draken: "I feel like this is not my last shot, but it is a big test"

During the media day at BLAST, we managed to sit down with NiP's stand-in William "draken" Sundin who confirmed that he signed a contract which ties him to the team until the end of the year.

draken went full circle in under a year: moving from NiP to fnatic, then to Red Reserve, and finally an international project Uruguay, before returning to the Ninjas as a stand-in for Dennis "dennis" Edman. We spoke to the AWPer about leaving Hampus "hampus" Poser behind, his time in fnatic, and how he sees this opportunity.

Focusing on himself and "not so much on Twitter" is draken's mindset coming back into NiP

The 23-year-old did reveal that he is a player that committed himself to NiP, signing a contract for the whole year. draken will still likely to step down if or when dennis returns, but until then, he is set on making the most out of the stand-in opportunity.

I want to talk about the Uruguay roster that you left to join NiP on a stand-in basis now. That was planned as a long-term thing, looking see what you can do with something like that, but then the NiP offer came in. Was it hard to make the decision to leave the Uruguay project and join NiP?

It was a clear answer for me, sure it was hard because I planned this [Uruguay], me, chrille the coach, Joel the manager, and hampus, we've been talking for a long time, even in December, that we wanted to do something international. So it was hard, but it was an offer I couldn't refuse. I played with NiP and from the day I left I always wanted to go back, I feel like I've learned a lot since then. So it was a hard decision but I knew from the start that NiP is sort of my home so I should go for it.

You mentioned that you learned a lot since the last time you were in NiP, what do you think is going to be different now?

I've grown a lot as a person, as a player as well, how to play, mostly decision making and stuff like that. So I think I'm just going to take everything that I learned, everything that I've been through and put that into focus, really work hard. Even though it is a stand-in spot for me I'm still going to see it as: "I do my best and let's see how it works out". I'm just going to focus on me and not so much on Twitter and stuff.

So no more banter?

We will see, probably in the future, but for now, I'm going to focus on myself.

Is there a sense that, after you've been in NiP and then moved to fnatic, then left fnatic, that you really have to deliver in this opportunity at the top of the Swedish scene?

Yeah, I feel like this is not my last shot, but it is a big test for me, and I'm really hyped for it. We will see what we can do.

How long can we expect to see you in NiP? Obviously when you made the deal that you are going to come in you talked about it a bit, but the whole announcement was pretty uncertain, not a lot of details in it. So how long are you certainly going to be in NiP?

For certain, until 2020, but we will see. If dennis comes back I'll probably have to step down. So I would say until 2020, but you never know what happens, right?

So did you sign a deal already on that, until 2020?

Yeah, I'm signed for this year.

That is different than I expected since nothing was announced. Do you feel that at the same time, the fact that dennis can come back in, adds additional pressure that you need to prove yourself?

I don't know, not really. I think that if he comes back, let's say after the summer, I'm not going to do the same stupid mistake again, take the best offer I get at the time, which I did with fnatic. I felt that I just wanted to play and prove everyone wrong, I've learned a lot from that. If that happens I'm just going to let time speak for itself and see what happens because you never know in these situations. For me, I'm just focused on this tournament and then the next one, that's my mindset for now, one tournament at a time.

So you think that the move to fnatic was a mistake? How come?

I don't think it was a mistake for them, necessarily, picking me up, but I think it was a mistake for me because I really joined at a bad time. We were never really a team, a unit, like we've been in NiP. In fnatic I joined at a bad time, flusha was a bit down, as everyone knows now, the Major fu**ed us at that bit, and then we had ScreaM after that as a stand-in... It was weird to play. Sometimes I adjusted too much, got out of my comfort zone and that is something I've learned as well, how to always keep me in the comfort zone so I don't have these shit matches. I think I learned how to counter that. fnatic is a good team, no doubt, they have nice players, but it was just wrong for me at the time, and probably their time as well.

NiP has some history of winning with stand-ins and players coming in, they won their first event with Maikelele as a stand-in, won with pyth when he got back from the injury... Is there a hope that something similar can happen here?

We have a really good mood and I think we are just going go to go in and play CS. We will play five different maps so we get to feel it out and see how it affects us. We don't play Inferno and Cache I think, the rest we will play. I don't really have that high hopes for this tournament, but I'm really excited and I'm eager to play. If we do bad, it is not a big deal, but if we do good, I'm really excited. As you said, I think we can do good.

Anything to add to finish it off?

Shoutout to my former teammate hampus for being a star player and an in-game leader at the same time. He has a bright future.

Sweden Hampus 'hampus' Poser
Hampus 'hampus' Poser
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Sweden William 'draken' Sundin
William 'draken' Sundin
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Sweden Dennis 'dennis' Edman
Dennis 'dennis' Edman
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Canada YankeeM 
2019-03-22 16:07
Canada herocoolzzz 
2019-03-22 16:08
yes men
2019-03-22 16:08
wtf men)) 😎👍😎
2019-03-22 16:45
Denmark potatomato 
draken very big shooter
2019-03-22 16:08
Saudi Arabia Dolandos 
2019-03-22 16:08
A whole year? Neat
2019-03-22 16:08
Estonia Mrkruvi 
2019-03-22 16:08
just retire ffs
2019-03-22 16:08
"Yeah he's to old". A 22 year old player lol
2019-03-22 16:17
coldzera should retire
2019-03-22 16:32
Denmark LasZe 
2019-03-22 18:12
2019-03-22 18:45
mibr should disband
2019-03-23 15:10
2019-03-23 15:51
Denmark LasZe 
2019-04-02 08:49
a bit late to the party aye?
2019-04-02 08:57
Denmark LasZe 
Look at #53, i started the party. Just went to the toilet ;)
2019-04-02 10:20
for 3 weeks? okok
2019-04-02 10:21
Denmark LasZe 
So (31-23)+2 equals 21?
2019-04-02 10:36
only danes use weeks as in full days feelsbadman
2019-04-02 10:40
Denmark LasZe 
So (31-23)+2 equals 15?
2019-04-02 13:25
Sweden DobeIWTD 
Skadoodle Retired :(((
2019-04-02 08:50
Sick, this prolly means that draken will be permanent in NiP and that either dennis/Lekr0/GTR will leave
2019-03-22 16:11
Czech Republic ironyXD 
lmao gtr will never leave
2019-03-22 17:26
until 2020? nice stand in lmfao they are scared to kick dennis directly or what?
2019-03-22 16:13
lmao the guy is so shit and arrogant you'd expect him to be from UK
2019-03-22 16:14
2020 nice
2019-03-22 16:15
United States DervGuy 
Until 2020? Wow, draken got a second chance.
2019-03-22 16:15
nip got no balls to tell us that they benched dennis.
2019-03-22 16:16
Like they do need to give explanations to an average HLTV user.
2019-03-22 16:32
they think it will hurt their brand "benching dennis" and going back to draken who failed hard before. the news arent only for hltv.
2019-03-22 16:33
That's completely true, but you said "tell us" like it's about, you know...us. But I got your point.
2019-03-22 21:38
karrigan | 
North America Jkhes 
So glad he's actually back
2019-03-22 16:34
Sweden Trkmag 
Fuck that's nice, most likely permanent replacement for dennis, just what NiP needed
2019-03-22 16:36
Nice nip is back to being shit
2019-03-22 16:45
Finland wrathh 
"I FEEL LIKE THIS IS NOT MY LAST SHOT, BUT IT IS A BIG TEST" Me every time in bar when I order the 7th tequila 😂👌
2019-03-22 16:50
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
u mean "finlandia" vodka
2019-03-22 18:31
Finland wrathh 
no I mean tequila
2019-03-22 20:13
Haha good one man. Hope ENCE is doing well, gl :)
2019-03-22 18:34
i knew it. nip signing draken for a long period. but what really happened to dennis is unknown. it could be serious health issues. many people loses their reaction and abilities due to health problems
2019-03-22 17:09
lmao nt
2019-03-22 17:50
YEP. easy minor in solo by draken
2019-03-22 18:06
easiest 87 0 of their life
2019-03-22 18:16
Draken got this. Huge talent who learned his lessons. Let's go beast!
2019-03-22 18:35
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
gl draken
2019-03-22 18:35
Russia razorVJ 
rich cock allu > draken
2019-03-22 19:14
Xizt | 
Italy HeSY 
Gl drak0k0
2019-03-22 20:16
at this point i really think he is a better shape then Dennis , gl
2019-03-22 22:36
United Kingdom NiP-dTm- 
Nice iview, I think 2019 is going to be a great year for NiP
2019-03-23 12:17
Iceland FaZe_Coldzera 
im sleep 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅
2019-03-23 15:53
he is better than botnis and now they have awper
2019-03-23 15:53
Dude join ScreaM & ex6tenz & HS...a better team than NiP and with a real IGL.
2019-03-23 15:54
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