Brollan: "twist took the AWP role as T"

After fnatic picked up their first win at StarSeries i-League Season 7, Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin gave us an interview in which we looked back at the team's fourth-place exit at WESG.

Despite a poor start to their match against NiP, in which fnatic couldn't convert an 11-4 lead on Overpass, Brollan's side came out victorious after two more nail-biting maps, besting their domestic rivals on Cache in overtime and 16-14 on Mirage.

fnatic's recent disappointments resulted in some role changes, Brollan says

After the close series, we caught up with the 16-year-old to look back at his team's exit at WESG, where the team lost to AGO in the semi-finals, and ask about the Swedish derby.

Let's go back to WESG, where you went out in fourth place after a loss to AGO. What went wrong there?

At WESG we didn't play good CS overall. Mentality-wise we didn't play well enough and we kind of got tilted after that AGO game where we got 16-0d, so I think our mentality after that third-place decider did not go well either. I think that's purely mentality.

People almost made excuses for you that there were some issues with monitors on that first map, did that play a factor in the game or in the mentality?

I don't think we can blame that, to be honest. I think the monitors were kind of good, I think they had better ones, but still, I can't just blame that because we really played really bad CS and we weren't excited, and if we're not excited then we sometimes don't play well. After that 16-0 game on Inferno, we started to play more excited, we were hyped and we were screaming after every round.

To go out earlier than expected, especially after the way the Major ended for you, was it a big blow to your confidence?

I think I kind of had pressure on myself when I played at WESG and the Major, but now I feel very confident, I don't think about the pressure too much. I'm just feeling confident, we are a little bit like underdogs now, so it feels amazing to be underdogs.

We are disappointed, of course, but we made some changes about twist AWPing and JW AWPing and it's working better. After WESG, the other guys were kind of disappointed and we started to practice again, we practiced for two or three days before this event and it went very well.

Can you elaborate on the change between JW and twist? What changed exactly?

twist took the AWP role as T.

Going into today and your match against NiP - it was as close as it can get and it didn't go very well on Overpass, where you dropped a hefty lead. What happened?

When we went into the match, we thought they would pick Nuke, but they picked Overpass. I think we still feel pretty confident on that map, but they did a great comeback and they didn't play that well as T, they won a crucial round, like a 2v4 or something, so if we won that round we should have won the match.

You mentioned you are now a bit of an underdog after some of the recent results, so what would you consider a good result here?

I don't know that, I think we need to take it step by step, I don't want to set any big goal at the moment.

Sweden Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin
Ludvig 'Brollan' Brolin
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Twist was playing so good!
2019-03-30 17:19
Godlike 4k
2019-03-30 17:20
Clip? :)
2019-03-30 17:26
thanks bro
2019-03-30 17:29
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
2019-03-30 17:31
so snappy
2019-03-30 17:48
Nevermind, I'm a lazy fuck and I always forget hltv got highlight clips
2019-03-30 17:27
Sweden Unluko 
2019-03-30 17:23
Also that, 1v3 clutch on Cache
2019-03-30 17:24
Korea ecsta_s1 
2019-03-30 17:19
this is good than.
2019-03-30 17:19
He is the same age with me but i trashtalk in hltv he plays in fnatic.. awesome
2019-03-30 17:20
Ur better than him my man Kebab ♡♡♡♡ #NoHomo
2019-03-30 22:20
XD kebab is beast
2019-03-30 22:40
I always knew twist could play with awp, it's time to release this beast!
2019-03-30 17:22
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
ikr , fucking finally
2019-03-30 17:28
Sweden changrai 
Yes lol waiting ever since Katowice 2014 when he was a beast in lgb and now finally hes Done it
2019-03-30 18:52
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
he was insane in godsent
2019-03-31 03:26
A few years late
2019-03-30 20:47
Pakistan MeMeMeisteR2 
he still has many more years ahead of him
2019-03-31 03:27
shox | 
India iejesus 
2019-03-30 17:23
North America YungRiceG0d 
Fucking finally. No idea why JW was main Awp with twist in the lineup.
2019-03-30 17:35
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
Because jw has higher peak than twist on awp.
2019-03-30 17:55
his peak was 4 years ago
2019-03-30 18:06
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
I told you about peak not form
2019-03-30 18:17
Indonesia Chonji 
And he told you his peak was 4 years ago you dense mf
2019-03-30 22:46
no, jw has been a complete joke for a while, twist is more consistent
2019-03-30 19:02
United Arab Emirates p1peb0mb 
I told you about peak not form
2019-03-30 20:06
when I say for a while I'm saying since legit 2015 lmao, dude was already struggling when fnatic was still dominating and he never changed his outdated playstyle
2019-03-30 20:18
That’s a horrible reason
2019-03-30 20:47
Bro lan
2019-03-30 17:46
Such a weird interview, he basically said they dont practice much and xizt style of igling is even worse than I thought since they play the best when theyre hyped and he was supposed to be a calm igl that cool his team down from his words
2019-03-30 19:09
Oceania Rusuli 
Now all we have to do is get JW completely off AWP and fnatic will become watchable.
2019-03-30 19:27
2019-03-30 22:10
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