fnatic invited to DreamHack Masters Dallas

fnatic have secured an invitation to compete at DreamHack Masters Dallas, the event's organisers announced on Monday.

The three-time Major champions are the tenth side confirmed for the North American event, joining a list that is currently headlined by Liquid and FaZe, respectively the No.2 and No.5 teams in the world.

The announcement comes just days after fnatic raised eyebrows at StarSeries i-League Season 7 as they finished runners-up to Natus Vincere after an impressive run that saw them beat Swedish rivals NiP as well as NRG (twice), Vitality and North.

fnatic will attend DreamHack Masters Dallas

The deep run in Shanghai came as a much-needed boost for Richard "⁠Xizt⁠" Landström's side, who had appeared to be in crisis after crashing out of the IEM Katowice Major in the New Challengers Stage, and finishing in fourth place at the WESG Finals, dropping to 15th in the rankings.

With fnatic's unveiling, there are now just four invites left for DreamHack Masters Dallas, which will be held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center from May 28 through to June 2. The final two spots will be determined through online qualifiers, one for Chinese teams, the other for teams from other Asian countries.

The team list for DreamHack Masters Dallas currently looks as follows:

Denmark North
France Vitality
United States Liquid
Other TBA
Other TBA
Bulgaria Windigo
Brazil FURIA
China Chinese qualifier
Sweden NiP
Europe FaZe
Sweden fnatic
Other TBA
Other TBA
France G2
Argentina Isurus
Asia Asian qualifier
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' Landström
Richard 'Xizt' Landström
No team
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2019-04-08 19:01
2019-04-08 19:01
Invite Astralis already
2019-04-08 21:29
Oh my god please no...
2019-04-09 00:11
no. Tournaments are WAYYYYYY better when astralis arent there.
2019-04-09 03:47
I am actually interested if they get invited if someone can beat them, I feel only NaVi could but idk if they are strong enough. But sadly I don't feel like they would keep astralis' invite for last so I think they are sitting this one out
2019-04-11 09:23
Asia leoSwe0816
2019-04-08 19:01
2019-04-08 19:01
why not
2019-04-08 19:01
2019-04-08 19:01
Fnatic sucks
2019-04-08 19:01
better than all the teams at this tournament aside of liquid at least
2019-04-08 19:05
ENCE and Renegades waaaay better tbh
2019-04-08 19:06
ENCE and renegades not invited atm and im not sure about that, we will see in the next tournaments
2019-04-08 19:14
And fúria ez4furia Btw I hate north
2019-04-08 19:17
furia is dogshit
2019-04-08 20:24
Furia 20-0 Mibr 0-10 Furia >>> mibr
2019-04-08 22:17
I'm big fan 4 furia, but still mibr> furia Maybe in a few months
2019-04-08 22:28
So does ur mom
2019-04-08 19:44
2019-04-08 19:02
2019-04-08 19:02
tier 3 tournament
2019-04-08 19:02
Argentina hairybutt
very easy for the best south american organization Isurus Gaming 😎😎
2019-04-08 19:02
Uruguay zero`SAMA
Isurus > M16R
2019-04-08 19:15
Furia > Isurus > MiBR
2019-04-08 23:05
wasted spot invite ENCE, Astralis, NaVi
2019-04-08 19:03
still less wasted than faze vitality and north
2019-04-08 19:32
Korea day|dream
maybe invite MSL as analyst
2019-04-08 19:59
Then we would have a tier 1 event. Nonetheless, as it’s an North American event, they will probably invite local teams, such as C9 and NRG.
2019-04-08 23:06
Ence are bots
2019-04-09 02:09
Nice, now Ence, Navi and maybe Astralis please accept invite. Maybe even mouz once we see them at Sydney.
2019-04-08 19:04
Just dont +Astralis & i am OK. Then we finally will have a fun event. +Mouz +ENCE would be nice. Also +C9 & NRG as NA teams.
2019-04-08 19:05
Germany k_den
a tier2 event*
2019-04-08 19:06
No. A fun event. When Astralis gets invited = Destroyed event, just like Blast Miami
2019-04-08 19:07
NaVi don't deserve invite? :((((
2019-04-08 19:07
lol, i forgot about them m8 :d -Mouz or Ence +NaVi.
2019-04-08 19:08
astralis probably skips this one as they have ecs finals just a few days later
2019-04-08 19:39
Switzerland RU!N
Infact every blast event suck
2019-04-08 20:08
Well...true i suppose. I dont like the "3 games at the same time" bs they are doing.
2019-04-08 20:13
Invite_Astralis_ffs Astralis loses credibility if they dodge all serious T1 events with good format and only plays BO1 fiesta BLAST
2019-04-08 19:06
Sweden changrai
The owners are forcing them men))
2019-04-08 19:15
Most likely, but why also dodge all legit events? They say it’s because of travels but then they go to their own orgs events in NA, just say the real reason that you only go to your own events
2019-04-08 19:49
Sweden changrai
+1 Device:i cant go to sidney cuz its too far (( *proceeds to go to miami,saopalo etc etc
2019-04-08 19:51
Different directions, going west from EU makes it a longer day, that is usually easy to adapt to. While going east, especially far east makes a very short day and you are expected to sleep way earlier than normal to adjust, many (including Device) feels this is much harder to adjust to. Also the number of time zone difference DK to AU is much greater than DK to eastern US or BR.
2019-04-08 21:46
are they dodgin ALL legit events ?? playing ECS - check playing EPL - check playing majors - check playing ESL one cologne - check There is also a huge difference going from central europe to australia compared to USA, but i doubt u traveled to any of these places so u prob dont know
2019-04-08 20:27
Been to all of these places and Denmark. Jet lag happens, but professional athletes adjust. If Astralis truly wanted to cement their 'Legacy'they'd play every damned event and win every damned event. Plain and Simple.
2019-04-08 21:34
Lately, flights have been expensive as hell, my rich first world friend.
2019-04-08 23:09
Yeah but they are dodging Dallas, explain that? Im in US now lol Not all legit events but 3 months of dodging
2019-04-08 23:09
I thought that Astralis owner is the player itself cmiiw
2019-04-09 11:29
If they dont invite astralis we have one more fun event, starseries was finally an exciting tournament where you couldn't really know who would take the trophy, I dont care about the quality of CS im talking about the storyline and hype of the matchups, when astralis is there ofc you have the best cs possible but its so unexciting I dont care what cocksucking analyst that wanna act smart say, it feels good to see some exciting cs again
2019-04-08 19:13
They invited furia. Worse then mibr lol
2019-04-08 22:22
It’s not Astralis’ fault if all the teams choke lately against them.
2019-04-08 23:11
never said its their fault
2019-04-09 00:51
2019-04-09 15:04
2019-04-08 19:16
United Kingdom thrailis
Next 4 invites must be Astralis (probably announced last), ENCE, Renegades and NRG If MIBR get invited then the system is broken
2019-04-08 19:16
MiBR have a fanbase a way bigger than Renegades’, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Brazilians were chosen over the aussies
2019-04-08 23:13
Renegades fanbase has always been quite large and has even grown internationally now with some successful runs. Plus they're actually a good team unlike mibr
2019-04-09 00:39
Even Brazilians know MIBR is the new VP. The odds are all on Furia now.
2019-04-09 11:29
Renegades invited of mibr my faith is restored. Gl with furia, I hope BR fanbase supports them enough to get invites to big events to learn and improve.
2019-04-11 00:12
United Kingdom thrailis
Dreamhack are too smart to compromise their event by inviting popular teams over skilled ones. MIBR deserve to rot in tier 3 cesspit until they remember how to play
2019-04-09 01:18
2019-04-09 11:29
United Kingdom thrailis
OK doesn't mean they need to be invited to a tier 1 even if they can't play like tier 1 teams
2019-04-09 13:41
mouz next
2019-04-08 19:26
What team do you support now: Mouz or HR?
2019-04-09 11:30
proud mouz fan since 2015, just name myself oskarsports because after niko left (nikosports) oskar carried them (in the beginning)
2019-04-09 11:34
Georgia Broozman
wasted spot
2019-04-08 19:31
2019-04-08 19:38
2019-04-08 19:38
Bulgaria R34
2019-04-08 19:40
Wooohooooo yeah! Let’s go FNATICCC! <3
2019-04-08 19:45
No gamerlegion I sleep.
2019-04-08 19:53
+Astralis +Na'Vi +ENCE +Renegades
2019-04-08 20:00
African Union mikecool
2019-04-08 23:49
2019-04-09 06:53
Spain LucaGarcia
2019-04-08 20:08
+ renegades + mibr + ence and + nrg inc
2019-04-08 20:25
Argentina nymeros
+Astralis (if not, mibr) +Na'Vi +NRG +ENCE
2019-04-08 20:32
nice tier 1. event
2019-04-08 20:41
This is gonna be a nice event. Don't invite Astralis and we gucci!
2019-04-08 20:54
Hello where is Ence?
2019-04-08 21:16
Wasted spot
2019-04-08 21:28
United States Bochanka
+1 they can’t even win a map in a bo5 final XD
2019-04-08 22:27
(against s1mple vincere). After fnatics performance at star series they definitely deserve this spot.
2019-04-09 03:55
+ence +navi +renegades least doesn’t matter that much Would be nice for cis teams to appear there tho
2019-04-08 21:31
halo guyss.
2019-04-08 22:20
United States Bochanka
Absolute trash team. Way to show up to a bo5 final BAHAHAHAHA wasted spot big time
2019-04-08 22:27
Absolutely overrated
2019-04-08 22:38
TBA gonna win
2019-04-08 22:45
Wasted spot
2019-04-08 22:51
Switzerland rigoN
9-16th place incomingg
2019-04-08 22:51
Brazil hugoooo
+ Na'Vi + ENCE + Mouz And it will be stacked.
2019-04-08 23:35
-unproven mouz +reneGODS
2019-04-09 00:39
Brazil hugoooo
Since there are four more invites: + Na'Vi + ENCE + Mouz + Renegades
2019-04-09 09:52
I called it
2019-04-11 00:10
Brazil Matheuscgc
I can't believe Astralis isnt going because of ESL and ECS also being in June
2019-04-09 00:52
Last 4 maybe NaVi, ENCE, Astralis, Mouz
2019-04-09 01:29
dreamhack makes the best trailers
2019-04-09 03:05
Renegades, ENCE, Astralis and Na’Vi next invites.
2019-04-09 05:20
2019-04-09 09:25
Ok this is epic
2019-04-09 09:56
no astra LUL
2019-04-09 09:58
Where is ENCE for god sake
2019-04-09 10:12
mimi | 
Greece tziko
They invited fnatic and no ENCE? WHY?!?!
2019-04-09 10:59
+ ence + navi + nrg + renegades
2019-04-09 11:00
Germany staxie
Invite Renegades please
2019-04-09 11:36
We got our wish
2019-04-11 00:10
Germany staxie
Yeah man really happy :) hopefully it works with the visas this time and we dont have to count on toxic smooya.
2019-04-11 09:19
Brazil Leexo
ez furia
2019-04-09 23:33
Argentina Konigmdq
ez for isurus
2019-04-10 05:48
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