Lekr0: "We haven't had much practice; we're not even sure what maps are good for us"

NiP have qualified for the playoffs at StarSeries and we managed to catch up with Jonas "⁠Lekr0⁠" Olofsson.

After five days of play in China, NiP made it to the playoffs from the fifth round, defeating Spirit following a close series to secure a 3-2 record in the Swiss group stage.

Although NiP haven't been able to put in much practice, they have made it to the playoffs in China

The Swedes have been playing a wide variety of maps since their addition of William "⁠draken⁠" Sundin, so we asked Lekr0 about their map pool and why Dust2 fits the team better than Inferno, which they have been vetoing consistently throughout the tournament.

He also commented on the team's success in pistol rounds at the Chinese tournament and discussed their latest series against Spirit:

You played a lot of different maps at BLAST and the trend seems to be continuing here, you have picked Overpass, Train, Nuke, and Mirage. Tell me what the thinking is behind that.

Yeah, we're not even sure what maps are good for us. Right now, when we added draken, it's a lot of different positioning and how he plays with the AWP aggressively, so we're just trying to figure out what we play well. We haven't had much practice, maybe a week before we went to BLAST, so there wasn't a lot to see. But we're just trying it out during practice and official games, we'll see what we're good at.

What led you to introduce Dust2 instead of Inferno in particular?

When we practiced Inferno and in official games as well, we played really badly. I don't think we really grasped how to play it and I'm not comfortable calling on it either, so I think that's mostly why. On Dust2 we seem to have it figured out, people are comfortable in the roles and the positioning, so I think we're playing really well on it right now.

It also helps that you have a dedicated AWPer now...

Yeah, for sure. We introduced it later on with dennis as well, so we had decided to play Dust2 even before that, but now we just had to add an AWPer and it was really easy. Positioning and not having two secondary AWPers makes it easier.

NiP haven't been able to catch up with everything with draken so far

You've been very successful at pistol rounds here at StarSeries, is that something you focused on in particular? How do you approach them?

I'm not really sure, we're just trying to gamble a lot right now. We like to gamble and then we just switch it up with defaults because everyone is really comfortable on pistol rounds, so I don't think anyone can really read what we're going to do. If someone has a feeling they're going to push something we'll adjust our pistol strat to that, at least on CT sides. On T sides we just have different sets of pistol rounds.

In this series against Spirit, on Nuke you dropped the ball on the CT side, going from 7-0 to 8-7, what went wrong in that second part?

I just felt like we individually missed a lot of shots as CT in the end. It felt like they might have had some plan, but it didn't feel like we were guessing what they were doing, we knew what was coming. Like when we played against Na`Vi yesterday, it was the same, we kind of knew exactly what was coming all the time, but we still didn't manage to close the rounds out. It's a bit frustrating, but it was just some individual mistakes, I think.

The rest of the map wasn't very comfortable either, it took a 1v2 from f0rest to avoid overtime, and on Mirage you also struggled a lot. What was it about Spirit that made you struggle?

I just think with one week's practice, I think we played Nuke twice only with draken, so we kind of don't even know how our rotations go. Sometimes the CTs get messed up, but as T when he is playing AWP we haven't even practiced that yet, so it's different for everyone, what nades to throw... I don't think we've taught him all the rounds yet, so there's a lot of things to go through in practice, but we have so many maps we play right now, so I think it might take some time.

You've now mentioned multiple times that the practice wasn't really there considering you played two events with draken in the three weeks or so since you made that change, so what do you want to take away from this event?

Personally, I'm just playing every event to win it, no matter what the situations are, just play your best and always try to win, I think that goes for everyone. We're just trying to win the event.

But what is that going to take given that you really don't have the preparation to back it up?

I don't think you always need to be fully prepared. I think if you prepare for the opponent the day before or something, I think that's enough. We don't focus on watching demos too much before the event and stuff like that, so with the practice we had, with the circumstances we were in at the beginning, we're just trying to do our best with it.

Sweden William 'draken' Sundin
William 'draken' Sundin
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Sweden Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
Jonas 'Lekr0' Olofsson
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Sweden RaketHopp
2019-04-03 20:54
2019-04-03 21:38
2019-04-03 21:59
2019-04-03 20:55
2019-04-03 20:55
2019-04-03 20:55
Mirage & inferno are def bad maps for NiP. They seem to perform well on Dust2 though.
2019-04-03 20:59
Lekro: NiP: Qualifies through Champions Stage
2019-04-03 21:00
*nip for the last 4 years
2019-04-03 21:01
flusha | 
Italy HeSY
Ho bro
2019-04-03 21:02
Spain elskio
All teams are lack of training nowadays Except Astralis.
2019-04-03 21:02
Ukraine zCainee
2019-04-03 21:17
Except MiBR that don't know how to train.
2019-04-04 03:40
2019-04-04 11:18
United Kingdom rhuwu
Didn't Navi get in trouble for saying the same thing about lack of practise
2019-04-03 21:03
India Noobdian
They made it into semis tho
2019-04-03 21:40
North America Jkhes
I think he's just saying there hasn't been much time to practice with Draken. They pick him up, one week goes by, and since then they've constantly been on the road or at events.
2019-04-03 22:04
Well that just fills you with confidence.
2019-04-03 21:05
nothing he says sounds certain... wth
2019-04-03 21:20
I believe this burger's being sarcastic
2019-04-04 03:01
Hey, that's rude :(
2019-04-04 15:26
sorry :(
2019-04-05 01:54
Its okay :)
2019-04-05 17:16
so what do they know for getting 15k euro every month, do they get paid for not knowing anything. very good organization i c
2019-04-03 21:09
Is this a badly written bait or are you actually so thick headed that you think NiP-members get $15,000 a month?
2019-04-03 21:38
are you retarded? if you think nip gets less then 10-15k euro lol
2019-04-03 21:39
And i'm a dj with a salary of 32k/month back to your cave))
2019-04-03 21:41
>only making 32k every month lmao nt third worlder
2019-04-03 21:46
Check his name
2019-04-04 00:56
15k a month is not THAT much money lol It's defo high but not exactly unbelievable
2019-04-04 03:02
They must get at least 10k a month tbh
2019-04-04 11:12
Yeah the level of professionalism compared to other sports is just fun to watch
2019-04-04 11:16
Finland Smoonah
is a pro - doesn't have much practice. hmmm
2019-04-03 21:11
genes bro, it's the genes
2019-04-03 22:40
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
they didnt have much practice with draken that is what he is trying to say :) so they didnt fit him into the roster completely you can also see that in their games it is chaotic as fuck always 2v2s and many clutch rounds going their way or by some stupid mistakes to their opponents they are just not organized with draken that much you can also see that when they play Nuke and he has 4 deaths meanwhile everyone has 9 or more so hi agression is useless and he is not even rotated so he can atleast die while trying to turn the round around they just did not figure it out how to play with him and they travelled a lot since they got him
2019-04-04 01:31
he literally said they didnt practice, and just went for the feelings. they had alot of time with draken 1-2 weeks
2019-04-04 11:18
2019-04-03 21:12
i'd love to read this if i were the CEO/manager of NiP
2019-04-03 21:15
2019-04-04 11:18
professional team btw
2019-04-03 21:17
2019-04-03 21:18
So what in the f are they doing for their paycheck???????
2019-04-03 21:19
thorin was right. they are just chilling. as he said f0rest and chill
2019-04-03 21:23
Myanmar xdcc
"I don't think you always need to be fully prepared. I think if you prepare for the opponent the day before or something, I think that's enough." Forever washed.
2019-04-03 21:28
This scares the shit out of me
2019-04-03 21:29
I think you are misreading it. What I think he means is that he still believes they can win even with small opponent based prep. The alternative would be to say: we've had almost no prep with Draken so we're obviously gonna go out early.
2019-04-04 09:26
"I think if you prepare for the opponent the day before or something, I think that's enough." I dont like this statement, I would hope they did their research for longer.
2019-04-04 21:30
Yeah makes sense buddy, you get paid well above what one should deserve for playing a video game and you can't find the time to practice? I mean people play CS for hours on end without any expectations of them, yet your shitty team that's clearly struggling and has had way more than ample enough time to practice "doesn't even know what maps are good for you?". Way to spit in your fanbases face. Can't wait till I read another article where these people complain about all the awful travelling around the world they have to do with need for more breaks.
2019-04-03 21:31
India Noobdian
They made it into the playoffs chill
2019-04-03 21:39
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
maybe cuz they got draken 2-3 weeks ago and they are already on 2nd tournament? :) lekro has never played with draken before others did but now with new igl it is much different and if you think it takes 2-3 weeks to have confident map pool while playing tournament in Brazil and in China you are stupid :)
2019-04-04 01:40
Standard modern NiP doesn’t care about tactics GTR f0rest REZ draken flusha THREAT/devilwalk/anyone competent coach Lekr0 is good but his scrimmy style is very inconsistent. If not flusha IGL maybe get hampus or draken
2019-04-03 21:33
2019-04-04 04:01
India gawd_right
no dude. GTR is a good player and has a great contribution. watch the matches again. He doesn't frag as much but does a lot for the team effort.
2019-04-04 05:25
Lol Gtr is like bot
2019-04-05 15:34
Considering his role, GTR is doing okay. But he has some really iffy moments where you wonder what he is doing
2019-04-04 05:36
"some". Just about every second round.
2019-04-04 12:10
It sure as hell isnt Mirage, has been saying that forever but they never listen and keep losing on it.
2019-04-03 21:36
They also won some games but I agree that Mirage isnt their best map They are like putting up A good fight on nearly every mal they play but they are not really dominant on any of them
2019-04-04 00:58
CIS hornerbros
forest & you have pure talent.
2019-04-03 21:44
Canada Yg116
2019-04-03 21:46
amm... are u guys tottaly brainless? Not enough practice means that they can't just catch up tactically to other teams that play with same line-ups for a longer periods of time. It's all about details, knowing how your teammate will react, how they approach different things etc. U can't do that in one week ... its not MM, just throw 2 smokes, pop flash and rush out. In a week you can only do certain amount of hours, u can't play for 720h/week and pass by teams that are together for half a year or more. I actually feel bad even answering to that kind of stupid 13yo topics + nobody mentioning that REZ yet has to show his real game and get_right stepping up massively compared to past matches, then combine that with draken adjusting more ... they didn't even play 50% of their possibility and they came trough cya
2019-04-03 22:07
Brazil vfibr
2019-04-03 22:17
United Kingdom Hjcullen14
2019-04-03 22:47
2019-04-03 23:03
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
2019-04-04 01:33
NIP in 2019, "not much practice, idk what maps r good"
2019-04-03 22:06
Just go kill
2019-04-04 00:59
But that's only a s1mple strat
2019-04-04 02:53
Fak u right
2019-04-04 02:56
Wondering why the Danes are winning every tournament? There you go
2019-04-03 23:16
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
did you read the whole thing? :)
2019-04-04 01:33
United States FlagMaster
Lekro always sounds so unconfident in interviews xd
2019-04-03 23:45
Singapore Vodka_T1
2019-04-03 23:47
This is the second time they've had this lineup and still don't know which maps are good for them? ahaha
2019-04-03 23:50
Did lekr0 ever play with draken before?
2019-04-04 01:00
Whoops. I already forgot they had Dennis before.
2019-04-04 04:39
Brazil Elakk
Lekr0 is good but he needs to get rid of this mindset. Training is THE most important thing in every sport.
2019-04-03 23:59
Portugal kippster
+1 lmfao what is this fucking team anymore
2019-04-04 01:15
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
did you read the whole thing? or you are not able to cuz they didnt teach you how in brazil?
2019-04-04 01:35
Portugal Isaacovsky
Half the people in HLTV seem to be braindead.
2019-04-04 00:03
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
not braindead they arent able to read the whole thing just 2 sentences and that is it they write their stupid opinion
2019-04-04 01:34
Still you only need to think 1 minute to understand what he's saying from the two sentences.
2019-04-04 18:00
Pro player A salary of 10-20k per month And.......... "WE HAVEN'T HAD MUCH PRACTICE; WE'RE NOT EVEN SURE WHAT MAPS ARE GOOD FOR US" LOL
2019-04-04 01:05
REZ | 
Czech Republic Nikoleo
Read the whole thing :)
2019-04-04 08:27
NiP still doesn't know what maps they are good at? Seems like you might not be good on any maps then
2019-04-04 02:58
NIP have not easy prey
2019-04-04 05:24
India gawd_right
people only reading the quoted sentence, read the full article again. What he means is that they didn't have much time to Practice with draken
2019-04-04 05:31
It’s a part of mind game. Calm down bois.
2019-04-04 07:12
A pro cs player with a literal job playing cs pretty much all day saying bruh we dunno our maps lul
2019-04-04 11:04
LEKRO 500 IQ. Tricking the enemies into thinking NIP is pogging, and then unleashes the SPELTAKTIK. First we give them the BETE and then we SOPAR MATTAN.
2019-04-04 11:19
2019-04-04 21:04
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