freakazoid: "This could be my last opportunity to ever play this game professionally, so I'm living it to the fullest"

We sat down with Ghost's new signing, Ryan "freakazoid" Abadir, after his team's semi-final run at the iBUYPOWER Masters tournament in Los Angeles, California, to talk about him joining the squad.

Ghost came to iBUYPOWER Masters as one of the underdogs in a group that featured Liquid and FaZe, the latter which they were able to beat two times in the opener and the decider to make it out of the group stage. They then played a semi-final against Astralis, but were unable to take a map from the Danes despite coming close on Inferno.

freakazoid is giving it all he has with Ghost

In the interview, freakazoid talks about signing for Ghost, coming to play his first event with the team at iBUYPOWER Masters, and the relationship with his brother, Austin "Cooper-" Abadir, after he left their former team to join eUnited, among several other topics which can be found in the interview below.

Most teams here are getting ready for the Major, but for you coming here was a bit different. So how was the preparation and the expectations and so on?

We prepared for two weeks. I recently joined the team, I officially signed on the 2nd or 3rd, and we started practicing a bit after New Year's, around the 4th, so we had two weeks. We've been bootcamping for about seven to eight hours a day and let me tell you right now we've been getting destroyed in practice. Destroyed. Literally destroyed by teams, and coming here I knew it could have been a 50/50 thing. We could have been mentally down coming into the tournament, but it seems like we brought the energy and intensity and it seemed to pan out for us, we had a good run here and I think it was a good first tournament for us and we'll only grow from it.

As you said, you just signed for the team, can you run me through how it happened?

I was offered to join once before, probably around August or September/October, and I said no because I wanted to stick it out with my brother and see if we could make Pro League together. My brother ended up leaving for eUnited so I thought that even if we made Pro League I was going to see if there were any offers that were better for me long term. I completed my goal of making Pro League and Ghost still offered me to join. I've always liked Josh as a caller and I like the players on the team and I believed in the talent, so I entertained it and once we squared away the behind-the-scenes details it was a no-brainer. I wanted to come to this team even if it meant leaving the team I worked hard to get to Pro League with, but I wanted to do it for my career.

As you said, your brother going to eUnited and you joining Ghost now, it seemed to be quite sour. Did that whole parting of ways put a big separation between both of you? Was it really as dramatic as it seemed from the outside?

Oh, yeah, it was dramatic! I mean, look at the tweets and look at my stream, you know what I'm saying? But at the same time, what brothers don't fight? At the end of the day, no matter what, we had that day where it was bitter. I was upset because I cared a lot about him and I wanted to play on a team with him and it was just the timing of what happened, which is why I was upset, but right now I put that behind me. I'm focusing on myself, on my career, and my team, and I wish him nothing but the best and still love him to death no matter what. Just like I said before, you never know what happens in the future. We could team up again or we won't, but he's doing his thing and I'm doing mine.

So how was Christmas dinner?

He lives in Texas, so he didn't come out for Christmas dinner. I was at my dad's house and hung out with my sisters, and he was still in Texas.

Moving on, it's good to see you and steel back out here, beating teams like FaZe...


Exactly! How does it feel for you?

Well, I don't know if you saw or heard me after the first FaZe game, but I went ballistic! I was going crazy. This is the most hyped I think I have ever been in my entire career because I know this could be my last opportunity to ever play this game professionally, so I'm living it to the fullest. I can and am putting all my energy into the game right now, and that's what I'm bringing to the team. I'm playing to win, before everything. Right now you can see it in my energy when I'm playing. If the camera ever pans on me you can see I'm bringing everything to the table and laying it all on the line.

You have the Pro League season coming up. Have you talked about goals within the team?

Right now we're just practicing for a few months and if qualifiers come up we'll just be practicing for those and the upcoming Pro League season.

Think about it, now... We just beat a team that I think is top 5. Maybe not as much since karrigan left, but I consider them a top 5 team and dangerous. We didn't put up that good of a fight against Liquid, and I'm not gonna give any excuses, but then we did against Astralis, the best team in the world. You aim for the top, work hard to be at the top, and that's all you can hope for. You have to play your best and that's all you can do.

Is there something that impressed you about this team when you joined?

The one thing I like is that I realize that everybody is a professional. Regardless of the issues you have outside the game, everyone leaves it behind when it's time to practice or especially for matches. I noticed it this LAN, some people had issues outside of the game, and they're able to play the match and focus on the game itself, and that to me is the most impressive thing. Acting like professionals and conducting yourself in that way, as well.

To close it off, the Inferno against Astralis got so close at the end. What was it you would have needed to get that little extra push to win the map?

I think a huge thing is experience, first off. More experience as a team, for me especially, but I think if you're not playing against the top teams and you come in expecting to beat them, it's tough. You need to get that practice in and you have to be focusing a lot harder in practice. Those 2vs2 and 3vs3 scenarios, that's where the biggest deal was. And just being ready, expecting everything and playing ready, like if you get caught off-guard... That should never happen in a match, you should always be ready. So I feel like Astralis are very good at that, but nothing to me was out of this world. I think people give them that respect and it causes teams to lose, although they are amazing, no doubt about it.

United States Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
Ryan 'freakazoid' Abadir
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United States Austin 'Cooper-' Abadir
Austin 'Cooper-' Abadir
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African Union OllieMaN 
dont go freak :( edit: 1st time 1st oof
2019-01-21 06:03
Germany DrachenRainer 
2019-01-21 06:40
2019-01-21 07:39
Other wtf_men 
really hope freak will end up like the shit he is. nobody has forgotten what a bully he is
2019-01-21 18:58
African Union OllieMaN 
2019-01-21 19:55
Other wtf_men 
2019-01-21 20:10
African Union OllieMaN 
2019-01-21 20:41
United States highlandyirr 
2019-01-25 03:23
rip him
2019-01-21 06:03
Russia KS_areztiab 
NA CS xaxaxaxaxaxaxax
2019-01-21 06:03
nothings worse than asia cs
2019-01-21 06:09
Russia KS_areztiab 
NA is worse xaxaxaxaxax
2019-01-21 06:10
Nah sorry i just hate asian cs soooooo much i mean na has more notable teams and scenes. I wish i could say the same about asia. Eu > cis > na > asia
2019-01-21 06:22
United States G0LDEAR 
Liquid>every cis team Liquid>every eu team except astralis
2019-01-21 06:57
France CriiZiX 
Liquid is an exception. Look the global level of NA teams. Eu is way better and competitive. That's a fact
2019-01-21 08:01
obviously. However NA is on a rise. CIS > Na is a joke. NA has Liquid, NRG, C9, Ghost, Col, and other lesser teams. Ghost and Col will never be tier 1 but can always upset while the rest could win an event.
2019-01-21 08:15
>C9 >NA kk
2019-01-21 16:30
Tim Rush Zellsis NA core
2019-01-21 16:37
the core is the members who play together for a long time how the hell zellsis is in the core ?
2019-01-21 19:40
Core is the majority of the team. 3/5 NA means NA team. I Just got baited but you sound so fucking dumb you might be serious
2019-01-21 20:47
C9 is NA since its 3/5 i agree with that but the core of a team it's not about nationalities. It's the players that played together for a long time. A lot of teams stick with 3 players and then they switch the other players. Like fnatic's core was JW Flusha olof krimz Nip's core back in the days was xzit f0rest gtr Astralis core is xyp device dupreeh since they played for so long together (dignitas, TSM, ? and astralis) , glave and specially magisk are quite new in that team. mibr's core is falleN cold fer some teams don't have a core so yeah i was serious and i find it funny to call me dumb when you just got baited
2019-01-22 14:44
African Union OllieMaN 
That liquid was with taco This liquid with snake2k is tier 2
2019-01-21 08:28
Estonia sux3ss 
Yeah (no)
2019-01-21 13:55
you have 1 great team thats it.. 3 teams in the top 3 btw + c9 that has 2 EU player
2019-01-21 19:39
top 30 i meant obv
2019-01-22 21:26
Well liquid won against astralis though
2019-01-22 11:00
1 game after players break is irrelevant. I want to see how many times they'll beat them trought the year , as Astralis always looks shaky after break.
2019-01-28 15:15
RIP :(
2019-01-21 06:04
Press F to pay respect
2019-01-21 06:06
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
2019-01-21 06:08
chrisJ | 
United States gizzle 
rofl everyone saying rip freak before reading the article
2019-01-21 06:09
shit player but probably the best csgo personality
2019-01-21 06:10
Indonesia Exodd 
Sum it up accurately
2019-01-21 06:13
New Zealand Reubydoobydoo 
He has some nutty moments but not consistently which is the issue
2019-01-21 06:26
nt, he has no personality
2019-01-21 06:30
he keeps it ttd
2019-01-21 09:28
Croatia feelsbadmane 
personalitiy bully pick one
2019-01-21 13:28
s1mple was acting like an asshole most of the time playing fpl back then, it was well deserved the chad Freak just put him in his place
2019-01-21 13:49
Vietnam ponmemes 
can't say s1mple was right in the bully situation, but people got mad because freakazoid before was discouraging bullying so that made him a hypocrite. also s1mple gets toxic only telling people to shut the fuck up and other rude stuff like that but freak lashed out at him saying he doesn't have friends himself, attacking him personally. both are wrong though.
2019-01-21 16:35
we hawt
2019-01-21 06:12
Indonesia MeX0NNNN 
-freak +s0m or other onliner
2019-01-21 06:19
Ksharp | 
United States Foges 
#10 dumb
2019-01-21 06:23
rip bully
2019-01-21 06:27
United States Raptorial 
2019-01-21 06:31
Sri Lanka kvezee 
we haaawt :C
2019-01-21 06:36
2019-01-21 06:37
ONCE YOU HAWT YOU ALWAYS HAWT don't go freak we love you.
2019-01-21 06:38
DickStacy | 
Portugal N370 
2019-01-21 07:01
I love you freak yes homo
2019-01-21 07:32
Macau Bent0 
don't quit you still got it stay strong & keep grinding
2019-01-21 08:15
United States DiabIo 
still better than the bottom half of C9s roster now
2019-01-21 08:48
method | 
United States f0xes` 
Hopefully he doesn't get bullied out of his spot.
2019-01-21 10:13
only one person can bully him: he himself
2019-01-21 12:35
Xizt | 
Italy HeSY 
Gl frkzd
2019-01-21 13:38
Europe Hosta_Mahogey 
Why you bully me everyone asking
2019-01-21 14:07
EliGE | 
Kazakhstan Elietsch 
Freakazoid looked to enjoy himself so much during the semi against Astralis. Best vibe I've seen all tourney (missed the final). Kudos to GHOST for bringing good games and lots of good vibes.
2019-01-21 14:43
gl freakaroids
2019-01-21 16:31
Gj lets go freak!
2019-01-21 16:39
France Sylr 
Freak works with steroids, he's a bad player since there's drug controls xDD
2019-01-21 19:42
Brazil sprk1 
cool interview
2019-01-22 01:28
shox | 
Slovakia TreeMan 
+rep for P1mple's destroyer in real life.
2019-01-22 12:06
African Union mikecool 
Hope Ghost goes up and up really!
2019-01-23 10:01
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