Americas Minor SA closed qualifier participants' list finalised

The participants' list of the South America closed qualifier for the Americas Minor has been consolidated.

The second South America open qualifier has officially concluded, completing the participants list for the South America closed qualifier, taking place on June 4-6. A total of four slots were on offer, with Reapers, Redemption POA, 9z and SpaceStress topping their respective round of eight pairings, all of which saw best-of-3 decider series.

Blue and his teammates were the last to qualify for the SA closed qualifier

Denial were the final participant decided, having secured a 2-1 victory over Furious. The team copped an extra slot via a round of four tournament created to fill an invite slot that DETONA withdrew from earlier. The South American mix squad will now face off against fifteen other teams at the closed qualifier in looks to secure one of two spots on offer for the $50,000 Americas Minor.

Below is the finalised participants list for the Americas Minor South America closed qualifier:

2019-05-26 03:15
1 reply
2019-05-26 04:13
Lithuania andy_
Wtf is this SA Zywoo in the picture LUL
2019-05-26 03:16
ptr | 
Argentina Jagr929
Ez Isurus
2019-05-26 03:16
Basically brazil qualifiers
2019-05-26 03:17
Brazil wdks
isurus x intz
2019-05-26 03:20
Portugal YANRAZA
2019-05-26 03:20
9z bots ez 4 intz
2019-05-26 03:21
Denmark Zorrondo
easiest spot ever for EZURUS TOP 1 SA
2019-05-26 03:21
Brazil xMoita
2019-05-26 03:22
United States noCap
Brazil closed qualifier basically
2019-05-26 03:31
Argentina fxzo
>SA >13 OF 16 BR
2019-05-26 03:32
2 replies
90% of south american players are brazilians. Some players from Uruguay and Chile and thats it.
2019-05-26 03:36
And Argentina ofc some "decent" players
2019-05-26 03:37
INTZ, Isurus, and who gives a fuck
2019-05-26 05:40
omg blue has 4 chils
2019-05-26 07:07
Argentina cheapdeed
no detona = ez 4 isurus
2019-05-26 09:47
what a joke....
2019-05-26 15:00
deMO | 
Brazil ilm7
INTZ, Isurus, Pain, W7M, Sharks and Inflames will be the better teams on this qualifier. Let's see what will happen, gl hf.
2019-05-26 16:13
good luck
2019-05-26 18:03
boa sorte para todos menos para alguns
2019-05-26 19:30
Where is Turma do Pagode?
2019-05-28 19:39
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