REZ: "We always have close matches, so I want to be able to really destroy a team"

We sat down with Fredrik "REZ" Sterner to talk about NiP's trials ahead of BLAST Pro Series Madrid.

NiP reached the quarter-finals at IEM Sydney less than a week ago, a tournament in which they went out in a very close best-of-three match to their Swedish rivals fnatic before flying out to Madrid to compete at BLAST Pro Series, where they will face off against some of the best teams in the world.

NiP will try to overcome their issues with closing out matches in Madrid

After resting on their only day off after traveling from Australia, REZ talked about NiP's hard time closing out matches, giving up big leads, what they need to make it to the next level, and what he would like to see his team achieve during the two days of play in the Spanish capital.

Let's start talking about the whole scheduling conversation that's happening right now, as you're coming straight from Sydney. Long travel, not much rest, how are you coming into this event?

Fine, I think. We planned out the year so we know where we have to go, it's not a surprise. We can't blame ourselves for going to many tournaments, although it's tough to travel so far, but it's fine. This will be the toughest one, going from Sydney to Madrid with only one day of rest, but I think we can manage. We've all beaten the jet lag pretty well, and we all got some good rest. We're prepared.

You come off of a tough quarter-final loss to fnatic. It was a close and exciting match, but you came out on the losing end. Has that affected you at all, or have you bounced back pretty well?

It was a tough loss, for sure, because we had a lot of opportunities to close it out. I think our main issue right now is closing matches out. That's really what we have to focus on and work on, to be able to close out matches. It's something we have a really hard time doing and we need to not get too calm when we're in the lead, we need to keep the same focus and motivation when we're in the lead because when we lose our focus and motivation we give other teams an opportunity to strike back.

How do you think you can improve on that?

When we practice we need to never reset, to never calm down, to always try and end the match. It feels like we've given up so many rounds on every map in which we've had a good lead during the past few months. It's not just the clutches, it's the mindset we have going into the game. We need to have the same mindset when we lead than we do when we're losing.

You've been in this top 6-9 area in the ranking for the past couple of months. Where do you think the ceiling for this team is?

I think we belong where we are right now. The way we played lately, I don't think we deserve to go up in the rankings, I think we need to work on a lot of things. We need to be able to win the matches against teams like fnatic, we need to be able to take down teams like this easily if we want to go up in the ranking, and this is all connected to what I was saying about closing matches.

We talked about dennis coming back already, but you've had a couple of events now to feel it out, so how's it going? Are you finding your groove again?

He's doing really well from what I've heard, and I can feel it in him, that he's doing really well. He needed some time off and we respected it. Before draken came in we had a really structured team and we had worked really hard with him, and we had to put it on pause when draken came in. Now, we have to rebuild that structure, and I think it's going to work.

Let's talk consistency. You had Pro League, which didn't go so well, then Sydney, where you made playoffs and lost to fnatic in a very close match. Where do you see yourself now?

We're at a point where we consistently reach playoffs, and I'm fine with that, but at some point it gets really frustrating. It has been a really long time since we reached a final, that was at BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen against Na`Vi, so it's been a really long time. But reaching playoffs is always progress for me, it says that there aren't that many things to work on and we're doing well, it's just the little things that we need to focus on to reach the next level, to reach the finals, that's what we need to work on now.

Coming into this event with a lot of BO1s, do you think you can go all the way and make the final?

I think this is a really good challenge because a lot of top teams are here. I'm not going to give predictions or anything, but if we manage to get at least three wins against these teams I would be proud of that.

So I know you guys don't like to talk much about goals and predictions and so on, but are there some goals about how you want to see the team performing, or a way you want to play?

Yeah, as I said before, I want to be able to close matches when we have a lead. We haven't had a match in which we crushed our opponents, like 16-8 or 16-7. It's been a while since we've had that, we always have these close matches, so I want to be able to really destroy a team. That's my goal. [laughs]

Sweden Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
Fredrik 'REZ' Sterner
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2019-05-09 16:04
Sweden Unluko 
2019-05-09 16:05
Denmark Twick_ 
He is too bad too kill
2019-05-09 16:05
2019-05-09 16:06
2019-05-09 16:07
2019-05-09 17:33
India Noobdian1 
2019-05-09 16:05
India Tritium 
2019-05-09 16:12
2019-05-09 17:14
2019-05-09 16:27
Denmark oskarsports 
not with nip
2019-05-09 16:04
Kriegs | 
Ukraine s1v9mple 
2019-05-09 16:04
India Noobdian1 
2019-05-09 16:05
2019-05-09 20:36
the only team nip can destroy is themselves
2019-05-09 16:05
Chill out REZ
2019-05-09 16:05
Czech Republic QuertyX 
2019-05-09 16:05
Norway k3ron 
REZ is a team destroyer :O
2019-05-09 16:05
India Noobdian1 
Yes men he destroy opponents
2019-05-09 16:11
he looks like a trap
2019-05-10 01:15
United States Eduzera 
2019-05-09 16:06
Netherlands gelm1r 
inb4 movistar riders 16-0 nip
2019-05-09 16:06
no way
2019-05-09 16:12
Nip isnt as bad as m16r bro 😎😎
2019-05-09 17:15
Not with the current NIP lineup sorry
2019-05-09 16:07
LuL fan of choke clan
2019-05-09 16:12
Faze just needs a good IGL l8tr they will choke Danish pride
2019-05-09 16:14
They had a good ingame leader, but they forced him out.
2019-05-09 17:34
One of the best IGL One of the worst fraggers
2019-05-09 17:37
United States Ash171 
When they kicked him his ADR was higher than oolf's for their previous 3 big events. Niko ruined another team RIP.
2019-05-09 18:41
NiKo, rain, guardian, Olof. And you really need him to frag. He was alway bound to sacrifice something. Obviously he can’t dm as much cause watching demos, strating, and anti-strating. You can tell NiKo does such a wonderful job doing both aswell.
2019-05-09 18:44
hes not bad at all... you people have no idea how much your gameplay changes when you ingame lead for years you cannot change that so easily without needing some time. thats why no IGL looks good for a longer period of time. UNLESS your other 4 mates are pulling their weight too then you pretty much always look good :)
2019-05-09 19:10
India spiderCAKE 
+1 Same for Xizt. So much hate towards him. People really underestimate the role of an IGL.
2019-05-10 04:41
Twistzz | 
Singapore 3st 
+1 xizt is a great example
2019-05-10 08:23
u a fckn dumbass beetch who knws nothing
2019-05-10 08:27
First mum!!
2019-05-09 16:07
India Noobdian1 
Nice try
2019-05-09 16:10
i lagged
2019-05-10 17:27
Yeah first ur mom then ur dad 😎😎😎😎
2019-05-09 17:15
India Noobdian1 
Wtf men
2019-05-10 18:10
Mexico BasicN1ga 
Destroy mibr even a silver can do it nt
2019-05-09 16:31
World WestSideDude 
2019-05-09 16:37
2019-05-09 16:55
2019-05-09 17:16
i arent think that
2019-05-10 23:18
I WANT TO BE ABLE TO DESTROY A REAL TEAM* there you go fixed it for ya.
2019-05-09 16:35
Krimz JW (only good swedish awper) Rez f0rest brollan/flusha/lekr0
2019-05-09 16:40
inb4 movistar riders wins
2019-05-09 16:55
Germany ToiletShitter 
You need some kind of system or strats to win convincingly. NIP just run around like idiots. That’s why they can’t blow anyone out.
2019-05-09 16:56
-dennis +flusha
2019-05-09 17:12
Argentina Fa7e07 
R EZ Clap
2019-05-09 17:12
too old team lol rebuild 30yo players lol lame draft need nawwk plopski hampus may be ddoplan
2019-05-09 17:15
REZ wants to destroy NiP. Kappa
2019-05-09 17:19
Slovakia pgb1 
destroy????????????? nip was not top4 for 3 years retarded kid
2019-05-09 17:19
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2019-05-09 17:23
2019-05-09 17:45
2019-05-09 17:45
get rid of get_right than you can destroy
2019-05-09 18:24
draken | 
Sweden rawrxdd 
Lol gl ”destroying a team” with dennis and gtr
2019-05-09 18:51
destroying teams with 80 iq and inconsistent aim gl
2019-05-09 18:57
I think rez is quite good, but get right and dennis are weak, lekro higly inconsistent. cant do much between with just rez and forest..
2019-05-09 18:59
Lekr0 is sick, he‘s just IGLing Rez and Forest are really good too I agree on get_right and Dennis, very underwhelming
2019-05-09 21:20
The only team you guys can destroy is NiP.
2019-05-09 19:11
Denmark 23_Savage__ 
Then play a shit team problem solved....
2019-05-09 19:30
DESTROYING with lul dinosaur lineup, try harder later kid 😋
2019-05-09 20:20
You can destroy them on blast events in BO1s all you want, only 1/3 of viewers will see it either way
2019-05-09 21:19
United States stephcurry30 
destroy nip by leaving ez
2019-05-10 08:28
Norway Magnusram 
2019-05-10 10:11
Sweden elingenieritu 
Destroy ... Don't choice D2 again! Damn!
2019-05-10 22:35
f0rest | 
China ZerOck 
2019-05-10 23:16
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