HLTV.org live from Malta

Our two-man team is ready to bring you coverage from SuperNova CS:GO Malta, which will take place in Saint Julian's over the next four days.

SuperNova CS:GO Malta is a $150,000 tournament that features eight teams, and it will be played out using the GSL format for the group stage and a single-elimination playoff bracket. All of the matches will be BO3, except for the four opening matches of the tournament, which will be BO1.

The stage is set for SuperNova CS:GO Malta

The tournament takes place at the InterContinental Hotel in Saint Julian's, Malta, where a live audience will also be present. Starting off the action will be TYLOO and BIG from Group B, with Kinguin and NRG from Group A following next.

Photos, interviews, and additional content from the event will be brought to you from Malta by HLTV.org's Croatian duo Josip "brcho" Brtan and Zvonimir "Professeur" Burazin. For more information about the tournament, be sure to check out our viewer's guide.

NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina VLaDiiSLaV 
2018-11-29 10:03
Nice try
2018-11-29 10:04
Sweden Unluko 
FaZe didnt even manage to qualify for this event LUL
2018-11-29 10:03
2018-11-29 10:05
Denmark Snadefar 
tier 3 trash
2018-11-29 10:04
Germany Kuruyo 
2018-11-29 10:04
The new esg Mykonos
2018-11-29 10:05
no bug no win 😎
2018-11-29 10:06
China AlexGunther 
ez 4 liquid (but I think liquid will get 2nd again)
2018-11-29 10:17
NRG has decended down the list.
2018-11-29 10:41
What 10 comments after 40 min?
2018-11-29 10:43
because this isn’t news xD
2018-11-29 10:57
Finland Jardeet 
Is professeur and brcho brothers??? They are both same last name!!!! Croatian duo Josip "brcho" Brtan and Zvonimir "Professeur" Brtan. Brtan
2018-11-29 11:07
Argentina Macaca_Sinica 
such a nice island
2018-11-29 15:25
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