WCG Finland kicks off today

The Finnish qualifier for this year's World Cyber Games begins today with Group A being played.

The tournament, held under the auspices of the Assembly Summer event in Helsinki, will begin with a group stage, followed by a single elimination knock-out stage, played in best of three.

Besides Crack Clan and astralis, the two strongest contenders for the victory here, there will be other quality sides on show, such as Elukkaveljekset Gaming Club and INTO.max.


The WCG qualifier kicks off today with Group A matches as Group B will only be played tomorrow.

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will be nice!
2009-08-06 16:32
2009-08-06 16:35
Good luck even though they probably won't get better than 5-8th at the finals... :P
2009-08-06 16:39
now we'll see who is top1 in Finland ! gl all
2009-08-06 16:47
tihop: this is my happy face
2009-08-06 16:46
2009-08-06 18:27
2009-08-07 06:25
gl all
2009-08-06 16:50
Let the bets begin!
2009-08-06 16:53
Go Go Crack Clan! Forget GameGune and kick their asses!
2009-08-06 16:58
this will be astralis/EGC win ;)
2009-08-06 16:58
I agree !
2009-08-07 06:25
That guy on the picture, you can see from his face that he has nolifed hard.. eyes are wasted.. LOL. SAD... :S
2009-08-06 17:05
mby using drugs ?? :D:D
2009-08-06 21:55
astralis will win easily, crackclan are actually horrible
2009-08-06 17:08
2009-08-06 17:15
munkka has awesome lineup.
2009-08-06 17:37
INTO.max gonna take it
2009-08-06 18:33
Guyz i have a BIG question today i was our for a walk in Helsinki (as beeing i vaction in finland) and guess what...i saw a guy with a t shirt with wcg so i started search google for wcg finland quali and guess what...I found this, so my question....this wcg is only for cs? I am a wc3 player and i would like to see my favorite finish players on action. Still i will go there to see the atmosphere eaven if is only for cs...but i need to kow location, is Hartfall arena? Thank u I am waiting for your answer.
2009-08-06 20:02
You can find info about Assembly here: www.assembly.org/summer09/asm/front-page?set_language=en
2009-08-06 20:04
yeah its Hartwall arena and there will be a wc3 competition too
2009-08-07 06:27
ty i am goinf right now there:)
2009-08-06 20:25
astralis 1st go go
2009-08-06 23:02
Excello !
2009-08-07 00:05
Go Crack Clan. Finland, the best.
2009-08-07 01:53
Brazil hugoooo
If Crack wins this, the level of ninnish cs is low (they played very bad every last tournaments). I expect a vicotry of Excello, ex-astralis.
2009-08-07 02:34
#24 thank you, huge speed downloading everything 1Mb/s
2009-08-07 08:43
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