steel: "We want to be a top-five team" talked with Ghost's captain Joshua "steel" Nissan after their victory over Vitality at DreamHack Open Atlanta to talk about the team's atmosphere, young-guns of the squad and more.

Ghost got off to a smooth start after defeating the Frenchmen Vitality 16-12 in the first round of matches at DreamHack Open Atlanta.

steel believes anything less than a top-four finish in Atlanta is not good enough

After the match, we talked with the team's in-game leader, steel, about the progress made leading up to DreamHack Atlanta, their youngest addition Jason "neptune" Tran, Matthew "WARDELL" Yu's impact on the team and goals leading up to the ESL Pro League FInals.

The last time we spoke with you was at DreamHack Masters Stockholm and things were a bit different having to use kRYSTAL as a stand-in for the event and so forth. Since then, how has the team's atmosphere been as we draw closer to the new year?

The team's atmosphere has been pretty good for the most part. We picked up neptune since the last time we spoke and he's pretty inexperienced, he's 16 years old, it's his first season in Pro League, so he has a lot to learn and improve on, but he has the right attitude for it. The right attitude is the main thing, as long as we are working with him and he's putting in the time to achieve that progress we want, then yeah, it's been working out well.

When kRYSTAL exited the lineup, what did he leave behind in terms of you being the in-game leader to put together some of the missing pieces with a group of inexperienced players moving forward?

I think kRYSTAL has some different perspectives and ideas from being a European player and an IGL, but at the end of the day, I felt like we needed to go in the direction to make sure that our fundamentals were sound, and that the players know what they are doing, and why they are doing it so they can think on their own. I think that is more important than just being rigged and learning a bunch of different plays. I think he brought a lot of good ideas, but at the end of the day, I felt like we just needed to work on our fundamentals.

If you look at a team like Na`Vi and they are consistently really good, you can easily say that they are a top team in the world, but they have players that aren't the most mechanically skilled, so how do they make it work? Well, they have really strong fundamentals. So if we reach that level with these players, then, we can be more structured with our plays, but at the end of the day, you have to understand what you are doing and be able to think critically for yourself, otherwise, no matter how many plays you make you can still get sh*t on.

Bringing up neptune again, he's a young talented player, so obviously the team saw great potential in him. What has he brought to the team? With him being so young, how can you use that to your advantage in terms of molding him with the team?

I think there is a little bit of a fresh slate with him coming in. It isn't like he has to completely unlearn the game and relearn everything, so I think that can be good. Like, if you get a more experienced player or someone who has been playing for a while, they might have more pushback like, "no this is what we will do now cause it suits our team structure better" or something like that. So trying to get someone who is more experienced and set in their ways to conform the rest of the team to do better is hard. So with neptune it makes that process a lot easier.

Right on. Recently WARDELL was re-signed and has been a major factor for this team. With that being said, do you think he has a lot more room to grow with this team and overall as a player?

I think there is a lot of room for him to grow. When he is in clutch situations he plays his best, like only when he has to worry about himself and take matters in his own hands. I'm still trying to push him to become more vocal and taking more initiative and not be afraid to call for things to happen. I think once he is able to really master being able to communicate and take initiative, he will really become his best.

Let's dive into your first match here in Atlanta against Vitality. Walk me through your opening match against the French and what it was like to play against a familiar lineup again.

It's like I'm stuck back in time, playing LDLC from 2014 at FACEIT Season 2 again (laughs). It didn't feel like they had a lot of depth, but that might just be because they are a new team and haven't quite had the time to build that depth. It just felt really loose and one dimensional being able to read them. I don't want to sit here and coach them or anything cause we still have to play them, but I think that's where they need to start with.

This team hasn't won a notable tournament quite yet, but things have been progressing over the year. What are some of the goals here at DreamHack before preparing for the ESL Pro League Finals next month?

I think we are looking to have a really deep run at this event and use it as a very good learning experience, coupled with the past EPL matches and cs_summit going into the EPL Finals. That's really our next big goal when we go to Odense, so we want to make sure that we learn from our mistakes at this event and stick with the identity we've made.

We want to make sure that we don't repeat those same mistakes. We want to keep our heads up, because if we keep making the same mistakes then we will plateau..we want to be a top-five team. The trajectory is up and that's what our goal is, and for this event, anything shy of a top-four finish isn't good enough.

Canada Matthew 'WARDELL' Yu
Matthew 'WARDELL' Yu
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United States Jason 'neptune' Tran
Jason 'neptune' Tran
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Canada Joshua 'steel' Nissan
Joshua 'steel' Nissan
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who doesnt?
2018-11-16 23:31
United States FlagMaster 
MIBR and G2
2018-11-16 23:31
Never happening
2018-11-16 23:31
Well , steel should kick himself from the team then, since itll be prob Impossible to be on the top5 team without going to the majors Unless they Win everyother single event wich wont happen
2018-11-17 02:38
If the majors are going to be like the last one then who fucking cares about majors, shit format, most of the time shit teams that dont even deserve to be there are there.
2018-11-17 12:26
Sweden Flukey 
Yes, the open qualifier is always full of cheaters and other lowlife scum players and teams.
2018-11-17 17:56
jks | 
Australia kaos0002 
Yet who wins most of the majors? Top tier teams always win them unless there are massive upsets
2018-11-19 13:41
That doesnt change the fact that the last major fucking sucked
2018-11-19 23:45
United Kingdom DreadN0ught 
*Cough* Cloud9 *Cough*
2018-11-22 00:35
It's so sad you need major wins to determine the better team. You can beat faze 10 times in non-majors and lose to them once at a major and somehow they're considered the better team in your nonsensical view.
2018-11-20 15:59
Same in football..
2018-11-21 07:42
France Minaax_ 
Yeah cuz major are the most important tournaments (meaning of the name :^)) then it's normal
2018-11-21 08:41
LUL 8/8
2018-11-16 23:31
yeah coz they want to be top1 xaxaxaaxa
2018-11-16 23:33
United States FlagMaster 
2018-11-16 23:37
never see such a true comment
2018-11-16 23:33
2018-11-21 07:43
2018-11-16 23:37
+1. laughed so hard.
2018-11-18 20:03
should b ez -nekiz -yel +kng +felps
2018-11-16 23:34
oh men I didn't read it
2018-11-16 23:35
2018-11-17 00:43
2018-11-17 02:12
They're invited to the next major, though. Something I do not understand.
2018-11-17 09:20
Germany KamenFD 
They won t be playing with steel tho
2018-11-19 09:33
Probably yeah.
2018-11-19 11:52
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
Not faze apparantly
2018-11-16 23:34
2018-11-16 23:35
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
Yeah points from last year
2018-11-16 23:36
0/8 worst baiter on this site
2018-11-16 23:36
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
2018-11-16 23:36
Ignore him, he just chokes on m16r's dicks too much, he has started to hate every team who beats them like shit
2018-11-17 06:31
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
Yeah he's pretty annoying
2018-11-19 19:28
Points decay over time, especially points from over 11 months ago LOL so 0/8 you have no argument.
2018-11-19 19:07
Big or Mibr?
2018-11-16 23:42
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
Or faze / any french team
2018-11-16 23:42
Brazil netocara 
Steel - LG
2018-11-17 00:27
2018-11-17 23:55
Mibr never won against them
2018-11-19 08:08
M16r 0 Majors
2018-11-19 19:08
m16r 0 majors
2018-11-20 20:06
Lithuania bolik 
yeah right
2018-11-16 23:31
kinda easy with subroza the blatant cheater.
2018-11-17 00:14
No joke, since Neptune has joined subroza has easily been the worst player on ghost. People still calling him a cheater from like 2 years ago lmao where yes, I admit, he had some fucking suspicious clips. Literally hasn’t done anything VAC worthy since he was cut from CLG tho.
2018-11-17 16:24
I cannot understand why he was not manually banned yet. He was BLATANT while in CLG. He made like 8 fishy clips in the SAME FUCKING EVENT on 2016, His entire carreer is built on cheating. i would fucking beat the shit of his face if i had the chance
2018-11-17 20:34
Yeah it was fishy but there was so much suspicion around him I’m 100% sure ESEA would of fully searched his PC (like they can with their anti cheat) during games and he would of been caught if he was. I agree, he’s probably the most prominent player with fishy clips, but he would of 100% been banned if he was.
2018-11-17 22:44
he was cheating, but we dont know which kind of business did represent subroza cheating for those who own the competitions
2018-11-17 23:53
He played rank s, which is obviously enough for him to have ESEA anti cheat on his PC. Btw ifyou didn't know if you have ESEA anti cheat they can literally search your whole PC, to the point where if you're having a wank they can watch porn with you, on a screen with your PC on it.
2018-11-17 23:56
i am rank S on EseaBrazil, yes i know, but subroza cheated hard.
2018-11-18 00:24
I dunno man, like most of his clips came after that one ridiculous one on mirage when he was shooting at that guy though smoke at jungle from A. I honestly think he was really unlucky, like I think the last 2 years prove that cos even while he was in CLG it’s not like he was beasting teams every game, he just had like 5-10 suspicious clips.
2018-11-18 00:35
THAT same clip of mirage smoke, he kills the last guy shooting trough the box... AND the same match, he aimlocks 3 different guys tru smoke.
2018-11-18 00:51
Yeah I know, but at the end of the day its clear that if you're actually cheating, you'll get banned. Subroza has been to so many LANs and been shit, and has been kinda poor online recently, that even if he was cheating, he 100% isn't now.
2018-11-18 00:53
but he cheated before and didnt get caught. i did the same, stopped cheating, and never banned. lol
2018-11-18 01:47
Well in that case, as I have done the same on smurfs, I guess we’ll never know. Have a nice day :)
2018-11-18 01:56
2018-11-18 07:32
Are you serious? There're cheats impossible to get like one that install over your mouse driver. There's channels on youtube that only talk about this kind of stuff, ESEA, GC, FACEIT... doesn't matter. You can cheat in any of them.
2018-11-21 19:18
Nothing there is blatant unless you're quite new to cs and less than level7 faceit.
2018-11-19 19:13
lvl 10 faceit, was rankS EseaBrazil, and i say the guy was cheating while playing for CLG
2018-11-20 00:02
United States Volare 
2018-11-16 23:31
Denmark Snakebye 
I say that when I'm 10x better than opponents :/
2018-11-16 23:33
United Kingdom HLTV_ALPHA 
does that happen often?
2018-11-17 01:55
allu | 
Canada Lokomo 
I'm always worse :(
2018-11-17 04:18
Denmark Snakebye 
2018-11-17 10:11
does that happen often?
2018-11-17 09:37
Denmark Snakebye 
2018-11-17 10:10
X Doubt
2018-11-17 14:40
2018-11-16 23:31
2018-11-16 23:31
f0rest | 
Finland Kentab 
Top 15 would be more realistic
2018-11-16 23:31
top 10*
2018-11-19 06:29
k0nfig | 
Sweden aztecs 
2018-11-16 23:31
Germany Youngnibba 
2018-11-16 23:31
Whata joke
2018-11-16 23:31
2018-11-16 23:32
France Leskines 
2018-11-16 23:32
tabseN | 
United States amirica 
Tbh they can do it....
2018-11-16 23:32
no not enough firepower
2018-11-16 23:33
Brazil rReDStar 
not enough word.exe
2018-11-16 23:41
United States SilveryoHD 
2018-11-17 01:41
top 10 to top 15 is extremely easy with the current trajectoy they are at. make one playoff appearance in a t1 tournament and you are in. the hard part with getting the top 5 is the lack of major potential.
2018-11-17 01:39
A lot of teams can be top5, but that's foking hard. A lot of work needed. Good luck to steel and co.
2018-11-17 08:17
i mean if they wanna be top5 they wanna attend majors, and with steel they cant, i didnt read the article and maybe theres the answer
2018-11-17 09:38
True as well, forgot about his ban :(
2018-11-17 09:43
United Kingdom tr4c 
lets goooo
2018-11-16 23:32
Portugal Xa0c200 
2018-11-16 23:32
ok, good luck in the major
2018-11-16 23:32
swag | 
United States reddzera 
Steel is valve banned he cant play at majors ;(
2018-11-17 00:23
I'm pretty sure it was satire
2018-11-17 00:28
swag | 
United States reddzera 
I have been jebaited
2018-11-17 01:18
Yes sir shame on you
2018-11-17 06:32
swag | 
United States reddzera 
S1mple actually has a ban
2018-11-17 06:57
2018-11-17 10:07
United States Raptorial 
2018-11-17 01:17
go away reddit
2018-11-17 03:40
2018-11-17 08:04
2018-11-17 14:37
which steel ?
2018-11-16 23:32
the one that gets stolen by gypsies
2018-11-17 14:39
jokes | 
Brazil on_you 
kinda hard when you can't attend any majors but gl I guess
2018-11-16 23:32
NBK- | 
Germany S0rceress 
2018-11-16 23:32
top 5 with banned player lol
2018-11-16 23:33
Pogba | 
France uria64 
2018-11-16 23:33
Europe aNCIOn 
top 5 canada team
2018-11-16 23:33
And I want to meet Santa Claus.
2018-11-16 23:34
Singapore SashaTr1ceps 
calm down, if Wardell will go to Liquid you will be not even top30
2018-11-16 23:35
United States jaeger_steam 
Lololol good luck...
2018-11-16 23:35
2018-11-16 23:35
Europe Kingcuz 
To be top five you need a decent major result... which may be hard for them.
2018-11-16 23:35
United Kingdom Alth 
No you don't.
2018-11-16 23:39
blameF | 
Sweden Unluko 
2018-11-16 23:43
Europe Kingcuz 
I was making fun at the fact they cant go to major dumb cunt
2018-11-16 23:54
United Kingdom Alth 
Yeah, and it might have been a good joke if it actually made sense, which it doesn't, autist.
2018-11-17 00:01
United States rrj 
2018-11-17 16:13
How are mouz top 5 then?
2018-11-16 23:46
United States tzvn 
2018-11-16 23:49
2018-11-16 23:36
steel is the type of guy who sells you your own food in school and then eats it
2018-11-16 23:38
Sweden godname 
Steel is one of the best igl
2018-11-16 23:38
Brazil stewArt1 
all top 5 teams are on major or minor
2018-11-16 23:39
I mean it's good to aim high Never gonna happen though
2018-11-16 23:39
United States rrj 
why ? they are better then faze atm
2018-11-17 16:14
2018-11-16 23:40
s1 | 
Ukraine mpletop1 
2018-11-16 23:40
Finland M0nzaa 
As much as i like ghost top5 is just too much of a reach :(). Breaking top10 would be a huge overachievement and top10-15 spot is very realistic :()
2018-11-16 23:41
what a jokester
2018-11-16 23:41
2018-11-16 23:42
Sweden freddew0w 
good luck with that LUL
2018-11-16 23:42
Poland rzabaldz 
2018-11-16 23:43
Argentina lucas_7_94 
lol no major
2018-11-16 23:43
United States thizzl 
Top 1 better cmonBruh
2018-11-16 23:45
2018-11-16 23:46
And i want a big d1ck.But neither of this will happend
2018-11-16 23:47
Alright, get good loser ;)
2018-11-16 23:47
Portugal KorvaX 
2018-11-16 23:47
Europe andyy_ 
2018-11-16 23:49
Brazil Capi___ 
2018-11-16 23:55
Xyp9x | 
Denmark megz 
they have higher chance of winning a COD tournament than a cs:go tournament
2018-11-17 00:03
2018-11-17 00:05
what a joke
2018-11-17 00:05
Brazil bandicoot 
just make sure you dont lose on purpose
2018-11-17 00:07
You wish.
2018-11-17 00:08
2018-11-17 00:09
Ghost top 5 LUL
2018-11-17 00:11
Steel on top 5 team LUL top 5 team can't play majors HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA IF they get there they ppbly kick him because young players would like to play major (subroza, wardell)
2018-11-17 00:22
JW | 
Sweden Yupp17 
2018-11-17 04:32
As much as I would like to see it, I see players leaving for bigger teams that can attend majors. Maybe top10, but still a long stretch.
2018-11-17 00:24
Maybe in your dreams
2018-11-17 00:27
:D ?
2018-11-17 00:35
Argentina EnvyJ 
Top 5 NA maybe
2018-11-17 00:41
lmao its joke?
2018-11-17 00:47
World euqin 
Top5 from tier8
2018-11-17 00:50
draken | 
Sweden rawrxdd 
not gonna happen
2018-11-17 00:53
ITT: People who have never seen a steel interview. Regardless of what people think, having a strong goal helps you work harder, and he's always been extremely confident in his teams. It's not about plausibility, but about pushing yourself to not just accept a half measure.
2018-11-17 00:59
shox | 
France KR1MEZ 
Expected from matchfixer eksd
2018-11-17 01:04
Spain NkdKMS 
2018-11-17 01:09
Brazil Brazilian Wax 
They need more firepower. Subroza and Neptune won't do it.
2018-11-17 01:10
U ok? Wardell??
2018-11-17 01:46
Lmao have fun with that
2018-11-17 01:14
Latvia tkbcsgo 
2018-11-17 01:14
How this guy can know so much about cs go, read/talk about other teams and players and never achieve any title or be hired by descent teams. THIS GUYS IS ALL BULLSHIT! And please, don't talk to me that fucking ibuypower team, that team was bullshit like himself!
2018-11-17 01:20
arT | 
Lithuania SiK_ 
thats some innapropriate brasilian, i dont know if i ever heard someone speak english like that
2018-11-17 01:44
2018-11-17 01:46
LOL because he understands the game and has played numerous events in css as well as CSGO pre ban. Sound? Either way, you don't have to "achieve" anything to understand the theory of CS. You bum
2018-11-17 10:38
He thinks he understand something, but the reality is this guy is just talk.
2018-11-17 14:01
Is it? Objectively, is it? Cuz he was not playing on a pro level for quite some time, made a couple of rosters and got in the top 30 rankings on HLTV in a small amount of time. Which by the way, is not that easy in todays CS. Anyway, to me it seems you just hate the guy and act like all the other Brazilians on HLTV. I know a few Brazilians myself IRL, and they are all nice people, so I don't know what the fuck is up with you in regards to CS
2018-11-17 15:49
LOL. Yeah, objectively is it! I have nothing against him, he even look a nice person, but he talks like he understands the game in a deep level, talking about other teams/players problems and how he read the game, but in fact he's good/average. That's my only point against him, he always talk more than play.
2018-11-17 16:26
Ofcourse, he has not proven that he is anything above good in 2018. It's not like he is portaying himself to be NiKo. What he does, however, is answering the questions in the interview sincerely and honest, and since he does (in fact) know a lot about the game, he analyzed Vitality as being very one-dimensional from his perspective. In other words, he outcalled them. Which is not that crazy to think, given that every time NBK has been the in-game leader it has been shit. Point is, he is a good player and he knows more about the theoretics of CS than most people. So what is your argument here? I'd almost like to say "how much" but I'm not going to. Ops, I just did.
2018-11-17 16:32
omg barter6 you are letting me tired. I'm already sayed what i have to say, so if you wanna be my boy friend let's change the subject. By the way, where have you meet brazilian IRL?
2018-11-17 16:39
Buhu. Are you "getting tired" because you know I'm right and you got owned with no comeback? In relations to work. Why?
2018-11-17 16:42
No ma friend, i still thinking he talk to much and do nothing, and you are a baiter. Well, you mentioned you know some brazilians and i just wanna know where. Bye
2018-11-17 16:47
Ah, the classic segway to get out of a discussion; "you are baiting" Do nothing, you say? He got into the top 30 core of teams in the HLTV rankings and beat some good teams on the way there.. in your world I guess that is "nothing". Then again, I really don't think that is "nothing" given where you live, so you must just be hating on the guy for no valid reason, or you lost a bet years ago. Bye.
2018-11-17 16:59
he's just heard the word "work" and got scared away. i think he assumed you've met brazilians the same way he does, in his after school activities.
2018-11-22 17:42
2018-11-17 01:26
arT | 
Lithuania SiK_ 
shouldnt have gotten banned, no major no top5
2018-11-17 01:43
United States NA_BEST 
matfixer wants to be to 5 lul nice joke go cry in corner while major is on xd
2018-11-17 01:53
if all events were online ghost would be top1 lmao , fkin word.exe
2018-11-17 02:05
wins one game
2018-11-17 02:11
Sweden xodec 
Wants to be top 5 but cant play major cuz valve ban, LUL
2018-11-17 02:20
keep dreaming bud
2018-11-17 02:41
Albania owe01 
naf dreams to win a event also sad life for na :(
2018-11-17 02:46
he won 3 already baby girl
2018-11-17 09:52
steel omegalove
2018-11-17 04:22
Sweden Beaneater 
if steel leads this shit washed up roster to top 5 he has a legitimate claim on being the goat igl.
2018-11-17 04:45
Maybe top 5 in a cancerous fuckboy competition.
2018-11-17 06:51
And I want to be a billionaire! but sadly, some things are not possible.
2018-11-17 07:05
Brazil davidzor 
Mad respect for him.
2018-11-17 07:13
Poland @Fridzu 
2018-11-17 07:14
World Nydhogg 
#majorforsteel #GabenUnbanPls
2018-11-17 07:21
Indonesia Exodd 
Still no major tho, thrower
2018-11-17 07:32
Navi best team? Not great skilled players? Lmao. But we ghost, hope all f ibp get unbanned
2018-11-17 08:11
Brazil hugoooo 
EVERY single player attending any lan covered by HLTV wants the same. Few have balls to say it on an interview tho.
2018-11-17 08:16
shox | 
India iejesus 
2018-11-17 08:16
well you already got your top4
2018-11-17 08:43
top 5 team xaxaxaxa i laugh my ass off you really think hes gonna beat teams like faze astralis navi liquid with his shit t3 na teammates ? xDDD this made my day man he can barley win vs t2 t3 teams
2018-11-17 09:14
1. navi NEVER win their opening matches even if its against terrible team CS so irrelevant
2018-11-17 11:18
That way the odds will be higher.
2018-11-17 09:30
Matchfixer gtfo ur not even tier 5
2018-11-17 10:03
2018-11-17 10:07
Asia fershits 
top15 is enough
2018-11-17 10:20
Steel is coaching NBK in interviews now 4Head
2018-11-17 10:33
your not even top 50 quality steel
2018-11-17 10:46
wtf is this tard smoking for real? Match fixer that shouldnt even be playing at pro level anymore yet so cocky after tier 3 wins, top 5 my ass, maybe in NA
2018-11-17 11:16
Top 5 thrower
2018-11-17 11:26
I want to be tracer.
2018-11-17 11:56
>top 5 >team that can't play in major
2018-11-17 12:33
2018-11-17 12:35
who doesn't want to be top5 ROFL
2018-11-17 12:49
Is this the guy who was caught match-fixing a few years ago?
2018-11-17 13:19
Russia skydead37 
If you want to be a top 5 team you have to be on a major or main qualifer or particiaple on minor
2018-11-17 15:41
NiKo | 
Poland Jaruzel 
2018-11-17 16:38
Feels IbuyPower man
2018-11-17 16:57
Unfortunately steel, when your players get good enough to be top five material, they will picked up by teams like liquid,NRG,c9. They will want to leave so they can play in majors.
2018-11-17 17:26
Unfortunately steel, when your players get good enough to be top five material, they will picked up by teams like liquid,NRG,c9. They will want to leave so they can play in majors.
2018-11-17 17:26
Denmark aCggg 
2018-11-17 17:57
there's only one true steel
2018-11-17 18:16
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
2018-11-17 19:16
so? i want to be top one player
2018-11-17 20:15
maybe top 5 in NA.....
2018-11-17 21:36
Im an retire when mine K/D Diff it will be in RED - - - -
2018-11-17 21:39
Bulgaria Ju7y 
Ghost top 5 lol! Sorry steel but have you lost your mind?
2018-11-17 21:48
Poland ruhoks 
it can be real, but fact that wardell will be top 3 awper in the world soon like thorin said is certain
2018-11-17 21:51
Israel wetz 
And i want good internet connection in my country Who cares
2018-11-17 21:56
United States WiizardCS 
doable, but don't see it happening anytime soon, will take a lot of time and practice.
2018-11-17 22:13
dunno why people think this is funny its doable and every team should in theory aim high
2018-11-17 23:57
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
top10-15 is doable. top5 sounds like the last time dazed said it. i dont think theyll be able to attract much more talent either because of steels ban
2018-11-18 00:45
Germany Vini_1337 
give it 1 year maybe and some sucess from ghost and valve will lift the bans 100%
2018-11-18 16:53
this idiot is so funny XD
2018-11-18 01:17
Europe Ondra_Vlcek 
Good luck on major! oh, nevermind
2018-11-18 02:20
a top 5 team that cant go in a major lol
2018-11-18 05:02
Croatia feelsbadmane 
easly possible,steel is probably the hardest working player thats out there
2018-11-18 11:11
hahaha >koosta >top5 choose one
2018-11-18 14:26
Russia AlexMove 
Without majors
2018-11-18 15:12
Ghost play good, but keep dreaming to be top 5 :D Thats never happen. You miss more tier 1 players ..
2018-11-18 17:47
Brazil Passlack 
2018-11-18 18:32
lol keep dreaming xD
2018-11-18 18:54
Poland miedzianek 
top 5 in tier 999? okay
2018-11-18 19:03
France Marvelus 
Top 5 in Ohio xD
2018-11-19 09:35
Kazakhstan Adilkuss 
After losing from 10-14 to 16-14 you can’t be in top 5 team
2018-11-18 20:01
HLTV banner curse strikes again LMAO
2018-11-18 20:17
Pogba | 
France uria64 
hahahahaha nt
2018-11-18 20:19
2018-11-18 20:21
Czech Republic Olaxen 
This is the best joke what I ever read xdddd
2018-11-18 21:51
they already are top 5 na tbh
2018-11-18 21:52
top 5 w/o major... gl
2018-11-19 01:42
never gonna happen with jamezirl as ur coach LOL
2018-11-19 01:50
Never gonna happen fullstop
2018-11-21 13:31
Twistzz | 
Canada ayydy 
*loses to Luminosity*
2018-11-19 05:49
*oof in Canadian*
2018-11-19 08:10
Finland siloquez 
And I want a private island where I can grow heroin, bud and potatoes. Isn't gonna happen tho.
2018-11-19 05:53
France Marvelus 
2018-11-19 09:34
this one aged well
2018-11-19 08:09
France Marvelus 
2018-11-19 09:34
2018-11-19 11:43
proven Matchfixer. Ban for Life is all he deserve
2018-11-19 11:46
choking games for money ... deserve to be banned !
2018-11-19 17:12
Well you have to win t1 events for this, not out in quarters in a t3 tourna
2018-11-20 13:03
Turkey Thunderball 
omega LUL
2018-11-20 14:59
Top 10 Funniest Anime Jokes
2018-11-20 20:07
then why you throw a game? stupid as fck LMFAO
2018-11-20 22:45
hmm how does that work?
2018-11-21 09:52
I wanna fuck Emma Stone. Both won't happen
2018-11-21 13:30
nice wish, dreams are free i guess >top 5 >lost to some washed up monkeys
2018-11-21 17:04
steel top 5 xD
2018-11-21 18:47
paz | 
North America Mereko 
2018-11-21 21:05
2018-11-21 23:50
It'd be pretty good if you could fairly compete at a major. owait
2018-11-21 23:57
CIS chlenixon 
Wake me up when that happens
2018-11-22 08:32
Portugal Bazinga_7 
No major though lel
2018-11-22 15:19
0 major omegalul
2018-11-22 16:00
Sweden flippig 
2018-11-22 16:45
Brazil Guccipradas 
2018-11-23 16:01
2018-11-23 20:48
France Dov 
2018-11-24 03:28
Bosnia and Herzegovina knowhatelse 
Lol, nope
2018-11-24 12:01
Liechtenstein Shnimaxxx 
You faggots really cant read can you, he said top15,10,5
2018-11-24 22:40
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
Nice u read his Twitter. Not in article tho
2018-11-25 07:19
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