JaCkz: "I felt really good in G2 straight away; we are all equal in the game"

We spoke to G2's new recruit Audric "⁠JaCkz⁠" Jug about his last tournament with 3DMAX and joining the big boys of French Counter-Strike.

Last week, while G2 were at the ESL Pro League S8 Finals with their old roster, JaCkz and Lucas "⁠Lucky⁠" Chastang attended their last event with 3DMAX. They first won ESEA MDL, securing the team a spot in the next season of Pro League, before taking the ESEA Global Challenge LAN title as well.

shox, kennyS and bodyy made the two newcomers feel comfortable on the team

In Abu Dhabi, things didn't kick-off so well for the Frenchmen, starting with a loss to forZe before taking a strongly contested victory over ShotCallers. At the end of their long first day at PLG Grand Slam, we interviewed JaCkz, with translation help from the team's coach Damien "⁠maLeK⁠" Marcel.

I want to start with your first LAN with the team, DreamHack Winter, obviously not the result you were looking for, but what was it like playing at a fairly big LAN and playing on a team that is G2, with big players like shox and kennyS?

We didn't play that much before the tournament, we played for one week or something, and still, we felt quite confident. I felt really good in the team straight away, with my positions and skill wise, I'm fitting in pretty well. The mood is great also and the three "old" guys made sure that we are all equal in the game and the atmosphere is friendly. So that's it. Of course, the results could've been better but we know that we were going to be doing something better soon.

As was mentioned in the interview we did with maLeK at EPL, he said you are balancing the new and the old players, so everyone has a voice in a way. So my question is do you feel similarly to how you were feeling back in 3DMAX, are you open to doing whatever you want on the team?

It is not really the same now as it was on 3DMAX just because with 3DMAX we worked a lot and the playbook was really deep with a lot of strategies and adaptations during the rounds, we worked a lot, on many, many things during the six months. In G2 it is more on the fly, the beginning, with the very basics, so it is not really the same. But in the meantime, I know I can call whatever I want whenever I want as well. I feel as good on both teams, but on the server, we need more time to get on the same level.

You just played two tournaments with 3DMAX in the United States, the MDL Global Challenge and the MDL Grand Final. Was it kind of a bittersweet thing to say farewell and qualify for EPL?

We started from the bottom, and honestly, it is a great story. We knew that we had a lot of potential and we wanted to finish on a high note to prove it to ourselves and everybody else. It went really well, I didn't think it could be that nice and that it could go so well in the game and outside of the game at this tournament. We knew that we could do something OK, like qualifying for EPL, but we didn't expect we would feel that comfortable, basically handling the LAN A-Z.

Even though the scores were tight sometimes, we really felt that the event was "easy", not in a disrespectful way to anyone, the flow of it was just nice for us.

So coming here, you lost the first match and the second two maps weren't that easy. Obviously, there were delays and all of that, so tell me first of all, the map against forZe, how did you manage to lose it actually?

First of all, me and Lucky are really tired because we just arrived from the US and the jetlag is affecting us. It is not an excuse anyway, it was actually going quite well, we lost the pistol round but still were leading 8-2, so it was OK that far. We started to lose some rounds by losing some focus, being overly relaxed. And then it starts slipping away and the game starts being a little weird. It is quite hard to feel the game properly. And since we didn't play in a while, and we are up since 8 AM since we are supposed to play early and then finally we play at 8 PM.

On the T side we have been running around so much, not being able to slow down, do stuff cleanly, unable to take zones, chill and then finish on sites properly. We'd basically run around thinking... I don't know what we were thinking actually. That game just slipped away, that is the feeling. But when we went outside, we talked to each other for two minutes and we just felt like "OK guys, we just need to enter the next game properly, sleep well, and win the next games".

The next game, against Shotcallers, they are a outsider team, comparing them to forZe, who are at least a European team people know about. These guys are total unknowns internationally and the first map was very close and the second one was decently contested. What happened and how was it playing against these guys?

Skill-wise, they were quite good, they were hitting some nice headshots and it was really hard to prevent what they could do, they actually played really, really, really super, super slow. And it was just not that easy. We actually couldn't impose our game, same as the game before actually, it was just quite tough today to play clean and to just do the job. It was tough. We know that we can be really, really good quickly, but for now, we feel like there is something that is not allowing us to use our full potential, that is holding us down.

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Damien 'maLeK' Marcel
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Finland Rullakko
Okay JaCkz, very cool.
2018-12-14 08:52
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G2 communist confirmed?
2018-12-14 09:26
Finland Rullakko
Holup you might be onto something :d
2018-12-14 09:35
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Give them time
2018-12-14 08:52
to disband?
2018-12-14 09:03
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Lithuania panz3rjet
2018-12-14 09:43
2018-12-14 10:55
Nice no scream
2018-12-14 08:52
France walkN
Scream overrated
2018-12-14 12:59
comrade jackz
2018-12-14 08:52
2018-12-14 08:52
yeah yeah in your dreams.
2018-12-14 08:55
2018-12-14 09:52
USA | 
Czech Republic Antiii
2018-12-14 08:56
kaas | 
Netherlands ImKuru
Equally bad amirite
2018-12-14 08:57
good read
2018-12-14 08:57
Sosa | 
Europe Sosa19
2018-12-14 08:57
G2 players always feel good :D
2018-12-14 08:58
equally shit at every role
2018-12-14 09:01
Me and Lucky are really tired Equal all roles, player be like: Guy I will lead this round, you guy can't lead at all. I will entry. Wait, I will, you stay. Flash for me, I will kill him. No u. KennyS! hand me AWP. No u.
2018-12-14 09:11
Lithuania SiTyGas
I would understand this if i was autist... Now i just cant, sorry...
2018-12-14 12:12
Norway JorgyZ
Is this supposed to mean something?
2018-12-14 12:29
It mean something, but I'm not good at English, so it ended up like that.
2018-12-14 12:35
Equally french dogshit
2018-12-14 09:05
still lose to T10 team like forZe OMEGALUL
2018-12-14 09:05
G2 sucks ahahah fucking tier 7 team
2018-12-14 09:07
Hope he gets a chance to prove himself! GL G2.
2018-12-14 09:19
We are all equally shit xD
2018-12-14 09:27
I suppose you speak about retarded kid of hltv so Thanks you are right
2018-12-14 09:32
Ok well if I am kid, you are not even born yet
2018-12-14 17:50
Tier 5
2018-12-14 09:29
2018-12-14 09:30
Equally shit
2018-12-14 09:39
Now -body +amanek
2018-12-14 09:41
+amanek means +devoduvek too
2018-12-14 13:17
jackz, stop lie to urself, g2 now is not g2 especially with you.
2018-12-14 09:43
Lets speak again in 6 months kid 😂😂 old g2 made same promises hahahahaha
2018-12-14 09:50
Yes g2 shit
2018-12-14 09:55
Czech Republic ZajiiCZ
"With 3DMAX we worked a lot and the playbook was really deep with a lot of strategies and adaptations during the rounds, we worked a lot, on many, many things during the six months. In G2 it is more on the fly..." Am I the only one that got horrified by this? Now I am not wondering why they suck... Edit: I hope they bring some of that to G2 and make them work harder, because a wish them to get back to top10 at least.
2018-12-14 10:12
China Gnikiv
2018-12-14 10:13
Sad they left 3DMAX they could have gone even further, probably because of the $$$ once again. I doubt G2 can reach the top5 with shox leading, it is not his role
2018-12-14 10:55
i doubt they can even reach top 20
2018-12-14 11:17
one week training with g2 some weeks ago.. it s too early , basically they play like a mix team
2018-12-14 11:33
Rofl n1 excuse
2018-12-14 11:45
2018-12-14 11:50
France Marvelus
all equal, all garbage or what ?Oo
2018-12-14 11:51
Equally and will eventually trigger shox and disband and french shuffle v2.0 occurs and shox hand injury again and the cycle of french cs goes on
2018-12-14 11:59
2018-12-14 12:21
France p2l
all bad players, even washed up legends like kenny
2018-12-14 12:26
2018-12-14 12:34
Yup, equally shit
2018-12-14 12:42
why would you feel good losing to forze and avangar? equally shit
2018-12-14 12:50
Nigeria Asbhdhsbs
2018-12-14 13:03
Equally trash lul
2018-12-14 13:43
"just because with 3DMAX we worked a lot and the playbook was really deep with a lot of strategies and adaptations during the rounds, we worked a lot, on many, many things during the six months. In G2 it is more on the fly" Sums up G2 work ethic
2018-12-14 16:07
JaCkz: "It felt really good losing straight away"
2018-12-14 17:01
United States Bochanka
This my bro right here! Legend in the making!
2018-12-14 19:04
Sweden godname
2018-12-14 19:25
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