ESL Pro League stage two Group A set to start

The second round in ESL Pro League Season 9 is set to kick off in Europe and the Americas, with fnatic, MIBR, and Renegades in attendance.

The second and third-placed teams from every round one group have punched their ticket to the second stage, which will have a best-of-three, round-robin format.

Teams will have to top their groups in the Americas in order to qualify for the Season 9 Finals, while a top-two placement will be enough to secure qualification in Europe.

MIBR will be in action this week

The Group A action in the European division will take place in Leicester, United Kingdom on May 14-16. fnatic will be joined by OpTic, HellRaisers, and Aristocracy to claim one of the two spots on offer.

The schedule in Europe looks as follows:

Tuesday, May 14th
18:20 - Denmark OpTic vs. Sweden fnatic
22:00 - Europe HellRaisers vs. Poland Aristocracy

Wednesday, May 15th
18:20 - Europe HellRaisers vs. Sweden fnatic
22:00 - Denmark OpTic vs. Poland Aristocracy

Thursday, May 16th
18:20 - Denmark OpTic vs. Europe HellRaisers
22:00 - Poland Aristocracy vs. Sweden fnatic

Across the Atlantic, MIBR, Complexity, Renegades, and Isurus will duke it out in Burbank, California on May 15-17. This group will be highlighted by the round three game between Renegades and MIBR, which could decide the team that advances to the Season 9 Finals.

The schedule for the Americas is below:

Wednesday, May 15th
02:20 - Australia Renegades vs. North America Complexity
06:00 - Brazil MIBR vs. Argentina Isurus

Thursday, May 16th
02:20 - Argentina Isurus vs. Australia Renegades
06:00 - Brazil MIBR vs. North America Complexity

Friday, May 17th
02:20 - Brazil MIBR vs. Australia Renegades
06:00 - Argentina Isurus vs. North America Complexity

Group B in Europe and the Americas will be played next week, on May 21-23, and will also hand out three spots at the LAN finals, two in Europe and one in the Americas.

These six teams from stage two will be joined by eight sides from the first stage at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, which will be held in Montpellier, France on June 21-23. The team list for the $750,000 event will be rounded out by one Oceanic and one Asian team from the APAC division.

The current team list for ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals is below:

United States WilsonDS 
Ez for renegades
2019-05-14 15:26
France J0riS 
2019-05-14 15:26
The days do not match up to the date....unluko
2019-05-14 15:28
I fixed it now, thanks
2019-05-14 15:35
Myanmar xdcc 
Luminosity&DETONA > MIBR??
2019-05-14 15:32
2019-05-14 16:04
Group stages rigged for Detona...smh
2019-05-14 16:04
Czech Republic knox^ 
2019-05-14 15:32
Poland Kobel_ 
ez Arcy
2019-05-14 15:33
Isn't today Tuesday the 14th? And tomorrow is Wednesday the 15th?
2019-05-14 15:34
fixed, thanks
2019-05-14 15:35
Poland Lukovsky 
no ENCE :(((
2019-05-14 15:35
2019-05-14 15:42
United States Trump2020KAG 
Another liquid win incoming.
2019-05-14 15:44
Denmark Zorrondo 
isurus vs br noobs should be ez 2-0 for argentinians
2019-05-14 15:51
Argentina luchinade 
2019-05-14 16:01
Poland Lukovsky 
detona the most wasted spot in epl ever?
2019-05-14 16:01
What you should do when user want to help you with mistakes in article? Remove his comments #logic
2019-05-14 16:12
nexa | 
Serbia FaZe_nexa 
Vertigo or cache
2019-05-14 16:14
Brazil snwk 
2019-05-14 16:37
Argentina jnazGG 
2019-05-14 17:56
fnatic HellRaisers Aristocracy OpTic Renegades compLexity Isurus MIBR
2019-05-14 18:01
Argentina Cushiion 
2019-05-14 19:03
NiKo | 
Serbia dvrtomic 
cant wait
2019-05-14 21:55
only in NA is a team like DETONA able to get a spot for a major event
2019-05-15 12:40
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