emuLate sign for oXmoze

July 23rd, 2009 20:50

oXmoze have completed the signing of the emuLate Counter-Strike team ahead of their participation at GameGune.

According to a statement issued by oXmoze, the French team were on the lookout for a new organisation as emuLate could no longer look after their needs.

The 2007 WCG champions have now decided to link up oXmoze, a partnership that will begin tomorrow, at GameGune.

oXmoze have been drawn in Group G, where they will take on k1ck, Vitriolic Gaming and overGame.

"We are really happy to welcome this team for the season," said Romain "uNk" TIXIER, oXmoz head director.

"The last two years, we had excellent teams on many games, such as Call of Duty 4 or Counter-Strike Source (even though the CSS Team was more than a quick stop), oXmoze wants to evolve in a new project, a new way to see e-Sport, and therefore we needed an international team.

"This team won’t be the only one, hopefully, but we have to be really careful. I welcome again the players and we hope that they will be able to represent France as they used to when called emuLate!."

oXmoze have the following team:

France Mathieu "R!Go-" Bridet
France Michael "HaRts" Zanatta
France Jeremy "ioRek" Vuillermet
France Mathieu "MaT" Leber
France Mickael "mSx" Cassisi

2009-07-23 20:51
... LAUL.
2009-07-23 20:51
Algeria m0atz 
2009-07-23 20:52
Kyrgyzstan AIOL! 
2009-07-23 20:53
France hicks 
nice news
2009-07-23 20:54
France curar 
nice nice ...
2009-07-23 20:55
France Jiga 
lol I believed these guys did not want to do one more season :s
2009-07-23 21:05
expected... hope they will do better with this tag than the former oX lu
2009-07-23 21:14
2009-07-23 21:15
where is Maza now? :(
2009-07-23 21:31
not entirely unexpected that they'd change organisation as their emL contracts were running out. lets hope they will become a serious contender among the international top tier teams again
2009-07-23 21:43
Ukraine DREv 
hmm, bad name :( not nice
2009-07-23 21:50
is this lineup that will play at gamegune? not dafunk and nota?
2009-07-23 21:52
2009-07-23 22:27
or not?
2009-07-23 23:02
Yes, you're a smart guy, it's either correct or not..
2009-07-23 23:05
France klwN 
will be so weird not to see them play with the emL tag anymore...
2009-07-23 23:50
emL its way more sexy xD
2009-07-23 23:52
2009-07-24 00:20
oXmoze > Millenium Millenium played like shit, but i like millenium alot
2009-07-24 00:38
gogogoogogogo mSx
2009-07-24 01:51
go live oXmoze
2009-07-24 03:00
oXmoze LOL what a tag hehehehehhe
2009-07-24 05:26
Germany M1n1M3 
rofl sounds like osmose but gl
2009-07-24 08:28
hl hf
2009-07-24 10:04
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