allu: "So far at this tournament we've shown almost nothing of what we can do"

We caught up with ENCE's veteran AWPer Aleksi "allu" Jalli during his team's off day to hear about the recovery in the BIG match and their issues at the Major so far.

After advancing from the New Challengers Stage with a 3-1 record, ENCE opened the New Legends Stage with defeats to Renegades and HellRaisers. The Finns seemed down and out during the second map of the game against BIG on Train, but found a way to come back and skip the next European Minor.

ENCE have put too much pressure on themselves, allu thinks

In our interview with allu, we heard about suffering another defeat to Renegades, playing Dust2 against HellRaisers, their troubles on that map in general, and what he hopes from in tomorrow's 1-2 match against G2.

You went home after the last stage of the Major, you guys didn't play coming into the second stage, and you had a slow start on the first two matches. What was the feeling like coming back and in the first couple of games, do you think you were rusty?

After we won against Winstrike I went home, on Saturday, and I came back on Monday morning. So we practiced Monday just to stay in shape. Then we actually got the draw we wanted, we really wanted to play Renegades as we failed against them in the Challengers Stage, in that game they played really well, but our comms and everything was like at a funeral, no one was talking, everyone was in a totally different zone than we usually are when we play.

So we wanted the rematch, we got it, and then... Renegades are playing really well, what can I say. Our T-sides this tournament have been really bad. I mean, not necessarily bad, we just can't get rounds, when we get into good positions we don't close them out. Usually, we have someone from our team, it can be anyone, to turn one or two rounds in our favor, which gives us the advantage. But it hasn't happened at this tournament that often. I just hope that going forward we will show a little bit more individual skill and maybe grind out some T rounds in the process as well.

What about the HellRaisers game then, you ended up on Dust2, it seems like a map that really suits them? What was the thinking there and what went wrong?

We knew it would be Dust2, with 99% certainty, and I think they knew it as well. I don't know, they had a really good gameplan and I guess we started CT, lost the pistol, and then they abused our B hold a lot. They went B four or five weapon rounds in a row, maybe they went A one round in between. We discussed it with xseven and sergej that they need to talk more, who is holding what, and react to what your teammate says. So if one person holds tunnels and says "I'm going to peek window", then the other guy needs to understand "OK, I have to take tunnel now". And this is where we were kind of lacking in this game, they abused us really well, caught us off guard a lot, going B with the last molly tick and stuff like that. But we learned, it is our learning process.

Is that something you saw other teams do or is that a HellRaisers specific thing, running through that molly?

I think I've seen it before, a bit. I guess many teams have it, or similar strats, to exploit towards B. If the B guy or guys are not awake, it is really easy to trade, or even get the first kill, and then you get B, and B retakes are really hard. So it is a gamble, and they played well. As T we started to come back, we really believed in it, kudos to my teammates and myself that we kept our composure and really didn't give up until it was over. But then again, we finally got T rounds but then lost, I would say, stupid rounds, or rounds where we have the advantage but we just don't convert.

For example, the last round in the HellRaisers game, we had a good situation, we faked the mid-B split and pushed short, but Hobbit wasn't locked out by our CT ramp molly and he got two instant headshots, and for some reason we though ISSAA had the AWP on A, so the player with me ran behind me instead of pushing, and then ISSAA peeked wide and sprayed us both down.

Rounds like this, situations where we give the opponent everything have been happening a lot this tournament so far. And I think it is not what we usually do that much, I think that so far at this tournament we've shown almost nothing of what we can do. I think we maybe put too much pressure on ourselves, which is also really stupid. We obviously are not the favorites here, to necessarily even pass this stage, even less make a deep playoffs run, so why would we have to feel pressure? It happens to everyone, I put a lot of pressure on ourselves, and then we get locked down and we start to make stupid mistakes. I think that if we loosen up a bit, keep the good mood—which we still have even though we've lost a lot of these rounds which we normally shouldn't—, we still have time to show our best face.

sergej's clutches kept ENCE afloat against BIG on Train

Considering all of these mistakes, the pressure, all of that going on. How have you managed to win that Train game against BIG? They had the small lead, but round after round they were in great positions, but you managed to turn it around every time. How did you manage that comeback?

We discussed the veto, we knew that they would pick Dust2 again, and our Dust2 shouldn't be this bad as it has been. (laughs) We've discussed it a lot, and I hope we will play it against G2 tomorrow—no mindfuck—to show that we are not this bad. Obviously, the teams that we've lost to have played great sides, like BIG had a really good T side as well, HellRaisers also, they abused us, punished us when they should. So kudos to them.

But the Train game, we knew that one of BIG's best maps is Train, but it is ours as well. We discussed it before, that even if we would lose Train, we still want to play it, we don't want to go out of this kind of a tournament, lose, without playing our best map at all. So let's just go for it.

We had a good idea of how they play, they play front yard a lot and they forget alley a lot, so we abused that. At the start, they kind of destroyed us, I think we were down 7-0 as T, but we still kept believing that we can do it, then we started to get rounds and more into the momentum. They won the CT side 8-7, they won the second pistol and then we won two in a row before they won a round where they had one AK and the rest was eco, where we had a 2v4. At that point, at least in my own head, I was like "Oh, fuck...". It was also a miscommunication, some people said "Let's wait out the smokes", one guy didn't wait and just pushed, we got into a bad situation. But then we gather ourselves again, sergej won two huge 1v2s, really important rounds for us to win, and then at 14-12, I think, we only had one AUG and a force buy with pistols, and we managed to win this round. I was above six train, killed a guy quad, dropped down, and they kind of forgot that I was there, and then I got two more kills. I was thinking "What is happening here? What are you doing?". (laughs)

When we watched the VoD and we saw that at that point, their Train was like our Dust2. They made a few mistakes and we just punished them instantly. We managed to win, and then on Overpass we were really confident that that was our map, as long as we don't get put into a corner, we will have the confidence to take duels, have good communication, and be able to win the match. That is what we did.

Where do you take it from here? Playing G2 tomorrow, did you mentally reset with the win?

G2, we won against them before in the Challenger Stage and at DreamHack Winter as well, we beat them in a BO3, but that was when they just created the lineup so I don't put much weight on that. And similarly to us, they've grown through this tournament. They've had a rough start and they maybe lost to teams that they think they shouldn't lose to. And then they start to win, so they will most likely be really pumped for this game. They also most likely want revenge against us as we beat them a couple of times before. So it is going to be a good game and, obviously, we want, and we expect to win. Their map pool suits us pretty well, so we will see.

Finland Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
Aleksi 'allu' Jalli
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Spain LilWayne 
2019-02-22 22:39
Spain LilWayne 
but ENCE so bad
2019-02-22 22:39
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
2019-02-22 22:43
i see you in every thread under first comment lmao
2019-02-23 00:17
United States Number1User 
ENCE 1-3 incoming lol
2019-02-23 02:38
2019-02-24 01:30
United Kingdom trtr098 
2019-02-22 23:11
Finland Taynz 
2019-02-23 06:53
Finland eMBeJaana 
2019-02-22 23:01
2019-02-23 02:50
Sweden Unluko 
2019-02-23 13:06
2019-02-22 22:39
k0nfig | 
Liechtenstein mary69 
2019-02-23 00:14
2019-02-22 22:39
ez 4 ENCE okno
2019-02-22 22:39
Brazil rtgamer002 
allu god
2019-02-22 22:40
shox | 
Romania KOMO_ 
2019-02-22 22:40
I know allu :(
2019-02-22 22:40
China yry666233 
2019-02-22 22:40
🐵mibr top 1 🐵 coldzera goat 🐵mibr era incoming 🐵taco nice hair🐵
2019-02-22 22:40
Spain LilWayne 
2019-02-22 22:45
2019-02-22 23:37
Europe Strefa 
Saving strats for final LOL
2019-02-22 22:40
savng strats for dingit weekly cup #159
2019-02-22 22:41
Europe Strefa 
lmao for real where's ez4ence
2019-02-22 22:44
Panama Cyain10 
It's always EZ4ENCE
2019-02-23 02:40
Bulgaria coolmen1 
2019-02-23 11:53
China chineseplayer 
what they can do? win only tier 4 tourneys
2019-02-22 22:41
Still better than tyloo tier 10 tourneys
2019-02-22 22:44
Finland Smoonah 
damn, rip
2019-02-22 23:05
United States hEgReNaDe 
2019-02-22 23:26
United States KevinUSA 
2019-02-23 02:44
Israel ZiinTotH 
Congratulations on your newborn, hope to see your team showing their true power.
2019-02-22 22:41
seems like ExitForEnce
2019-02-22 22:41
geeihopethatreallydoesnthappenfortheirsake 4ence
2019-02-22 22:47
Finland Kuiva_Simo 
Nt forsaken
2019-02-23 07:22
Please show up, you're the last team in my Pickems and I need one more
2019-02-22 22:44
2019-02-22 22:47
Good luck allu and ENCE
2019-02-22 22:44
ckN | 
India SinghSir 
God luck allu
2019-02-23 10:52
2019-02-22 22:46
Ez for G2 if they pick dust 2
2019-02-22 22:47
I think only hr can win g2s dust If we not count astralis
2019-02-22 23:22
Why not Liquid? Imo liquid's d2>Astralis' d2
2019-02-23 09:21
Ye, and liquid of course, i forgot about them for some reason of other
2019-02-23 09:24
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
best player in finland
2019-02-22 22:52
And sunny?
2019-02-22 23:21
yep sunny and sergej both better than allu imo
2019-02-23 02:51
dRiim | 
Finland dRiim 
this sentence goes way further back than when sunny or sergej were relevant "Aleksi "allu" Jalli started his professional career in 2010-2011 at the age of 17 back in Counter-Strike 1.6 when he first represented Finnish munkka alongside Miikka "dRiim" Toroi."
2019-02-23 08:57
France Dov 
No way g2 lose to them
2019-02-22 22:53
Finland eMBeJaana 
2019-02-22 23:02
2019-02-23 15:37
this is gonna be interesting. washed up g2 vs 2ez4ence.
2019-02-22 22:53
Taktine 0-2 3-2 inc
2019-02-22 22:54
Finland lasarus 
2019-02-23 01:00
2019-02-22 22:58
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
2019-02-22 22:58
Europe lalt 
It's DAD ALLU now.
2019-02-23 00:40
ckN | 
India SinghSir 
2019-02-23 10:52
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
It's DAD ALLU now.
2019-02-23 14:01
2019-02-22 23:01
Finland Smoonah 
2019-02-22 23:05
Brazil stewArt1 
yeah thats kinda gay
2019-02-23 03:07
Well you better show us, NRG already fked up my pickem hope at least yall can come thru
2019-02-22 23:09
you are out tomorrow anyway
2019-02-22 23:12
Finland santedek 
2019-02-22 23:48
Europe LowAlching 
flag checks out
2019-02-23 01:29
ckN | 
India SinghSir 
Checked now?
2019-02-23 10:52
Europe LowAlching 
2019-02-23 12:52
xdd its so funny how french people are so delusional about their overrated teams and cocky about themselves even when their teams been so bad lately
2019-02-23 02:31
+1, but stop killing innocent people now
2019-02-23 20:02
hahahhah how that even is related to this topic and btw your country is doing the same by taking immigrants x)
2019-02-25 16:35
Finland Abelzini 
How did that work out for you?
2019-02-23 15:31
Sarcasm, 2 majors anyway
2019-02-23 20:01
easy to say like that afterwards and 2 majors is irrelevant since nobody knew how to play this game when french teams won majors
2019-02-25 16:37
yes, then fnatic majors are irrelevant aswell? thats an idiotic way of thinking imo, but what could I expect from innocent killer...
2019-02-25 18:33
They atleast have been decent after those majors but french teams have been shit after those when new players have gotten enough hours on csgo. Isnt it pretty ironic call me a innocent killer since your country politics are making much more unhappiness impact towards your country.
2019-02-25 19:06
yea but no one gets hurts, israel is like a child who used to be beaten as a child that now beat his wife as a vengeance :/
2019-02-25 20:02
>but no one gets hurts does all french people live in bubble?
2019-02-25 20:53
nice terrorist attack? and what about all rapes happening?
2019-02-25 20:54
youre saying that we are killing innocent people but then you support nazism?:DD
2019-02-25 21:06
innocent =/= jews
2019-02-26 01:43
2019-02-22 23:15
Algeria _whx4mi 
ALLU Pro dust2 :')
2019-02-22 23:21
Turkey Rtax 
My anus redi for dem
2019-02-22 23:22
2019-02-22 23:23
Sweden ronkaball 
2019-02-22 23:24
Interesting read, good luck vs G2, will be a nice match.
2019-02-22 23:26
AHahhahahahah they showed everything they can NT Finlandistan
2019-02-22 23:26
Argentina Fa7e07 
ez for g2 in dust2
2019-02-22 23:26
lol ence was always overrated. They made it through the qualifier against garbage teams. Any fool would know they stand no chance against any decent team in the legends stage
2019-02-22 23:32
ENCE are a playoff level team its just that barely any of the players have been to a major let alone a major playoff. Next time around they'll make playoffs easy
2019-02-22 23:50
Portugal Antzrede 
Ence will go to the playoffs
2019-02-22 23:42
Switzerland x676 
#Saving strats for next major
2019-02-22 23:54
Lets Go ez4ence
2019-02-23 00:00
Keep it that way!
2019-02-23 00:02
all saying they don´t show what they can do ... they bad lol no execuses pls
2019-02-23 00:08
Iceland fatboislim 
they have been bad only in d2 tho
2019-02-23 06:43
Finland Tusku 
surely we wont get rekt on dust2 3 times in a row right
2019-02-23 00:10
Iceland fatboislim 
''we'' ''fan of nip''
2019-02-23 06:44
Finland Tusku 
2019-02-23 12:44
Iceland fatboislim 
so youre a quisling
2019-02-23 12:47
time to show what u can do and save my pickems then
2019-02-23 00:35
Finland lasarus 
2019-02-23 01:00
allu god pls not allu bot
2019-02-23 01:23
Iceland caverat 
Expected from bot allu
2019-02-23 01:52
Bosnia and Herzegovina wetkid 
i do agree, Ence is a good team with a lot of potential..
2019-02-23 02:11
Panama Cyain10 
2019-02-23 02:35
valde | 
Finland Juvi 
GOD Allu
2019-02-23 02:38
Ukraine nquis 
decide ence to playoffs? :) lmao
2019-02-23 03:33
Yep, it has been struggle for them in katowice, just seems worse team currently than in some other events sadly.
2019-02-23 04:07
2019-02-23 04:04
The Shaggy of CS teams
2019-02-23 04:11
India Smauxx 
Alright, RIP G2. They gonna get rekt today.
2019-02-23 05:16
Ence has been looking really anxious in legends stage. They can play way better that they did against big. Like allu said, the pressure has gotten to them. I hope they can just relax and have fun, win or lose.
2019-02-23 06:54
Sergej has been a bit missing, but he did life saving clutches on BIG game. If ENCE gets allu, aerial, and sergej up to the full potential, they could have gone even top4 (although it is likely they would meet astralis or liquid in quarters if they'd get 3-2, so likely not). Also, still a lot of simple mistakes that have costed them many 5v3, 4v3, or 4v2 rounds.
2019-02-23 15:34
2019-02-23 06:56
Ence win, complexity win & c9 win
2019-02-23 07:26
Allu is ready for myllying
2019-02-23 07:33
It's a good thing they seem to be able recognize their mistakes and that way at least try to work on them but in the end talk is just talk. Just like #98 said, they have looked somewhat anxious at times (hence stupid mistakes I guess) and they need to show some progress. Tulos tai ulos!
2019-02-23 07:43
Sounds as if ENCE were saving strats, but what for? Doesn't matter what you can do. What you actually do does matter, lol.
2019-02-23 07:55
Aleksib | 
Europe samje 
good read! As a first timer in major ENCE has nothing to lose here, I mean even in minor or any tournament outside of Finland haters are saying they are trash meme team who should not be taken seriously. I say: fuck that noise and EZ4ENCE!
2019-02-23 08:24
Australia .depuTy 
2019-02-23 08:31
Romania cyber8 
Well today is your chance to prove what you can really do.
2019-02-23 08:55
Sergej at swingerparty "What is happening here? What are you doing?"
2019-02-23 10:37
I'm still mad big lost train :D Allu was a god on overpass. Now they need to go 3-2 to save my pickems
2019-02-23 10:43
Pakistan perth 
Like 'winning'
2019-02-23 10:54
Finland Mjeetu 
2019-02-23 11:02
Not so sure about that
2019-02-23 11:30
allu is a legend~
2019-02-23 11:32
Ence will make it to the playoffs
2019-02-23 12:06
Finland Tuhtis 
2019-02-23 12:24
2019-02-23 12:27
god allu
2019-02-23 14:30
Lithuania SH4NKER 
2019-02-23 15:29
Brazil Collee 
Delusional. You're playing the most important tournament with the strongest teams in the scene now, not your usual tier 3 fiesta. Ofc you won't be able to do the same. You're doing your best and you're doing just fine. Be proud of it
2019-02-23 16:33
dupreeh | 
Canada JS_ 
2019-02-23 22:58
2019-02-24 11:53
Other fo3nixz 
don't overestimate your abilities or underestimate your opponents
2019-02-24 12:54
Panama Cyain10 
They're not overestimating themselves
2019-02-28 23:06
Other fo3nixz 
yes, thats why i didnt mention any team by name... oh wait liquid
2019-02-28 23:11
Panama Cyain10 
2019-02-28 23:06
Austria epiXYZ 
+1, they suck - NA got 16 Rounds omg
2019-02-28 23:12
Northern lights flash in the sky. A blizzard blows, pelting on its way those too weak to withstand the fury of winter at its fullest. From the permafrost strikes a massive hand; the mythical giant once deemed dead off the coast of Italy now rises to life, regenerated, from Lappish soil. The time is due. Around the world, the word spreads. In Sweden, the best of the best cower in fear and lock themselves in the nearest IKEA retail store. The Brazilians run into the safety of the jungle, the Danes play dead in Legoland and the Slavs sprint crying to babushka’s warm embrace. Enceladus’s augurs are unleashed upon the scene. Aleksi “allu” Jalli hails from his journey spent in international teams. A man may leave Finland, but Finland never leaves a man. Once again, he picks up the green rifle, this time not for money or fame, but to smite all opposition in the name of Enceladus. Aleksi “aleksib” Virolainen leaves the fabled squad of HAVU to lead what we can finally describe as a Finnish superteam. Under his leadership shall the northern guns spit death and destruction upon foes who wail in their weakness. Jani “aerial” Jussila joins after the biggest transfer of the Finnish e-sport scene from his former team SuperJymy. No longer will he be the only stand-out player of his team, but instead, a vital ingredient of a chaotic cocktail made up of Finland’s finest. Jere “sergej” Salo thwarts all rumors of desperate Internet trolls trying to tell they know his parents who told him to stop playing. Oh, the humanity! Backed up by the forces at home, bursting from motivation like a wolf thirsting for blood, he returns to ravage everything in his path. Where skill rises to speak, experience sits silent and disciplined. Sami “xseveN” Laasanen fills the ranks from iGame, for what would the team be if they wouldn’t buy the best player from every other Finnish team? Vigilantly standing, supporting his teammates be the cause what it pleases to be, he will be the shield and sword his comrades need to achieve the ultimate. The warning has been given. The sky screams, the ground shakes and the oceans boil. ENCE is coming. #EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE--------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE—----EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE TORILLA TAVATAAN we were going to the cafeteria with jaakko and guess who we saw : D if it isn't fucking sergej.... xD i was like what the fuck is that sergej he had 2 glasses of milk and 1 glass of sour milk xDD best day ever ; D Aleksib is tactical genius. He is most know of his signature tactic "going B, but then going A". He also has second little known tactic of " going A, but going A. What a absolute legend. Top 3 IGL 4 sure
2019-02-28 23:13
2019-02-28 23:14
Finland Abelzini 
EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE--------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCE---------------------------EZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE-------EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE—----EZ4ENCEEZ4ENCEEZ4ENCE
2019-02-28 23:15
so true
2019-03-02 17:16
Indonesia Exodd 
You have now, this final will be exciting
2019-03-03 15:11
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