ropz: "I think I can put in more hours and become a much better player"

In our post-match interview with Robin "ropz" Kool we heard the youngster's first impressions of the new mousesports lineup and how his motivation has increased as a result of it coming together.

After testing the waters online in ECS Season 7 and on LAN at ESL Pro League Season 9, mousesports have arrived in Australia to play at their first Big event with the Finn "karrigan" Andersen-led lineup. The European mixture fell to BIG in the opener, but recovered with wins over BOOT-d[S] and Renegades to get to the lower-bracket final of group A.

Securing the title in their first LAN outing isn't out of the question, says ropz

ropz has so far been the standout player for mousesports, leading his team with a 1.37 rating over five maps played, but is seemingly set on becoming even better. In our interview, ropz mentions that karrigan's leadership makes the team much less chaotic, and talks about his determination to improve.

What are the first impressions of the new squad, having a new IGL and three new teammates?

It is a completely different system from what we had, because we never had a dedicated in-game leader such as karrigan. It feels much better to play under karrigan, because it feels like we have more control over what we are doing, it is not so chaotic. There is just much less chaos overall and that feels really good, he is a really good in-game leader.

woxic and frozen are really talented and are showing that in practice, and I hope that they will keep going in the official matches that we have coming. They are really good and we feel really good in practice, we dominated a lot of the teams so I hope it will show in this tournament also.

How has it been for you personally? When the team got together, you tweeted about not playing this much CS in a long time, that you are feeling good individually, was that also in part due to the new team coming together?

Yeah, definitely. In the old lineup, it was always the same stuff, some things that motivated us, but probably more things that demotivated us. Yeah, it is just a new system and it kind of gives you more motivation. Overall, it is more on the personal side that I'm playing more now, because I think I didn't give my best last year, and even earlier, when I just started. I think I can do much better, put in more hours and become a much better player than I am.

mousesports as an organization also went through some changes, in terms of management and ownership. Has there been any change to how mousesports approach you as a team, any structural changes, or is it still like it was before, where it is more up to you as players to do what you want to do?

We are trying to become more professional on that side. Obviously, the best example of this is Astralis, they are taking everything on a really high level. We are trying to do that, but we are not going so hard, I guess. What we want to do is still up to us but mousesports are offering the options. If we want to do something, for example, have mental coaches or nutritionists, we have all the options, but it is still up to us to decide.

You touched on it before, that in practice you have been doing pretty well. Obviously, you don't know how it is going to translate to LAN matches and a tournament like this, but what is the realistic thinking for you? Is winning the tournament something that you think you can do?

When we play in practice it feels like we are a top5 team, honestly. (laughs) Everyone is just so good, everyone is hitting their shots, karrigan is giving really great calls, everything is just on point. I feel like top four is our expectation here, at least, but I still feel like we can win this tournament because we are playing so well.

In the opening match here you played BIG on Inferno, which from my perspective seems like a weird map pick considering you didn't go for Overpass. Can you tell me about the veto there and losing to BIG in the end?

We went into the veto and we knew it was going to be either Inferno or Overpass and we knew that their Overpass is a bit weak, but we still felt like our Inferno was really good, so we decided to go with it. Honestly, in the match, it felt like they got really lucky rounds, we won a lot of gun rounds and stuff like that but then tabseN just punished us, he pushed a lot mid-round and it wasa GG. He won a couple of rounds that, in the end, were really crucial. I feel really good on Inferno and it was the right map, but maybe it wasn't the right day.

I think you kind of proved that now in the match against Renegades, you won Train and then took Inferno. Touching on the map pool, you picked Train here; is that shaping up to being your go-to map in this new lineup?

It all depends on the opponent because we knew that their Train was not so good and we knew how to exploit pretty much every aspect of their Train. We had a pretty big gameplan for Train and then we also won on Inferno. We just knew that they are pretty bad on Train and that we should win that for sure, and then the next two maps we should win also.

Estonia Robin 'ropz' Kool
Robin 'ropz' Kool
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Denmark Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Finn 'karrigan' Andersen
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
s1mple | 
India S1ayR 
See mom! Your son is 1st
2019-05-01 15:36
Australia patrickb 
fuck you
2019-05-01 15:35
f0rest | 
Germany Brazzen 
2019-05-01 15:36
cry is free
2019-05-02 06:21
Sweden Unluko 
2019-05-01 15:36
United States fatburger 
2019-05-01 15:57
2019-05-01 16:16
Ukraine illinoize 
wait a minute she is busy right now
2019-05-01 15:38
k0nfig | 
Liechtenstein mary69 
2019-05-01 16:15
Laos El_Cholo 
hahaha best comment until today
2019-05-02 00:02
Did you shit on the street?
2019-05-02 04:30
North America ZachS721 
Let’s go ropz
2019-05-01 15:35
Denmark Cleandog 
2019-05-01 16:56
2019-05-01 15:36
Pakistan ^NewB 
2019-05-01 15:37
Finland EdiEz 
SuNny better
2019-05-01 15:37
i arent think that
2019-05-01 15:40
sunny is in every way a better than ropz
2019-05-01 16:23
Keep huffin'glue, pal.
2019-05-01 17:28
Bulgaria Cloudyx 
You probably dont know how sharp is ropz aim and how quick is he :D If he is not better than sunny he is in same place like him :D if you get what i mean :D
2019-05-01 18:22
what u mean
2019-05-01 19:14
sunNy #16 ropz #19
2019-05-02 00:45
Sunny teamless, ropz is not
2019-05-02 05:45
I guess Oskar is better than both ropz and sunny according to your logjc
2019-05-02 05:46
quite so
2019-05-02 07:13
2019-05-02 12:02
Ok mens
2019-05-02 15:37
Canada Michaelides 
2019-05-01 15:43
Finland EdiEz 
2019-05-01 15:44
Canada Michaelides 
Yea suNny was better in 2018 but where is he now? Ropz also has the most potential and is actually playing rn.
2019-05-01 15:46
+1 SuNny is good but ropz is better
2019-05-01 15:49
JW bestest
2019-05-01 16:21
oink oink
2019-05-01 17:22
"Some people call me Wonderchild, some call me pig, I like them both." What a god
2019-05-01 18:06
Finland EdiEz 
He will come back this month he said on stream
2019-05-01 16:03
Finland JoonaKrj 
Where is he now? IN A BENCH. It's been over 2 months and it aint sunnys fault that his in buy out
2019-05-01 16:04
Canada Michaelides 
It’s also his teams fault for not putting in the practice before the EU minor.
2019-05-01 16:09
This is the truest statement, sir. Hence the massive mouz shake-up. And suNny sitting on the bench. No dedication, no room for you. ropz is definitely proving hes an absolute beast.
2019-05-01 17:30
2019-05-02 16:21
cool but I dont really care
2019-05-01 15:37
Algeria Maxmeister 
2019-05-01 19:25
Thorin | 
Brazil rhuwu 
Good article
2019-05-01 15:38
Denmark Cleandog 
2019-05-01 16:57
Mexico BasicN1ga 
Ofc maquina
2019-05-01 15:38
Netherlands Removed 
said every cs player ever Yeah man we just gotta play more man put in more hours man just play our game man we can bounce back
2019-05-01 15:39
Netherlands Son_of_chrisj 
not what he said but ok
2019-05-01 16:05
Weird flex but ok
2019-05-01 16:50
So what were you doing all the time?..
2019-05-01 15:40
He was busy with school and homeworks? Now he have almost finished his school and become top5 player
2019-05-01 19:35
Netherlands byznavy 
I'd believe ropz can get be top 5 player he's young and talented
2019-05-01 15:43
Germany 1112Leon 
Become a better player because playing more hours? Ropz must be a genius.
2019-05-01 15:44
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
you can improve yes but you cant come even close to s1mple
2019-05-01 15:51
Thats for sure but potential top5 player if mouz can win some tournaments
2019-05-01 16:01
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-05-01 16:05
Ye, s1mple's individual dedication is as great as astralis team's
2019-05-01 16:18
2019-05-01 16:51
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
Theoritically he can yes, but less likely. There is only one GOD.
2019-05-01 16:52
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2019-05-01 17:31
2019-05-01 19:04
2019-05-01 15:54
NiKo | 
Asia LustBoi 
topz POG
2019-05-01 15:55
France J0riS 
He's in the Top 10 best players of 2019 if mouz get achievements
2019-05-01 16:00
United States DervGuy 
EZ Ropzicle
2019-05-01 16:07
amerikana dont talkin too much
2019-05-01 19:01
United States DervGuy 
Why so mean? :(
2019-05-01 19:37
pashabiceps will tell
2019-05-02 05:42
Oh okay
2019-05-02 05:54
United States nword_shoe 
wtf why attack
2019-05-01 23:07
Absolute unit
2019-05-01 16:08
actually everyone who played with karrigan says that he is a very good and dedicated igl, but unfortunately he's underrated because of that Boston final.
2019-05-01 16:11
If they get rid of Chrisj and kept Sunny they would be so much stronger side.
2019-05-01 16:20
cut botxic add sunny perfect lineup sorry but ChrisJ much better awper u will see that woxic will suck against any top10 team in they reach playoffs but Chris always consistent
2019-05-01 16:31
Well Woxic is young gun so he could be like top 5 awper i think. He had that 1 match against BIG that he was useless but that happens. On the other hand Chrisj will not improve and compared to Sunny he is way worse skillwise. And if you want to cut Woxic for another awper they could just stick with Oskar. Dont tell me that Chrisj is better awper than him. I just think that Chrisj is least skilled and potential wise player now in the lineup... if you didnt count Karrigan but with young guns like that you need good experienced IGL and Karrigan way better than Chrisj in that.
2019-05-01 16:45
+1 moreover chrisj is a really good support player
2019-05-01 16:53
Well Kerrigan is support too. So would you have rather Chrisj than Sunny in you team?
2019-05-01 16:57
Europe tweekzter 
depends if sunny was among the problems within team chemistry
2019-05-01 17:38
Thats a good point if he is dick irl. But i guess there is no chance to know that without some intern interview
2019-05-01 20:59
Well, is quite clear... he is on paper a better rifler, but they chose to have ChrisJ on the roster and not him.
2019-05-02 00:48
Denmark Cleandog 
Negative. Did you watch the matches today? Perfectly balanced team.
2019-05-01 16:58
Well y it was impressive win but Renegades didnt seem like they are in really strong mood today. Well lets see when they will be playing against top 5 teams. If they have enough firepower than. Maybe Chrisj is better there chemistry wise. But if you compare raw skill/firepower suNny is miles better.
2019-05-01 17:08
Renegades looked awful this whole tournament unfortunately. Wouldnt read anything into that result
2019-05-02 02:12
Slovakia SLAVak 
Yeah, like why are people looking for changes in teams when the team's playing good.. Most of roster changes are the fan's fault for putting too much hate on the players. And it fcks up the team even more.
2019-05-01 17:21
Denmark Cleandog 
Very true +1
2019-05-04 20:57
2 years in the pro scene this boi understood it, good job
2019-05-01 16:28
Yeah buy he was also busy with school and homeworks and stuff, that was main reason for not playing cs that much. Atleast now he finished his school and become top5 player
2019-05-01 19:34
"our goal its top4" xD being top4 then disbanding cuz fail qualify to Major omegalul
2019-05-01 16:29
Corrections:- Zywho S1mple 2v9
2019-05-01 16:54
#1 s1mple #2 ZyWoO ------------------- ------------------- REST
2019-05-01 17:01
Myanmar xdcc 
2v9? New 11 player game mode?
2019-05-02 00:36
S1mple is so good he counts as 2
2019-05-02 02:13
2019-05-02 03:26
Rip. I meant 2v8 lmao.
2019-05-02 03:26
They disbanded because the team chemistry went to shit. You saw ingame how chaotic and bad they were playing
2019-05-01 17:28
+1. Someone gets it. Laziness, egos needed checking. Fresh start mouz looks legit.
2019-05-01 17:32
+1 even if this roster looks worse on paper, they needed to make big changes.
2019-05-02 00:40
I don't think it looks bad on paper. Woxic and Ropz are top 20 players, ChrisJ knows how to hold himself together against Top 5 teams, Karrigan is an actual IGL and Frozen is so young and already getting good stats against T1 teams.
2019-05-02 00:45
I didn't say it looks bad on paper, I said it arguably looks worse. I think this team will perform just as well as the last team, if not better.
2019-05-02 00:53
On paper the new mouse roster looks better in almost every way
2019-05-02 05:50
Never forget the chrisj mirage ace
2019-05-02 02:13
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
2019-05-01 16:33
Canada Shadoww_ 
2019-05-01 16:58
+1 for best milf
2019-05-01 17:06
200 IQ PogU
2019-05-01 17:12
oskar | 
Czech Republic PaYaB 
God ropz needed a bit more space, in the old lineup he was usually anchor as ct, and that is probably the hardest thing to do.
2019-05-01 17:51
Brazil millerjmatos 
ropz top1 2020
2019-05-01 17:53
ropz have 200IQ and good aim he will be top5 player soon
2019-05-01 18:24
Brazil millerjmatos 
2019-05-01 19:39
when you don't actually put in enough hours when it's your career, lazy kid
2019-05-01 18:41
Dude calm down he was busy with school
2019-05-01 19:32
he aint been in school for well over a year now lol
2019-05-01 19:55
Sure he isnt school during the tournaments but How the f he is lazy when he got #19 2k18. Good achievement for being only 18 years old
2019-05-01 20:17
you didn't even read this post, so clearly there's nothin to talk about
2019-05-01 20:44
Dear finedenim, I did.
2019-05-01 20:52
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2019-05-02 00:26
quick maths
2019-05-02 01:21
2019-05-02 01:28
Canada suzi 
That’s a scary thought Ropz gonna be top 5 soon
2019-05-01 18:44
2019-05-01 20:54
ropz at his peak is already like a top 5 player tbch, massive competition for niko, naf device and magisk rn.
2019-05-01 19:24
Not enough hours?? Lul god
2019-05-01 19:32
Just get better 4head
2019-05-01 20:02
Kariganpointyourerectioninmydirection Lets go mouse.. Good to see Them back in form And Nice words on karigan
2019-05-01 20:07
NiKo | 
Serbia dvrtomic 
So put in more hours!
2019-05-01 21:34
Sweden Bakkmann 
Mouz is so impressive for such a new team
2019-05-01 22:01
Karrigan magic. "Make your team top 10 in 3 easy steps"
2019-05-02 00:51
Canada Michaelides 
But then plateau after a few months unfortunately.
2019-05-02 04:39
Ez Top1 incoming!!!!
2019-05-01 22:21
Kaze | 
Japan Whiteger 
I think he cant think 🤔🤔🤔🤔
2019-05-01 22:53
Australia CaZeR01 
Sydney crowd is gunna hate hate him again xd
2019-05-01 23:17
Japan Pingu_MOUZ 
let's go mouz !!
2019-05-01 23:24
Myanmar xdcc 
ropz top1 2019?
2019-05-02 00:12
Finland Autisthicc 
yea i think that applies to literally anyone, not just you ropz
2019-05-02 00:41
says every silver ever
2019-05-02 00:51
ropz is a god
2019-05-02 01:30
Macau shoxisagod 
you already are
2019-05-02 02:19
United States Vapr 
2019-05-02 05:12
no shit sherlock, yes if you put more hours you are going to be better, unless yo´re braindead
2019-05-02 07:19
Turkey nicemilitant 
ropz bro, you are crazy. keep your focus. we love you.
2019-05-02 12:04
you can suck my dick asshole
2019-05-02 12:06
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