INTZ defeat Isurus; book ticket to Americas Minor

INTZ defeated Isurus in the South America Closed Qualifier's consolidation final on Train (16-8) and Dust2 (16-9) to qualify for the Americas Minor.

After Sharks qualified for the Americas Minor in first place through the upper bracket, winning a close three-map affair against Isurus, the Argentines were knocked down to the lower bracket, where they would go on to find INTZ.

Vito "⁠kNgV-⁠" Giuseppe and company had lost to Sharks in the upper bracket semi-finals, and had to beat Reapers and Caio "⁠zqkS⁠" Fonseca's Inflames before the consolidation final against Isurus, where the second and last spot at the Americas Minor would be up for grabs.

INTZ won in two maps to qualify for the Americas Minor

The match on Train started out evenly, with INTZ winning the CT pistol round, but Isurus taking the early lead when guns were in play, 3-2, although, the half evened out and the Brazilian side took a 9-6 lead on the typically easier side of the map, leaving it wide open for both teams to fight after the switch. It was on the attacking side, however, that INTZ were able to really take control, winning seven out of nine rounds to win their map pick 16-8 and take the 1-0 lead in the series.

The second map, Dust2, started out as a close affair, with the Argentines taking the lead after winning the CT pistol round. INTZ put some pressure during the middle of the first half, but Isurus closed it in the lead, although by the slimmest of margins, 8-7. After the switch, INTZ once again took full control of the map, as they had in the second half on Train, albeit this time on the defending side, winning nine out of the ten rounds played to seal the deal and punch their ticket to the Americas Minor as Isurus once again failed to qualify after their loss to Sharks in the upper bracket final.

 Isurus K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Argentina Roberto 'reversive' Themthamreversive 31 - 34 -3 66.1 0.90
Argentina Nicolás 'Noktse' DávilaNoktse 28 - 34 -6 68.3 0.86
Uruguay Maximiliano 'max' Gonzalezmax 27 - 42 -15 73.1 0.80
Argentina Gabriel '1962' Sinopoli1962 27 - 42 -15 58.3 0.71
Argentina Ignacio 'meyern' Meyermeyern 28 - 39 -11 63.6 0.69
 INTZ K - D +/- ADR Rating 2.0
Brazil Vito 'kNgV-' GiuseppekNgV- 43 - 29 +14 93.6 1.45
Brazil Marcelo 'chelo' Cespedeschelo 37 - 23 +14 87.6 1.35
Brazil Alexandre 'xand' Zizixand 41 - 23 +18 85.7 1.33
Brazil Lucas 'DeStiNy' BulloDeStiNy 36 - 36 0 75.6 1.17
Brazil Gustavo 'yel' Knittelyel 34 - 30 +4 68.7 1.03

The final standings of the Americas Minor South America Closed Qualifier are:

1. Brazil Sharks - Americas Minor
2. Brazil INTZ - Americas Minor
3. Argentina Isurus
4. Brazil Inflames
5-6. Brazil Reapers
5-6. Argentina 9z
7-8. Brazil paiN
7-8. Brazil Redemption POA
9-12. Brazil RED Canids
9-12. Brazil Falkol
9-12. Brazil TRZ
9-12. Brazil W7M
13-16. Brazil SpaceStress
13-16. Brazil Evidence
13-16. Brazil EOX
13-16. South America Sons of Scoots

The last six places at the Americas Minor will be decided in the North America Closed Qualifier, where teams like Cloud9 and NRG will be fighting for a spot in the Minor, although there will also be several Brazilian teams competing, namely TeamOne, Luminosity, and the latest sensation from the region, FURIA.

With the two first confirmed teams, the Americas Minor is currently comprised of:

Brazil Sharks
North America NA Closed Qualifier
North America NA Closed Qualifier
North America NA Closed Qualifier
Brazil INTZ
North America NA Closed Qualifier
North America NA Closed Qualifier
North America NA Closed Qualifier
Brazil Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe
Vito 'kNgV-' Giuseppe
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
Brazil Caio 'zqkS' Fonseca
Caio 'zqkS' Fonseca
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
2019-06-07 04:46
Poland Unluko
Ez for kNgVito
2019-06-07 10:51
2019-06-07 04:46
2019-06-07 12:08
2019-06-07 04:46
Ez 4 kng
2019-06-07 04:46
kng is the worst person out htere
2019-06-07 04:46
i really hope they loose at first instance, he is so childish and disrespectful
2019-06-07 04:47
He's gonna get drunk again and get kicked. Just wait for it. It's just a matter of time xd.
2019-06-07 05:29
Brazil stewArt1
mad coz bad mad coz bad mad coz bad mad coz bad mad coz bad mad coz bad
2019-06-07 06:15
What happened?
2019-06-07 05:30
Kng was chatting with the Faceit admins through the game chat. Randomly the reversive asked for respect and said no one had said anything to him. Wtf ??
2019-06-07 05:51
Argentina MrRioKai
1962 and max had 500 ping, they ask for 5 minutes for restart the router and kng said n000000!!!1!1!1!
2019-06-07 14:00
kng was bitching against isurus and then he basically asked faceit on a bad manner and reversive thought he was talking to him. anyway, isurus needs to move to eu or na, i really hope intz gets eliminated quickly though
2019-06-07 15:48
I would like a clip or a print because the situation still isn't clear for me. Also I think it's unfair that Sharks and INTZ compete SA qualifier because they live and play abroad.
2019-06-08 00:46
gonna cry?
2019-06-07 05:59
Piss your pants maybe?
2019-06-07 10:35
cu | 
Brazil Portl4nd
call mom?
2019-06-07 13:34
Hell yeah. I'd call grandma too.
2019-06-08 07:54
i would cry if my team (river) lost a recopa finals against a brazilian team... oh wait or maybe a libertadores final... oh wait gremio and palmeiras got fucked nvm
2019-06-07 15:49
why you are crying bro?
2019-06-07 18:55
that english lul
2019-06-08 02:41
Want to teach me?
2019-06-09 20:24
"why are you crying" is the correct form.
2019-06-09 20:24
Brazil VlNl
brazilian education xaxaxa
2019-06-22 19:16
there is no hope whatsoever
2019-06-22 19:56
sooo triggered, just acept that isurus is just a trash team with no chemistry at all, you guys just need to get better, stop complaining and crying. the best won, thats it. lets move on
2019-06-08 07:58
lolll can you tell me exactly where did i complain? isurus is peaking and pushing further, why would i be mad? im just sayin they would have a bigger ceiling
2019-06-08 15:13
dude isurus was way better before, wtf u saying LOL are u actually watching their games??? pay attention to the midround decisions, and clutches, they are playing like gold novas -.- no chance against the good br teams, they need to improve a lot yet, the match was fair, stop crying
2019-06-08 21:47
discordo, so as vezes no midround os caras tao a toa na entrada dos bombs
2019-06-08 22:39
United States Degree|CSGO
2019-06-07 04:46
gl kng!
2019-06-07 04:47
FURIA: NA leagues, NA qualifiers Luminosity: NA leagues, NA qualifiers Teamone: NA leagues, NA qualifiers INTZ: NA leagues, SA qualifiers Sharks: EU leagues, SA qualifiers how is this fair?
2019-06-07 04:50
World Tenshi_R
i guess teams can choose region to play, RNG also played in the asian quals
2019-06-07 04:54
they’re supposed to play in the asian quals, because OCE is a part of the asian minor — there’s a slot.
2019-06-07 06:41
World Tenshi_R
but they live and play in usa if i'm not wrong
2019-06-07 09:00
Myanmar xdcc
#46 Citizenship > where you live. It's default. For renegades to play in NA they would have to apply for it. They would probably succeed but I'm not sure if it's been a thing in old majors
2019-06-07 10:19
they shouldn"t, TOs should be consistent and force all teams to either play in the region they're based or where they're from, not "some do, and some others don't because they choose to"
2019-06-07 06:53
Myanmar xdcc
Teams play in a region where their majority is from (citizenship not living). Renegades has been living in NA and then playing in Asia for a long time. If there is no majority say 2 NA, 2 EU, 1 CIS then they can pick between NA and EU minors. However, teams can apply to play in different regions if they live and play there (like ATK in NA). It's not a default thing it has to be approved. It can be expensive+time consuming to travel just for qualifiers if you're not even guaranteed to make it. And they're staying in a stronger minor (I doubt EU would be approved in a different minor). As for SA in NA it's all part of America's Minor so it's not even that big of a deal. SA also gets 2 spots only when their scene (especially lower end) is as strong as NA so if NA can't even hold onto their spots I say good.
2019-06-07 10:15
Argentina SCAG26
becouse sharks and intz are shit teams, they dont deserve that.
2019-06-07 04:55
Brazil MrLucas
Dont be so salty Just because your team chokes in every important match
2019-06-07 06:18
Myanmar xdcc
Also makes no sense imagine all the teams came back to SA isurus then 0 chance. Or is he saying isurus too bad to play outside SA?
2019-06-07 10:30
Argentina MrRioKai
Sharks, must have played un EU and intz must have played in na, wtf
2019-06-07 13:53
Brazil MrLucas
They are still teams with all players from SA so why not? I get that it seems a little unfair since they practice against european and US teams, but at the end of the day they are still SA teams, a good discussion imo is that there should be more spots for SA qualifier, since atm Brazil and NA are very close in terms of teams rankings, also dont you think its time already for Isurus to go to NA, they already prove that they can compete against tier2 NA and brazilians teams so wtf is the Org doing?
2019-06-07 19:49
sooo triggered, just acept that isurus is just a trash team with no chemistry at all, you guys just need to get better, stop complaining and crying. the best won, thats it. lets move on
2019-06-08 07:58
Brazil cswar
What is the problem with Furia, Luminosity and Team One? If it's because they are brazilians, so you forgot MIBR.
2019-06-07 04:59
Argentina MrRioKai
They are stablished in na, so they have to play in NA
2019-06-07 13:54
Brazil cswar
But they do.
2019-06-07 17:04
leaf | 
Portugal DOGrlf
cry me a river ez sharkinhos
2019-06-07 11:05
Brazil minor
2019-06-07 05:10
Argentina bautysoad
teams that bootcamp in eu/na come to qualify in sa, nice org
2019-06-07 05:14
Where you bootcamp has zero correlation to where you choose to play the quali lol
2019-06-07 06:59
They can easily choose to play the EU quals, but surely they won’t as they gonna be fucked in the first round lol
2019-06-07 09:23
Argentina MrRioKai
Well, yes but actually yes
2019-06-07 13:54
Argentina bautysoad
if they're living in na/eu they should play the qualifiers there, not come to sa to stole the spot to another teams because they're afraid of being rekt in the other qualifiers
2019-06-07 16:30
isurus had a bootcamp in na, stop crying
2019-06-07 16:40
Argentina bautysoad
they bootcamped in na because they qualified for a tournament there, not bc they were living there, stupid
2019-06-08 00:50
i'll come back to this comment when and if isurus go to live to na and then return to brazil so they can qualify to the minor to ask what you think of that
2019-06-08 01:14
Argentina bautysoad
i think that it's not okey, salu2
2019-06-08 03:19
2019-06-07 05:18
mejor que vos seguro
2019-06-07 07:23
por favore puerto rico
2019-06-07 10:32
Argentina MrRioKai
He had come third in his first qualy, and you are sitting in your home, so yes
2019-06-07 13:55
2019-06-07 13:59
Argentina MrRioKai
Well, at least he rekt 9z, so at least he Is confident about being the best of argentina And i still think that intz playing the sa minor Is wrong
2019-06-07 14:07
they are sa they play sa minor what's wrong with that
2019-06-07 14:11
Argentina MrRioKai
That they as a stablished team in NA had to play in SA, even T1 qualified for the minor in NA.
2019-06-07 14:16
so ez
2019-06-07 05:18
It should be Detona there, so stop crying about sharks and intz playing in SA qualifier. Abraços manitos
2019-06-07 05:42
they take the spots that other teams like W7M and Isurus had been fighting for, it's nonsense, INTZ is a better team than Luminosity, so why do LG choose to play the NA qualifiers and INTZ don't?
2019-06-07 06:56
LG rekts INTZ but i do agree with you about the rest
2019-06-07 07:06
Argentina MrRioKai
The first smart braziian in hltv
2019-06-07 13:57
ok, INTZ is a better team than Teamone, T1 play NA qualifiers and usually makes it through, why can't INTZ do that?
2019-06-07 16:18
INTZ better than LG lol
2019-06-07 16:08
VSM can't play majors
2019-06-07 12:44
Hungary subzera
2019-06-07 06:05
Sweden Trkmag
EZ, kNg beast as always
2019-06-07 06:21
Brazil hugoooo
More BR teams than NA teams on the NA Minor? lol INTZ Sharks Furia LG TeamOne
2019-06-07 06:27
TeamOne shouldn’t make it but yeah, that’s a lot of Brazilian teams:
2019-06-07 06:45
cu | 
Brazil Portl4nd
2019-06-07 13:37
maybe because its not the NA minor but the Americas Minor
2019-06-07 10:00
leaf | 
Portugal DOGrlf
2019-06-07 11:07
Brazil parrud0www
2019-06-07 06:58
2019-06-07 07:50
2019-06-07 07:51
2019-06-07 10:01
2019-06-07 07:54
2019-06-07 08:03
Switzerland x676
Isurus are too overrated
2019-06-07 08:37
Brazil parrud0www
Kngv toooo big than meyern
2019-06-07 08:58
vito e mostro, the rest of the team is shit
2019-06-07 14:44
Brazil parrud0www
I agree. Kngv must go to LG to improve that team... Changing with nekiz, this intz is dead. Maybe if he goes to LG, that team could be a tier 2.
2019-06-09 01:41
2019-06-07 10:01
"One for the future" OMEGALUL
2019-06-07 10:53
When are they going to stop pushing out news about Isurus which clearly is tier 4 team like wtf why??
2019-06-07 11:25
Ez for meyern14thefuture
2019-06-07 13:08
2019-06-07 13:22
losing against destinyy, what a joke. wasted spots anyway. none of both are gonna make it to major qualifier
2019-06-07 14:43
I don't understand this kids crying about Sharks and INTZ playing the SA qualifier, they have every right to do it. For sharks its impossible to qualify in EU qual because the lvl is too high,so it's really understandable their decision to play in SA and INTZ,well they could easily qualify from NA because the lvl is not that high compared to EU, but what can you expect from the worst person in the scene? The right thing to do was let one more spot for SA , either way Isurus should have qualify,they've been playing really good, but they always choke in the important moments. So there's nothing to cry about,it was their fault.
2019-06-07 16:09
congratz to kng, he deserves it cry is free
2019-06-07 16:41
Spain BlaNcoW
NOO :(
2019-06-07 21:25
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