Zeus: "It feels like we're treating the Major like just another event"

We interviewed Natus Vincere's in-game leader, Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko, while at the ICE Challenge to discuss the team's current form and expectations heading into the Major.

Natus Vincere finished in second place at the ICE Challenge, the team's first event of the year, following a 0-2 loss to North in the grand final. The Ukrainian roster had avoided elimination by beating AVANGAR and Heroic in the lower bracket, but fell short against Casper "cadiaN" Møller's troops despite strong individual displays from their big guns, Denis "electronic" Sharipov and Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev.

Zeus' team finished second at the GG.Bet ICE Challenge

Following the team's victory against the Kazakh side we sat down with Zeus to discuss the team's current state, his motivation levels as a player and expectations going into the imminent Katowice Major.

What sort of expectations are you guys going into the Major with?

As of late we haven't been playing particularly well, perhaps because we had an extended break, where we practiced exclusively online. Maybe that's one of the reasons. It feels like we're treating the Major like just another event, there's no massive eagerness and, as such, I can't tell people to await some sort of an amazing result from us. Considering the current situation, securing top eight at the Major would be a decent result. I can't say that we've done more than others to be #1. What happens, happens, so let's see what comes, but we need to sort out our relationship issues. If we don't resolve this, then #1 is out of the conversation.

Dust 2 isn't a map that’s really associated with Na'Vi, seeing as you don't pick or play it very frequently. Nevertheless, you managed a victory against AVANGAR on their own pick. What went your way in map two?

We had a great feel for the map - we controlled Mid on the offense, and generally had a good performance on the T side. Despite initially losing 0-3, we managed to pull through to a 9-6 half after securing a good deal of rounds. As for the CT side, the key to our success was a pistol round victory and basically finished them off after that.

You never know in the end, so I can't really say that this particular map is outstanding for us and that some other map is weak. It just happens to be the case that these sorts of situations are frequent in Counter-Strike - someone gets luckier than their opponent, pistol rounds, crucial economic rounds. If you secure these rounds, the game goes your way and you can close it out quite confidently. It's what happened against us last night [opening match against Heroic] - we lost a few key economic rounds in which the opponents made good plays, and we just lost maps with pretty significant round disparities. Conversely, on a different occasion, we could play much better Counter-Strike.

As for Dust 2, I can't really say we've always been outsiders. We've won the map against Astralis, and they're quite strong on it. In general, we've won the map against top teams, so I think things work out in that regard.

Stepping away slightly from ICE Challenge and the Major - at BLAST Pro Series: Lisbon 2018 you did an interview with us in which you mentioned you were looking to conclude your career in 2019. At the time you didn't mention any specific details - have you settled on anything concrete as of today?

At a certain point I lost the motivation and desire for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it's because it has become more difficult to compete at the age of 31. The pro scene has two people who are in top teams at this age, and those individuals are probably Edward and me.

It's becoming progressively harder to compete; nevertheless I think this might not even be the main reason. The main reason is that I have stopped enjoying our communication and relationships. It's like we're in some sort of a rut and I don't fully understand how we make our way out of it. There are individuals, and they have personalities - these personalities haven't changed and it will take years for any change to take place. Personally, I have no interest in raising these people, or working on relationships - I don't have the strength or willingness to do it anymore.

The game itself brings me enjoyment, I like Counter-Strike, but I'm a creative person and, honestly, I want to create things, improvise and enjoy myself. As of today, I've been experiencing a lot less of this with our team, comparing to the initial period, for example. Obviously, when you're not deriving enjoyment from the experience, the only things that might hold you are good conditions, perhaps money - to a degree these are motivating factors, of course, because this is my job and it's my income. If we had great relationships and everything was fine, then, in all honesty, I could motivate myself to play for longer, but because this isn't happening my motivation is dwindling.

Everything will come down to how our relationships develop. Initially, I was set to play out the year - I have the strength and energy to pull it off, but the morale component just isn't in its best form.

In the same interview mentioned previously you noted that in 2019 the team would be more selective in regards to tournament participation. Many questioned your presence at the ICE Challenge, particularly considering the fact that the Major is mere weeks away. Wouldn't it have made more sense to focus on preparation for it, as opposed to competing here?

Well, initially we had no intent of coming to this tournament. To be honest, Na'Vi said we needed to go and asked us to participate because it was important for the organisation, so we obliged.

If we look at it from a professional perspective - we don't need this event. From a different point of view, judging by our results, maybe the event could be of use to us before the Major, in that we'll play a few official matches after an extended break. It's definitely not the end of the world, but I'll repeat myself in saying that I don't see the team prioritising the Major in the new year. We're treating it like a usual event, and in the upcoming six months we've already planned for around ten tournaments. There are times when the team sets serious priorities, and really commits to a tournament, but I can't say that we've done the same for the Major.

Zeus says that he may not even play out the year

In conclusion, I wanted to pick your brain on the team's map pool - currently you're not playing very much of Cache and have struggled on Inferno and Nuke. How do you plan to address the map pool issues prior to the Major?

We've swapped around positions, made new ones and started playing more on maps that we were weaker on. We're working on the map pool, but as I've mentioned before, everything has to be sound in a team, we have to have zeal and motivation to perform. If we manage to achieve this, then we'd be ready to develop our map pool to be able to play all seven maps.

Currently things are hazy, so we'll play out the Major and things will become clear after it. As of right now we have this event, and in the next three to four months we have a lot more coming. I've already mentioned our approach to the Major, maybe for some events we'll prepare new maps, we'll see. We still have some time left, so we'll use it to train and improve our game.

Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
Danylo 'Zeus' Teslenko
No team
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Maps played:
Russia Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
Denis 'electronic' Sharipov
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Denmark Casper 'cadiaN' Møller
Casper 'cadiaN' Møller
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Ukraine Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
Aleksandr 's1mple' Kostyliev
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mertz | 
Austria frazn 
2019-02-09 19:18
United States ShawnM 
Zeus interview???
2019-02-09 19:19
Austria shaak! 
At least they can't lose to North there
2019-02-09 19:21
Panama cyain2029 
They always find a way
2019-02-09 19:32
Denmark Twick_ 
great news for number wan team astralis
2019-02-09 19:48
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
It's ok Zeus, you won't win a major playing with the stat padder in any way. That's the best you can do treat the major like just another tournament, you're already a major winner and a legendary player. The toxic kid won't win a major and achieve that status even if he tries lmao
2019-02-09 22:44
Tf? 0/8
2019-02-09 23:11
Bad times for Navi inc.
2019-02-10 02:14
Lithuania 7000won 
<3 Edward
2019-02-10 10:48
2019-02-10 08:17
good comment +1
2019-02-10 16:25
You are right...Simple has achieved more already than Zeus could ever imagine
2019-02-11 19:26
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Zeus_(Ukrai.. liquipedia.net/counterstrike/S1mple/Resu.. In csgo only: gyazo.com/0f4032f989b26af492643a56436a79.. gyazo.com/9a10d1b5816ce42188de5cffdc73c3.. Sure the stat padder achieved more than Zeus lmfao, didn't even achieve more than stewie xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
2019-02-11 20:57
So what is this supposed to show? Zeus had made an estimation of $5,000,000 over 13 years = 384,615 Simple has made an estimation of $2,000,000 over 4 years = 500,000 So what I gathered from what you linked is Simple has 10 years to make as much as Zeus has in his whole career. And that would equal about $3,000,000 for the best player in the world right now. Unless you were trying to point out anything else, I see Simple is better than Zeus and has achieved more and is 10 years younger... Now I know you must not know anything if you are trying to compare simple and stewie
2019-02-11 21:29
Europe rafaumarcisz 
because prizes are rising every year, and in CS 1.6 many pros had to work to have money for living u genius
2019-02-19 03:44
ropz | 
Germany 420stones 
Sounds very unprofessional. If he doesn’t want to play, he should let another hungry talent play. Obviously they have problems in the team.
2019-02-09 19:56
Kinda of a weird comment by Zeus. A team should usually give 100% during a major
2019-02-09 20:35
Denmark Dy_Arceus 
I think people misread the interview. Hes trying to hint that people in the team are being dicks and undermining his leadership. His calling and innovation. And its ruining his motivation. When youre teammatea arw disregarding you as the igl it fks the whole ganrplan up.
2019-02-09 21:17
He sucks, people are tired to do 30 frags every map and cant win.
2019-02-09 21:29
Sounds like a karrigan in Astralis situation, if your team doesn't believe in you as an IGL then nothing will work. You can't blame it all on the players though, you don't know the situation within the team, it might be the IGL's fault aswell. If the case is the same as karrigan in Astralis then I think the best thing for the team is to replace him. Zeus can still be considered a great IGL but if the team doesn't put trust in him then it doesn't matter, that along with the fact that Zeus even as an IGL/support is one of the worst individuals within all top 30 teams it would just make sense to let him go. Its also important to note that he seems to almost have lost all motivation, the fact that he says that he's going to retire this year and that he sees the major as ''just another tournament'' is really worrying. I highly doubt that s1mple has the same view, he will probably do everything in his power to prepare for the major and would be devasted to go out top 8 which Zeus saw as ''a good result''
2019-02-09 21:41
North America J_Nasty 
2019-02-10 00:50
India lemuig 
As a "decent result" not good , read above pls
2019-02-10 02:59
This, just like Karrigan towards the end of his tenure in FaZe. Hopefully his teammates reading this (if at all) get the message and change up just a little for the major because I'm sure even s1mple wouldn't want to just go all aim and no plan
2019-02-10 03:46
Highly doubt this geniuses can actually read
2019-02-10 05:00
2019-02-10 05:05
2019-02-09 22:28
His leadership is trash
2019-02-10 05:01
CeRq | 
Canada Timings 
And saying they're treating the major just like any other event feels like a whitewash if it wouldn't go too well lol.
2019-02-09 21:33
Russia GramDEL 
The truth is there is no other IGL in CIS that would take his place. Na'Vi is afraid of any changes rn because they will definitely affect team's further results.
2019-02-09 22:03
Philippines p0k1em0n 
2019-02-10 02:06
GOD Jame
2019-02-10 02:28
Russia GramDEL 
He's good, but they will also have to change a lot because Jame is an AWPer.
2019-02-10 08:53
a worthy sacrifice tbh i doubt Jame would leave his boys
2019-02-10 10:19
Leave a shit team for Na'Vi? Yeah he would of course deny that opportunity lol. TROLL
2019-02-11 19:30
2019-02-12 02:10
India lemuig 
2019-02-10 03:00
ty1er | 
Russia ty1ercs 
ANGE1 was priority IGL to Na'Vi after Krakow, even when Zeus leaves Gambit. But, HellRaisers asked for a lot of money. Check ANGE1's interview ( youtu.be/ILQb_jKsXKQhttps://youtu.be/ILQb_jKsXKQ
2019-02-10 07:54
Russia GramDEL 
Yes but it's not an easy way still. Their IGLing styles are absolutely different
2019-02-10 08:52
2019-02-10 19:39
sesL | 
Austria Huby98 
who are?
2019-02-09 19:19
Zeus king :D
2019-02-09 19:21
Jame | 
Russia m0nteq 
2019-02-09 21:18
Poland Unluko 
2019-02-09 19:30
2019-02-09 19:44
s1mple | 
Ukraine Wok3r 
2019-02-09 20:23
What is up with all the candid interviews recently
2019-02-09 20:45
Jame | 
Russia m0nteq 
0.78 xDDDDDĎ
2019-02-09 21:17
Russia Astrali5 
2019-02-10 03:42
so you have the best player in the world grinding his ass for this major,playing 12 hours a day and then comes Danylo "0.78 rating" Teslenko saying that the team is treating the major like any other event. Get the fuck off the team,you're wasting s1mple's peak level in cs.
2019-02-10 12:23
mertz | 
Austria frazn 
without him, navi wouldnt be nearly as good as they are right now gambit even won a major with him
2019-02-10 13:37
Na'Vi would be better if they replace him and Edward imo. They need new blood for Simple, Electronic and Flamie...Na'Vi is going to die if it does not make a roster move after the major. The only thing that can save this roster is winning the major imo. Simple is wasting his talent with 2 guys that cannot frag at all. And another who is inconsistent
2019-02-11 19:43
Lithuania N0PEr 
"Frags" thats everyting u can think about
2019-02-12 10:02
Frags are not everything but they are important indeed
2019-02-19 13:51
EliGE | 
Morocco B0Tallu 
> Danylo "0.78 rating" Teslenko made my day
2019-02-10 14:46
2019-02-11 19:43
thank you gentlemen
2019-02-14 11:42
2019-02-10 15:04
2019-02-11 00:41
United States keebler 
2019-02-09 19:18
2019-02-09 19:18
Israel jablay 
2019-02-10 10:09
2019-02-10 13:40
Portugal BadLurcker 
2019-02-09 19:18
2019-02-09 19:18
France Reshxd 
2019-02-09 19:18
zeus cybersport
2019-02-09 19:19
1.6 Zeus missing. and navi 0-3 incoming
2019-02-09 19:19
s0m | 
Germany M4GiX 
I say Navi will go 3-1. They aren't that inconsistent. I guess they'll not be the winner but in my opinion they'll at least qualify for playoffs.
2019-02-09 19:51
VERY true!
2019-02-09 23:02
Lol that's why u suck
2019-02-09 19:19
2019-02-09 19:19
Singapore FallBlade 
2019-02-09 19:19
Brazil Vitor_IS 
2019-02-09 19:19
Sweden godname 
zeus cmon dude.. a major its not like a random event
2019-02-09 19:19
0-3, bye #frees1mple
2019-02-09 19:20
Finland Smoonah 
+1 Danylows Teslenkows team to go either 1-2 or 0-3
2019-02-09 20:24
Daunil's Botenko's
2019-02-10 05:13
United States Trump2020KAG 
8-22 bomb inbound for Zeus.
2019-02-09 19:20
France J0riS 
You mean 4-40 bomb
2019-02-09 19:21
United States Trump2020KAG 
Anywhere in between shit and terrible for stats.
2019-02-09 19:26
there are only 30 rounds in regulations..And i doubt there will be 10 overtime rounds tho...i get your point..just wanted to you know..S1mple is grinding his ass off and this guy doesnt even seem to show any signs of motivations..srsly man..
2019-02-11 20:19
France J0riS 
i meant that electronic and s1mple would carry hard
2019-02-11 22:22
Switzerland Schwandi 
2019-02-09 19:20
Yugoslavia borghesia 
Retire and make way for new talent, waste of a spot on a top 3 team, smh
2019-02-09 19:20
And where that team was without Zeus?
2019-02-09 22:59
Indonesia MeX0NNNN 
2019-02-10 01:33
It's not easy to tell but it was just as good and better at times. Different circumstances to ask such a stupid question, are you fucking blind? He's a dead weight BOT every game. Kick already.
2019-02-10 01:57
India lemuig 
Bro team was not preforming well before , when zeus came the team became a bit stable. Its been many years zeus has been on navi , now he is not the igl he used to be before Sad But earlier his plans and strats were awesome
2019-02-10 03:04
Maybe in the dawn of the game but recent years he's doing nothing really but being a dead weight for his talented teammates.
2019-02-10 04:12
Braindsmage ? It was full shit before Zeus, barely top 10
2019-02-10 10:49
It was a different lineup. Kick him now and they can be top 3. He's an useless dead weight, team destroyer.
2019-02-10 15:16
Where was "that" team, meaning the current Navi line-up with Electronic? Where was THAT team without Zeus? I'll give you a hint: it didn't exist, because Electronic joined after Zeus, you fucking idiot.
2019-02-11 03:38
Ok, ur braindamage confirmed, ty
2019-02-11 05:36
Pls retire, thx.
2019-02-09 19:20
Other 3ms 
2019-02-09 19:44
Austria El_Chap0 
2019-02-09 22:34
2019-02-10 05:15
Argentina XaiDN 
said the boy feeling important behind a computer talking about a game...
2019-02-10 09:50
0/8 Because you are the boy, I am the Monstro.
2019-02-10 16:50
Argentina XaiDN 
Hahahahahaha ok xdd
2019-02-10 19:06
2019-02-10 22:25
NiKo | 
Turkey Glaps12 
Zeus dont want to play cs anymore
2019-02-09 19:21
Ukraine gungrave 
2019-02-09 19:21
s1mple playing 12hrs day while still playing at the tournament "we"
2019-02-10 03:23
Argentina EnvyJ 
So they lost their motivation, why don't they try something new?
2019-02-09 19:21
Hentaii | 
Bangladesh drvken 
something new?
2019-02-09 19:22
Argentina EnvyJ 
Make way for some new player, someone eager to win
2019-02-09 19:24
They definitely will, but after the major
2019-02-09 19:35
Argentina FartuxS 
it's a waste of time...
2019-02-09 22:08
India lemuig 
Waste of time what!? So you want them to get a standin before major , are you out of your mind , navi will not even go top8 with that. Changes after the major is better. I agree with @BCaddict
2019-02-10 03:07
Argentina FartuxS 
he should have retired at the end of 2018, if he's going to play the major as "another tournament",it's better that he doesn't play
2019-02-10 11:41
India lemuig 
If he would have retired at the end of 2018 then navi will be unstable yet again before majors and a lot of strat problems will come. And in 2018 navi was #2 so tbh no regrets , that what he thought and called 2019 , his year of retirement
2019-02-10 12:06
-zeus -edward +who +who they need zeus/lmbt coaching they need strong igl, and i have no idea who!??!?! niko is only way they need strong ak/m4/pistol master, i have no idea who.. else navi tier2-3 for sure then s1mple leaves, electronic leaves and ofc rest in peace legendary Natus Vincere (in future maybe new EU, NA roster, why not)
2019-02-11 15:35
India lemuig 
-zeus +chrisj -edward +dosia maybe Fire kane and get zeus as coach Kane is not good 0kills in esl no other coach has ever done this to a team
2019-02-13 09:24
haahahah s1mple+dosia lmao
2019-02-14 16:52
retire pls
2019-02-09 19:22
Kane | 
North America _OzzeY_ 
crisis of mid age xd
2019-02-09 19:23
Poland Julka 
Hahah true
2019-02-09 23:35
United Kingdom Argyl 
Would be logical if they didn't play like shit at every other recent event
2019-02-09 19:23
They were top2 of 2018 and currently top3 team. What do you want from them?
2019-02-09 19:55
United Kingdom Argyl 
Playing like they're the Number 3 team. Not losing to fucking heroic/north and getting banged by Team Liquid at pro league
2019-02-09 20:01
At ice they looked really bad in some games. They weren't playing like a top3 or even top10 team.
2019-02-09 20:25
2019-02-10 05:16
"Personally, I have no interest in raising these people, or working on relationships - I don't have the strength or willingness to do it anymore." - Zeus That's pretty sad. Expecting some roster changes after the major. Zeus does not enjoying play on this team.
2019-02-09 19:24
United States AproximateCS 
Really sad, out of the top 4 teams it seems like Na'Vi are the only one with real issues with their relationships.
2019-02-09 19:33
mouse were top 4 before changes and they had issues too also faze has had plenty issues
2019-02-10 16:36
In another hand, roster changes are just question of time. So it's a good chance to add 2 young players and build a new Na`Vi. Replacing 2 players makes more sense than replacing only one.
2019-02-09 20:53
Flamie is a bot too
2019-02-10 05:17
Brazil ijustfarted 
its great to know that :)
2019-02-09 19:24
lmao wtf? so basically he's just saying they don't like eachother and are going to play like shit nice cheers betting everything against navi
2019-02-09 19:25
maybe he just wants to get better odds
2019-02-09 19:34
United States Jrfaster 
I dont trust this. Simple can always carry through a game.
2019-02-09 19:38
Finland Smoonah 
he can’t carry every game
2019-02-09 20:26
That's what Liquid's opponents said at two straight majors.
2019-02-10 16:16
2019-02-09 19:35
" Considering the current situation, securing top eight at the Major would be a decent result." LOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL he is already making excuses for their upcoming shit result
2019-02-09 19:25
Europe Skraj 
"It feels like we're treating the Major like just another event, there's no massive eagerness" Good way to piss off your fans
2019-02-09 19:26
Other ByTheLeft 
He’s just being honest, honesty is more important than fans. And because he’a definitely on the latter end of his career, he shouldn’t care about fans anyways. He has balls and I have respect for him being honest.
2019-02-09 20:35
Finland Kuiva_Simo 
To be honest I would be this honest too. Imagine being 31 and you've played cs for who knows how long. Then on top of that you have to raise kids in your team. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion but I'd say s1mple (andaybe flamie) might be the guy being annoying. He' the best player in the world rn and I'm sure he's feeling like the others are dragging him down, hence complaining, being toxic etc. Would you keep calm when you gotta focus on game in insanely stressful situation when somebody is constantly nagging about you feeding. Also fanbase calling for retirement after every match your team loses. I would literally lose my mind being zeus. Poor guy tbh smh.
2019-02-09 21:10
I think that electronic is the one blaming others saw a highlight of him yelling dumb fuck on someone else on the team and that is just not acceptable. Who the fuck does he think he is.
2019-02-10 00:13
He said he is better than s1mple, so yeah...
2019-02-10 00:37
Denmark resolut 
When? From what I can remember he said he could be better than s1mple
2019-02-10 02:11
India lemuig 
That was a fun comment , electronic and s1mple are best duo
2019-02-10 03:10
More like s1mple and electronic are the annoying ones. Flamie looks/acts on interviews like a cuck who would never disagree with someone.
2019-02-10 00:37
Flamies notorious for being really toxic. Na'Vi have considered replacing him once or twice solely for that reason
2019-02-10 01:47
Looks vica versa from the outside. maybe because hes such a cuck irl, he releases hes anger in game
2019-02-10 02:10
MSL | 
Russia ZTCHK 
I think he is pretty toxic in another way. He is not screaming and raging, but in difficult situations he just often gives up and thinks that game is already lost.
2019-02-10 06:01
he did have to play with zeus edward and seized on team for pretty long time, i think everyone would get motivation issues from trying to carry that.
2019-02-10 16:41
India lemuig 
S1mple is no more toxic , nice try
2019-02-10 03:08
He doesn't have an intellect, which is way more important than balls
2019-02-10 05:18
China o_O 
hope Na'Vi get ANGE1 and HObbit
2019-02-09 19:26
and fall down from top2-3 to top8-16
2019-02-09 19:51
Brazil P4uloVisk 
top 50 ?
2019-02-09 20:07
You can't fall down without two BOTs who carry your team down. Anyone will be better.
2019-02-10 01:59
Kiddo, you are so dumb, go back to the kinder garden.
2019-02-10 05:20
NAF | 
Other oxy333221 
no. +Jame +sdy
2019-02-09 20:20
Kaze | 
Japan Whiteger 
better than #37
2019-02-09 22:26
Wasnt sdy worst spirit player during major?
2019-02-10 00:41
India lemuig 
S1mple and flamie already awpers so i dont think they will go for jame
2019-02-10 03:11
Who is sdy?
2019-02-10 05:20
2019-02-10 14:51
Im agree
2019-02-09 22:54
Switzerland x676 
2019-02-09 19:26
In reality, they are just baiting us all and they are tryharding like never before :)
2019-02-09 19:27
Jame | 
Russia z1vver 
I hope so
2019-02-09 19:30
i really hope this is true..or ill be so friking mad..
2019-02-11 20:28
Libya s1v9mple 
Please bomb the major as quickly as possible and get s1mple on a real team
2019-02-09 19:27
securing top eight at the Major would be a decent result. Zeus Just retiré #S1mpl_0_mjor
2019-02-09 19:31
France Leskines 
French fakeflagger spotted
2019-02-10 09:50
What is fakeflagger ??
2019-02-12 17:26
Finland Palomies 
So you are going to go bomb out on playoffs like every other event too?
2019-02-09 19:31
sh1ro | 
Norway Viggo^^ 
Zues is gonna retire in 2019 + siezed??
2019-02-09 19:32
ez -seized +seized -seized +seized
2019-02-09 23:13
sh1ro | 
Norway Viggo^^ 
2019-02-09 23:18
Navi disband Inc :( Faze simple confirmed
2019-02-09 19:33
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
"I have stopped enjoying our communication and relationships. It's like we are in some sort of a rut and I don't fully understand how we make our way out of it" I have a lot of respect for the likes of Zeus and Edward, they are legends in the world of CS, but it's damn time to just retire... Do it for the sake of guys like s1mple and electronic, and open the way for newer CIS talent to join a tier1 team like NaVi and improve. I mean, flamie is a liability too, but at least he's still young and can regain his form back, while Zeus and Edward are just washed up at this point and there's nothing much they can do about it. The scene is full of aimers and hard fragging young talent, so "just" experience alone is not gonna pull it anymore.
2019-02-09 19:36
Romania jDT 
You have right...its very clear that players which are nearly 30 y or above they cant play anymore on this level...but man believe me without zeus IGL, Na vi will be a disaster. I think that zeus is the only Igl who dominates simple...
2019-02-09 19:52
Bulgaria vectralsoul 
No need to "dominate" s1mple, but yeah I get what you're talking about. I used to think like that too, but at this point I think s1mple himself would enjoy it much more to play under a new fresh IGL and some young talent. He's much more level-headed now compared to a few years ago, so I think he'll be more than willing to try out new stuff under another IGL and/or teammates. At this point I would even take a team with s1mple/electronic and 3 more aimers playing a more loose style like Liquid, over the team right now.
2019-02-09 20:40
shox | 
Serbia ravi0ll1 
It isnt true that they cant have the individual level, you can be as good of an aimer at 35 as you were at 25. The best quake aimer rn is still tox and he's 34. The thing is they cant do it anymore, no motivation, passion lost, pro cs is much more needing than quake trqvelling and shit. And he also made enough money to invest for a lifetime and he should focus on family etc
2019-02-10 02:29
Romania jDT 
is an exception man...
2019-02-10 08:06
United States Jrfaster 
Lmao. Great idea to shittalk your two hard fraggers
2019-02-09 19:36
Poland Hell2k 
You are out after major anyway mr 0.6 rating
2019-02-09 19:38
"mr 0.6 rating" ahahaha
2019-02-09 19:39
That's too good for him.
2019-02-09 19:54
hopefully they get smashed, fuch that attitude
2019-02-09 19:43
okey Zeus
2019-02-09 19:43
RIP this year the Navi we know... one day is always time to disband!
2019-02-09 19:46
Korea 2020_new_2010 
that's quite heartbreaking
2019-02-09 19:46
If I would run an Org and my player would say something like that I would bench him right away lol. Greedy bastard. Just wants the sticker money.
2019-02-09 19:47
Switzerland x676 
2019-02-09 19:49
2019-02-09 19:54
He's being honest? There are also 4 other guys in the team u know
2019-02-09 21:32
Xyp9x | 
China Autumn7 
2019-02-09 22:05
That's why you don't run an Org and never will.
2019-02-11 07:22
2019-02-09 19:47
Faroe Islands |imperator 
already excuses AXAAXAXAXAXAXA
2019-02-09 19:51
Zeus | 
Ukraine Najara 
2019-02-09 19:50
kennyS | 
Europe @LEDGER 
but you know if you dont go to quaters, s1mple will leave for 100% ?
2019-02-09 19:51
s1mple | 
Russia h3x0r 
I just remember that Zeus told on ceh9's stream before PGL that they had bad form and they didnt think that they could pass Group Stage, cuz they lost all they praccs, they had bad form on previous tournaments, and 2 weeks after they won it. Let's see what will happen on this major, maybe history will repeat
2019-02-09 19:51
+1 I agree, they were planning on disbanding and out of nowhere they won the major
2019-02-09 21:05
They never won a major Edit: nvm you mean gambit
2019-02-19 14:00
Talking about gambit
2019-02-19 14:00
Bc that major was disaster dude. There were no dominating teams such as astralis. Major was fluke.
2019-02-10 09:50
...it was the middle of 2017. SK had a more dominating year in 2017 than they did in 2016, but since you have a goldfish's brain, I'd like to remind you that what kept SK from advancing was this team called Astralis counter-stratting and preparing for SK HARD, and then extremely narrowly losing to Gambit after not preparing for like any other team.
2019-02-11 03:49
lmao, good thing north isnt playing then
2019-02-09 19:53
Ofcourse there is gonna be relationship problems when one Guy and sometimes a second player carries you for over 1 year or more while you are playing like absolute dogshit.
2019-02-09 19:53
People here are trash talking instead of good reading. 1. There are HUGE problems with Na`Vi inside relationships. I have heard that from their last interviews sometimes and now Zeus even wrote about it. So it must be huge problem if they speak it so loud at the moment. 2. Na`Vi have done AMAZING job and great results, but still unsatisfied, cuz of Na`Vi organization's ambitions (to be #1 only). 3. Zeus feels too old to compete, lost motivation and those bad relationships made him unsatisfied with the team. People typing shit like "pls retire"... Are you idiots? Problems must be solved, running away from problems (kicking someone) is not the way of strong personalities. Stick together, think, speak and REMOVE your f*cking problems instead of crying.
2019-02-09 19:54
Philippines stiwa5k 
100% true
2019-02-09 20:01
Slovakia t4gg3d10year 
Zeus said he doesn't wanna do that LOL n1
2019-02-09 20:29
Building a new team can be a solution. Zeus and Edward won't be able to play for years on tier1 level.
2019-02-09 21:03
2019-02-09 21:05
+1 but if you read properly, simple is a problem, his attitude hasnt changed since 2015 it seems.
2019-02-09 21:21
Zeus’ adjustments to meta and his tactics have not changed since 2015.
2019-02-10 01:10
How so?
2019-02-10 06:20
Pretty depressing interview to be honest. The team has 0 synergy, their captain doesn't like to play in that environment, he isn't forcing these guys to change their mentality (a fail to me as he should be the strong voice in this team), they are not focusing on their preparation (really? wtf), and the worst is that none of them are growing up apparently. But seriously I also think that Zeus has his part of responsability in this mess (at least 50% due to him giving up on growing the players). That sucks.
2019-02-09 19:54
Canada Surzz 
2019-02-10 09:34
Switzerland x676 
- Zeus - Edward + Jame + Somedieyoung
2019-02-09 19:58
Philippines stiwa5k 
Navi top1 inc
2019-02-09 20:00
United States KrakeNCSGO 
2019-02-09 20:01
do you want to see Na`Vi at tier2-3 division or what?
2019-02-09 20:02
Slovakia t4gg3d10year 
2019-02-09 20:29
2019-02-09 21:06
Virtus.pro didn't make changes for a long time and where are they now?
2019-02-09 21:09
From top20 without changes to top60 with. Well done vp
2019-02-09 21:18
damn, this team sounds like it is in shambles, easy to see why they don't have best motivation tbh xdd
2019-02-09 20:01
Brazil igster 
FeelsBadMan :(
2019-02-09 20:01
Canada ssau 
wow i've never seen a professional take a public dump on his team in an interview like this before
2019-02-09 20:03
Germany Trax_ 
expected from lazy and narzistic and bad IGL
2019-02-09 20:03
Spain elskio 
Zeus said that Navi is already out.
2019-02-09 20:08
so gonna get rekt by t2 again lul
2019-02-09 20:13
Wage thief
2019-02-09 20:15
Very smart man.
2019-02-09 20:19
bot player
2019-02-09 20:19
f0rest rekt by zeus
2019-02-09 20:20
Well this interview kinda does mean tgat at least zeus is about to end his career as a player gl
2019-02-09 20:22
What a shame, winning a fluke major doesn't mean you should be less motivated. Spending so much time with the Na'Vi org and saying this, ffs, give sth back to them.
2019-02-09 20:23
ofc the rest of the team, is not enjoying their time with this bigass bot.
2019-02-09 20:24
France cedd 
Wow this interview is crazy. really looks like navi will have some changes after the major. these relationship problems are very important and looks like zeus is done dealing with them.
2019-02-09 20:26
Brazil Collee 
From #1 at a major to celebrate a top 8. Feel bad for him
2019-02-09 20:26
He took #2 at another major with Na`Vi after #1 of previous one.
2019-02-09 20:33
NiKo | 
Poland yolinho 
2019-02-09 20:27
And yet he won the major with a lot less talent on his team but they had a great vibe while their team was together. He should start something new either in or outside of NaVi.
2019-02-09 20:28
He can switch to 2nd coach anyday. Why outside of Na`Vi?
2019-02-09 20:32
New environment, new people etc. don't you see how much Gambit helped him? He looked happy during the matches all the time, they performed better with way less talent etc. a new environment can work wonders.
2019-02-09 20:47
He left Gambit cuz of shitty relationships between players. What are you talking about. They were arguing even at that Major (which they won).
2019-02-09 20:48
You are comparing a few ingame fights over him pissing all over his teammates in an interview publicly announcing they will perform shit at this major. My point stands the same, a new environment, new players etc. can work wonders.
2019-02-09 20:49
There are plenty of interviews of him about shitty relationships in Gambit, but all are in Russian language.
2019-02-09 20:50
mibr s1mple incoming
2019-02-09 20:31
Same sutiation was in gambit before krakow major
2019-02-09 20:32
so ez major then?
2019-02-09 20:47
2019-02-09 20:51
easiest 0-3 of my life
2019-02-09 20:34
Brazil mstrYODA1337 
just another event that i will lose
2019-02-09 20:39
Turkey tastemycobra 
@aleksei-l you didn’t ask enough about relationship issues. The guy was throwing gems at you.
2019-02-09 20:43
GOAT IGL from CIS for sure... When he leaves, NaVi will be dead team with egos and no IGLs
2019-02-09 20:48
if zeus leave then s1mple probably leave aswell, potentially flamie could be kicked too and imagine what trash team its going to be Edward,electronic and +3 randoms? top 50 at max
2019-02-09 20:53
+1 I hope they gonna find power to stop this trash attitude towards each other. They must stick their shit together and win Major + dominate the year. It's only 1 unsuccessful tournament.
2019-02-09 21:01
2019-02-09 21:07
Belgium Miiyata 
500iq putting themselves in underdog position to Come out and dominate later on.
2019-02-09 20:51
2019-02-10 23:49
France kyojiNs 
It must be a joke! Are they kidding us?! It's not possible to have those words when you have the best player in the world in your team. This have to be a bait...
2019-02-09 20:55
That's why they finished second like the losers they are
2019-02-09 20:56
zeus 1 major s1mple 0 major
2019-02-09 20:56
zeus, edward close to retirement. flamie busy with other games. electronic and simple 2vs5
2019-02-09 20:57
2019-02-10 05:25
Sounds like out in group interview :( But cheers, even if they do so, HLTV will probably give s1mple the MVP anyway.
2019-02-09 20:59
S1mple's MVPs are the most well-deserved if you compare his MVPs to, for example, device's. So I don't get your irony here.
2019-02-09 21:00
yep losers get MVP is what you call deserved. Flag checks out.
2019-02-09 21:01
MVP = Most Valuable PLAYER Read this and stop arguing about things you know 0 knowledge about.
2019-02-09 21:02
Well, in the end maybe he wasnt that valuable as he doesnt help his team, maybe he just baited everybody to boost his stats, maybe it wasnt even purpose ps: I dont really root for astralis, so its pointless to attack my name
2019-02-09 21:17
As #162 said, how can you be the "MOST" valuable player if you can't win a game?
2019-02-09 22:11
Maybe because it was a two-man game (well, basically one-man game) while the other team was peaking (4 players). Tf you on about? It just shows how talented s1mple is
2019-02-09 23:18
Don't listen to him, it is just another low-iq Russian kid on this site
2019-02-10 05:27
Retire please, you're an ex-player.
2019-02-09 21:02
rip navi
2019-02-09 21:06
Very interesting and open interview, gained a lot of respect for Zeus. He is trying to improve the team attitude but it isn’t working and he is honest about it. One of the greats of CS.
2019-02-09 21:12
Than go and fuckin retire xd lol
2019-02-09 21:15
El Salvador Sp1x 
Retire or free s1mple. At this point even top 8 at the major is questionable.
2019-02-09 21:20
why the fuck would you say that at a interview before the major? lmao their spirit and cohesion as a team is probably low af
2019-02-09 21:31
When u have top 1 and top4 in ur team "Considering the current situation, securing top eight at the Major would be a decent result."
2019-02-09 21:31
Brazil hugoooo 
Just go to coaching position and bring somedieyoung/COLDYY1 to your spot. You win, Na'Vi win, CIS win, the scene win.
2019-02-09 21:37
Good or bad?
2019-02-09 21:43
S1mple has to carry all the shit the guy said. His demotivation his age and botward Not simple for S1mple atm.
2019-02-09 21:51
Canada Sharkey3322 
+chrisj -zeus
2019-02-09 21:57
cyx | 
Europe jujin_Ss 
time to retire ;)
2019-02-09 22:15
-Zeus +literally any other player
2019-02-09 22:23
but that's exactly what it is, just another event. lmao.
2019-02-09 22:36
Poland Este 
Like I said many times, pick a team -> send s1mple there -> look at the team falling apart :D
2019-02-09 22:42
That’s why they were a top2 team the whole 2018? Lmao
2019-02-09 23:20
Poland Este 
That's also what I was saying many times. This is what's the most funny thing in that whole shit situation. They are in #2 spot because: 1. 2018 was not competetive at all, barely 3 teams worth watching 2. Here comes the fun part -> s1mple godlike skills helped them get #2 spot, but his shit personality prevent them from going #1
2019-02-10 00:50
Bot edward and bot Zeus was the reason
2019-02-11 06:20
Poland Este 
Ye, especially in the major final against Astralis. Literally everyone started playing shit since s1mple joined, except electronic. Coincidence?
2019-02-11 07:56
It’s funny how electronic doesn’t. What happened there bro? Your narrative is flawed. Zeus played good? When? In 1.6? Edward played good when? In 2010? Flamie has been forever inconsistent. With s1mple they started winning t1 tournaments and were in playoffs in 90% of tournaments they played. Back in 2015-2016 result was very poor compared to this year.
2019-02-11 19:54
Poland Este 
My narrative is flawed? End of 2015 - Navi #3 with Guardian. April of 2016 - Navi #1 with Guardian and seized. End of 2016 - Navi #8 with s1mple End of 2017 - Navi #16 with s1mple, meanwhile Zeus wins Major with Gambit End of 2018, a year of literally no competetive scene at all, players swaps, inconsistency, year of one team only - Astralis. Navi #2 thanks to s1mple and electronic god individual performance. 2015/2016 (before s1mple joins and short after he joined the team): Edward: 0.98 - 1.15 rating, flamie: 1.13 - 1.17 rating, Zeus: 0.94 - 0.98 (the only better period in his career was in Gambit - 1.03 rating) 2 years of playing with s1mple and his whole team goes below shit. Don't tell me they are just old bots, don't even start especially after what Zeus said. They simply don't have enough strenght to work on his personality. If you don't have enough info, when s1mple joined Liquid Hiko was rated average 1.15. When s1mple left Hiko went to 0.86 rating. Guess he was just astonished of how good s1mple is. At the end: S1mple's quote after he gets #1 individual spot: "My main goal is to be a part of history. If every player reminds themselves of their goal and pursue it, then nothing or no one can stop them. "I am sure that I have not hit my peak and that I can play better. I know what I need to work on and I am doing so." On the other hand: device's quote after he gets #2: "Personal goals are definitely team-related and related to winning some tournaments. I think we can definitely stay on the top. Replicating what we did last year is going to be really hard, but now we also know what it takes to do it. Historically it has been really hard to be dominating for multiple years in a row, but we are obviously going to do our best. "As long as we can look each other in the eyes and say to each other that we've put in our best effort, that we have done all we can, then we are going to be satisfied, for sure." You understand now why Astralis is so far ahead of everyone and why everyone is comfortable playing with each other? Good night.
2019-02-11 21:19
Not whole tho
2019-02-10 08:03
Ukraine w1nth 
2019-02-09 22:43
Wow. Just wow.
2019-02-09 22:44
This is literally the most honest interview i have ever seen on hltv
2019-02-09 22:58
NaVi is a mess. Flamie, Zeus and Edward have been playing like dogshit for quite some time now
2019-02-09 23:03
We = Zeus and Edward.
2019-02-09 23:23
South Africa Ston3Cold 
Really depressing to read as a Na'Vi fan myself. No wonder Zeus' facial expressions during the ICE challenge was lifeless and emotionless. One could really see on his face that he isn't happy nor satisfied anymore to play in the team. He isn't laughing any more, isn't talking with a lot of confidence during timeouts either. I just hope they can find their synergy before the Major otherwise it will be game over for them and perhaps not even retain legends status. s1mple and electronic can only carry so much. Here's hoping they can solve the problem, although I believe Kane also plays a role in this somehow. Dammit Na'Vi, please don't let it end like this. I've always supported you guys, don't drop the ball now....
2019-02-09 23:25
S1mple needs to leave this dumpster fire (Cleveland Cavaliers).
2019-02-09 23:42
Pretending the atmosphere in the team isn't great to then win the whole thing?? Smart communication ^^
2019-02-09 23:57
2019-02-20 18:02
Germany Constikdw 
Desastrous Interview...you can read how few motivation he has...he should retire after the major together with Edward...S1mple is so wasted on this team rn...he’s the only reason they were and are relevant at all
2019-02-09 23:58
Hungary hardrise 
"...we need to sort out our relationship issues. If we don't resolve this, then #1 is out of the conversation." That means two things.
2019-02-10 00:31
zonic | 
Denmark mainz 
Its okay he don´t need to win a major he already has a title smileyface
2019-02-10 00:33
Poland SalamiXg0d 
Simple toxic to zeus confirmed
2019-02-10 00:36
Brazil davidzor 
Honestly I dont see NaVi working without Zeus, it has already happened once. I gotta agree that Edward should leave tho
2019-02-10 00:37
wtf? gg rip navi F
2019-02-10 00:40
Brazil millerjmatos 
disband confirmed
2019-02-10 00:44
Brazil candymau 
Zeus "twofaced" Toledo
2019-02-10 00:47
I can't lie Zeus, Flamie and Edward are all insane and great players, but they aren't anywhere near the standard that electronic and s1mple are. The roster needs a shake up or s1mple and electronic will just leave.
2019-02-10 01:21
Zeus did you wanna win major on the easy rouble?
2019-02-10 01:24
Hungary raffai 
Well, Zeus speaks openly as hell. Interesting... but rip NaVi :(((((
2019-02-10 02:05
Zeus | 
Russia Mickeeey 
ooh so saaad, but its life... =(
2019-02-10 02:52
very unprofessional. calling out the team situation and his feeling will make the situation even worse. he may be unmotivated and doesn't care about winning the major, but bet s1mple or some other player doesn't think the same. how would you feel when you want something but your teammate say they don't care? it's his job, just stuck it up your arse and keep giving your best cause you're paid for it, otherwise go retire man.
2019-02-10 02:57
2019-02-10 06:07
Do your job right or leave it for another man.
2019-02-11 06:15
Treats like any other event, probably will still place high
2019-02-10 02:57
Pakistan ostraka 
posts like these just show me how these guys could never handle a real job esport 'pro' players lmfao
2019-02-10 03:04
He publicly said hes going to quit and gives out info on how bad the team are right now. Why is he still there in the first place? Just go Zeus.
2019-02-10 03:14
Steeling salary at this point. He cant frag, he cant IGL. Whats the point of him then?
2019-02-11 06:14
NaVi good heart. Look at what faze did to karrigan. same situation imo
2019-02-11 11:34
so since he wants to retire, he should do it asap. Even himself doesn't think it will work out, so any time more in this team is a waste of s1mple and other guy's talent.
2019-02-10 04:14
United Kingdom kick_flamie 
Just kick him, hes pure dead weight, has been for a while, cant even frag when it on a plate for him and his calling is just awful.
2019-02-10 04:52
And where was the team without him? And what happened to Gambit after they followed ur advice
2019-02-10 05:26
United Kingdom kick_flamie 
That was very different gambit clearly overperformed this team is isnt over performing, its either s1mple or electronic go off or they lose, thats not a winning formula. Without him they have the chance to get a new IGL and start to build around a more free flowing style of play that means they wont get torn apart by teams who read their obvious and slow plays, they need someone who can actually call mid round. This isnt same zeus who took gambit to a major victory, his personal performance keeps falling, hes got a 0.78 rating in the last 3 months, hes fallen off a cliff, he also said he wanted to retire this year so why keep him, you know hes going, just get rid of him and spend the time to rebuild.
2019-02-10 05:32
Most interesting part of the this interview imo "There are individuals, and they have personalities - these personalities haven't changed and it will take years for any change to take place. Personally, I have no interest in raising these people, or working on relationships - I don't have the strength or willingness to do it anymore." Literally saying s1mple is still toxic and flamie is still a whinny little bitch, gg for Na'vi imo.
2019-02-10 05:39
zeus <3
2019-02-10 05:40
Not surprising, toxic s0mple 0 majors for reason
2019-02-10 05:56
shox | 
India iejesus 
just look how zeus plays. 20 kills around 3 maps
2019-02-10 06:07
shox | 
India iejesus 
2019-02-10 06:07
I like Zues, coz he suck so good :p
2019-02-10 07:02
Russia x4ck3r 
Maybe Zeus just haven’t motivation after PGL Krakow 2017 to play on pro level, but he can make funny videos on his channel
2019-02-10 07:48
yeah blame the others LUL you are just 2 low
2019-02-10 08:38
They are not confident at all lmao
2019-02-10 09:03
maybe you should treat the major like a major...?
2019-02-10 09:04
Latvia hahalmaoxd 
s1mple fanshits mad that their "idol" is still toxic and a diva and probably ruining the environment in the team cant read between the lines and see
2019-02-10 10:46
+1 stats are not everything. Team morale can't be seen in one topfragger who constantly shits on his team + IGL
2019-02-10 12:43
He made like this interview before Krakow 2017 that they didn't prepare as well etc. and then they won a major.. idk, but come here after grand final.
2019-02-10 10:47
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w 
mouz s1mple incoming
2019-02-10 11:47
holy shit some dope insight right there...worrying how clear and outspoken he is about their problems. to take them out public...the situation must be severe. what a message to his team and players! SUCK IT!
2019-02-10 11:49
glad that he is honest. Many people butthurt in here, but he is realistic. In ICE challenge you could see their shit team morale, roster changes are coming if they don't surprise everybody and get a really good major result, but I doubt it.
2019-02-10 12:42
Even after some clutches there were some stone faced people on cam lol.
2019-02-10 14:09
France Alpha7a2 
u can't aim #1 because of YOU Bot Zeus, time to retire
2019-02-10 13:08
Maybe valve should cough up a bigger prize pool. The current majors are pathetic. Winning it is like one months salary per player for most top teams
2019-02-10 13:41
Rain is better than this player
2019-02-10 13:51
TLDR: Thanks for asking, we didn't train for the major, yup, there is our excuse.
2019-02-10 14:42
imo the biggest thing to take from this interview is the CIS region got no decent / promising igls. the feeling i get from the interview is that navi need zeus. that being said, navi has a history of keeping long serving players even when they fall off. dota 2 is a good example where it took them years to start shuffling players when the team didn't work. it is understandable that zeus being 31 can't be arsed anymore to be the "responsible adult", but if he wants to win shit he should realize just playing won't cut it at the highest level most of the time. navi should consider getting a psychologist to alleviate some of the pressure off zeus and to better their synergy in the long term.
2019-02-10 14:44
I have to say if I'm not suprised that they have problems when you have an IGL making entrances like this youtube.com/watch?v=3SyusA2iESw and then fragging single digits each map. OMEGALUL
2019-02-10 14:45
tiziaN | 
Germany FREIER 
Just retire then and free the spot a motivated talent. such interviews harm the "industry" more than oversaturation and too few valve updates. if I want to see unmotivated people I do not need to spend my freetime on this shit. bye zeus.
2019-02-10 14:51
Asia Johnny_Br@Vo 
Zeus Comments after losing to NORTH youtube.com/watch?v=CQnx9rYKQv0
2019-02-10 15:12
FalleN | 
Russia Spotiy 
In the end of 2019 Na'Vi would be on 6-th place
2019-02-10 18:01
Never read an interview, related to any sport, where the guy sounds like he has given up more than Zeus. Really not a good representation of the organisation. Na'Vi should retire both Edward and Zeus and get some fresh blood, new ideas and some new motivation to the team. This team has already given up.
2019-02-10 18:07
he should retire. i feel like navi never won a match because of great in game leading its always simple, electronic and sometimes flamie saving the rounds
2019-02-10 18:41
2019-02-10 22:22
i think this is a good thing, and i actually believe NaVi is a favourite to win katowice
2019-02-11 01:58
Retire..... now please.
2019-02-11 07:01
Zeus | 
Finland Olter 
Kick flamie that is all
2019-02-11 09:44
Easy 0-3 pick for Legends round. s1mple leaves Na'Vi and Joins Renegades after Jkaem leaves. Ez 2nd place finish at next major.
2019-02-11 10:09
Cyprus globalbtw 
ez major for ence
2019-02-11 16:59
Poland DrainGang 
2019-02-11 17:05
s1mple will never win a major anyway xD hehe
2019-02-12 01:36
U will have 4th major choke
2019-02-12 17:47
It feels like esl is treating the Major worse than another event
2019-02-13 21:54
like epl san paulo
2019-02-17 14:12
Daunil Teslenko
2019-02-15 19:41
frozen | 
Ukraine Dendil 
Minus Na`Vi.They must change zeus and Edward on better players
2019-02-17 07:38
changing Zeus = going back from top2-3 to top16
2019-02-17 12:04
if they don't make any changes, they will achieve nothing btw, rn Na'Vi is #3 only technically, they're in a very bad shape
2019-02-17 15:09
They are just after vacation... What do you want? Let them practice after holidays, at least.
2019-02-17 15:16
well okay, I'd like to see what their performance on Major will be don't understand why they decided not to do bootcamp, it's quite lazy, cause other top teams don't make excuses, they just work
2019-02-17 15:22
Finland J3bediah 
S1mple needs to get out from navi. He is too good
2019-02-19 20:19
2019-02-19 21:48
frozen | 
Ukraine Dendil 
2019-02-20 21:09
frozen | 
Ukraine Dendil 
Noooo,they can find someone better
2019-02-18 07:48
zeus worst tier1 team player ever xd
2019-02-21 01:12
zeus good boy
2019-02-21 02:22
Lol zeus
2019-02-21 02:23
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