FalleN: "We know the path we need to take because we were in this same situation in 2015"

Our first interview coming out of BLAST Pro Series Miami is with MIBR's in-game leader, Gabriel "⁠FalleN⁠" Toledo.

We sat down with MIBR's FalleN during the BLAST Pro Series Miami media day at the Watsco Center in Miami, Florida, where we went back and talked about the Brazilian team's run so far this season, from a promising beginning to some more ominous results at the following events.

FalleN hopes MIBR will be able to regain some of their confidence in Miami

In the interview, FalleN goes back to the Major, MIBR's best event since bringing the gang back together, the dynamics of reuniting with old teammates, finding motivation when results aren't as expected, having a tough tournament schedule, and the need for the team to reset mentally, among other topics.

Let's go back to when the team started. You had the Major as your first event, and it was a good event for you, better than many people expected. Since then, though, you have been struggling, with StarSeries being a particularly tough event. What do you think has happened? What do you think went on that made you start strong but come down after that?

We prepared really well for the first tournament, but the preparation is not just for one tournament, so it should lead us to play well in other tournaments. Then we went to China and had a couple of good games, but we actually struggled against Windigo. Those guys are dangerous, they play a lot of FPL and they're very skilled players. They had a good game against us, they caught us off-guard strategically on Dust2... they got the trades, they played it fast, and they managed to surprise us on that map. Then they managed to take the series on Overpass, and that defeat was hard for us because we expected to do much better in that second tournament and it just wasn't like that.

Then we traveled a lot and we didn't get good preparation. We also had very tough tournaments to play, like BLAST Pro Series in São Paulo. The teams playing there were very good and we definitely needed a better start to reach the finals. We had a couple of good games against ENCE and FaZe, they were very winnable, but we didn't manage to close those games out and they were better than us at the time. Adding all of that to the pressure we put on ourselves and the hype we had going through the tournaments, it was kind of a reality check and a come down for everyone in terms of what we expected. Now we just want to reset and start our preparation again. We know we can do much better and we know we have the team and the players and everything, and I'm sure we can do better. We just need to reset and start working again, just like we did for the Major.

I think that sometimes when you try to bring back an old team that was together at some point and then separated it's easy to fall into old dynamics or bring back some of the old bad habits, is that something you're having to deal with?

I think the main thing right now in regards to that is that Counter-Strike is much faster nowadays than it was before. People are looking for information much more than they used to in the past, they're challenging the strategic aspect of the game much more all of the time, so the style we used to play in 2016 is not the optimal style to be playing right now, and we understood that even before we started playing with this lineup. We tried to adapt in this sense, but as you said sometimes some habits and some things are in your mind and it takes time to get it changed, but we're looking forward to that, to changing those things.

We're trying to change our style a little bit, even our individual style, sometimes. There are times we're not looking for so much information and we're not being active around the map, we know that it doesn't work as often anymore so we understand it and we see the points and we use other teams as examples to try and improve all of the time. Sooner or later all of the players will improve and that will make the team stronger.

As we said, you started well and then went down a little bit. Does that affect motivation? Is it hard to be excited again?

I think we're excited, to be honest, even if we lose tournaments and are the last in line, we feel good in practice and the atmosphere is good. Even though we are burnt out from travels, we want to burn our last reserves to end this circuit we created for ourselves with all of these tournaments on a good note.

The excitement is definitely there and it's something good to take from this because I think with the results we've had this year, during other years it could be much harder to bounce back from and have everyone continue working without making changes and stuff like that. I think the team is getting stronger, mentally, in that sense. We just need to get some better performances to get the confidence back and play the game we can play because right now we're struggling and in my opinion it has to do with the fact that we're missing confidence due to all of these little defeats, the burnout, the lack of preparation, we sometimes make mistakes that we normally wouldn't and as soon as we fix that we'll be able to get the results that we want.

You say it's easier for you to not to fall into the thinking of changing players immediately now. What changed between then and now?

I think the maturity is definitely one of the things. The second one is that back in the days we were very used to be playing at the top and being the best team and fighting for titles all of the time, so not winning titles was our problem. If we made it to the finals and didn't win against the last team we'd say "hey, we need a change," and this mentality is something we don't have the luxury to be thinking about right now.

Right now it's all about finding the chemistry, finding the team sinergy that will take us there again and it's a process. We need to be a little bit calmer and understand that it may take more time than we want, but we know the path we need to take to do it because we were in this same situation in 2015. Teams were better than us, we had to learn a lot about the game, and we managed to do it by practicing, learning, losing a lot of tournaments, and understanding how the game should be played.

Back in the day the goal was always to win the tournament, right? Now, with these struggles, what are the goals?

It's kind of a ladder, if you're at the very top of the ladder you want to be winning the tournaments, but right now we're at the bottom, so let's be honest, we just want to win some games. Once you're at the bottom it's not that hard to become better, right? If we win one match here, it's going to be an upgrade already. We know we can do much better, we know we have what it takes to be reaching finals, and it's hard to say that we can challenge teams to be winning tournaments, but we know we can gain confidence game by game as we showed at the Major. We had a bad showing at the beginning there but game by game we got ourselves on the right foot and sure, we got stomped by Astralis, but who didn't during these last years, so you can't really say much about it.

When you're going through a rough patch, how important is it to have a good tournament to get that confidence back?

It's super important. Right now we're judging all of our tournaments by our mistakes, but the thing is that if we had won a couple of those tournaments or reached some finals or had better showings, then the atmosphere would be much better. By failing too many times in a row it gets much harder to get the right mindset and to really approach things differently. We definitely think that for the future we need to change this schedule and to play fewer tournaments.

You have to understand that once we went back to this lineup the expectations and the feeling was that we wanted to play everything we can and do all of the same things we did in the past, so we were excited to do it all again, but it's just that the order of the way things happened make it look bad, but I don't regret doing that. It's just something we're going to learn from and improve for the next tournaments.

You created this circuit of events, one after the other with not much time between them to fix things or change. Is there anything you have had time to analyze and change and fix?

We always have time to analyze the games we play and to watch the other teams playing and learn from them and their tendencies and what differs from the way we approach things. That happens on a daily basis at tournaments, we have our practice areas and after tournaments we always watch the matches to take the things from matches we lost or won, so this kind of work is being done on a daily basis, no matter if we're traveling or not, it's just the fact that Counter-Strike is a mental game and players need to be confident and feeling it to perform and with everything that's happening, if you look at our performances, they're at a level that they shouldn't be which is why it's getting so hard.

I have good expectations for this BLAST, the line is going to be a bit higher so we'll be able to do a better job. As a team I think we're preparing ourselves well enough in terms of strategy, it's just that our individual performances, to get the important kills, make the important decisions, the fast moves, we're just being a little bit too bad in that sense.

Earlier you talked about resetting and then at another point you noted how CS is a mental game, so don't you think that maybe stopping for a second, going home, having a more chill bootcamp or something like that... not having the stress of a tournament, that could be what helps you reset, get back into the calm mental state to go into the next tournament...

With a fresh mind, yeah. Definitely...

Everything you said is true and that's what we're looking for, but also we created our circuit and we can't go back from the decisions we made. Tournaments are expecting us, fans bought tickets to see us, and even though the feeling might have been "hey, we may not want to be in Miami, it's not the right time for us and we need to relax a little bit..." and on one hand we had that mindset, but on the other is that people are counting on us, the TO, the fans, and we have to show up.

It's important for us to do the best we can here and we're treating this tournament just as we treat every other one. We're going to try to win and try to do the best we can. After this tournament is over we have a little bit more time to stay cool, not that long at first because we have only 10 days before we go to Sydney, but after Sydney we're going to have almost a month and two weeks to prepare and reset and stay home a bit to get everyone comfortable again and get everyone hyped to play. So that's going to happen soon, but for the moment we're staying alive!

Brazil Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
Gabriel 'FalleN' Toledo
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2019-04-12 01:47
2019-04-12 01:50
"sinergy" "who didn't get stomped by astralis in the past years" "we tried to play the same in the past" lul
2019-04-12 02:03
btw nice spelling admin
2019-04-15 23:11
+1, they are washed up and they dont want to accept the fact.
2019-04-12 02:45
Switzerland codplayer
what he said seems pretty humble to me
2019-04-12 09:22
To me too. It was a pretty nice humble Interview. I don't know why people hate them so much?
2019-04-12 10:08
Sweden Zaser5
2019-04-12 10:34
Germany KamenFD
their fans are the reason
2019-04-12 12:33
+1, most of the brazilian fans are like this: you either win, or it's a bad result. It seems they can't expect a team that needs time to be good again, and Mibr went along with these speculations and delivered like shit (as expected).
2019-04-12 13:18
We have a lot of fans who just don't talk shit and just cheers. I see a lot of fans from other countries talking shit about everything, now only brazilians are "the reason". Please...
2019-04-12 15:42
This is a reason only for retarded people.
2019-04-12 17:10
Stop bowing my mind
2019-04-15 13:44
because Europeans are fucked racist
2019-04-12 15:11
no delusional m16r fans are trash axxaxaxax
2019-04-12 18:10
+1 mibr worst team on the planet
2019-04-12 18:42
Brazil _mith
AND PORTUGAL ??? ONLY ONE REASONABLE TIME IS THE '' ing SHARKS '' But the team is of Brazilian players ... : )
2019-04-15 15:58
2019-04-15 17:04
2019-04-12 15:29
Fallen is a good player, and cold is still god tier, they’ll bounce back
2019-04-12 22:01
Because they don’t care anymore. They have accepted the fact that they are not number 1. The embarrassing part is that they keep hyping themself for the cash. I mean.... sponsored by tinder dating? WTF
2019-04-13 09:02
United Kingdom serjaeger
Did you even read the interview? They know they aren't number 1, but they want to be. Are you getting your facts from thoughts in your head or?
2019-04-16 16:03
They play the sympathy card Imo. It doesn’t matter if they know that they’re not no.1. It’s the way they keep exposing themselves with tinder sponsors and they way they keep hyping the organization through interviews instead of showing on the server. I have no facts but I have an opinion.
2019-04-26 05:18
United Kingdom serjaeger
The 16-2 against Astralis was pretty impreesive, I reckon that was hyping the organization through the server.
2019-04-27 18:51
And What have they done before that for a whole year? Nothing mate. Everyone can have a good game. They don’t put in the effort. The long hours of practice. They sit with Neymar and other celebrities on tv instead of grinding to be the best. Your clearly far up theirs bums imo. They say they would like to be the best but they don’t act like it
2019-04-30 05:04
United Kingdom serjaeger
I'd say they had a really decent run at IEM Sydney too, I'm not blindly supporting MiBR here, it's based on their performance statistically. They say they've been rebuilding and I see them get better at each tournament. Just check the stats mate.
2019-05-07 21:09
I agree they becoming better atm. Let’s hope for some close matches in Madrid between mibr, Australia and liquid. I’m actually a semi liquid fan. 😂👌
2019-05-08 06:31
Brazil LouZ
2019-04-13 18:51
yeah, dont jump. 0-10 is a record, not a prediction. Anyway even north beat 16-0 once. Once in a while fluke happens.
2019-04-13 18:59
2019-04-12 03:10
2019-04-13 18:52
still 0-10 LOL
2019-04-17 22:46
well, past my man, now 16x2 mibr
2019-04-19 03:18
still 0-10 men))
2019-04-22 20:06
Nope, we had Miami, so 2-1-12 ¯\_(XD)_/¯
2019-04-24 02:04
fallen talkin trash
2019-04-17 12:01
Yes, -taco +Any BR player*
2019-04-12 01:48
No fucking way that they could be better without TACO.
2019-04-12 01:56
2019-04-12 02:51
Taco is not the problem, he clearly proved that MIBR (SK) is shit without him
2019-04-12 06:38
Maybe they were all shit all along
2019-04-12 16:50
He didn't prove shit. Mibr played with two NA players when taco was out Two NA Players
2019-04-12 17:29
Brazil AmbOoNi
TACO had a winning history at Luminosity / SK, when it went out to Liquid, continued playing at high level. TACO is not the problem. I think the problem is the training method and the demotivation of some players, like the fer.
2019-04-12 17:50
The main problem is their ego, they think if they had 2 year domination they can beat everyone without even training.. Look at Astralis, they will train hard even against tier 3-4 teams, i dont see any problem in the team except that
2019-04-12 19:25
+1 they gotta do something abt fer, he just doesn’t like competing anymore, like what happened with shroud, his results dipped, he left, and then c9 won a major. Ya see where I’m going here??
2019-04-12 22:04
As i said no one is problem in this team, remember 2017 season when SK was dominating the whole scene, even faze and astralis could not stop them, its because they were hungry to lift some shit together, now when i watch them playing feels like they are tired as hell and dont want to win anything again.. Thats why Astralis looks so strong rn for us, other teams not even trying to win something but Astralis do everything for it, someone must be very delusional if they think MIBR cant beat Astralis
2019-04-12 22:07
continued getting carried at high level*
2019-04-12 21:01
Brazil tavin
+kngv Fallen igl support
2019-04-12 02:00
United States jmarcelo
2019-04-12 02:09
2019-04-12 03:20
Argentina hairybutt
2019-04-12 03:41
2019-04-12 04:45
+1 only hope
2019-04-12 05:22
with kng? might as well just disband and die
2019-04-12 05:43
yep, new baitcera
2019-04-12 12:05
Brazil _mith
kng god
2019-04-15 16:00
+tarik +stewie +ynk =Tier 1 Top 4 Team
2019-04-12 02:05
No US players anymore
2019-04-12 02:47
Too good to be reality, fallen would never think about that
2019-04-12 02:52
South Africa @FyreCS
New MIBR PKL Coldzera Bugzera KNgV TACO EZ top 5
2019-04-12 03:06
Who is bugzera?? Entire BIG roster???
2019-04-12 03:12
South Africa @FyreCS
Bigzera actual player, plays for Pain! hltv.org/player/18141/biguzera
2019-04-12 03:15
I see What a big nose btw
2019-04-12 03:21
Brazil Haschera
Lula Molusco luluuululul
2019-04-12 04:05
2019-04-12 04:46
South Africa @FyreCS
+ 1000
2019-04-12 17:31
inb4 0-5 again
2019-04-12 01:48
You mean 0-10
2019-04-12 02:39
Only if someone chooses them in 1v1 Which they should, since they're easiest team
2019-04-12 08:36
Poland Hanse
Nt all #1 wannabes
2019-04-12 01:48
2019-04-12 01:48
Brazil brx_
i don't believe it, i think they will play well but that's 1 more blast for astralis LOL
2019-04-12 01:58
Brazil brx_
or ENCE they're playing very well at the moment
2019-04-12 02:05
ENCE isn't playing this tournament. Good guy ENCE as always, giving up on tournaments so other teams can have a chance of winning. :,) EZ4ENCE
2019-04-12 02:42
United States t0rror
Ence wasn’t invited
2019-04-12 04:32
Ence fan lul
2019-04-12 09:41
they would run to play in miami with the best.. but no one invite them cuz overhyped
2019-04-12 12:41
fuck u fallen
2019-04-12 01:49
Ay, respect that man. One of the most humble person in the CS scene.
2019-04-12 14:09
United Kingdom Fizzhaz
you had motivation in 2015
2019-04-12 01:49
Denmark Zorrondo
why these washed up clowns have an article every month? it's not like they are relevant
2019-04-12 01:49
United States jmarcelo
they are relevant lol they might not be good, but they're relevant
2019-04-12 02:10
why you so toxic? I bet you read all MIBR articles and comment in all.
2019-04-12 02:32
Maybe you should stick to reading English textbooks
2019-04-12 11:42
0-10 ez4 m16r
2019-04-12 01:50
Indonesia MeX0NNNN
different situation, u guys playing against astralis and liquid that isnt that bad anymore
2019-04-12 01:51
U werent trash in 2015
2019-04-12 01:51
only retards think this team will work out somehow, their peak in cs is way beyond over
2019-04-12 01:53
2019-04-12 13:07
I think this will work in the upcoming event and I am not a retard. Thank you.
2019-04-12 14:09
didn't mean to be rude or anything like that, just sayin' that i don't see this team working the way it is, or they change their playstyle, or they'll be a complete waste of time for the org, the individual players careers and the people who root for them, sorry for my bad englando xd
2019-04-12 18:34
No fnx no work.
2019-04-12 18:36
I really dont agree to this.
2019-04-12 18:52
2019-04-12 18:58
MIBR 16-2 Astralis :)
2019-04-17 20:56
Battalion1944 is the way!
2019-04-12 01:54
Keep talking bullshit, you gonna get rekt
2019-04-12 01:55
Fallen and Fer are completely washed up, Coldzera is like 50-75% washed up (none of them are superstar players anymore, not even close). And then they have taco on top of that who is a support player there to play around superstars and enable them; but this roster has none.. so his presence is completely useless. I don't see these guys capable of even coming close to being able to take a bo3 series off any teams in the top 5, even after a lot of practice and "motivation". They'll be lucky to even be able to put up competitive best of 3's against top 8 to top 12 level teams
2019-04-12 02:00
Cold is still a star, katowice proved that. But I agree with everything else... I think TACO and Coldzera could join maybe FURIA? or have some of the furia players join MIBR
2019-04-12 07:02
imo taco has to go, alongside fer and fallen. coldzera felps kngv steel boltz
2019-04-12 13:08
how about arT cold taco kng kscerato/yuurih
2019-04-13 07:27
Path to retirement
2019-04-12 01:58
Denmark pistolen
Yes you were in the same situation before you were good lol. xD
2019-04-12 01:59
Other Onizuka_go
Fallen The Greatest Politician in 2019.
2019-04-12 02:01
Tbh I kinda want them to be back to that dominant 2017 so we could see at least some new form of competition to Astralis
2019-04-12 02:02
The 2017 g2 lineup can compete against astralis imo
2019-04-12 02:11
Not even close. Old g2 relied on pure star power and was one of the most streaky teams ever. Just look at how effective astralis are at neutralizing simple everytime they play, and pure star power is clearly not the way. You need a plan, and any version of g2 is notorious for having none
2019-04-12 02:27
I’d replace bodyy with ex6tenz because shox sacrificed his game just to igl and I think ex6 could resurrect his igl skills.
2019-04-12 03:10
Current astralis >>> 2017 sk. Your comment implies the competition now is less than that of 2017 and that we need the 2017 competition back to challenge astralis. It is just the fact that astralis has risen so high that it makes everyone else seem so much worse, but even the majority of players agree that the competition now is much higher than it was in the past.
2019-04-12 02:24
Brazil 1_Flippy
There's only 2 top tier teams which are Liquid and Astralis, Na'Vi is uncertain and the rest is just pure wack, and theres also placeholder teams like Renegades and ENCE, i'd say that the scene reached its competitive peak in april 2018, after that it's only decaying
2019-04-12 02:33
And in 2017? Navi were awful, liquid irrelevant for most of it, faze dropped off after the beginning of the year, vp fell like a fucking meteor into nothingness, g2 were notorious for not living up to expectations, fnatic were going through their dumb changes, nip had a single good event, mousesports had one good event. And when faze did their change and then it was between them and sk for the rest of the year, they were the ONLY TWO teams that even mattered, even more so than liquid/astralis today. The rest of the scene literally wasnt even relevant until beginning of 2018. So for few months things looked more competitive in 2018, and then magically when astralis became n1 everyone else just dropped off? No, they just fucking rose above everyone else.
2019-04-12 02:53
Brazil 1_Flippy
well in the end its a matter of perspective, i agree with most of what you've just said, anyways i think the key word is "looked", which is really what matters in the end for the viewers, so i'll go with that
2019-04-12 03:38
VP won DH Las Vegas, finals at EPICENTER, major finals at ELEAGUE Major and semis at PGL Krakow. How is that falling like a meteor?
2019-04-12 04:08
You did watch in 2017 yes? Beginning of the year they were fighting for n1, but after their DH win it was almost straight downhill. They stopped contending for titles until krakow, and Krakow is the straight up definition of a flukey, terrible tournament. I mean cmon, the finals were gambit vs immortals. And even though they did get to semis, they did not look good whatsoever doing it. After that i dont even think they made the playoffs of another tournament until epicenter. And while epicenter was an amazing run, they returned to dogshit immediately after and never recovered again.
2019-04-12 04:19
Of course they fell off, but placing high in several T1 tournaments can’t be described as descending into nothingness. VP’s side of the bracket was kinda bad, but the other side of the bracket was competetive as fuck and trying to discredit the tournament just because Gambit won it isn’t gonna cut it. When you look at the gameplay it hasn’t changed much, except for that Astralis is much better than the #1 of that year, SK. Ast is contending with fnatic for the GOAT status and are playing awesome, but the competition behind them is average.
2019-04-12 06:25
I disagree that the competition is higher nowadays. It might be level with 2015 but not tougher. Agree on 2017 being low level competition though.
2019-04-12 04:03
i hope FalleN knows what hes talking, i love fallen but i guess this wont work i hope he can show me im wrong
2019-04-12 02:05
s1mple | 
Israel QtaP
2019-04-12 02:06
So, they won rest even it looks like this is the best action even to Fallen.. I wonder how Immortal's management has influence on this, maybe the sponsors are pressuring them to keep playing even despite risking they leaving soon?
2019-04-12 02:09
Fuck off FalleN. Same formula as 2015 and 2017 wont work
2019-04-12 02:18
What 2015 situation? when they had steel and boltz and because of them they couldn't improve anymore?
2019-04-12 02:20
Fallen, your team in 2015 much better than 2019
2019-04-12 02:22
Brazil oldStar
2019-04-12 02:25
I am not sure if they know how to beat Astralis.
2019-04-12 02:30
Brazil oldStar
2019-04-12 02:33
Haha i know he's making excuses before and after every tournament. Every time it's like "we know we know"
2019-04-12 02:58
He was using thst excuse when kickded taco and everything fucked up Cold cant frag bcuz no taco to bait Fallen cant igl cuz outdated So cold started to calling and fallen said that hes using old strats that not work now cs is much faster now And afterr one year he said it again
2019-04-12 07:31
He didn't kick taco, taco left after WESG due to poor results
2019-04-12 15:39
In my opinion felps is a huge burden to the team The other 4 is okay
2019-04-12 02:48
lets be honest, m16r just outdated team, their time gone, they even not skilled enough to win tittles they got raped by ENCE in aim duels without any chance they playing 2016-2017 meta CS without any proper strategy, just they trying to play outdated CS doesnt matter whom they repalce, they need to change their style and play more structure CS .
2019-04-12 02:49
1+ Wise words.
2019-04-12 08:15
As only has stupid commentary on these hltv, only children commenting shit bunch of whiny babies, your dream and play half of what they conquered, who will say play equal to mibr.
2019-04-12 02:56
sk tired of being too dominant since it was so boring also too tired to practice more than 1h a day
2019-04-12 02:57
Haha remember when fer said they are not even training anymore bcuz they sre no1 and other teams are copying them so no point to watch their demos Lul cuckold is mad
2019-04-12 07:27
2019-04-12 03:02
North America karalumano
i dont expect anything from mibr in blast miami they should rest and create new strategy right now, not joining more tour, pretty sure they dont have time to make preps after starseries ended. while other teams like astralis and liquid they did not join starseries they were using tht time to learn other teams gameplay try to find new strategies to counter them, mibr will not perform in blast miami due to shortage of prep time, all they need is rest at least 2month off from any tournaments. dont go to tournament to satisfy fans when you go into every single tournament and not performing it due to burn out and shortage of time for preps. fans want to see you in tournament and win, its called quality over quantity. less tournaments more win instead of hundreds of tournaments in a short time and losing all of it, anyway gl in sydney im pretty sure mibr will bounce back in sydney but not miami.. they have lots of time to prep before sydney starts
2019-04-12 03:13
India Noobdian
I dont expect anything from mibr in blast miami they should rest and create new strategy right now, not joining more tour, pretty sure they dont have time to make preps after starseries ended. while other teams like astralis and liquid they did not join starseries they were using tht time to learn other teams gameplay try to find new strategies to counter them, mibr will not perform in blast miami due to shortage of prep time, all they need is rest at least 2month off from any tournaments. dont go to tournament to satisfy fans when you go into every single tournament and not performing it due to burn out and shortage of time for preps. fans want to see you in tournament and win, its called quality over quantity. less tournaments more win instead of hundreds of tournaments in a short time and losing all of it, anyway gl in sydney im pretty sure mibr will bounce back in sydney but not miami.. they have lots of time to prep before sydney starts
2019-04-12 15:50
Fallen talks a lot! Im tired of fallen excuses, just retire mr marqueteiro.
2019-04-12 03:18
2019-04-12 15:18
Some day MIBR might get to ENCE's level but that day is not today. 0-5 MIBR they won't get to the consolidation finals since its reserved for C9 this time around.
2019-04-12 03:20
ENCE | Finland NotEz4Ence fan of Ence Some day MIBR might get to ENCE's level but that day is not today. 0-5 MIBR they won't get to the consolidation finals since its reserved for C9 this time around.
2019-04-12 03:22
#68 compLexity | Brazil firMONSTER ENCE | Finland NotEz4Ence fan of Ence Some day MIBR might get to ENCE's level but that day is not today. 0-5 MIBR they won't get to the consolidation finals since its reserved for C9 this time around.
2019-04-12 03:23
Fallen fer coldzera taco 2 major x 0 desistENCE
2019-04-12 03:24
You should continue clinging to the past since there won't be anything good happening to Braz17 any time in the near future.
2019-04-12 03:29
who the fuck is ence ?
2019-04-12 04:11
Ur demise Ur nightmare The crusher of ur dreams
2019-04-12 07:51
2019-04-12 15:22
16x2 against astralis and desistence not.
2019-04-13 19:02
Brazil goatzera
I hope you know what you are doing FalleN
2019-04-12 03:22
only bla bla bla kick taco mibr omg
2019-04-12 03:43
Brazil bigjohnson
Wow, at least it appears that now they have the right mindset. A progress already.
2019-04-12 03:48
Germany potatomato
MIBR need new coder
2019-04-12 04:01
sinergy Classic mibr interview btw, more empty words
2019-04-12 04:01
Well the solution last time was to cheat as much as they could to win 2 majors and 1 million dollars so....
2019-04-12 05:07
It isn't 2015. Isnt the same. They need accept the fact, maybe if they accept can back win.
2019-04-12 05:52
Synergy???? They lost to North, it's ridiculous
2019-04-12 05:54
Brazil lullaby1
2019-04-12 06:00
Latvia tibr0
Lmao its 2k19
2019-04-12 06:20
2019-04-12 07:32
Except that felps + TACO did not win literally anything
2019-04-12 07:41
only, you know, the game has changed massively and the pro scene is way different.
2019-04-12 08:21
another 0-5 retard lives in the past and his teammates still use aug lul
2019-04-12 09:25
Mongolia 22joyZz
same bla bla before every tourney and goes 0-5
2019-04-12 09:38
2019-04-12 12:19
World breezy0
Same thought 😂
2019-04-12 12:23
another 0-0-5 and "wake up" for m05r incoming
2019-04-12 10:23
you need to disband, thats all
2019-04-12 11:02
2019-04-12 11:48
Brazil matwhat
I still think that hiring a psychologist would help them a lot
2019-04-12 12:50
it will never work, they won't win shit this year. not even t2 events. Because at least with stewie and tarik they had new players with different mindsets. now its the same thing all over again, a lineup that disbanded because it wasnt working and then suddenly it will work now? nice try retards. only players to be kept are coldzera and felps because they are still young and skilled. coldzera second entry felps entry boltz support steel IGL kngv main awper
2019-04-12 13:11
vice city
2019-04-12 13:19
This comment section lmao
2019-04-12 13:23
Nothing worth the comment you made.
2019-04-12 14:10
Neither this whole section mate.
2019-04-12 20:22
fakeflaggers.. because we are BR and we never give up mibr all the way you are not a true BR if you do not like them
2019-04-12 15:20
India Noobdian
Yes men 7-0 Down did not give up got that 1 goal
2019-04-12 15:48
Fallen twofaced toilleto
2019-04-12 15:24
2019-04-12 15:57
fala muito, joga pouco manito - Come on, why mibr keep on talking?? they should be training if they really want to be the bests...
2019-04-12 16:11
fallen speaking: tier 1 mibr in 2019: tier 2
2019-04-12 18:04
with all due respect to Fallen, what u did in 2015 isnt what u have to do in 2019. GL tho
2019-04-12 18:59
aha br CS
2019-04-12 21:44
mibr will suck again on this blast series, this interview just shows it...
2019-04-12 22:16
always saying the same bullshit
2019-04-12 23:35
because the same bullshit keeps happening sir
2019-04-12 23:40
only fix is +kng
2019-04-12 23:43
no fix baby, no fix - disband
2019-04-12 23:44
Excuses as usual, either delusional or doesnt want to acknowledge they are now a garbage team in front of the delusional br community
2019-04-12 23:59
cant trade kills... cant kill, cant win
2019-04-13 00:16
Uruguay fp9
Hahahah 2015 bolsominion retrograde
2019-04-13 00:23
2019-04-13 11:03
Brazil Collee
They clearly don't have the same desire to be on top nowadays. Not all 5. And without this, you just can't get there, no matter how much talent you have
2019-04-13 12:28
2015 aint 2019...
2019-04-13 14:24
lol you guys are clueless in and out of the game. You don't know what path to take, you only know how to go 0-10.
2019-04-13 15:31
2019-04-13 18:51
Brazil _mith
2019-04-15 16:06
except in 2015 you were still young/hungry and not washed up
2019-04-15 23:43
2020 year of SK gaming!
2019-04-16 05:19
Netherlands xEKOy
they are wearing banana coloured shirts :o hahahha
2019-04-16 12:46
faaak men wai
2019-04-16 15:09
Bra7il lmaoooaoaoaoa
2019-04-16 15:08
In 2015 they were nothing! They started doing great at the end of 2015!
2019-04-16 17:42
Sweden Zolity
then they were omething in 2015? If they was doing great in the end of it
2019-04-17 12:23
They starded winning against fnatic, the best team at that moment! Then it was the end for Olofmeister! Bye bye for swedish CS!
2019-04-18 00:28
Sweden Zolity
Olofmeisters end was at 2016 when he got the wrist injury. And btw, Fnatic has won much more tournaments and alos gotten farther than any brazillian team so i dont agree on that.
2019-04-19 15:56
Sweden Zolity
btw remember the 16-0? ;)
2019-04-19 15:56
You dont step twice in the same river, it will be different no matter how big your ego is
2019-04-17 13:20
its not about ego, its about to believe
2019-04-18 00:30
Loosing againsts Luminosity 0-2?
2019-04-20 10:57
Lol Brazilians in the chat hahahaha
2019-04-20 12:59
Brazil Feio91
2019-04-24 02:10
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