win Arbalet Cup #3

The third edition of Arbalet Cup took place this Saturday at the Click-net LAN center in Moscow, Russia – Russian side grabbed the trophy by defeating DTS.chatrix in the grand final.

The tournament saw eight teams participating, where PinCho, Spb. Islanders, tp|uSports and Amazing Gaming mix crashed out in the group stage. DTS.chatrix, k23, forZe and advance to the playoffs, being play double-elimination best-of-one-map. sent DTS.chatrix to the lower-bracket in the first round, with a 16-6 win on dust2. In second round, a win versus k23, secured a spot in the final. In the meantime, DTS.chatrix had thought their way through the lower-bracket, defeating forZe and later k23. This made the Ukrainians able to try their luck with once more.

First map nuke saw DTS.chatrix taking home a 12-3 lead as CT. showed great CT play too, but just not enough to win the map. The Ukrainians won first map 16-13 and forced a second map to determine the winner. Second map inferno should be an even first half, seeing taking home 9-6 as CT. DTS.chatrix went up with a 6-0 lead, but then the Russians started to enter those bombsites like a walk in the park. It all came down to the 30th round to determine whether it would be a tie or a win for It went down with a win to the Russian team, as the grabbed the last round to win 16-14.

18th July 2009
Best of 3
1 hereby seem a lot more in shape, if it’s just a one-time show or the team will continue doing well, can be followed next week as they attend GameGune 2009.

Final Standings

1. Russia - $5.000
2. Ukraine DTS.chatrix - $3.000
3. Kazakhstan k23 - $2.000
4. Russia forZe

Also DTS.chatrix will be on display at GameGune, while k23 will be traveling to e-Stars Seoul 2009, to represent Team East alongside WeMade FOX and TyLoo.
dts noobs n1 vp
2009-07-18 22:19
bo3 ? 1-1 OMG
2009-07-18 22:19
6 replies
Double-elimination bracket.
2009-07-18 22:22
5 replies
So DTS had to take 2 maps and Virtus only one?
2009-07-18 22:34
3 replies
2009-07-18 22:34
2 replies
I can't find the thread about the redesign of When can you brind us with new fresh design? :D
2009-07-19 06:00
1 reply
Uf, tough one. Could I design, it'd be done already. Sorry, but there is no ETA on a new design.
2009-07-19 06:04
<3 Nixon..:)
2009-07-20 13:28
Nice to see Virtus pro back in good shape :)
2009-07-18 22:23
1 reply
what vp back, one win .... and
2009-07-19 18:36
FDE because, DTS from loosers
2009-07-18 22:20
3 replies
2009-07-18 22:21
2009-07-18 22:40
1 reply
LOLOL? Look at date, be happy...
2009-07-19 11:56 n1 i am very happy))yeah LeX is the best ROMJkE nice with awp -5
2009-07-18 22:22
1 reply
LeX is an awesome awper too :) a legend.. i love his style
2009-07-19 16:53
Nixon, im sure k23 with wemade and tyloo wont represent Team west :)))
2009-07-18 22:24
2 replies
2009-07-18 22:26
Sweden Vilseledd
haha well depends on how far west you go
2009-07-19 11:02
A bit suprising result in my oppinion.. I really thought that DTS would have won easily.
2009-07-18 22:25
2 replies
There were a lot of problems with organisation. All players (include DTS and VP) started to play in 9am and ended in the evening like in 11 pm with little time ti rest between matches. Computers lagged as hell and even crushed sometimes. There were moments when ping jumped to 50-90 (on the lan !) and the organisation failed to provide any hltv coverage till play-offs. So it's a very tough day for DTS&VP both teams where almost exhausted and unable to show their best game.
2009-07-19 19:14
1 reply
cause HLTV and game servers IP were same. On the 'play-off' stage it's ok.
2009-07-20 11:21
No DTS isnt that good ,Virtus.Pro playied good turnament
2009-07-18 22:29
final was great :)
2009-07-18 22:36
vp will show some good results in the future. They have great players..they just can´t suck with such a good lineup.
2009-07-18 22:43
Edward owned theim but ROMJkE & LeX are realy good :)
2009-07-18 22:51
Poland qater-
DTS again lost to top russian team! I want to see them winning at GG 2k9
2009-07-18 22:52
BAD RULES ABOUT THE SCORES 1-1. I think this is not fare=)
2009-07-18 22:53
1 reply
it's totally fair. otherwise DTS wouldn't even be in the final if there wasn't a looser bracket.
2009-07-19 00:48
2009-07-18 22:56
nuke nice play
2009-07-18 22:57
vp back? :D gj
2009-07-18 23:00
really nice game by virtus. dts lost some crucial rounds by not rotating good as CT on inferno.
2009-07-18 23:05
YEEEEEAAAAHH is back , it was hard final but they did it !!!!! nice VP !!!
2009-07-18 23:20
2009-07-18 23:21
happy for VP
2009-07-18 23:23
VP gratz!!! Lex best player w8 top3 GG 2009
2009-07-18 23:34
nice by VP GL at gamegun
2009-07-18 23:52
go LeX
2009-07-19 00:01
If you could judge by this match it should be a hell of a GameGune :D
2009-07-19 00:23
DTS have to improve on inf.. but GG vp
2009-07-19 00:28
vp, dts, k23 have slot for Arbalet Cup Europe. Arbalet Cup Europe announced today. It will be championship with 25k$ prize. (on russian)
2009-07-19 00:37
1 reply
2009-07-19 01:56 good job , keep it that way :s
2009-07-19 00:57
where is demo?
2009-07-19 00:59
VP nicEeeeee6a
2009-07-19 01:34
thats more like it :)
2009-07-19 02:50
I like DTS, a different team. DTS lose versus Could hidden tactics to gamegune? Want a DTS triumphant team at GG.
2009-07-19 06:29
2009-07-19 07:28
Singapore Nephalith regains their crown as eastern euro's no.1 by just replacing Xenitron with Dio. XD
2009-07-19 07:51
That's was just a hidden tactics by DTS. At GG they will play real!
2009-07-19 09:57
1 reply
2009-07-19 10:26
lol, all u r so stupid who say DTS noobs... DTS played random, all tactics are prepared 4 GG. VP didnt show anything amazing. By the way DTS could miss their train, so they played not to win, but to finish it fast!
2009-07-19 10:12
3 replies
Actually, that can be Johnta said in the interview: "We have some special tactics prepared for GG and we won´t show them before the event."
2009-07-19 12:17
"DTS played Random..." ok then: Random VP > Random DTS )) it's interesting to see their hidden tactics on GG.. :DDD
2009-07-19 12:54
1 reply
xaxa +1
2009-07-19 15:06
WOOOOOOOW :O , Gongratulations VP
2009-07-19 10:13
heh :)
2009-07-19 10:39
<3 Virtus Pro
2009-07-19 10:48
2009-07-19 11:16
i still think dts could have beaten them another day
2009-07-19 11:47
LeX is awesome
2009-07-19 12:00
i'd like to see Virtus.Pro on the top again plus LeX holding awp more often like in good, old times.. ;>
2009-07-19 16:54
1 reply
agreed, hope too
2009-07-19 18:22 photos from Arbalet cup
2009-07-19 20:05
The good game from VP!!!
2009-07-19 20:36
Lex & ROMJkE nice players GG but Dio out !!!!! VP cant play with this line up vs TOP 10 teams
2009-07-20 02:11
1 reply
Singapore Nephalith
Dio out? You must be insane.
2009-07-20 06:34
when DTS played the second map(inferno), till a train 40 minutes stayed them. but LeX very good game and gl VP at GG.
2009-07-20 10:28
GG Virtus Pro..:)
2009-07-20 13:30
Lex on height :^{
2009-07-20 14:31
Nice job gl at GG
2009-07-20 22:39
gl vp lex hitman ;j
2009-07-21 08:08
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