Xyp9x: "We're not at our best level, but we can get there by the end of the tournament"

HLTV.org sat down with Andreas "⁠Xyp9x⁠" Højsleth after his Astralis beat mousesports, 2-0, on Train and Nuke, to secure a semi-final spot at IEM Chicago.

Astralis have won three of their four matches in Chicago, where they only showed signs of weakness when they lost against FaZe in the last series of the group stage. The Danes righted their wrong by making quick work of mousesports, winning 2-0 in the quarter-finals and securing a spot in the semi-finals. The Danes will now have to face Group B winners fnatic in the semi-finals in a match that, were they to win, would lead them to rematch FaZe or face Liquid in the grand final at the Wintrust Arena.

Xyp9x believes mousesports had the upper hand on Nuke

In the interview we did with Xyp9x after his team's victory, the Clutch Minister of Denmark talked about the match against mousesports, losing to FaZe, not making the BLAST Pro Series final in Copenhagen, and what he thinks about fnatic and the bout that is to come tomorrow.

Let's go ahead and talk about today's match. I'm particularly interested in Nuke, where mousesports pushed you pretty hard. What happened and how did it be so close?

We started off quite well, we got ahead, but then they got rolling and took a 7-4 lead, although it's pretty typical that things go that way for us on the T side. We start off doing well, go through a bad period, and then we clinch the last rounds. To be honest, we won a lot of situations we shouldn't have, a lot of clutch situations and so on. They were stacking a lot and it seemed like they had us figured out but we somehow managed to win those rounds. I'm pretty happy we won that map, to be honest, they had the upper hand and knew what we were doing.

I guess on the CT side we just relied on our go-to things, and we knew what they were doing. Honestly, we also had a few lucky rounds in the end and device stepped up pretty massively. So yeah, props to them, they played well.

Actually, zonic was talking about Nuke on stream between maps, saying that you're not practicing it as much as other maps anymore because you're doing well on it and he said he expects one day a team will have you figured out and will able to break your streak. Do you feel like that's what's happening?

Yeah, it's true that we're not putting as much effort into it because we have other maps which are lacking more than Nuke, and it's hard to keep renewing things on that map because everyone is looking at us to see what we're doing and we can't really copy anything from other teams, so we don't want to put that much effort into it because then other maps will be worse. I feel like it happened with Overpass back in the day, when we were really good on it, this is the point in which it starts to become a bit shaky, but we'll see. I love when people let Nuke, through, it's one of my favorite maps, at least, so go for it!

You've been the dominant team in the scene for a while, but you slipped at BLAST. You always have the pressure of winning everything, so when something like that happens, how does the team react to it?

I don't think you should put too much weight into the BLAST loss. If you narrow it down, it comes down to two rounds which could have gone our way, and we would have been in the final. At least that's what we're saying to ourselves, you know? So we don't put too much thought into it. If we would have lost every map and it would have been a disaster, then, of course, we would have to change a lot of stuff, but the preparation up to BLAST wasn't the best. We had a few things going on behind the scenes which were out of our control and stuff like that, so we're not giving that result too much weight. Now we're here, and it's going great, and I feel like we're not at our best level, but we can get there by the end of the tournament.

I talked to rain and he said that he feels like if you meet FaZe again you could have a trick up your sleeve, that you didn't show everything you had in your match against them yesterday. Is he on to something?

I don't know, to be honest, they played great. We don't have anything up our sleeves, we tried to win that match, I'm not going to lie, but it wasn't our day. They're going to face a better Astralis when if meet them later on.

You're facing fnatic tomorrow. How do you feel about that match-up? A new team with Brollan and twist. Have you watched them a lot?

I've watched them during this tournament and I think they look very impressive, it's like a whole new fnatic. I think the addition of Brollan is making them look great. They have so much variety. They can do a lot of stuff and they're not stuck in that old fnatic style that they used to have. I'm looking forward to the match. It's time to prepare for them and see what they're doing, so it's going to be some tough hours now preparing and getting ready for them, because they're a great team.

Let's say you beat them, would you rather face Liquid or have another go at FaZe?

I'd rather get revenge on FaZe, I'd say, for the storyline and so on, it would be great, but it doesn't really matter. They're both great teams and it would be a great final either way.

Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth
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Canada nikeewT
2018-11-10 03:13
Canada nikeewT
Big W bois
2018-11-10 03:14
2018-11-10 03:14
Canada nikeewT
2018-11-10 03:15
expected expect by ginger
2018-11-10 03:42
Poland Unluko
2018-11-10 10:04
Canada nikeewT
2018-11-11 00:23
FalleN | 
Brazil ex1is
2018-11-10 03:14
Not today
2018-11-10 03:14
Israel DatBoiSus
2-0 16-4 16-6 chu mean?
2018-11-10 12:47
Indonesia Exodd
Nice try beast
2018-11-10 03:14
Astralis "era" has to be ended.
2018-11-10 03:14
If they win this and ya make both ecs esl grand finals, winning at least one, it’s officially an era imo
2018-11-10 03:44
They dominated the first season of this year and finally won a major, it's already official now that this is Astralis era
2018-11-10 06:06
They came on mid/early mid season. They’d have to continue this to have a significant era. I mean faze had an era. Just a very weak and insignificant one.
2018-11-10 06:10
So 2018 fnatic and mouz have an era too then ?
2018-11-10 06:12
Fnatic was like 2 months. Mouz was a little longer but during faze era
2018-11-10 06:40
So when someone is undeniable number 1 over the course of 5+ months, it’s an era
2018-11-10 06:41
And you said that faze had an era right ? They only won 3 trophy, eleague, esl NY, ecs s4 in 2-3 months and they got raped by sk at odense
2018-11-10 15:26
They made so many finals consecutively. I said they had a weak and insignificant era. But for 5 months they were undisputed #1 in the world. Just choked away all their finals.
2018-11-10 15:33
Israel DatBoiSus
faze never had an era lmaoo
2018-11-10 12:47
A worthless one. 56
2018-11-10 15:33
Israel DatBoiSus
They are not the beat if they choke. Nice logic there
2018-11-10 16:18
They were the best. They rolled through NY and then just kept making finals. They didn’t always close out the finals but they were still consistently the best team. It’s ok if we disagree my friend
2018-11-10 18:37
Europe n0kay
Team might have their time (of winning) their peak i’d say, but era is a different thing, it’s consistency for some time, you can feel where’s an era, and where’s it not. Astralis definitely have that. Luminosity/SK pops in the head when you think about an era. I wouldn’t say that about FaZe, even though i really hope for that in a future, cause’ i like them a lot, and they’re my favourite ones in the pro scene.
2018-11-10 18:57
It was their second major win btw
2018-11-10 07:26
imo the era already started
2018-11-10 07:26
Denmark denDAY04
They've won 6 / 10 tournaments since April, they've placed top 4 in EVERY tournament since March, they won the major in a dominant playoffs run going through every top team and winning 2-0 every time, they are 23-0 on Nuke, and they have been the undisputed #1 team in the world for half a year. Tell me again how this is not already the Astralis era?
2018-11-10 09:45
You're so gay xdd
2018-11-10 10:52
2018-11-10 15:27
You right den.
2018-11-10 15:34
Europe n0kay
exactly, why do people try to argue with that, it’s just stupid isn’t it?
2018-11-10 19:37
Just give up, no matter how many tournament wins they get, people will keep arbitrarily setting up new rules for what makes an "era". Every single tournament there are people going "Okay, if they win this tournament, THEN it's an era! But not until then", and even if Astralis win they start the same shit over again. History will make it clear how strong Astralis have been, especially this year, and people won't be able to refute it anymore.
2018-11-10 19:58
United States NoteStars
They faced incredible pressure at Blast Pro Series in front of home crowd which even made it worst for them. I don't know if they could keep up their mentality up. The top 4 teams are neck-to-neck and we could expect some huge ranking differences. We'll see when we will call the end of the Astralis era.
2018-11-10 09:27
Germany hyd33
why? yall pick a team to hate and just hate with no reason at all. Astralis is a classy and well organized team, that favors team play rather boring raw skill of Navi, Faze and Mibr ... Not a brainless team at all. That is why I like both Mouz and Astralis
2018-11-10 17:34
2018-11-11 20:35
then i wonder what mousesports is at lmao
2018-11-10 03:17
gg ez
2018-11-10 03:18
damn i really wish that era should end
2018-11-10 03:22
EULPL.They will having fake matches.Mark my words.
2018-11-10 03:23
You mean tomorrow OMEGALUL
2018-11-10 03:33
Astralis top1 3rd major inc in Kato
2018-11-10 03:55
Finland Smoonah
Asstralis top1 forever
2018-11-10 04:50
ez for the clutch master
2018-11-10 04:52
Sweden Lil187
Best team ever
2018-11-10 04:58
undisputed clutch master .
2018-11-10 05:02
Go rekt them fnatic bois!
2018-11-10 05:41
Andreas "xx9npx" Højsleth
2018-11-10 05:55
I like xyp9x, he seems like a great guy
2018-11-10 07:25
JW | 
India Silverk
JW is going to knife DEVICE
2018-11-10 07:45
He is a cheating bot
2018-11-10 09:24
"They're going to face a better Astralis when i meet them later on." "would lead them to rematch FaZe or face Liquid in the grand final at the Wintrust Arena." And so on Lol those disrespectful quote everytime, We know astralis are favorite and shit but can you stop acting like astralis are already in the final? Really triggering how half of the interview is about the final and who they will face when they havent even play the semis yet
2018-11-10 10:19
Ur retarded
2018-11-10 10:52
Still triggered about the way you got rekt?
2018-11-10 10:55
ur a stupid child saying those words are disrespectful lmao . its 2018 kiddo grow up
2018-11-10 10:57
im pretty sure you dont even know what im talking about but nice try underage smartass
2018-11-10 16:06
Perfect example of a bad troll.
2018-11-10 11:09
You are completely right. Fnatic can easily beat them if they play with no fear.
2018-11-10 15:46
World shadow_11
'were they to win' 'better Astralis when IF meet them later on.'
2018-11-10 15:53
2018-11-10 10:30
I want to slap your face for this bullshit talk matchfixer
2018-11-10 10:37
U are sad :(
2018-11-10 15:40
Denmark DONK_
2018-11-10 10:39
I thought that they are preaparing before the tournament and not while they are in any. This team is fishy to me.
2018-11-10 10:49
So i presume they look through Fnatics game from THIS tournament, which they couldn't have done before... Besides, Fnatic hasn't been showing the greatest results before this tournament, maybe Astralis used more prep-time on teams like, Navi, MIBR, Faze, Liquid etc.
2018-11-10 16:24
The best team in the moment, anyway it seems that are scarry a little bit of faze so would be nice to see a bo5.
2018-11-10 11:14
I think they were hiding strats by the way Xyp9x said idk
2018-11-10 12:41
2018-11-10 11:41
riv | 
Taiwan idoleat
I DON'T FXCKING CARE!!!! Everyone can say they are not at their best level!!! You lose means you are worse than your opponent!!!! NO FXCKING EXCUSE!!!!
2018-11-10 13:07
With that logic, NaVi is worse than BIG. I dont think that`s the case
2018-11-10 13:41
Czech Republic C9in2015
Calm down love
2018-11-10 15:43
So Eunited and Big are better than Navi? Please, give us more of your wisdom
2018-11-10 16:29
riv | 
Taiwan idoleat
If you are talking about IEM Chicago, I would say yes. You can see NAVI didn't play the same game as they usually do. It's pretty much a mess against both of them. I'm not sure eUnited is out of luck or not, but I'm sure BIG is well prepared. And NAVI might be very tired because of 3 events in a roll.
2018-11-10 16:59
Cool. I agree
2018-11-10 17:11
Denmark Duckter007
Um that sounds like excuses to me
2018-11-11 06:26
lmao nice excuse if they will win: we get in shape if not: we are not at our best level xD
2018-11-10 18:14
yeah but if they really are not at their best, what does it say about rest of the scene? everyone struggling to get even one map with astralis..
2018-11-11 00:27
He's right...precisely
2018-11-12 01:24
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