HS: "I never expected that it would be so hard for me to be given another opportunity"

We had a quick chat with Kevin "HS" Tarn ahead of Charleroi Esports to get to know more about his return to action and the GamerLegion team.

The Estonian player spent most of 2018 away from the spotlight following the disbandment of his OpTic team, attending just one Big Event that year, StarSeries i-League Season 4, as a stand-in for HellRaisers.

After a troubled period with two short-lived projects in Tempo Storm and 2019, HS hopes to have finally found some stability in GamerLegion, who are sitting just outside the top 30 in the rankings as they head into Charleroi Esports, an eight-team tournament with over $100,000 on the line.

HS was full of praise for nawwk (Photo by GamerLegion)

In this interview, HS discusses his post-OpTic struggles, linking up with the Uruguay team and his expectations for the Belgian event, which will kick off in just a few hours.

What does it feel like to be finally back in a team after everything that happened to you in the last year? Did you ever feel that it would be hard to find a team to compete at a top level with again?

I made some bad decisions when I decided to not go with some offers that I received after my period with OpTic, and even before that, after suNny had left PENTA. After that, we had a failed project with Tempo Storm, which did not help to put me in the spotlight in any way. I never expected that it would be so hard for me to be given another opportunity, I felt that I had proved myself enough to at least deserve a chance.

You have faced some criticism yourself. Was it hard for you to find motivation after the OpTic and Tempo Storm projects fell apart? What made you decide to join the Uruguay team?

I never lost motivation, it was just that I did not feel inspired for a while and kind of lost my identity as a player. My decision was easy, for me there was no other option to play alongside players with as much experience and talent as these players.

What are your first impressions of the team, now that you have already attended a LAN event?

I had been a part of other new projects with players who had not played together, and, to be honest, it never looked this promising before.

Many look at nawwk as one of the most talented young players in Sweden. What is your opinion about him, and how has he adapted to the team?

He is a player I want to sacrifice myself for, to let him shine, because he is incredibly talented and will probably be one of the best players in the future if he stays on the path he is currently on. He has had no problems adapting to the team, we are just trying to find ways to use his potential and get the most out of him.

Ex6TenZ has often been criticised for his excessively structured style of play. What has it been like to play under him? Has he been able to properly share his vision for the team, given his struggles in terms of communicating in English?

He definitely has his own way to think the game, but he has been very open minded so far and in our team every player incorporates their ideas and the small plays they like to do, to improve the overall picture. The way in which we play is something that the entire team has agreed on, but more importantly, everyone seems to think it is more about having a balance between a structured and a loose style, and not too much of either one.

You have had some mixed results lately. What do you think that the team still needs to work on to be able to find some consistency?

All we need is time since we have only been a team for a couple of weeks. That is not enough time to do much, especially to find consistency.

You lost 0-2 to Valiance at the UML Finals, taking just six rounds on both maps. Was that match a reality check or did you expect that kind of a result, given how new your team is?

I was very ill during that match and it was basically my teammates playing 4v5. We did not really take anything from that match except that Valiance played decently. There is not much to say about it, Valiance are a strong team and they are probably currently in their all-time peak form.

What are your expectations for Charleroi? How have you prepared for this event?

Everyone always expects to win the tournament, you can never truly be happy with anything less than that if you are a passionate professional, in my opinion. Of course we still have a lot to work on, but I believe that what we have so far is enough to have a chance to win a tournament of this caliber.

What are the team’s long-term goals? How far do you think that you will be able to go?

I think in a few months we could be a stable top 10-15 team. After this period of time, we should be able to see glimpses of our lineup's full potential, to see if we can break the tier one barrier or not.

Estonia Kevin 'HS' Tarn
Kevin 'HS' Tarn
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eternal standin
2019-04-12 14:16
Europe pencilvester 
2019-04-12 14:16
smooya | 
Austria shaakeh 
HS is such a good talent that no one seems to recognize
2019-04-12 14:47
Estonia TRopez 
2019-04-12 15:10
Sweden Unluko 
2019-04-12 15:10
Germany TheyCallMeGod 
Ok good to know Ikea
2019-04-13 09:55
He has so much potential yet no one wants him. I feel really sad for him :(
2019-04-12 14:22
2019-04-12 14:43
That's Fejtz not HS
2019-04-12 14:44
estonia more like bestonia, i mean pestonia
2019-04-12 14:48
Hungary Shaperz 
reply needs to have actual content
2019-04-12 15:03
Hungary Shaperz 
ohhhh damn boi, you kick me where it hurts the most!!! How am I going to recover from this one, god help me!!!!
2019-04-12 15:07
god in 2019 XD
2019-04-12 15:08
Sweden Unluko 
Australia in 2019 xd
2019-04-12 15:11
LMAOOOO sweden (if you can still call it that) in 2019 xD
2019-04-12 15:13
Sweden Unluko 
Lmao why are you mad
2019-04-12 15:14
are you mad? cuz im not
2019-04-12 15:14
Sweden Unluko 
Ok have a nice day
2019-04-12 15:17
wtf men its 9:30 at night, making fun of my time zone bcuz i cant watch blast miami, huh? :(
2019-04-12 15:29
Sweden Unluko 
Of course
2019-04-12 15:31
Sweden Unluko 
2019-04-12 14:49
2019-04-12 14:16
qikert | 
Kazakhstan SweykeR 
Press F!
2019-04-12 14:16
2019-04-12 14:17
Australia Australis 
ma boi
2019-04-12 14:16
2019-04-12 14:17
Korea XigNw0w 
Nice hairstyle
2019-04-12 14:17
Austria db42 
he looks so different wtf also did he have those tattoos before?wtf
2019-04-12 14:32
Check his pinned post, he has the tattoos for quite some time already twitter.com/hscsgo
2019-04-12 14:41
holy fuck these tattoos look insane
2019-04-12 18:44
Doesn't surprise me considering his hairstyle.
2019-04-12 14:19
Spain elskio 
HS hairstyle > twistzz hairstyle
2019-04-12 14:19
TaZ | 
Poland YungCzaro 
HS hairstyle looks terrible
2019-04-12 14:35
Germany smart_leftist 
so twistz's does
2019-04-12 14:40
Russia GramDEL 
Still better than HS' tbh.
2019-04-12 15:07
TaZ | 
Poland YungCzaro 
Twistzz at least has composure.Faded undercut bangs vs this abomination that lives it's own life on HS's head
2019-04-12 15:26
I think in a few months we could be a stable top 10-15 team. After this period of time, we should be able to see glimpses of our lineup's full potential, to see if we can break the tier one barrier or not.
2019-04-12 14:20
2019-04-12 14:27
Europe Skraj 
That's what happens when you are average and widely inconsistent
2019-04-12 14:20
Germany Neckarstadion 
expected with that hair
2019-04-12 14:21
cuz u suck
2019-04-12 14:22
United States @FyreCS 
EZ for HS! Edit: top 10-15 team lul!
2019-04-12 14:26
Germany sloth02 
He should get a new haircut
2019-04-12 14:24
2019-04-12 14:26
GL man!
2019-04-12 14:27
Europe MyNameIsWho 
With this haircut I am surprised he even got a chance
2019-04-12 14:27
Nice interview ! interesting team.
2019-04-12 14:29
cadiaN | 
Finland 0lter 
Such a bad player
2019-04-12 14:30
2019-04-12 14:30
wtf is that hair
2019-04-12 14:32
shrek | 
New Zealand is_love 
his hair has its own government
2019-04-12 14:33
Strange guy. I mean he should do what he wants but he got his full body tattooed with similiar nonsense 3D-things within one year... wtf
2019-04-12 14:36
Germany smart_leftist 
I don't expect this team being top10-15 actually, but it would be nice to see him on top of tier2 / bottom of tier1 again. I still remember the great run of Penta, and I guess many people do. GL!
2019-04-12 14:38
Europe lalt 
Penta was top20 team, that Optic lineup was even better. They were basically one tournament away of breaking into HLTV top10 in their ~5 month journey together.
2019-04-12 18:48
Denmark Matchfix 
dont play like shit then
2019-04-12 14:37
Australia JingleBells 
I think Renegades offered him a spot when they kicked nexa. Good thing they got NAF instead
2019-04-12 14:37
Russia mmmmmmajestic 
His movements are too smooth, it affects his aim and sharpness in the worse way.
2019-04-12 14:39
Indonesia MeX0NNNN 
top 10-15 in few months
2019-04-12 14:45
While I would like to cheer for my fellow countryman hs is kinda shit. And his hairstyle is horrendous
2019-04-12 14:46
well u will have hair model work after cs
2019-04-12 14:54
someone buy this guy a comb ffs
2019-04-12 14:55
That hair is terrible but the tats are even worse.
2019-04-12 14:56
f0rest | 
Yugoslavia Bodhii 
one of the worst hairstyles ive seen but the dude got hell of a good hair.
2019-04-12 14:57
Poland Damiqn1910 
lov u hs <3
2019-04-12 15:09
I mean u were dogshit for 1,5 years so what did you expect?
2019-04-12 15:10
2019-04-12 15:20
Nice good luck!
2019-04-12 15:16
NiKo | 
Asia LustBoi 
nice hair LUL
2019-04-12 15:27
GamerLegion rise up.
2019-04-12 15:54
wasnt he posting racist shit?
2019-04-12 16:10
sick hairstyle kevin gl btw
2019-04-12 16:16
Sweden Bakkmann 
He is great, best of luck to him
2019-04-12 16:18
Other VladimirLucas 
dude's a beast
2019-04-12 16:34
Estonia naityflatroo 
I love this grill
2019-04-12 17:00
it’s because you put tattoos everywhere around your body to boost your self esteem. You look like a rainbow
2019-04-12 17:20
Brazil ragemasterBR 
I hope that HS find his path to success, he's deserve
2019-04-12 17:21
f0rest | 
Sweden Jnordz 
Ofc it takes time for him to get an offer. Why? Cous he is garbage. LEL
2019-04-12 19:35
I’ll support this team
2019-04-12 20:31
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