Twista: "I have been focusing on our mentality when we are winning"

We sat down with ENCE's coach, Slaava "Twista" Räsänen, after they topped Group B with wins against ex-Space Soldiers and Windigo.

The veteran talked about what the team has been focusing on in preparation for the Europe Minor and what they have changed.

Twista has been focusing on the team's issues with keeping big leads

He also commented on ENCE's close encounter with Windigo on Mirage and on the Bulgarian's win against North in the opening round of the tournament.

What has your preparation been like, have you done anything special to get ready for this Minor?

We were working a bit on new strategies, of course. We didn't want to work too much on them because we wanted to keep the ones we had before, but the thing is that we're trying to change a bit here and there. The strats we had before were working so well that I think they will work now, as well, because we have gotten better at them. But I like the guys to make something new, so I have been adding small details just so that it isn't the same, so we can play a bit of mindgames against the opponents.

Other than that, I have been focusing on the mentality when we are winning because that's something we lack in a bit, we get a good lead and people get a bit sloppy, stuff like that. We have been trying to keep a good mood while we're playing. Sometimes we just play without strats just to get in the comfort zone and things like that. No big changes for this event, but still some.

Is it just to keep fresh, to be a little bit unpredictable?

We're trying to find a way that we can play on a lot of levels in terms of strats and in terms of reaction games and stuff like that so that it's so much harder for the opponent to read us. And that's what we are aiming for. In a way, it's a structure we are building, which is not complete yet, but we will.

Here you have so far looked very confident with two wins straight, although on Mirage against Windigo you did have problems closing it out on the CT side, was that down to what you were saying at the start, getting a bit sloppy with a big lead? What happened?

About Mirage, we had a pretty good game plan on the T side and also on the CT side. I had a few ideas about what they were going to do, what kind of game plan they would have, and the one I predicted the most was the one they used. But for some reason, we didn't follow our own game plan, we played a bit too stationary. For example, when they came to mid, I wanted the guys to challenge mid first to get the info and get the fights because I knew we were going to wreck them if they took the fight against us. And after that, instantly move away and regroup to another place and play the sites. But for some reason, we just stood there in the middle, waited for too long, gave them too much time to do their own game and that's why we couldn't hold the CT side as we should have. After the pause, we talked about it that we have to move much faster, we don't want them to get the time to play their game because we are so much better, we have to play our own game and set the mood for the match. It was pretty hard even though we knew what they were doing, but I think it was maybe the focus, and we also aren't used to playing sides too much, we like to play middle. Maybe it's because what the players were used to do.

Was it a big surprise for you that Windigo won against North? Was it the matchup you expected to get?

I was actually pretty sure that Windigo would win the game.

How come?

They have been playing really well online, I kind of hoped they would bring it on LAN, as well, and I also hoped that we would play against them and get a rematch because we lost 0-2 to them. I really wanted to play against them and I told the guys that because it's a BO1, Windigo can take it easily. It's always pretty hard to play the best-of-one, so it wasn't a surprise at all and we were prepared for that.

How do you expect to fare against the other group now that you are in the playoffs?

The good thing is that all the games are best-of-three. I don't expect that much of the other teams, I expect a lot from my team. I want them to be focused on the moment and play round by round, not thinking about anything, just focusing on the game and doing our own stuff instead of thinking too much about their game plan and stuff like that. I will worry about that (laughs). I really don't mind who we face here, it doesn't matter, I just want our guys to be prepared to play their own best game.

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They misspelled twistzz
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Everyone is on the server except for Allu, Allu is oiling his sniper's lock mechanism, camel cigarette on his mouth, it's soon ready. Allu lets go of the cig and throws a dens under his upper lip and sits down on his gaming chair which has been warmed by NATU. go go go
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Too many twisters
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It's the brains man, the brains.
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Repeat ez
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Ez4ENCE isn't a meme anymore
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Let's gooo ENCE! Well played today
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God of slaava kyykkys
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Twista #1 coach
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To many twist**. I thought it was relevant for 2 seconds
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bad at fragging but good at coaching good for him that he found something he can do. thought he’d ruin ence when natu left but he seems to be fixing problems
2019-01-16 23:11
True. I think he was a fine fragger in the very beginning of CS, during the early versions but the game changed quickly as well as the level you needed to reach to stay on top.
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Still feel like North is a bit overrated. But EZ4ENCE!
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