Four teams round out CIS Minor team list

DreamEaters, Gambit Youngsters, Warthox, and Unique have punched their ticket to the CIS Minor as the lower bracket in the closed qualifier has been completed.

The closed qualifier kicked off on Saturday and four teams booked their spot at the CIS Minor through the upper bracket a day later.

The final four lower bracket games took place on Monday, with DreamEaters kicking things off with a 2-0 victory over Vega Squadron. Then, Gambit Youngsters came back from a map down to beat Se7en with a 2-1 scoreline.

Gambit Youngsters are through to the CIS Minor

The action continued with the game between Winstrike and Warthox. Despite an 11-6 advantage on the CT-side in the decider, Overpass, Winstrike bowed down to Warthox, who closed out the map with a 16-14 score and won the series 2-1. To wrap up the qualifier, Unique defeated NOTBAD 2-0 to join the CIS Minor team list.

The CIS Minor, which will take place on July 24-28 in Berlin, Germany with a $50,000 prize pool, will offer two spots at the StarLadder Major's New Challengers Stage, as well as a spot at the Minor Play-in for the third-placed team.

The final team list for the CIS Minor is below:

hah 1
2019-06-10 23:21
Where's blackeagle?
2019-06-10 23:35
Even I could qualify for the CIS minor LUL
2019-06-11 00:13
Even if my flag checks out, that's still too bold of a claim to make
2019-06-11 05:26
Draken 2.0
2019-06-11 07:40
Jordan deyta
Asia Minor with FFAmix
2019-06-11 00:41
mrvnNN | 
Czech Republic Pej_
congrats men))
2019-06-10 23:43
ez job men)))
2019-06-11 09:03
2019-06-11 02:42
Poland Unluko
Rip Edward :/
2019-06-11 07:23
Unluko :C
2019-06-11 15:21
2019-06-11 15:56
United States IzunE
Rip vega
2019-06-10 23:21
United Kingdom Mumbles!
Looking good
2019-06-10 23:21
well played
2019-06-10 23:21
Russia Astrali5
rip Vega Squadron
2019-06-10 23:21
2019-06-10 23:21
riv | 
Taiwan idoleat
Gg Edward
2019-06-10 23:21
Argentina Chief02
rip winstrike
2019-06-10 23:22
Other NDRnews
2019-06-10 23:22
Vega cutting useful players = result
2019-06-10 23:23
Spirit and Syman to major qual
2019-06-10 23:23
syman xDDDD worst team on minor main event
2019-06-10 23:24
I guess you are new in CSGO
2019-06-10 23:34
yes 2nd day
2019-06-10 23:36
3rd for me Respect your sempai
2019-06-10 23:49
2019-06-10 23:23
where is ukranian teams?
2019-06-10 23:24
Myanmar xdcc
maybe in crimea
2019-06-10 23:28
maybe in crimea
2019-06-10 23:33
maybe in crimea
2019-06-11 00:37
maybe in crimea
2019-06-11 01:58
maybe in crimea
2019-06-11 07:53
maybe in crimea
2019-06-11 08:10
vega LUL
2019-06-10 23:26
So ez for spirit and forZe.
2019-06-10 23:26
Germany ConAction
I feel bad for Edward xd
2019-06-10 23:27
2019-06-10 23:27
At least there are 2 ukranians
2019-06-10 23:27
Russia Nikosimus
Spirit and Forze to advance
2019-06-10 23:28
2019-06-10 23:30
FORZE to throw
2019-06-11 06:34
United States me_0_major
spirit and forze
2019-06-10 23:31
Spirit and forZe only teams with a realistic chance
2019-06-10 23:33
only teams that are tier3 rest are trash
2019-06-10 23:37
2019-06-10 23:38
Nemiga are aight
2019-06-11 03:00
it’s CIS CS, they can do literally anything if it is only for one event, then the team explodes, I wouldn’t count any team out
2019-06-11 09:44
rip dadward
2019-06-10 23:33
Pro100 disband
2019-06-10 23:36
Only 2 ukrainian players LOL rip Ukraine cs
2019-06-10 23:37
2019-06-11 01:58
PeeP | 
United States Den422
WTF no WinStrike, Vega, or pro100?? lmfaooo
2019-06-10 23:38
Myanmar xdcc
All 3 with a couple roster moves around April or sooner. Winstrike with 3 changes and losing boombl4 to Navi
2019-06-11 02:48
Russia Drain3r
they all deserve to lose
2019-06-11 04:48
RIP Edward
2019-06-10 23:45
Sweden Trkmag
New stickers confirmed unless both Spirit and Gambit Aca qualify which actually is pretty likely So not confirmed
2019-06-10 23:46
Rip Edward
2019-06-10 23:46
wasted spots
2019-06-10 23:53
spirit and nemiga
2019-06-10 23:57
oh I almost forgot: GIVE CIS 8 SPOTS AT MAJORS
2019-06-11 00:22
mir | 
Russia M13F
great idea
2019-06-11 00:37
U are genius
2019-06-11 01:32
EZ ruski cs
2019-06-11 00:22
Wtf how have Vega only gotten worse with every roster move? They used to be the top dogs in the CIS scene (not counting obv Navi and Gambit when they were good) now can't even make the CIS minor.
2019-06-11 00:24
They thought there was room to improve, but they didn't realize that was their peak and the team only got worse from there. If you think about it, it's similar to what Mouz did when they kicked Styko the first time. They went from top 5 to disband and try to start over.
2019-06-11 01:34
Except Mouz stayed roughly the same level with Snax as they did with Styko (won ESL NY, got 2 top 4s), and then brought Styko back but didn't get any better from it either. Essentially they just degraded regardless of the roster moves. Vega has been kicking all their best players for whatever reason. Honestly a miracle to me that they were even decent with the Crush and tonyblack roster but obviously went even more downhill from there.
2019-06-11 02:00
Laos EssenEsser
ez for the glorious state of BELARUS
2019-06-11 00:37
tfw 2 teams on this list are going to the major when there are like 6 teams from EU that are really good and deserve to go but are also battling for 2 slots.
2019-06-11 01:33
wtf , draken's heresy it's contagious
2019-06-11 13:16
Winstrike and Vega not making it is a huge fail for them. Forze and Spirit look like the clear favorites, but making even the challenger stage will be a tall task for them.
2019-06-11 01:47
Myanmar xdcc
Is is their own faults for the amount of roster changes they were making. Bondik April and now el1an and Edward. Kvik the only original player left that signed with winstrike
2019-06-11 02:54
They still have the quality for this part of the Minor. If Boombl4 wanted to go and Navi called, there is not much to do there. I don't agree with Bondik, though it looks like it came down that to the IGL spot being recently swapped. Respect for Warthox for knocking them out.
2019-06-11 14:29
Spirit/Forze are obvious favorites but Syman could upset
2019-06-11 01:50
rip vegA>?
2019-06-11 01:50
disband vega
2019-06-11 04:17
l | 
Indonesia JoSuaLB
Rip Winstrike
2019-06-11 05:13
mir | 
Russia Zel0cE
Winsrike Big Failure...
2019-06-11 06:14
edward and seizedd failed rip
2019-06-11 06:15
2 spots for CIS minor for what ? Lol!
2019-06-11 07:02
2019-06-11 07:03
2019-06-11 07:04
flag checks out
2019-06-11 07:42
ask Qasym Jomart Tokayev mr dbanodbano
2019-06-11 07:54
2019-06-11 13:33
Russia NoOnEeeE
3 slots for Asia? LMAO
2019-06-11 23:11
Asia better than cis
2019-06-12 08:13
Ukraine wegg
EZ4SPIRIT and somebody else
2019-06-11 07:19
Edward ruining Winstrike
2019-06-11 09:09
where's hellraisers??
2019-06-11 09:38
afaik, for now, they're holding a spot in Major as the New Challengers. But, according to current rules, as soon as they apply for the Major with their current roster, they will lose their spot as they lost hobbit, woxic and deadfox - the majority of players, who earned the spot
2019-06-11 09:45
so they don't rationally have a spot nor they competed in CIS minor; what's their plan?
2019-06-11 10:03
I've been asking myself this question for several weeks now. a) They might return DeadFox for a period of Major, just to attend it and get the bonuses of it b) They might try to declare Deadfox as a coach (as C9 once did with Golden before IEM Katowice Major 2019) c) They might try to push StarLadder on letting them play: like "if you don't let us play, we'll just withdraw from the tournament, so you have 15 of 16 teams for the New Challengers Stage"
2019-06-11 11:15
B) was a little harder, C9 declared Golden as coach and used rule where coach can change a player. HR can't do b), there's new rules that your player needs to have serious medical conditions or visa issues to be changed. Only one who possibly can have EU visa issues in HR right now is ISSA. And they can't do c) since all minor play-in teams will have visas already, so they just bring a team from there. Plus they have good relations with StarLadder.
2019-06-11 13:24
understood PS I suggested the "push StarLadder" strategy exactly because they're in a good relationship with them. Default stuff: use friendship to push your interest
2019-06-11 13:37
probably it won't pay off too. damn, they're in a shitty situation atm :/
2019-06-11 14:11
Ez for meniga
2019-06-11 10:21
Russia allenHardy
I have good idea . Each person , which want CIs and Asia minors doing like one event , doing with EU and American Minor doing some . Americans = English immigrants. So it will be fair.
2019-06-11 10:27
Ukraine Hierophant
too ez 4 minsee
2019-06-11 10:54
2019-06-11 10:55
China zhongbai
forze clan EZ
2019-06-11 12:13
rip edward, but was to be expected with botdick....
2019-06-11 12:16
Gambit Youngsters alga
2019-06-11 14:42
2019-06-12 08:12
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