tarik: "I think it will just be a matter of time before we get into the top 5 ranking"

We caught up with Tarik "⁠tarik⁠" Celik following NRG's last group stage game at IEM Sydney and discussed his break from competition, role on the team, and more.

NRG topped group B of IEM Sydney without dropping a map, taking down ViCi, FaZe, and MIBR in the process. The North Americans have therefore secured a place in the semi-finals of the tournament, on the opposite side of the bracket to Liquid.

tarik has been given the freedom to make plays in NRG

In our interview with tarik, we heard about him adding his ideas to NRG's game, how he sees the results they had so far and he thinks they think they can accomplish.

We didn't talk in a while, so how is it being back into competitive CS? You had a small break and you are now back in the saddle with NRG, how has that been?

I'm happy to be back, I did take a small break where I was just weighing my options and it did unfortunately lead to me missing the Major, but I am happy that I took the time off to sort of reset and think about what I want to do next. So far I'm happy with the decision I made, coming to NRG.

How is it working in terms of your role in the team? It is a different constellation of players than in MIBR or Cloud9, so how do you fit in here?

I think that coming into this team they have given me the freedom to do what I want, which is making plays, but I also have to be smart about when I do it. So far, I have been happy about plugging into their system. I think there are still things that I want to bring into the team, that we can improve on, but we have made a lot of progress since I've joined and things have been going well, so I'm happy.

You used to call in Cloud9, coming into NRG and playing under daps, how is that dynamic working? Are you helping out with the calls?

I'm trying to do my best to give input and feedback as to how I think we should be playing. They have been taking in a lot of it and we've changed a lot of stuff since I joined, I feel. I think they are very open to hearing my thoughts and that is really important for me because I do feel I have a good idea of what works and I also have a lot of experience playing with different teams. I think I know different playstyles and I feel like I'm trying to bring the good from those teams to this team to make us the best.

How do you rate what NRG managed to do so far here at IEM Sydney?

Making the semi-finals is definitely a big achievement for us since we did only recently have me join. We also had a good run at StarSeries where we made it to the semi-finals and eventually lost to fnatic in a close game. But I still want more and I think that we are hungry for the trophy and I want to make sure that we don't stop here, that we keep pushing.

Looking at the team, it is perhaps not super-star packed, but you have a lot of very good players. What do you look at being your win condition? What do you need for the team to push to that next level?

I think that we have a lot of firepower, there is a lot of skill on our team, but we don't necessarily need everyone to show up. I think that, as long as three out of five are showing up and we are making good calls and we are playing together, we have a good chance of winning every game. I think that with our lineup, if we do have everyone showing up in a match, that we are a very scary team, so the goal is to put everyone in their comfort zone, make sure everyone can play their own game, but also play together at the same time.

Currently you are ranked 11th in the HLTV team ranking, but that is obviously based on past performances and there haven't been a lot of LANs you played at. When you play, where do you see yourself fit in the rankings?

We've only been to two events with this lineup but I definitely see us as top 5 team right now. Obviously, we've only had practice against American teams but I can tell, just by how we are playing in practice and how things are progressing, that we can definitely take on the top teams. I think it will just be a matter of time before we get into the top 5 ranking.

United States Tarik 'tarik' Celik
Tarik 'tarik' Celik
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I agree with him but they still have a lot to prove. They only beat Vici (low tier), Faze (with stand-in) and mibr (also low tier). Let's talk when they beat good teams like Liquid, Astralis, Navi or a Faze without the coach. They have the potential to reach the top 5 but let's see what they can achieve in the future.
2019-05-02 20:48
2019-05-02 20:45
2019-05-02 20:50
not even the best NA team xd
2019-05-02 20:46
Germany HuCa
So that means they cant reach top 5 or what?
2019-05-02 20:51
they're not even in top 10 atm lol
2019-05-02 20:55
Smooya dont even have team , so?
2019-05-02 21:02
OK | 
Germany Aachen
wtf does that have to do with anything
2019-05-02 22:00
Sweden wtf_men
2019-05-03 15:36
India MihirX27
2019-05-03 17:00
Sweden wtf_men
nt bob n vagene)
2019-05-03 17:00
India MihirX27
nt (idk what to roast cuz you're flagged as the world, so I'll not even attempt to roast you, and instead, wish you a good day!)
2019-05-03 17:02
Sweden wtf_men
nt bob n vagene)
2019-05-04 02:34
Netherlands ZoMilan
Alex does
2019-05-02 22:26
I'll bet next Monday they'll be in the top 10. I'll just lay it out now that I think they'll be 7th or 8th. That's within shouting distance of 5th.
2019-05-02 21:13
Sweden Lagge15
I agree. If they also get to the final they might be 6th place.
2019-05-02 21:41
+1 People forget they aren't in top10 because of the addition of Tarik. The team loses points when it changes people
2019-05-02 21:45
wrong, the ranking only changes when 3+ players move, see sk/mibr they never left top 10 when they added Turik and Stewie also when taco and felps joined the others 3
2019-05-02 22:05
^ he's right, liquid kept their spot after they exchanged taco for stewie. They're ranked so low because of the 0-3 at major
2019-05-03 13:30
if they reach the finals 8th seems likely although getting into top 5 isn't as easy considering the teams currently placed there. Unless they start grinding for points like mibr did last year attending low tier LAN's, I very much doubt it.
2019-05-03 13:35
I don't mean now. I'm talking about in the next few months. If they make this Sydney final they're pretty much 8th. To make the top 5 they'd need to be able to beat ENCE or NaVi and get to a semi-final in a larger tournament. I'm not saying that'll happen, only that it's conceivable. It could just be the American in me, but I think they can beat NaVi and ENCE. I do not think they can beat Liquid or Astralis, or course.
2019-05-03 13:38
Turkey Samsun85
Right now... They are a top 5 team in the coming time.
2019-05-02 21:39
Agreed, they forgot that with this same roster, they gone 0-3 on Katowice, I know Tarik wasn't there but still
2019-05-02 22:11
Finland Faifainei
-same roster -Tarik not in it Its like you know you arent making any sense yourself
2019-05-03 09:47
I mean, they change 6 for a half a dozen in -Fugly +Tarik swap
2019-05-03 09:49
Poland Unluko
2019-05-02 20:46
2019-05-02 21:05
Europe Kermac
2019-05-02 21:32
Poland Unluko
2019-05-02 21:52
Go do it then))
2019-05-02 22:02
Poland Unluko
No :(
2019-05-02 22:02
Its ok men((
2019-05-02 22:29
Denmark Xipingu
Yes, that is ransomware
2019-05-03 00:33
India MihirX27
2019-05-03 17:00
M16R roasted hard , well done men))).
2019-05-02 21:03
Greece DarkiNsid3
Mibr low tier 😂
2019-05-02 21:27
Ahaha rekt
2019-05-03 00:54
"and mibr (also low tier)" aaaay lmao. hat mir den abend gerettet du spasst :D
2019-05-02 21:30
i love this joke of mibr being a "low tier team". dude ok u don't like the team, or the players, but saying they r a low tier team it's fucking retarded. And I don't think they gonna be top 5 that soon tbh, maybe top 10 , but top 5...
2019-05-02 22:33
if MiBR top 5 then NRG top 4 sorry oh wait lul MiBR not even gonna be top 10 after this event
2019-05-03 01:17
Who said mibr is top 5? He said mibr os pow tier team. Do u know how tier's work? Tier 1=top 10 teams. Do u think mibr doesn't belong there?
2019-05-03 01:21
Canada flame7
you are out of your fucking mind if you think tier 1 means top 10. 6-10 top teams can't compete against the very best, It's just a whole other level.
2019-05-03 02:07
I think He meant nrg not mibr
2019-05-03 04:56
lmao biggest big fan w/ mousesports flair
2019-05-02 22:47
Bulgaria zikinu
I can't believe they can beat liquid or astralis, man :(
2019-05-02 23:05
Wait till the Finals of this tourney. They will surely beat Team Liquid if both teams get to the Finals.
2019-05-02 23:13
Where is ENCE
2019-05-02 23:12
Look noob is saying- mibr low tier-
2019-05-02 23:18
Mibr low tier team? NT 0/8
2019-05-02 23:51
0-2'd by LULminosity. Cry is free!
2019-05-03 00:40
luminosity > faze
2019-05-03 01:46
2019-05-03 00:37
2019-05-03 06:43
Denmark Notallama
Your opinion should be among comment #100+ at least. What a waste of words and attention.
2019-05-03 08:09
Bulgaria doge_one
Fam Ynk is a legend
2019-05-03 14:17
Ur forgetting ENCE
2019-05-03 19:25
You wish
2019-05-02 20:45
Men mibr is the best team in the world men how can you be so stupid men Brazil 7282 world cup German 727 world cups
2019-05-02 20:47
*BraindeadOFhltv That's a far better name men.)))
2019-05-03 00:41
IrOnY bRaIndEAd
2019-05-03 02:24
2019-05-02 20:46
No one: Tarik: we will be in top 5
2019-05-02 20:46
Go back to YouTube with that shitty meme Very few things piss me off....the memes in YouTube comments and stuffed noses
2019-05-02 21:01
Na triggered confirmed
2019-05-02 21:48
No one : Tarik : we will be in top 5 You : lmao I'm dumb let's do a meme with that Me : he's right they have the potential to be top 5 and I fuck you
2019-05-02 21:05
Not at this year top 5 atleast,they won Faze with coach= top5??
2019-05-02 21:56
they will do it in 3/4 months
2019-05-02 22:04
Not so fast
2019-05-03 04:17
3-4 years perhaps. And not with this roster.
2019-05-03 06:45
Maybe without daps
2019-05-03 13:45
Makes no sense but ok. Nice try tho , rate it 1/11. The meme overall makes no sense tbh
2019-05-02 21:05
Good meme ruined by normies as always
2019-05-02 23:52
like everything in the world
2019-05-03 00:09
Somebody : Currently you are ranked 11th in the HLTV team ranking, but that is obviously based on past performances and there haven't been a lot of LANs you played at. When you play, where do you see yourself fit in the rankings? Tarik : I think we will be in TOP 5
2019-05-03 00:12
Well done. It’s literally right there in the interview.
2019-05-03 02:09
United Kingdom TC10
seemsgood, nice nrg roster atm
2019-05-02 20:46
Hmmmm, interesting. Good Luck then, bro.
2019-05-02 20:46
2019-05-02 20:47
+1 Your country have the best scene , NA nubs not even close to you. Azerbaijan MGE > NA Rank S
2019-05-02 21:07
2019-05-02 21:53
Who? Edit : Nvm , his name exist in HLTV yet i've never heard about him.
2019-05-04 01:19
2019-05-03 10:35
Singapore FallBlade
content king
2019-05-02 20:47
2019-05-02 20:47
they're better than ence and faze imo
2019-05-02 20:47
Either FaZe choke or NRG. I want to see intense match , but not 16-10 or 9-16. The score is close but when you're watching the game... its just boring
2019-05-02 21:10
United States kami917
What you meant to say was you want to see them play FaZe with their full roster instead of a standin.
2019-05-02 23:51
Imagine being this delusional
2019-05-03 01:12
LuL Mibr fan (says enough about the IQ) barely beating faze when they play with coach instead of starplayer "better" ahahhaahaaha go away monkey
2019-05-03 03:08
lmao talking shit about faze really got u up in ur feelings right cya in 10 years
2019-05-03 04:18
+1 tarik
2019-05-02 20:49
True words from him EZ TOP 1 2020
2019-05-03 00:59
2019-05-02 20:49
planck length brain tarik
2019-05-02 20:51
Switzerland x676
Eternity is a form of time
2019-05-02 20:52
Poland Ktav
2019-05-02 22:03
-daps +autimatic ez top5 team even top4
2019-05-02 20:58
no you won't
2019-05-02 20:59
in your dreams snake
2019-05-02 21:02
Tarik do céu
2019-05-02 21:04
Malaysia jskhoo
He needs see doctor
2019-05-02 21:05
tarik god
2019-05-02 21:05
2019-05-02 21:09
Russia LeGoBoys
2019-05-02 21:15
2019-05-02 21:15
tfw nrg has a better roster than c9
2019-05-02 21:18
Tfw even nip is better than nrg
2019-05-02 21:36
Now you can come back to reality lol. NiP could be better if they got rid of the GTR
2019-05-02 21:49
Denmark lulgod
They dont lmao
2019-05-02 21:49
I look at the hltv rating,and what do i see - nip#7,shitrg #11
2019-05-02 22:34
Denmark lulgod
C9 is 39 on hltv ranking, what's your point, and NRG will be above nip after Sydney
2019-05-02 22:35
Turkey Samsun85
2019-05-03 00:25
nip sucks
2019-05-02 21:57
I don't think so.
2019-05-02 22:10
Bait, not even top 10
2019-05-02 21:19
2019-05-02 21:23
United States noCap
They could be the best team in the world if they drop daps
2019-05-02 21:29
I disagree. Daps is the IGL and handling this lineup well.
2019-05-02 21:49
Idk bro, daps is a good support player.. good IGL too (from the outside).. but yeah.. Tarik can lead pretty well so they could get rid of daps
2019-05-02 22:24
they could be the best team in the world , if everyone stopped playing
2019-05-03 03:09
not even then :)
2019-05-03 03:33
LOL no...
2019-05-02 21:30
So humble
2019-05-02 21:30
Keep on dreaming bot
2019-05-02 21:35
NRG managment: - Jennifer Lopez just invested 15m$ in us, but how we can accumulate even more ez money? Tarik: - Hold my beer
2019-05-02 21:44
lol > 4/0 ed by fnatic in the same tournament > potential to be top 5
2019-05-02 21:56
17-19 in 2 maps.. 1st event with new team.. 1/8
2019-05-02 22:25
still 4/0ed, check the interview he already consider this team as top 5 lmao, flair checked out btw
2019-05-03 07:03
Yeah.. random hltv user knows better about the team than a team member himself.. And what about the 4-0 against mibr.. mibr are a top 10 team, right?
2019-05-03 09:51
they got 2 top tier riflers and cerq is a top5 awper. tarik was a great addition, because fugly was the weak link. the only one to worry about is daps. this team got enough skill to be top5 kill but they need a really good leader and daps might not be the one.
2019-05-02 21:58
"We've only been to two events with this lineup but I definitely see us as top 5 team right now" top 5 team that manage to get 2x 2/0ed by a team that wasnt even in the top 10 in the same tournament
2019-05-02 21:59
Top 5 team that lost a bo3 at epl to renegades who had a stand in, they have had a good event but they aren’t top 5 yet haha
2019-05-03 04:13
doubt it
2019-05-02 22:33
Nice jinx, now you gonna lose against fnatic in the semis again
2019-05-02 22:35
Spain elskio
maybe if they kick you
2019-05-02 22:35
peanut brain in game and in interviews xDDD
2019-05-02 22:39
How about you come to c9
2019-05-02 22:52
1.Astralis 2. Liquid 3. NaVi 4. Ence 5. NRG Future
2019-05-02 23:19
Peanut brain not even close to top 10
2019-05-02 23:28
United States stotte
not with you on the team
2019-05-02 23:50
In your dream
2019-05-02 23:51
South Africa HueyAtxri
highly possible, just depends on Brehze and Cerq being consistent instead of showing up every 3 or 4 maps. especially when many teams aren't performing that well too
2019-05-03 00:36
to be fair,NRG is the best NA team
2019-05-03 00:57
2019-05-03 01:01
2019-05-03 01:00
I aren't think that
2019-05-03 01:12
If two NA teams make it into the top 5 rankings of csgo, its over
2019-05-03 01:24
United States noCap
It already happened earlier this year
2019-05-03 02:49
yea well alright then its already over, i felt it coming. it was nice knowing this game
2019-05-03 03:00
it would probably be truly over if 2 swedish ever made top 5 at the same time again
2019-05-03 04:28
Then its back at where it should be, lets be honest
2019-05-03 04:30
no the game would be dead
2019-05-03 04:31
the game is dead
2019-05-03 04:33
you mean back to when there were less teams competitive teams lol, k
2019-05-03 04:33
2019-05-03 04:33
that was boring tho
2019-05-03 04:34
it was the peak, no one watches naf fly playing adren and shit players like that
2019-05-03 04:35
cs has only grown since. when you look back players and strats were worse. forest/getright haven't become worse, there are just better players out there now
2019-05-03 04:37
Yes ofcourse, but so has the gaming community, so your point is pointless.
2019-05-03 04:39
Astralis,Liquid,NaVi,FaZe,Mouz > NRG
2019-05-03 02:47
2019-05-03 03:19
top 5 with daps ? kkkkkkkkkkk
2019-05-03 03:20
Tarik you can't carry NRG to top 5, don't try
2019-05-03 03:31
It is always a matter of time
2019-05-03 03:37
Netherlands dabadpad
a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loooooooooooooooooooong tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
2019-05-03 03:53
Japan FPS_Erra
i arnt think that Turok
2019-05-03 04:04
good team but nothing more high
2019-05-03 04:22
United States Schafer
for sure man for sure
2019-05-03 04:31
i mean if ence is in top 5 then ofcourse
2019-05-03 04:39
China hdgamerrr
0-3 at the next major
2019-05-03 06:35
That is if they even show up LMAO
2019-05-03 20:48
I aren't think that.
2019-05-03 06:42
2019-05-03 07:13
top 5 with daps(×)
2019-05-03 07:30
Tarik makes a good content here.. He is a very good player with a huge experience in his backpack. NRG is improving themselves by every game. Of course , they are not as good as , for example , like NaVi , but I think that we will see NRG making impact on that TOP 10 teams very soon !
2019-05-03 10:55
Sounds like delusional dreaming to me.
2019-05-03 12:22
He meant tier-5
2019-05-03 13:13
They are better than Renegades already
2019-05-03 14:17
tarik insane S2
2019-05-03 17:06
2019-05-04 11:30
India Dem1se
this statement aged well 😂
2019-05-04 15:21
loses to fnatic : We will be top 5 xD even ViCi > nrg
2019-05-05 00:30
I already called this shit a while ago, retards arguing with me NRG top 5 OMEGALUL
2019-05-05 00:34
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