Liquid, Vitality go 2-0 at Ghost's expense in LA

The first two sets of matches at cs_summit 4 have been played out, with Liquid and Vitality both taking down Ghost.

Action at the Summit Studio began with a North American brawl featuring Liquid and Ghost, with the IEM Sydney champions getting off to a blazing hot start on Overpass, the opening map, by racking up a spectacular 14 rounds on the CT side.

One would think that it was game over, but Ghost showed their fighting spirit and made a climb back into the game in the second half before Keith "NAF" Markovic - who was in stunning form throughout the match - wrapped things up in the 26th round with a quad kill.

Next up was Dust2, where the first half was a much closer affair than on the previous map as just three rounds separated the two teams at the break. A strong response after a pistol round loss saw Ghost take the lead at 10-9, but Liquid kept a very tight defence for the remainder of the half to take the game at 16-11.

Liquid beat Ghost without too much trouble

Ghost went into their match with Vitality hoping to bounce back from the defeat to Liquid, only to fall short once again. After a strong start from the Frenchmen on Mirage, the North Americans took control of proceedings, bringing the scoreline 14-7. Much to everyone's surprise, Ghost took their foot off the pedal after that, gifting Vitality a way back into the game.

The French side went on a dominant run and even hit map point before Ghost won the final round of regulation to restore parity at 15-15. The first overtime could not determine a winner, but then Vitality came out victorious to pick up their first points in Los Angeles.

The next map, Overpass, turned out to be more straightforward, even though the first half ended with an 8-7 scoreline in Vitality's favour. It then took Ghost six rounds on the CT side to get on the board, but the French side remained in control, locking down the map at 16-9.

The schedule for the rest of the day over at the Summit Studio looks as follows:

23:30 - United States NRG vs. France Vitality
00:15 - United States NRG vs. France Vitality
01:00 - Finland ENCE vs. Australia Renegades
02:00 - Finland ENCE vs. Australia Renegades
03:00 - United States NRG vs. Australia Renegades
04:00 - United States NRG vs. Australia Renegades

Canada Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Keith 'NAF' Markovic
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2019-05-23 23:30
Austria shaakeh 
gg doods
2019-05-23 23:34
2019-05-23 23:35
Go Apexxx
2019-05-23 23:31
rain | 
Norway Alexed 
ghost already eliminated
2019-05-23 23:32
United Kingdom mcampbell_03 
2019-05-23 23:32
2019-05-23 23:32
2019-05-23 23:32
2019-05-23 23:33
France Erakis 
The last map was ovp not mrg.
2019-05-23 23:33
Thank you, kind sir.
2019-05-23 23:33
France RAX_ 
MIRAA so fast
2019-05-23 23:34
France Erakis 
My pleasure. (Just back from Algarve btw, nice places you've got there.)
2019-05-23 23:40
Where were you? I don't like it that much, because it gets super crowded in the summer and I prefer a quieter place.
2019-05-23 23:43
France Erakis 
Loulé area, Falésia, Benagil/Marinha, Cordoama mainly. Not crowded at all at this time of the year, and ideal temperatures.
2019-05-23 23:46
Portugal Pokemine 
I completely agree with you
2019-05-24 00:55
France Alpha7a2 
2019-05-23 23:33
Finland MeeTaZ 
Ghost is such a shit team... why not invite like Spirit/MVP PK instead?
2019-05-23 23:38
They actually played well :(
2019-05-23 23:44
both those teams are much much worse than Ghost
2019-05-24 01:19
yes invite Koreans that can't speak English one bit to a laid back chatty tournament... such brilliance
2019-05-24 05:58
France Uexo 
Nice now NRG ! #VforVictory !
2019-05-23 23:39
United States DervGuy 
Mr hltv do you guys not have any other pictures of Liquid? :)
2019-05-23 23:55
Greenland Snakepot 
Lmao ghost
2019-05-24 00:27
Japan ehegao 
Is this new kind of bully?
2019-05-24 00:41
Poland Kobel_ 
2019-05-24 01:54
ez for vitality
2019-05-24 14:40
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