mixwell: "[Our preparation] has just been about living and breathing CS"

We sat down with Movistar Riders' Oscar "mixwell" Cañellas, who got us up to date on the Spanish squad attending WESG and what they hope to achieve in Chongqing.

Movistar Riders, currently standing in second place in the European MDL division, are in China to compete at the WESG 2018 World Finals, where they drew the short straw and will face fnatic and Windigo in a group that also had the Finns of ENCE drawn in before they pulled out from the competition.

mixwell doesn't believe a lack of LAN experience together should affect the team

mixwell told HLTV.org about the practice and preparation for the team leading up to the event, where they rank among the rest of competitors in Chongqing, what they hope to get from this event, being drawn into the group of death, and gave some insight into some of the lesser known players in his squad.

You just played the ECS Pinnacle Cup and finished the MDL season off before coming here. How prepared do you think you are for an event like this?

I think we're at our best moment as a team. We have a better map pool than a few months ago, we can play almost every map, and I think it's a good moment to show it all on LAN. We practiced a lot, it was more about spending more time practicing than doing anything special. We spent time on fixing mistakes, watching our own demos, becoming more solid, broadening our map pool... We'll also prepare for fnatic and Windigo, but nothing fancy.

We had a couple of bootcamps at the Movistar Esports Center, our organization's facilities in Madrid where MIBR were bootcamping before the Major, we played a few maps against them and so on... basically, it has just been about living and breathing CS.

As you said, it's about getting LAN experience for you guys, how do you feel playing against some teams that have a bit more experience in that sense?

We've only played like five LAN maps since this team was created, which is next to nothing, and that's always a factor. We still need to gain more experience, an experience teams we're going to play against already have, but I don't think that should affect us. We have to face this as if it were any other match and do it as best we can.

You're pretty high up in the MDL Europe standings, and a lot of MDL teams from around the world are here. Where do you think you are compared to the rest of the field at WESG?

We're fighting to get out of the groups, we drew the hardest group at the event and we can't make any mistakes. I think if we can make it out of the group stage we have a lot of chances of making a deep run. The team is doing well and if we make it out I think we could fight for a quarter or semi-final run.

I'm not going to get into the seeding or lack thereof, but what do you think about ENCE not coming? You're just three teams in the group now.

We didn't really like that because as you said we don't have much LAN experience, so missing out on the opportunity to play against Major finalists is bad for us, but I understand why they made that decision, they've had a lot going on and they need to rest, allu also became a father and so on, so it's normal. The trip to China is hard, and they have other LANs and so on coming up and a tight schedule. We understand, but it's a bummer.

For some of the viewers who may not be acquainted with Movistar Riders, can you tell us something about mopoz and ALEX?

mopoz is a player that likes to break the meta, he likes to do things that are atypical and to think about breaking the current way the game is played. He's a playmaker, very aggressive, a somewhat rare type of a player. On the other hand ALEX is a pretty well-rounded player, individually. He's our secondary AWPer and IGL, and a very hard worker.

How about bladE, your coach, what has he brought to the table?

I think we needed someone to give us structure as far as practice goes, to always have something you're working on, to keep adding layers to the game, and so that practice doesn't just become something repetitive, the same all of the time. I think he's also helping the team mentally, in the sense of being both someone who can both motivate and discipline players, as we all as be someone who can keep adding tactically because we had become a bit stagnant before he came on.

Spain Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
Oscar 'mixwell' Cañellas
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Denmark N1gaRundablock 
Good luck to españa and movistar riders on WESG 👊
2019-03-11 04:35
Lmao nice edit, solid 4/8
2019-03-11 04:38
2019-03-11 04:58
Spain diegosupa 
2019-03-11 08:06
Spain EddiiNseN 
Tak bro!
2019-03-11 08:15
Spain ericmoncusi23 
2019-03-11 15:08
United States Acetk 
Not a promising way to practice.
2019-03-11 04:32
World WestSideDude 
2019-03-11 08:34
Good luck mixwell
2019-03-11 04:37
rain | 
India red_ez 
I remember somewhere around a year ago zero (he was playing with hellraisers) said the same thing in an interview the team disbanded after that lol
2019-03-11 04:55
Canada top_zozzle 
2019-03-11 08:08
He never played for Hellraisers
2019-03-11 08:39
Poland Cz1ki 
He played there for 1,5 year dude
2019-03-11 13:24
where tf you got that from lol. He never played for hr
2019-03-11 15:52
Poland Cz1ki 
2019-03-11 19:38
rain | 
India red_ez 
Wtf zero played for such a long time for hr.
2019-03-11 23:37
shit, did not see you said zero in your comment. Thought you were saying mixwell was in hr.
2019-03-12 21:51
China lxxl 
He just plagiarised the owner of G2 Esports.
2019-03-11 05:10
wasted talent btw
2019-03-11 05:13
Spain Crusher_91 
2019-03-11 06:50
Aleksib | 
Finland vadeb 
gl for moviestar riders, i hope underdog team (not mibr etc) can win this one! :)
2019-03-11 07:04
shroud | 
Portugal EHEHEHE 
2019-03-11 16:00
Spain en0shima 
Go Riders!
2019-03-11 07:45
Spain G3CK0 
2019-03-11 07:57
s1mple | 
Switzerland x676 
2019-03-11 08:07
Canada top_zozzle 
idk why but i hate it when people say “living and breathing CS”
2019-03-11 08:08
Spain GamerGuillem 
Mixwell literally he practice all the time. Un holidays etc...
2019-03-11 08:22
Canada top_zozzle 
thats fine i just hate that saying for some reason like how pros call practice “pracc” like what the fuck it’s an extra syllable
2019-03-11 08:26
Spain GamerGuillem 
he's doing all the time watching streams, practicing, watching new tactics etc...
2019-03-11 17:01
Canada top_zozzle 
you aren’ted of graspinged my meanin’g
2019-03-11 17:02
Spain Dabit 
I hate it when they say it as something extrange. I mean its your job
2019-03-11 09:32
Canada top_zozzle 
well when you get interviewed like 6+ times eventually you just run out of things to say. i just dont like the phrase because it annoys me personally (for some stupid reason).
2019-03-11 09:47
2019-03-11 08:31
World WestSideDude 
Living and breathing CS is good, but I'm not sure that it is the best way to prepare for an event. I mean everything you do, you should do smart. But Living and breathing CS is also a good formula, made by S1mple mostly.
2019-03-11 08:35
Macedonia trashbait 
cool, excited to see mixwell in action
2019-03-11 08:38
Other NDRnews 
Smash Fangaytic
2019-03-11 09:01
2019-03-11 09:08
Spain fu0cco 
EZ 4 SOKER AKA La Bestia
2019-03-11 09:24
This team have me dreaming! Good luck
2019-03-11 10:21
Ayayayay, seeya in Chomchingo bois gl
2019-03-11 12:01
2019-03-11 12:24
gl riders
2019-03-11 13:01
Spain iamF1XEN 
GLGLGLGLGL !!!! Let's see ^^
2019-03-11 16:33
and.... you're eliminated
2019-03-12 18:40
2019-03-12 19:22
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