaller event, where the level of competition may not be up to par as it was in London?

The Major was definitely the most prestigious event we’ve ever attended and we did really well there. We have a lot of confidence coming into this event, and like you said, it’s a pretty small one with four teams that aren’t necessarily top teams, but we can’t really go into it thinking that way.

We are coming into this tournament thinking we are going to play just as good as we did at the Major, but we actually played poorly and underestimated the teams in the first two games. We made a lot of mistakes that we weren’t making at the Major, so I don’t know why we are making them now. We just have to readjust really.

I wanted to follow up talking about your match against Movistar Riders… you were up 12-3 at the half, but things began to crumble. Why couldn’t you find your game?

So, in the first half we played really well, trading kills and such, but overall I think the lead got to everyone’s head. I remember the first gun round someone made a mistake that they shouldn’t have, and then on the next gun round someone else made a mistake. Even though you have a big lead, the pattern is always that you save for the first gun round you lose and then have to save again. So if you lose that next gun round, then right away the team catches up to you and your economy spirals out of control.

So yeah, I think making one individual mistake in each round added up to so much. Finally, in overtime, it was just a lot of back and forth, a crazy match, really. They played really well, I was actually surprised and I haven’t played against mixwell in forever, so that was kind of cool. Overall, though, it was just way too sloppy from us.

Going into the next match, against eUnited, what happened there to take it to overtime?

Playing eUnited was kind of the opposite of our first match, where we started well, so in this match, we actually started pretty poorly. We were down 11-4 at the half but then we won the pistol in the second half and I think that sparked our momentum. We actually won eleven rounds in a row and to reach match point but ended up losing a few clutches and gave up a few picks we shouldn’t have, which resulted in overtime. As soon as we got money back in overtime, I was confident that we could just close it out.

Do you think that the overtime victory, with your experience and the chemistry in the team from having played at a solid Major, maybe gave your team the edge?

I think experience is definitely a factor and coming fresh off the Major we have a little bit more momentum than some of these teams that are here. From my perspective, we shouldn’t have hit overtime in the first place. I think against Movistar Riders we should have won comfortably, but they brought it back, so credit to them.

Also against eUnited, we started poorly but as soon as we fixed our mistakes and started playing better, it showed a lot. Yeah, we won eleven rounds in a row and should have closed it out. We just choked a few rounds, but, in the end, I am happy we were able to close those games out.

You managed to make it to the final, which means your team will be playing in a stadium tomorrow. What do you think about the format? Is the feeling, like, sour going into the grand final with it being a best-of-one?

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s sour. At the end of the day, it’s an event. We are still relatively new, so if you look at the likes of VP in the old days and Astralis, they have been together for years and we’ve only been together since May. We have already achieved so much. We are still looking at each event as a stepping stone and more and more experience. But yeah, I think playing in a BO1 final is pretty hilarious (laughs). I don’t think I’ve ever played in one, but we still want to win it.

that you kind of got a good result before at the Major and now having the chance to do it here again. What are the short-term goals for your team?

I think short term we have reached a level that we are okay with, but I think short term is just being more consistent, I guess. Top eight at the Major was a great goal that we achieved and I believe over the next few months we can build a foundation to solidify like a top ten team and show that we can hang with those teams.

We are just continuing to gain more experience and attend more events. Just grind through it all and iron out our mistakes, even though it’s a BO1 and a smaller tournament, we still should go into the final with the right mindset and play perfect Counter-Strike. We know what we are capable of, we showed it at the Major, but it’s just the matter of building a foundation and getting more consistent.

What do you think are going to be the keys to achieving that? What is it that the team needs to compete with the best?

I think it’s part experience and part individual attitude. I think as long as everyone on our team stays humble and hungry, and never lose that feeling of wanting to improve. What you can notice about a lot of teams is that not many teams stay at the top, and I think the main reason for that is the attitude. Like, ‘okay we’ve already won everything, so now we don’t have to work as hard,’ when in reality you have to work harder to maintain your level. Everyone is going to be working just as hard if not harder to play catch-up.

I want everyone on the team to stay humble and make sure they still work hard, still work on their mistakes. We haven't really achieved anything yet, sure top-eight was great, but I’m not really happy. I actually want to win a Major and top-eight wasn’t enough for everyone. We just need to keep improving and stay humble.

Canada Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
Peter 'stanislaw' Jarguz
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k0nfig probably still crying
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mega facts
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probably moved on
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Deep inside he's still hurt that his LULworthy team can play the next minor again.
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I would still be happy that i didn't have to play with Shahzam
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Germany volt =D
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Cocky k0nfig has to eat his words.... Sad
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Lol for one tournament, get down from your horse
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One better than none. Cry Danish kid.
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Not crying you little Norwegian prick.
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"fan of DaZeD" One better than none pick one LOL
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Cry, weep, do whatever you want. Won't change the fact that k0nfig needs to eat his words after that Major. NT with DaZeD tho. Is that your best comeback? Pathetic. Expected from a Dane tho.
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That major doesn't change the fact that Optic has way more potential the coL and everybody would choose that over coL any day of the week. And yes your comment was one better than none, yet you are fan of a total irrelevant player. Nice brain. YOU are pathetic. Jumping into a useless discussion just to say "cry Danish kid". Nice ego. Now stop wasting my time and gfy you useless prick.
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It's sad that the 'potential' goes to waste and they achieved nothing, N-O-T-H-I-N-G in these past 5 months. Irrelevant player? I don't care about him as a player. I like him as part of the CS community and as a personality. If you talk about ego, you should talk to k0nfig, because his ego is sky high LOL. NT again. You're pathetic x2.
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of course you are just on tier3 finals lmao
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device is cheating.
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non news story
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Wise words from this guy! :) Good luck!
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lol stay humble in shit tournament....
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sign taco then
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