TACO: "When we're winning everything is fine, but when we start losing it's like a truck is rolling over us"

We chatted with Epitacio "TACO" de Melo after MIBR's first day in Miami, which included a loss to Natus Vincere and a tie with FaZe.

TACO stopped to chat with HLTV.org in the mixed zone at the BLAST Pro Series, where he went over the keys of the first day of play for his team. With only a tie to their name, MIBR will have to go on to face two of the favorite teams, Liquid and Astralis on day two, as well as Cloud9.

TACO hopes MIBR can pull some upsets on day two

During our conversation, TACO went over the matches of the day against Natus Vincere and FaZe, what worked and what didn't work, the fatigue that comes from playing a lot of events in a row, and his personal outlook on going into the last day of matches at BLAST Pro Series Miami.

You played Na`Vi first, how'd you prepare and did you expect the match to go as it did?

No, it didn't go as expected. We knew what we were doing on the map, but we threw away a lot of rounds on the CT side. As CTs it felt easy, but we just threw away a lot of rounds, a lot of clutches, and as T we played really bad. The game was easy as CT but as T we couldn't do anything.

What was it that didn't work?

I think our gameplan was bad on the T side. We had a gameplan, but I don't think it was really good. We discussed it after the match and it really wasn't good. As CTs, I had a bad CT side... We lost a lot of advantageous situations, 5vs3s, 5vs2s... Maybe we need a bit more experience on the map, we knew Na`Vi likes to play it slow and fake stuff, but it just didn't work out.

You started out pretty well against FaZe, but then they took control and you had to come back at the end...

Yeah, that's a problem we're facing as well. When we're winning everything is fine, but when we start losing it's like a truck is rolling over us. That's something we have to work on for the next matches. Against FaZe, we threw a lot of rounds again, NiKo had some really good clutches, I think we lost two to him, and even though we had a bad CT side we could recover as Ts to get the tie.

You've had some back-to-back events. How is that affecting the team?

We're not tired, the only thing that is affecting us is our preparation. We don't have time to change stuff, which is something we'll improve for next season...

How about when you play, do you feel fatigued?

When we sit down we forget about everything that is happening. I don't feel it, the only problem that I'm feeling is that the preparation is not that good since teams know what we're doing and the style we're playing is not the best one. The strategies we have, we don't have time to change them... so yeah, I don't feel tired, it's just about preparation and changing stuff.

How about tomorrow, do you still think you have something to get out of it?

Yeah, I'm really excited to play even if the results we got today weren't that good, I love to compete and I'm really excited to play in front of the crowd. We have Liquid, Cloud9, and Astralis tomorrow, three great teams, and we'll try to upset some of these teams that are title contenders, so let's see what we can do! We're still alive in this tournament, maybe if we get those last wins we can even make the final.

Brazil Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
Epitacio 'TACO' de Melo
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"when we are winning" but you are almost never winning lmao
2019-04-13 05:15
2019-04-13 05:14
Brazil Whillpull 
2 years being hitted by trucks. How are they still alive?
2019-04-13 17:04
Brazil zof 
low IQ or what? he's talking about SK/LG when 'winning'
2019-04-13 05:15
nice SKuses
2019-04-13 05:16
Portugal EzLegend_ 
Ahhahah bro i swear i never laugh so much reading a hltv comment ahahah Nice one bro xD
2019-04-13 11:41
old meme btw
2019-04-13 12:14
Portugal EzLegend_ 
2019-04-13 17:04
2019-04-13 18:36
China chineseplayer 
bro why so mad
2019-04-13 05:31
Actually, I think he is talking about rounds. When they are winning rounds is all goods, but when they start losing they find it difficult to get back on track.
2019-04-13 05:46
lmao...sometimes you have to read between the lines boy. It's definintly not about winning rounds. It's about winning games and if not the community is the truck! It's kinda obvious tbh.
2019-04-13 05:51
2019-04-13 06:03
next nobrainer! :<
2019-04-13 06:42
mb stop read between the lines and just read what he said. "You started out pretty well against FaZe, but then they took control and you had to come back at the end... Yeah, that's a problem we're facing as well. When we're winning everything is fine, but when we start losing it's like a truck is rolling over us. That's something we have to work on for the next matches. Against FaZe, we threw a lot of rounds again... " it`s 100% about losing rounds.
2019-04-13 08:34
Brazil Whillpull 
Omg you destroyed him
2019-04-13 17:10
Yeah he completely intended for an on the spot interview to be read as something meant for deep meaning ie "in between the lines". He literally meant exactly what he said dude...
2019-04-13 13:59
He's talking about rounds
2019-04-13 15:20
yeah, u're right. +1
2019-04-13 16:55
If he was talking about SK/LG, that's not winning, it's whining.
2019-04-13 07:51
No he's talking about as a match is going on, as in the ones he's just played and is being interviewed about. When they're winning rounds...
2019-04-13 15:19
Furia >vp
2019-04-13 05:16
2019-04-13 05:22
Brazil Haschera 
fan check out
2019-04-13 05:23
2019-04-13 08:18
mrhui | 
Japan CDstoy 
2019-04-13 10:59
2019-04-13 13:36
What happened with reformed7?
2019-04-13 15:11
I think he got banned
2019-04-14 00:24
It was not you?
2019-04-14 01:31
I refuse to comment
2019-04-14 02:27
Why? be sincerely is always a good thing. You don't need to be afraid.
2019-04-14 23:38
Im afraid of jonathan e
2019-04-15 02:04
Ok, but I will be: I stoled your reformed 8, 9, 10, etc.
2019-04-15 02:07
United States kearCS 
2019-04-13 05:14
Brazil firMONSTER 
2019-04-13 05:14
United States zhaaa 
2019-04-13 05:15
Paraguay badspoken 
Waiting for Mr. F5
2019-04-13 05:15
World $oft 
2019-04-13 05:15
You know what this is exactly what I said...
2019-04-13 05:17
Team is living in the past. They simply arent good anymore as a whole and individually. You know they're desperate when they bring back Zews and Taco. MIBR was actually better with Tarik and Stewie
2019-04-13 05:17
That shirt is too heavy. Edit: only brazilians will understand.
2019-04-13 05:20
Totally agree. Get rid of that shirt. It will mean a lot. There is a way too heavy mindset related to that shirt. Just go back to the usual black shirt. They will feel better about it.
2019-04-13 05:54
Yes a change of clothes is all they need and maybe a haircut and they'll be number one!! Lmao
2019-04-13 15:21
xaxaxaxaxa best skuse ive ever seen
2019-04-13 16:36
You're saying he feels extra pressure and responsibility because he's wearing something that encompasses those feelings because of their past and their nation I'm not from brazilistan and it's not hard to understand
2019-04-13 15:23
I think he said that But not true, they just suck now, they were bad at the end of SK already
2019-04-13 15:37
Just a psycological effect. They will continue being what they are but ppl will regard them as just another team. They built too much expectation recently. Talked too much.
2019-04-13 16:05
"Edit: only brazilians will understand." i was mainly responding to how dumb this was to say
2019-04-13 17:24
Calling me dumb uhm? Ok.
2019-04-13 17:41
How a team fall from its glory, it felt like a long time ago when they were at the top
2019-04-13 05:20
whenever they wear a brazilian jersey they will lose so try not to wear it
2019-04-13 05:20
"We have Liquid, Cloud9, and Astralis tomorrow, three great teams, and we'll try to upset some of these teams that are title contenders, so let's see what we can do!" lol mibr upset cloud9
2019-04-13 05:21
MSL | 
Europe lgbtzera 
poor TACO he exchanged top2 team to this trashy team that plays outdated CS
2019-04-13 05:24
United States Globebuster 
NA just too strong
2019-04-13 05:24
2019-04-13 05:25
2019-04-13 13:37
Tarik and stew was doing okay in c9. Then fallen bring them in, didnt do shit. Taco was doing okay in liquid. Then fallen bring him back, didnt do shit. => Fallen ruined everything hahaha
2019-04-13 05:36
The problem was the 16x0 besides that they were obviously a top 4 team a long with liquid and navi, a lot of close matches against astralis Now they are at most top 15
2019-04-13 15:41
Finland Smoonah 
miburr and upsets haha
2019-04-13 05:39
so what he's trying to say is that he feels like a truck is rolling over them all the time
2019-04-13 05:41
nice try vaco
2019-04-13 05:44
Brazil kaikatsuwa 
The biggest problem is they still continue using the same ideologies and even tactics of the time they were winning ... It also has the psychological factor, demonstrating needing a professional to help them.
2019-04-13 05:49
United States VKLBR 
Should’ve stayed with Liquid. Could’ve been a back up or something
2019-04-13 05:58
when’s the last time mibr won? 2017?
2019-04-13 06:19
I did not expect a Canadian 10iq... he meant winning the match (8-2 to 13-8).
2019-04-13 08:12
it's hip to hate on mibr nowadays
2019-04-13 16:54
last time mibr core beat faze was in 2017
2019-04-13 13:37
wasted spot
2019-04-13 07:18
Indonesia tjoeroed 
What are u doing at middle of the road? Begging?
2019-04-13 07:36
Bald 7-1
2019-04-13 08:07
Xyp9x | 
Denmark megz 
In other words, its mostly bad.
2019-04-13 09:00
Denmark meganice 
Yeah TACO. It Really didnt look like it was “Easy” for you. Have some respect you lowlife monkey.
2019-04-13 09:11
"The game was ez as CT" r it's fucking joke? U lost the 1st half like 7-8, playing with 5 AUGs and u call it "easy"? Disband already u dumbs.
2019-04-13 09:32
dsn | 
Other Onizuka_go 
Made In Brazil
2019-04-13 09:41
United States Fin4life 
a taco truck???
2019-04-13 10:08
kNgV- | 
Brazil Soulsix 
ah rapah va se fuder truck no seu cu que porra de time é esse melhor pegar 5 caras com vontade que nunca ganharam um major do que 5 estrelinhas que vivem no mundo da lua vsf rapah acorda pra vida, daqui 1 ano vcs nao merecem ta ganhando nem 1 terço do que ganham, bando de fdp
2019-04-13 10:24
fer | 
Brazil redv4nced 
"I Love my team, but only when they're winning :D"
2019-04-13 11:29
Turkey leame 
mibr so bad
2019-04-13 10:25
well you haven't won anything in the last half year so you already forget the feeling of winning
2019-04-13 10:28
Past month m16r won only against panda e and viva Algeria , how this tram still exist?
2019-04-13 10:58
Still top 4 on last major
2019-04-13 15:44
Portugal RKO23 
hire a freaking psychologist, BR will never be big again lol.
2019-04-13 11:02
he meant losing while in-game, you morons also i remember taco and others posting shit like "if the country needs me" before joining back mibr, funny stuff
2019-04-13 11:08
Turkey Thunderball 
cry more this guys are done LUL
2019-04-13 11:09
-”when we’re winning” -NEVER wins. What is he talking about? :D:D
2019-04-13 12:09
Brazil camunguelo 
2 majors Best team of 2016 & 2017 🤔
2019-04-13 12:55
When were winning... You are not in Liquid anymore mister Taco
2019-04-13 12:31
When i win in mm game everything good When i lose in mm game everybody toxic Dear taco, you aint nothing better than mm team
2019-04-13 13:10
France StickyRice 
"They all have a plan until they get punched in the face" That means that MIBR has no real plans whatsoever if they can't fight back in tough times ...
2019-04-13 13:35
TACO: "When we're winning everything..." Never lul?
2019-04-13 13:44
hello, i am from future.
2019-04-13 18:46
Poland Sad_Boy 
Seems like MIBR is VP 2.0 and for some months they will just delete ourselves.
2019-04-13 14:05
Lmao that's general how it works with any team
2019-04-13 17:05
Poland JCdenton 
disband, coldzera retirement
2019-04-13 17:59
Brazil CaioOlive 
well, I do believe now
2019-04-13 18:41
NiKo | 
Asia LustBoi 
wow,u win against top 1
2019-04-13 18:43
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