fnatic win King of the Game at e-Stars

July 26th, 2009 11:09
fnatic claim their fourth big win in 2009, making nobody doubt that they are the team to beat in the world for the time being.

The Swedes faced South Korean team WeMade FOX in the King of the Game at e-Stars Seoul 2009. WeMade FOX had been playing very impressive during the entire e-Stars Seoul 2009 tournament, but faced no mercy against fnatic.

First map saw fnatic taking a 16-12 win on nuke, which was due to a very well executed T side. Moving on to second map dust2, fnatic once again showed they are very strong on the map. Their T side ended 14-1 in favor of the Swedes and winning the CT pistolround made the victory official, as the following round went without problem to the Swedes.

26th July 2009
Best of 3

The third/fourth-place decider match saw mTw winning against SK Gaming. The Danes played a really great game and the Swedes looked really moody, taking in consideration that they lost to WeMade FOX. First map dust2 went down with a 16-12 win for mTw. Second map inferno once again saw a strong mTw finished off what they started, winning 16-7 and claiming third place in the King of the Game tournament at e-Stars Seoul 2009.

26th July 2009
Best of 3

Final Standings

1. Sweden fnatic - €8.500
2. Korea WeMade FOX - €2.250
3. Denmark mTw – €1.100
4. Sweden SK Gaming - €550
5-6. China TyLoo
5-6. Kazakhstan k23

This ends the e-Stars Seoul 2009 tournament. The Swedes from fnatic did it again, adding another title to their resume. You can find all results, demos and photos from the tournament, by swinging by our coverage section.

We will be processing statistics in the next few days, followed by POV-demos at a later stage.
Turkey dotty 
f0rest :E
2009-07-26 11:10
And now it's proofed: fnatic is currently the best counter-strike team in the world!
2009-07-26 11:12
Poland IbR 
2009-07-26 11:19
2009-07-26 12:17
+1 :D they are
2009-07-26 13:41
-1 they are'nt
2009-07-26 18:02
So who do you think is?
2009-07-26 20:49
Noone, if you get what i mean ;) My personal thought is that, noone in Counter-Strike is nr.1. Atleast not in these modern times... But they sure are "The Team to Beat" right now. If you watched all of fnatic's matches, they really didn't play good at the eStart event, neither did any other team, (except for TyLoo imo) They played very close up with mTw, which i didn't expect. I felt a time on de_dust2 that mTw was even close at winning the whole semi-final. But as always mTw fails on de_dust2... You can base this on one thing... Counter-Strike is random. Always will be :b
2009-07-27 03:23
If cs is random why is it then the same 3-4 teams who dominate each event? If fnatic isn't the best why do they win over and over again? But okay, you've got one thing right - they are the team to beat, not in some lame ass groupplay but place above in an event - yeah - since they are numerous uno :)
2009-07-27 06:54
You really got a point here, I totally see what you're saying, it's kinda true. you gotta admit though, atm it's pretty much fnatic coming out on top, even thoung they sometimes have to struggle in the group stage / on their way to the final =)
2009-07-27 09:33
Of course ;)
2009-07-27 15:35
f0rest | 
Belgium kriaNk 
Agreed! Randomness kills the game sometimes.. You can notice it in every war you play! :)
2009-07-31 10:48
i think mouse is the best at the moment ! 1-mouse 2-fnatic 3-mTw 4-WMF 5-WICKED
2009-07-26 12:47
Definitely NOT, did you miss e-stars or the last few tournaments? I respect your opinion, but I really don't think that mouz could outplay fnatic. But we'll see at the next tournament =)
2009-07-26 13:33
I agree with you! Do you know when is the next time they will play together?
2009-07-26 15:42
I have no idea sorry ;)
2009-07-26 17:58
totally true, fnatic have won ESWC cheonan, EM-global finals, KODE5 and now e-Stars seoul. mouz only won GameGune which didn't have teams like WMF, SK, fnatic, and mTw. with those 4 teams, mouz would probably not win.
2009-07-26 17:05
well mouse are in a very good shape but fnatic are pwning everybody
2009-07-26 13:47
They so are not. And WMF are better than mTw.
2009-07-26 13:53
Netherlands TqN 
yeah because they live in a special house :) :)
2009-07-26 15:56
Hahaha. I think mTw will become better with some training;)
2009-07-26 16:25
when wmf plays out of korea, their level is really not the same. wmf @ home > mTw only i think
2009-07-26 20:04
Maybe not now since WMF actually has done a lot of practice, whilst the European teams have been on vacation and stuff...
2009-07-26 21:42
Netherlands TqN 
2009-07-26 20:20
Maybe... highly doubt it though.
2009-07-26 18:01
They apparently are?
2009-07-26 21:42
Based on what?
2009-07-27 03:24
This tournament.
2009-07-27 12:59
Hmm, the first match they played was pretty close, and the second match mTw totally dominated them?...
2009-07-27 15:36
But they still placed ahead of them, how?
2009-07-27 22:45
Group points, and not meeting mTw in the semi-final, and losing bigger to the team that mTw lost to...
2009-07-28 05:14
Yes, but the fact that they got more points in the group proves SOMETHING. mTw will definitely be better in a few months, though now they've had vacation so WMF is better atm imo. :P
2009-07-28 13:20
Nah, doesen't prove anything in this matter.
2009-07-31 19:15
Ok, they got more points due to the sun being to the northwest.
2009-08-03 15:41
Yeah that gotta be right, cause that's funny... yeah.
2009-08-03 15:46
GameGune have not more strong teams like estars seoul and you tell 1-mouz if fnatic had gone to gamegune they will taking 1 place easly from estars seoul
2009-07-26 15:38
I think fnatic is number 1 right now, and tbh i believe SK is 2 , since the last tournaments i've been watching, it's been fnatic-SK in final.. But not in this one =D! Just me talking though..
2009-07-26 17:54
wcg will tell you everything!! I cant wait for it!!!
2009-07-26 14:24
Mouse can't play at wgc with gob b (correct me if I'm wrong)so it won´t tell everything.
2009-07-26 19:12
2009-07-26 19:14
Estonia l00k 
lol @ prizemoney
2009-07-26 11:13
wtf? 06:00 - Sudden Attack Final 07:30 - Club Audition Final 09:00 - WarCraft III Final 11:30 - Counter-Strike 1.6 Final 13:30 - StarCraft Final the final isn't 11:30? Oo
2009-07-26 11:13
Denmark Nix0n 
They decided to play it a lot sooner, trust me, we got pissed too.
2009-07-26 11:15
omg :'(
2009-07-26 11:15
yeah im pissed aswell, i took my time to shower, eat and drink etc. - then booted my pc around 11:30 (expected a delay) then the final already has been played. =/
2009-07-26 11:34
lol me too!!!
2009-07-26 11:43
same here, I'm very disappointed
2009-07-26 11:48
lol, i was waiting, so i was playing a real nuubish public server, a random public server. fragging alot, different maps, and watching the clock, then I come back to hltv at 11:05, because the server was too boring, and guess what. People already celebrating Fnatics victory, IF you could see my face rigth then, it literally transformed into the letters W-T-F, my head had that shape, so My little brother asked me why my head was replaced by some letters, and I had to say "something very stupid happened," and that was it. so i sat there in front of the screen, just looking at the desktop wallpaper for a long,long time, i must have gotten into some kind of hypnotic trance for like 15-20 min. Then I got over it and "woke-up", and now im ok. but i hope they never do that kind of BS again.
2009-07-26 13:33
I lol'd. :D
2009-07-26 13:54
Germany M1n1M3 
in korea cs isnt egame #1 would never happen to warcraft final thats sux i was lucky and saw the 2nd map live
2009-07-26 11:37
I know, but WC3 isn't the biggest one either, the WC3 final started 2hrs later than scheduled. It's all about StarCraft!
2009-07-26 11:49
Germany M1n1M3 
oh, right the commentators were starcraft nerds too :S whatever ^^ i hope there will be demos. plz say yes :/
2009-07-26 11:54
2009-07-26 12:18
same here, most unproffesional event.... ffs everyone can not just sit and wait for these changes and delays all the time...
2009-07-26 12:24
fnatic is that parents?
2009-07-26 11:15
France klwN 
fnatic really are amazing, sick players... even when you may think their winning streak has come to an end, they manage to reach grand final and to own a really dominating team with 2-0 and a 16-1 result. of course it's too bad they lost their first maps in a long time in this tournament but they still are on top :] amazing tournament that showed us that actually most of the EU teams wouldn't stand a chance against TyLoo, k23 and of course WMF, looking forward to see them play more often in EU tourneys.
2009-07-26 11:14
EU teams werent training, most of them were in vacation ( mTw, carn, f0rest, dsn, and i don't know for SK )
2009-07-26 11:18
France klwN 
not talking about them, in the end they did quite a good job against most of them. I'm talking about all the ones that weren't at eStars and would have HUGE problems fighting against the three East teams :D
2009-07-26 11:23
GeT_RiGhT wasn't he's just playing CS... And some more CS....
2009-07-26 13:55
congratz fnatic
2009-07-26 11:16
Poland bkx 
Hahahha 1st place - 8500 euros, GameGune - 12000 euros. fnatic are now top1 in the world, gg!
2009-07-26 11:16
Don't forget the continental cup that was played Friday, that had prizes too, plus the trip and hotel was all free for the teams here, so do not be so harsh on e-Stars..
2009-07-26 11:18
Poland bkx 
Ah, didn't know about it..
2009-07-26 11:22
so nice i wish i were there!
2009-07-26 12:19
wasn't there other prices aswell, for the winning teams of the threesome and/or deathmatch?
2009-07-26 17:32
But in Continental Cup: Winning Side - $7,150 per team Winning Side Headcoach - $1,600 Losing Side - $3,575 per team Losing Side Headcoach - $800
2009-07-26 11:20
Hard to say if this whas invite then EVEN 5000eirous for 1st would be too much..
2009-07-26 11:32
GJ ! champions
2009-07-26 11:17
What has also been proven is that WemadeFOX is up there with the best European teams. Well played :)
2009-07-26 11:19
Bulgaria dkv 
fnatic the best team 4ever
2009-07-26 11:19
Poland IbR 
And the largest looser of e-Stars is WMF... they played very well all the time and claimed "only" second place, they should win this.
2009-07-26 11:23
France klwN 
I would say SK, seeing them at 4th spot is quite a shock. but gotta admit WMF's situation is quite embarassing haha :D
2009-07-26 11:27
yea they deserved that!
2009-07-26 12:20
Losers? I think they're really happy about their second place, noone had expected that!
2009-07-26 13:56
fnatic ftw i love fnatic .... wooooooho man yupppie fnatic made my day ... i will be happy for like 1 week .... no one can give me any tension ;)
2009-07-26 11:28
insane 4ever
2009-07-27 19:08
when will be the wcg 09 and should those teams be more prepared for that event?
2009-07-26 11:29
Really good coverage by hltv.org. Thank you, hltv.org! Many thanks to NIXON, NOMAD AND MIRRA for the best report out there.
2009-07-26 11:34
2009-07-26 11:35
Germany M1n1M3 
+1 +thx for the vids
2009-07-26 11:40
France klwN 
+1 thx guys <3
2009-07-26 11:45
2009-07-26 11:49
2009-07-26 12:20
+1 good job :)
2009-07-26 13:23
2009-07-26 13:56
+1 great job HLTV.org you guys keep getting better and better! not like some other pages :/
2009-07-26 14:29
Thanks, we try our best.. :)
2009-07-26 16:13
Where demos from GRAND FINAL ?
2009-07-26 11:39
there aren't demos from grand final cause the final was only on stream
2009-07-26 11:43
There are actually, however only from one of the maps, as the admins "forgot" to record the second map. Clap-clap...
2009-07-26 11:47
Germany M1n1M3 
noooooo wtf shame on estar admins maybe we get ineyes from the teams
2009-07-26 11:55
Oh you will ;)
2009-07-26 11:56
Germany M1n1M3 
2009-07-26 12:06
u will make movie ?! :D
2009-07-26 12:21
Germany M1n1M3 
hehe for sure not :) no disk space and no time :P and im not really creativ :P
2009-07-26 14:35
Lithuania DZG 
random game
2009-07-26 11:46
WMF played very well at this event.They trained very hard. I guest no team in EU trained like them.
2009-07-26 11:56
I guess you are right, and we will investigate that very soon, stay tuned for more.
2009-07-26 11:57
ok now this is getting interesting :P
2009-07-27 12:06
I promise you it's true.
2009-07-26 13:57
i've seen aztec being played during the match sk vs WMF, but has cbble been played?
2009-07-26 11:59
Yea, mTw played k23 on cbble in the threesome match..
2009-07-26 12:02
ok ty
2009-07-26 13:09
yes i think mtw played it against k23
2009-07-26 12:05
India Fzr 
n1 fnatic......i remember last year when mtw was dominating, there were many comments like "fnatic's worst map is d2", "fnatic will get pwned on d2"...........i guess all those comments have been laid to rest after this victory
2009-07-26 12:03
that's cus last year fnatic where really bad on dd2. but with the lineupswitch they seems to manage any map. de_train is still de_fnatic, nuke is a good map for all the swedish teams i think(?). when you come to think about it, inferno might be fnatic's worst map, and they don't suck there either ; D
2009-07-26 12:48
de_train is definitely not fnatic's map! They said themselves "We'll probably win this as long as we don't play train too much" and you saw what happened when they played WMF @ train.
2009-07-26 13:58
Lithuania D3t 
Fnatic!!! #1
2009-07-26 12:03
Fnatic is Kings of the Game !!
2009-07-26 12:11
Heh, next year = Crack Clan xD
2009-07-26 12:17
Fnatic FTW !!! ;]
2009-07-26 12:26
Czech Republic acn 
2009-07-26 12:34
ahahah SK 550 $ ))))))))))))))) can they buy some ice-creams ? =)))))
2009-07-26 12:35
euro not $
2009-07-26 12:37
yeah thx dude , but it change nothing ))) 110€ to which player , i think the ticket for a plane more than it ^_^
2009-07-26 12:42
read #15
2009-07-26 12:59
Everything's paid by the organizers.
2009-07-26 13:58
SK are so unlucky....i hope they win next event...anyway fnatic pwns.
2009-07-26 12:39
yeah , prizes are so low. They bought expensive tickets to asia and they win 550 euros :D
2009-07-26 12:41
no they didnt buy anything
2009-07-26 12:41
They got everything paid by the Koreans..
2009-07-26 13:59
nice fnatic :)
2009-07-26 12:44
anybody know ? does k23 beat somebody ?? i think no , isn it ?
2009-07-26 12:45
they won SK and they tied WMF
2009-07-26 13:37
At least SK players got their massive 112.5 Euros per face, flyinging to korea and playing cs 3days in a row was worth of affording a new mouse
2009-07-26 12:46
No not really, though they probably had fun aswell...... And if I'm not mistaking, it's 110€.
2009-07-26 14:00
Oh my fucking god....
2009-07-26 14:19
idiot, they got £3,575 from the threesome/Deathmatches aswell. also, they didn't pay anything for the tickets to asia.
2009-07-26 18:50
And you are saying.. ? What is your point ? Why you replied ?
2009-07-26 21:26
"Don't forget the continental cup that was played Friday, that had prizes too, plus the trip and hotel was all free for the teams here, so do not be so harsh on e-Stars..But in Continental Cup: Winning Side - $7,150 per team Winning Side Headcoach - $1,600 Losing Side - $3,575 per team Losing Side Headcoach - $800"
2009-07-26 12:46
GG fnatic and WMF. I'm surprised to see fnatic > WMF > mTw > SK =)
2009-07-26 12:47
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
fnatic rules the CS scene this year
2009-07-26 12:58
why didnt they go to gamegune ? more money was there
2009-07-26 13:37
The GameGune winners received 12000€, right? The winners here received 8500€. If Team West would've won the Continental Cup they would've received 7150$ per team, which would've made the total amount of prize money for fnatic more than 12000€.
2009-07-26 14:03
they got money for losing it aswell
2009-07-26 16:54
Yes though not so much that it became more than 12000€.
2009-07-26 21:43
actually they got more, 3575+8500=12075
2009-07-27 16:16
The Continental Cup prizes was DOLLAR.
2009-07-27 22:44
nice :) Good Job fnatic
2009-07-26 13:45
gg fnatic
2009-07-26 13:55
GG fnatic :) nic job done :) the besttt :)
2009-07-26 14:07
fnatic is now the best clan on the world. nice tournament
2009-07-26 14:37
i wanna see them at wcg, dreamhack winter and cpl and pronounce then :)
2009-07-26 15:13
Germany M1n1M3 
dust2 demo starts at 9-1 ?? :(
2009-07-26 14:52
yeah :(
2009-07-26 16:12
congratulations fnatic :]
2009-07-26 15:23
this start to be boring fnatic always win --' btw congratulations fnatic
2009-07-26 15:33
Fnatic always ftw gg
2009-07-26 15:35
2009-07-26 15:42
www.hltv.org/?pageid=82&eventid=370 www.hltv.org/?pageid=82&eventid=369
2009-07-26 16:25
a team with f0rest and get_right does not belong to any other place in the world ranking bar the number 1 spot
2009-07-26 16:20
Nice fnatic !
2009-07-26 16:24
Orwall's clutch LAST Round was LOL!!! =D So smart, so well done. Deserved, maybe we can see what SK did in 2003 for fnatic in 2009?
2009-07-26 16:52
Australia bpr 
lol fnatic started off terrible, looked like they didn't have this one, yet they pulled thru in the finals, gratz fnatic get_RiGhHhHGHGHht love ya m8
2009-07-26 16:52
Congratulations fnatic Team! gg Wemade FOX!
2009-07-26 16:54
Congrats :)
2009-07-26 16:58
Reallly nice coverage by our HLTV.org crew!!! Hats oFF!! Please cud we have interviews from WMF players and the others too..?? and btw, which is the next tourney?when and where?
2009-07-26 17:10
dont know which will be the next tournament, but there still is WCG, DHW09 and maybe cpl?
2009-07-26 18:52
WMF used to lost EU team in final matches.Seem they lack stuff.
2009-07-26 17:57
fnatic is easy the best team in the world!
2009-07-26 18:57
POV demos from e-Stars will be avanaible ?
2009-07-26 19:28
gj fnatic !
2009-07-26 19:42
2009-07-26 19:57
gratz fnatic ~!
2009-07-26 19:59
Fnatic are undoubtly and by far, the best team in the world right now. :)
2009-07-26 20:30
Demo from de_nuke final!
2009-07-26 21:47
mTw Will Always Pwn Sunde 4ever @
2009-07-26 21:52
fnatic pwns mTw hahaa
2009-07-26 21:54
and SK crushed fnatic and mTw crushed SK and so on..atm are only 4 top teams: mTw,WMF,fnatic,SK and that`s all,you can`t say which is 1st.
2009-07-27 12:01
You can easily say who is first, that is fnatic, fnatic has won more than any other team this year, their consistency with placing first is impressive, you cant say the same for SK/WMF/MTW.
2009-07-27 12:39
sk is very down this* time !!
2009-07-27 01:31
Really missing the final breakthrough by SK since the addition of zet. It is really the opposite from fnatic's perspective, playing Dust2, their "damned" map not long ago, and dominating it.
2009-07-27 17:54
SK are better with zet anyways but i do thought that if zet would be added to the lineup then the real SK would be unleashed. congratz fnatic ;)
2009-07-28 20:35
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