ZywOo: "We just followed the plan that XTQZZZ made for us"

We interviewed Mathieu "⁠ZywOo⁠" Herbaut after Vitality's triumph in the ECS Season 7 grand final to discuss the preparation for the series against FURIA and break down the match.

Vitality were crowned champions of the ECS Season 7 Finals after besting FURIA 2-0 in the grand final, with both Inferno and Overpass going their way in convincing fashion.

ZywOo secured the MVP title after putting in solid performances

Following the team's victory, we spoke to ZywOo, who broke down the series, gave insight into the preparations made before the match and spoke on whether Vertigo would've been a comfortable third map for the team.

We spoke to apEX yesterday discussing the series against FURIA in Dallas, and he mentioned you would be better prepared for them this time around, and it showed. What did the team go over in time for the series?

Our coach watched a lot of demos before the game and he spoke with our analyst. Before the game, he spoke with everyone to show us what we needed to do, especially on Inferno and Overpass, because we knew we'd play those maps in a best-of-3. So yeah, our coach took us through everything.

The first pistol round of Inferno was quite upsetting for you, where you lost in a 4v1 situation to KSCERATO. What went wrong with the communication in that round?

We just played one-by-one - I don't know how this happened, it was a misplay by us. He played great in this round, he split us one by one.

In terms of the CT side of Inferno - it initially looked like you were going to run away with a significant lead after the first ten rounds, but FURIA clawed back towards the end to make it 7-8. Was there any specific round where you felt they broke the momentum and were able to come back as a result?

I didn't feel like we were broken this game, we just followed the plan that the coach made for us. Sometimes we lost clutches and we failed some kills.

In the aforementioned interview with apEX we discussed the team's struggles over the course of ECS against ecos - did you feel more confident going into the series this time around?

I think we only lost one eco in the match, so yeah, it's alright when we only lose one eco, compared to the match against Complexity, in which we had lost six. It makes it really hard to play when we keep getting broken. When we got the match in the end, we felt pretty confident.

The T side of Inferno was very convincing from the team, in that you were able to consistently read their defence. Could you describe some queues that allowed you to produce such a convincing half?

Yes, we knew everything. For example, if they naded mid, we knew they were going to have three on B, if they used a molly, they were going to do this other thing, so we just played off that.

Overpass kicked off to a strong CT start, where you were able to string together six rounds, they grabbed a couple, and afterward, you cruised to a 12-3 finish, closing 16-4 on the T side. In terms of the general performance from both teams, what did it come down to?

It was a mix of everything - they struggled, we landed good shots and clutches. Everything was great for us - all of the clutches and the entries.

In the event the series went to map three, how prepared were you to take them on Vertigo?

We are pretty confident on the map, and we know that they are a young team. Maybe they didn't prepare the map very well, so we just left the map in and wanted to play versus them.

France Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
Mathieu 'ZywOo' Herbaut
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no, u just played yolo and destroyed them solo
2019-06-09 21:19
Denmark devnr1
hahaha men))) So true.
2019-06-09 21:21
Poland Unluko
Vitality > FaZe!!!!?
2019-06-09 21:21
Faze and Navi are the only teams ranked lower than Vitality who could potentially be better than them We'll see in Cologne if they are better or not !
2019-06-09 22:08
FaZe isn't even close to Vitality imo
2019-06-09 22:53
+1 same with navi. no hype for either team until i see results
2019-06-09 23:15
ya true, faze >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> vitality shityy t4 team
2019-06-10 10:53
Denmark Fonder
Yep, cologne will be the big test for Navi as it will be the first event since Boombla joining. Astralis never won cologne, i think it will be their last chance to have a go for that title. Faze having a shaky time, dont know what its gonna be with them. Anyways cologne gonna be fantastic this year.
2019-06-10 10:55
why comparing vitality with t3
2019-06-10 11:45
Myanmar xdcc
if you ask NBK its a UNIT and theyre NOT being carried!!
2019-06-09 21:21
dis is numba one bullshit
2019-06-09 21:22
And that's exactly how they won this tournament. Plenty of times s1mple has went +30 and lost 2-1 it's a team game. You don't win without solid fundamentals and round the clock talent.
2019-06-10 04:31
2019-06-10 09:11
Especially with the sick leading improvement Alex brought to the team. Im also really impressed by how much XTQZZ brings to the team
2019-06-10 11:51
Their structure has greatly improved, and as a result everyone seems more comfortable and therefore reliable. Im no longer worried when zywoo 1 for 1s early because I know the team has solid comms and is playing off of each other now.
2019-06-10 11:51
Yeah, I’m not just a fanboy when I say that their game is close to be the more structured play style in the world RN. Need just a little more consistency on some maps to be perfect And if they worked on Vertigo as they claim, they have a really solid mapool
2019-06-10 12:00
2019-06-10 12:27
May we say now that XTQZZZ now top 2 coach in the world? In my opinion, zonic top1, xtqz top 2, and adren, twista, zews top 5
2019-06-09 21:22
At the beginning he was only a fckin caster lmao (also pro in CS:S)
2019-06-09 21:27
France Yoyoona00
And he was coach before caster.
2019-06-09 21:49
Didn't know it
2019-06-09 22:24
best caster* ex-pro and already coach nv academy
2019-06-09 22:50
XTQZZZ Aka le divin chauve. Best ex caster and soon to be coach of major winner
2019-06-10 18:36
Nt Frenchie French CS is still a joke.
2019-06-10 19:02
adren is fucking trash LUL
2019-06-10 05:30
Liquid became top 1 after adren joined them
2019-06-10 08:00
top 1 player
2019-06-09 21:20
France Sylr
The plan was like "Zywoo carry please"
2019-06-09 21:20
2019-06-09 21:20
2019-06-09 22:34
India MihirX27
ZyWOo go Kill?
2019-06-11 07:20
Portugal zeniteee
2019-06-09 21:21
He means that HITMAN looking dude?
2019-06-09 21:21
yea lmao
2019-06-09 21:21
You Can call him the divin chauve
2019-06-09 21:33
+1 haha
2019-06-09 21:43
France Jaramique
you're tough men he is looking like Johny sins Rofl
2019-06-10 00:42
Ho encore toi mdr toi on se retrouve toujours
2019-06-10 11:15
ALEX: Zywoo go kill
2019-06-09 21:21
2019-06-09 21:21
2019-06-09 23:41
France J0riS
ZywOo : XTQZZZ whats the plan XTQZZZ : Go first and destroy them thats the plan
2019-06-09 21:22
Mexico BasicN1ga
Zywoo aka The Choosen One Creation of g0ds, son of almighty Gaben, son of stunning juliano Zywoo aka the goat
2019-06-09 21:22
2019-06-09 21:50
nope, Gettomasa is chosen one
2019-06-09 22:20
India Noobdian
2019-06-09 21:22
"Yes, we knew everything. For example, if they naded mid, we knew they were going to have three on B" what a fucking read OMG
2019-06-09 21:24
nah just watch 1/2 demos then u good to play furia. they rely much on individual. as a team, nothing impressive.
2019-06-09 21:28
ZywOo | 
France Qaze
read like a book
2019-06-09 21:29
Say that to Astralis
2019-06-09 21:48
France niouke
rare interview from zywoo
2019-06-09 21:24
ZywOo rarest than Mbappé
2019-06-09 21:44
No no noooooo I dunno
2019-06-09 21:26
Amazing with zywoo interview. How the fuck do you say that coach name 🤔
2019-06-09 21:28
Singapore FallBlade
Say it the same way as the sound a paper shredder makes
2019-06-09 21:31
ixtaz, with i and a pronounced the french way.
2019-06-09 21:48
2019-06-10 17:04
2019-06-09 21:44
France StickyRice
XTQZZZ = extase i guess (he replaced the A by a Q, qwerty vs azerty keyboards) = ecstasy in english
2019-06-09 21:49
Cool. Thanks men))
2019-06-09 23:45
Europe men)
wtf men)) 😱😱😱
2019-06-10 17:37
ZywOo: I just followed the plan our coach made us coach: zywoo go kill
2019-06-09 21:40
Hahahahahaha 🤣
2019-06-09 23:46
2019-06-10 02:27
Damn, sounds like they got themself a really nice hardworking coach. Props to him
2019-06-09 21:41
This is what the french scene needed and missed.
2019-06-09 21:45
Yep seems like it
2019-06-09 22:42
hard worker coach + a good analyst ,help a lot
2019-06-09 22:53
Zywoo + coach = top 3 ranking
2019-06-09 23:11
Great interview!
2019-06-09 21:43
trace | 
France Reo_O
XTQZZZ le bro <3
2019-06-09 21:52
North America Straf3R
ZywOo and "I dont know" name a more iconic duo
2019-06-09 21:57
Netherlands JUNG13
Straf3R and irrelevant comments
2019-06-10 00:34
North America Straf3R
Sorry who are you?
2019-06-10 19:01
Thorin & shitting on pros
2019-06-10 04:31
2019-06-10 09:12
France JBzOo
Interview of a real soldier I don’t know I just fallow the orders 😂
2019-06-09 22:27
XTQZZZ and WiPR are the real saviors of French CS <3
2019-06-09 22:30
ZywOo | 
France Gomie
Wipr the bro
2019-06-09 23:14
Not sure we would even speak about them if ZywOo wasn’t there But yeah, they are doing a great job
2019-06-10 11:54
One man army.
2019-06-09 22:30
I seriously think he can become better than s1mple. Skillwise it's hard to say but he has a better mindset. There is no ego in him.
2019-06-09 22:36
Yeah I see also a lot of potential in him. He sems very calm unlike s1mple who cannot hit simple shots in highest pressure situations. No big ego, calm, high skilled and a working team around him with all time favs NBK, Apex and le tank. Since LDLC and Happys Inferno Ace I am the first time again excited to watch french cs! Now we also need Semmler baguette! Please french fans, dont hate and destroy him after a bad game. It will happen, please dont go after him with death threats, etc. Give him chances and support for a long time in cs Thank u my friends.
2019-06-10 11:10
Actually, you’ll see that only on HLTV, on French forums, you have a few trolls but a player almost never get destroyed when he has a game off
2019-06-10 11:56
France Ocelot31
but not on french twitch
2019-06-10 19:07
Twitch is something else i think many angry kids losing their only assimov could result in rage easily.
2019-06-11 00:46
Thats very good to hear.
2019-06-11 00:45
Xtqzzz and wipr bestest
2019-06-09 22:47
2019-06-10 14:43
Wow, I had no clue that XQC was a csgo coach
2019-06-09 22:51
Me neither, wtf mens))))
2019-06-09 23:09
2019-06-10 05:31
Iceland caverat
2019-06-10 05:42
United States Red_panda
new french cs talent Zywoo>Kennys
2019-06-10 08:05
Why do we need to compare them? Why can’t we appreciate both of them?
2019-06-10 11:38
Belgium azertyuio
Yup Zywoo was very strong but whenever Furia had a chance to come back Rpk that calmed them down. A good performance from him even if it is a player who shows himself less
2019-06-10 13:42
zywoone <3
2019-06-10 13:45
2019-06-10 15:15
That worked so well in Dallas against them. XTQ did amazing, and the french execution of this was top. Seems like a smart team that can adapt, a deadly mix when you have a player with no ego and with deadly skills
2019-06-10 18:30
SPOILER ALERT::: !!! ::: !!! The plan was: Zywoo go kill 2 b site or go kill 3 a site
2019-06-10 18:23
Belgium azertyuio
Bald tactics
2019-06-10 20:07
2019-06-11 11:35
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