HLTV.org live from Katowice

HLTV.org has arrived at the International Congress Center in Katowice to begin the coverage of the IEM Katowice New Legends Stage.

We are down to 16 teams at IEM Katowice as we enter the New Legends Stage, which will see a repeat of the same Swiss format that we saw in the previous phase of the Major, with eight teams making it through to the playoffs come Sunday.

HLTV.org is ready to bring you full coverage of this second stage, which is almost set to kick off with the first two matches, featuring ENCE and Renegades as well as BIG and Vitality.

The New Legends Stage is here

Check out our viewer's guide for the full schedule, which will see two matches running at the same time over the first two days, the format, the talent lineup, and the player-selected seeding. Also make sure to read up on our preview of the new set of teams coming into the Major for this stage, the Current Legends.

To get the full extent of our coverage, follow HLTV.org on Twitter and Instagram, where we will be posting regular updates on the happenings in Katowice.

lol ooh im first
2019-02-20 12:59
2019-02-20 12:59
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smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
It's on bois
2019-02-20 13:15
2019-02-20 13:17
I suppose you have been waiting for this article for long time to be first, it's waste of time dude)
2019-02-20 14:17
nah m8 i legit just woke up and checked hltv and this was just posted literally seconds after i load on, so i got first luckily
2019-02-20 14:18
you're lucky then)
2019-02-20 14:30
yes very lucky
2019-02-20 14:35
Poland EnerqX 
2019-02-20 12:59
2019-02-20 13:10
Im first! fk
2019-02-20 12:59
Poland jaNo- 
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2019-02-20 13:00
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2019-02-20 13:01
Ohhh yeahhhhh
2019-02-20 13:01
Romania SplaXie1337 
Let's go ninjas <3
2019-02-20 13:05
Fox | 
Iran ahmaden 
Had dream last night hellraiser angel gonna win this event .
2019-02-20 13:07
Slovakia secret_player 
GL NiP !
2019-02-20 13:12
2019-02-20 13:29
2019-02-20 15:32
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