BnTeT: "We need a coach that can stabilize us, help us improve mentally"

Following TYLOO's elimination from PLG Grand Slam, we caught up with Hansel "⁠BnTeT⁠" Ferdinand to hear about the result, as well as sum up his 2018.

TYLOO made the quarter-finals of the $100,000 tournament in Abu Dhabi by securing two 16-14 wins in the group stage, over ECL and Grayhound, setting up a BO3 match against Sharks. The Brazilians managed to fight back a huge deficit on the first map, Cache, before eliminating TYLOO with a 16-6 on Mirage.

TYLOO are looking for a coach to help them at their early 2019 bootcamp

Our interview with BnTeT focused on his team's recent struggles, but we also talked about their overall successful 2018 and their search for a new coach.

What are your thoughts on the end of the year that you've had, I guess it's kinda unsatisfying, where are you as a team right now?

I think right now we have rollercoaster results. In Thailand (Toyota Master Bangkok), we had a chance to win the tournament, but we made a lot of mistakes in the final, and then we had a second place which was not pretty good or bad. And now in Abu Dhabi, we had our shot on Cache but we couldn't close it out, the same mistakes always happen and they made a comeback. On Mirage everyone was in bad mood because of our mistakes on Cache, which is a very common mistake in Asia I guess, we couldn't forget the first map and move on. That's why I think we need a coach that can stabilize us more, make us more professional and help us improve mentally both inside and outside of the game.

Before we go on further, even though this result isn't the best, but overall 2018 was pretty good for TyLoo, probably the best ever. You made consistently top 15 I'd say, you made the top 16 of the Major, the group stage. Are you still happy with the team overall?

Yeah, of course, we are the first Asian team to qualify to the Legends stage. I didn't see things like at this tournament where we lost and think we are bad. I saw it overall, and I think we did pretty good for Asian CS this year.

You mentioned the coach, do you have an idea who are you looking for, what kind of a guy do you want for the coach role?

We have a lot of candidates, and I can not mention them right now because it's not fixed. But, right now we have one guy that we want, and if their management and our management is ready, we will go with him to the Major.

What are you gonna be doing moving on from here, in the next year, do you have anything planned?

We are gonna take a break, and then on 9th or 10th January we will start our bootcamp in Germany for the Major. Hopefully we will have a already have a coach then and practice really hard, and have a good practice in Europe. Our goal is to qualify for the Legends stage one more time and avoid playing the Minor.

Indonesia Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
Hansel 'BnTeT' Ferdinand
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Europe martwica
2018-12-15 10:38
Damn you're fast
2018-12-15 10:39
Europe _EpiC_
+1 if u like Bnet and u think he is cool
2018-12-15 10:40
Polish cs is dead anyway
2018-12-15 10:40
Sweden Zaser5
2018-12-15 11:37
do they all speak English? if not good luck finding a coach i guess.
2018-12-15 10:47
Hungary Joco413
they speak polish
2018-12-15 10:54
Switzerland BlackH4ze
Neo or pasha coach
2018-12-15 12:12
+1 pasha
2018-12-17 05:04
Dude, xccurate and BnTeT are from INDONESIA not Poland, I get it their flag is upside down lol
2018-12-15 15:33
Europe martwica
2018-12-15 17:29
2018-12-17 05:04
Sweden Zaser5
2018-12-15 11:38
2018-12-15 10:39
Twistzz | 
Singapore 3st
2018-12-15 10:39
Wasnt it a throw vs sharks ?
2018-12-15 10:39
Sweden Zaser5
2018-12-15 11:38
yes, our money went to china for new coach i guess :) pinnacle dident find anything wrong about it.. would be fun to see a statement of where the money went.. i guess 90 % to china and 9 % to brazil. pinnacle is supporting this matchfixing things when they dont come out with any information about their investigation. i think thats fair to know that if you loose money and they open a investigation that you atleast get some information about the outcome.
2018-12-15 12:42
2018-12-15 10:39
World meesohowny
2018-12-15 10:40
United States Globebuster
2018-12-15 10:40
Sweden kekeszsz
2018-12-15 11:15
Jose Mourinho to CSGO #MourinhoOut
2018-12-15 10:40
2018-12-15 11:13
Germany ConAction
hahahaha Tyloo fixxed the second map there is no doubt about it they had 3.27 odds on pinnacle all of a sudden (on their own map pick) when they were actually the huge overdog on this game in general and now BnTeT acts like it was a mentality Problem:DD
2018-12-15 10:41
Nah i know my people. He wont try to do that. Chinese indonesia has always been no no to corruption
2018-12-15 12:14
Indonesia Volt_OW
Yes, Chinese Indonesians hate corruption more than anything, I'm saying this as a Chinese Indonesian.
2018-12-16 07:37
2018-12-17 04:01
he needs a team that all speak the same language LUL
2018-12-15 10:41
Rak | 
Czech Republic dobre
2018-12-15 10:43
VP oh wait nvm
2018-12-16 04:04
And one that speaks 3 languages, tyloo is a sick team when they are on though
2018-12-15 10:44
Pick up these boys vp
2018-12-15 10:45
anyway tyloo is the best team in China now, even i don't want to say, all of them like 5P,Cyberzen,play the match and just for money. only tyloo put the reputation and dream first,tyloo has been seek all Chinese player and can't effort the money,this player all expensive than bntet and xcc,it's sadly but i must to say,tyloo is the last hope of Chinese csgo,i just want them keep going and never give up.
2018-12-15 11:10
Korea XigNw0w
MVP PK and TyLoo both in the major, yes?
2018-12-15 11:08
hope mvp can win the minor and get the sticker
2018-12-15 11:20
Korea XigNw0w
I hope so as well, I would buy so many XigN and MVP stickers.
2018-12-15 11:23
I believe mvp can make history:)
2018-12-16 01:17
Korea XigNw0w
I hope so I have been their fan for so long and hope it's possible.
2018-12-16 01:22
Tyloo and MVP are asian csgo scene future
2018-12-16 11:31
Yeah being at the major qualifiers again is a good step for tyloo, first time an asian team has stayed in the major which is a big step, just hope they keep it and do well, being an inconsistant team
2018-12-15 11:19
2018-12-15 12:53
vici plays legit now freeman and kaze can be really good
2018-12-16 02:15
i hope vici could be better but they lose to rng with 2-0, Chinese team doesn't have a environment which compete with high level team,tyloo became better than usual because they had training with Europe team in first few month this year,if vici wanna be better,they need get a chance play more match with Europe/NA team,but that is difficult in China, so bntet say they need a coach,they need a man to conclusion ,to help they study eu/na team's play,not just play with t5 team in China,that can't be better forever
2018-12-16 04:39
Korea XigNw0w
Xccurate speaks three languages as well, Chinese, Indonesian and English.
2018-12-15 11:07
Israel dank1ng
Nah,they speak english only because xccurate doesnt know chinese
2018-12-15 13:22
Korea XigNw0w
Contacted by, the 19-year-old player revealed he will be the in-game leader and main AWPer of the team. We have learned that he can speak the basics of the Chinese (Mandarin) language, and will do most of the translating.
2018-12-15 16:50
Indonesia AzZzzz He was igling with 3 languages XD
2018-12-15 16:22
HenryG or Thrion
2018-12-15 10:47
Hungary Joco413
2018-12-15 10:54
Hong Kong Joseph_Tin
YNK , I wanna see YNK manage TYLOO, he is a pretty good coach.
2018-12-15 11:00
New Zealand rOtten_97
Ynk the man for that
2018-12-15 11:01
bla bla bad excuses taz
2018-12-15 11:06
bntet and xccurate should go to a better team
2018-12-15 11:10
jks | 
Australia Study
VP disbanded XD
2018-12-15 12:18
cloud9 pls
2018-12-15 12:40
coach + 2 translators
2018-12-15 11:12
Polish Beast
2018-12-15 11:13
Kane is the best choice for sure
2018-12-15 11:17
Peacemaker, kappa
2018-12-15 11:23
DD, somebody and Mo better learn english, cuz it's faster for them to learn english than for xccurate and bntet to learn chinese.
2018-12-15 11:50
Is chinese really that hard? It looks like bntet cant handle the language so well
2018-12-15 12:57
chinese is one of, if not the hardest, language to learn.
2018-12-15 13:04
qz | 
Macau qu1tzera
It seems that 2 Indonisian are Chinese ethnic and know some basic knowledge of Chinese initially, but still only can use some simple word while communicating. It does work but not enough
2018-12-15 16:22
yes,Chinese harder than English alot.especially in writing, English is easier and faster to learning
2018-12-16 04:45
Netherlands itsm
They need a coach who speaks fluently chinese + english
2018-12-15 11:55
Indonesia segopecel
good luck bntet
2018-12-15 12:07
Sweden txshirx
2018-12-15 12:15
Sweden txshirx
dsn maybe?
2018-12-15 12:20
well dsn used to coach BOOT.ds, but it turned out to be no notable chemistry
2018-12-15 12:24
Sweden txshirx
I mean he could make the move because I feel that Tyloo is a much stronger team than BOOT.ds It could be a potential move
2018-12-15 12:28
2018-12-15 14:30
BnTeT to Faze instead of Karrigan. And BnTeT as igl.
2018-12-15 12:50
Sweden txshirx
Would be a HUGE upgrade
2018-12-15 15:14
BnTeT | 
Indonesia _dny_
2018-12-16 16:21
Indonesia Scaramouzh
BnTeT Deserver NA Or EU t2 or t3 team
2018-12-15 12:55
Neo is free now
2018-12-15 13:01
Tyloo is dead team.
2018-12-15 13:03
I said many times that dsn will be the best choice for TyLoo, but maybe BOOT's management and Team BOOT.d[S] won't let him go.
2018-12-15 13:13
yb | 
India Harihar
sv_excuse 1; exit
2018-12-15 13:24
I hope you guys got him TYLOO YONGUYUAN ZAI WO XIN ZHONG
2018-12-15 13:29
i can
2018-12-15 13:29
I can help :)
2018-12-15 15:40
United Kingdom craZy_y0
insanity from Lucid Dream (formerly of 5POWER) I think.
2018-12-15 16:49
Good Luck!
2018-12-15 17:06
Brazil Collee
look up for waveigl, brazilian streamer
2018-12-15 18:39
qz:my boiz
2018-12-16 11:50
Let‘s go BnTeT!
2018-12-17 08:18
Palestine Xpicyy
NeiL_M is a great option
2018-12-18 12:25
Iceland masterbai
find a coach then tyloo can do better
2018-12-19 01:55
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