Breakaway, TRIDENT complete Asia Minor Oceania Closed Qualifier list

November 13th, 2018 13:12

The team list for Asia Minor Oceania Closed Qualifier is complete after the conclusion of the second open qualifier.

TRIDENT have booked their ticket in the closed qualifier by taking down AVANT 2-0 in the open qualifier while Breakaway beat ZzzZzzz with the same scoreline to join them.

Asia Minor Oceania Closed Qualifier will take place on November 18-19. The online competition featuring four invited and four qualified sides will have a best-of-three, double-elimination bracket.

Renegades will have to qualify for the Asia Minor

The top two teams from the Oceania Closed Qualifier will advance to the Asia Minor which will be held in Katowice, Poland on January 22-26. The Asia Minor will give out two spots at IEM Katowice Major's New Challengers Stage.

The team list for Asia Minor Oceania Closed Qualifier is below:

2018-11-13 13:13
2018-11-13 13:13
2018-11-13 13:13
Nukkye won?
2018-11-13 13:14
ez for au
2018-11-13 13:14
ez for rng
2018-11-13 13:15
2018-11-13 13:15
mad fragger chelleos should run over these noobs
2018-11-13 13:19
thank you and u are 100% borrect !
2018-11-13 13:31
destroy these fools epic style
2018-11-14 01:07
2018-11-13 13:27
RasE | 
Australia sini_ 
Now this will be interesting. Want to see what level OCE scene is compared to RNG right now.
2018-11-13 13:49
Australia DubL 
Rng will probably wipe the floor with them
2018-11-14 00:43
RasE | 
Australia sini_ 
This is why I said it was interesting, AU CS has improved and RNG seem to have taken it for granted. Losing a b03 to GH is unacceptable with the amount of experience the core players have. JKS is the slump GOD right now.
2018-11-19 05:28
Australia DubL 
Poor result by RNG As you said yourself - unacceptable
2018-11-19 07:27
2018-11-13 13:51
Spain JasonRacism 
Renegades will just destroy
2018-11-13 14:05
Other mikecool 
yeah the b... wait, which ones!?!!?
2018-11-13 14:24
Argentina kratoS_fsa 
Chiefs ?
2018-11-13 19:05
Australia Shlapsham 
Tucks has a vac
2018-11-13 21:23
How can TM play minor with ap0c?
2018-11-13 20:22
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