Crack Clan win WCG qualifier

Crack Clan have qualified for this year's World Cyber Games after disposing of Excello 2-1.

With Niko "naSu" Kovanen now fit to play, this looked like a really even match but things did not start well for Crack on de_inferno, losing the first half 10-5. The second period began with Crack looking to get back into the game, levelling the game on 10 rounds, but Excello would never concede any more rounds, winning the map 16-10.

On de_train, however, Crack Clan looked like a much improved side, as they stormed to a comfortable 10-5 result at half-time, playing as Terrorist. In the second half, they controlled the action, winning the map 16-7 to take the game to a third map, de_nuke.

There, Crack began much better as Excello would only take their first round nine rounds into the game. But  the former astralis squad showed their coolness and responded with conviction, going into the second half down 9-6. Now defending, Crack proved their superiority, letting Excello claim just two rounds. to win the third and last map 16-8

8th August 2009
Best of 3

Crack Clan have now qualified for this year's World Cyber Games event, scheduled for Chengdu, China, from 11-15 November.

respect CC
2009-08-09 02:35
GJ, gl in china natu nasu ruuit plaste tihop/sm1 would be a nice lineup
2009-08-09 02:38
7 replies
-natu + conte
2009-08-09 03:34
6 replies
Singapore Nephalith
i disagree. natu is a good captain. contE might have a slight advantage in individual skills, but not by much. natu is just as solid and brings a lot to the team. :)
2009-08-09 08:09
4 replies
and what about conte's ingame inteligence, fast thinking and unique ability to surprise the enemy? btw the best Finish lineup Ive ever seen was conte nasu natu lurpis ruit.
2009-08-09 14:43
3 replies
The current crack clan was formed because they didn't want conte or ruuit there. In this lineup all are willing to practice to become better, unlike those players. natu is the ingameleader so to even suggest replacing him with conte is a bit silly..
2009-08-09 16:50
2 replies
Germany M1n1M3
+1 ruuit and conte has nice skills but team chemistry is more important
2009-08-09 17:13
all that im saying is that i would preffer conte in a line up.Personal relation of them is another point.btw i though that it was lurpis that was calling when they were all together.
2009-08-10 09:15
-dRiim +plastE
2009-08-10 09:43
Gratz crack:D i knew all the people saying : xlo 2-0! xlo is much better then crack, xlo will own crack! WOULD FAAAAIL biiig time
2009-08-09 02:38
Poland AgresYa*
2009-08-09 02:45
Crazy that naSu got back to play one game, see you at WCG Crack Clan!
2009-08-09 02:51
5 replies
he played really nice!
2009-08-09 10:18
He was drinking in some summerhut in Lapland when the event began but he had to come back to play the final for some reason, eventhough he hadn't played cs since gamegune.
2009-08-09 11:28
Nix0n where's the demo from the final ? :)
2009-08-09 12:58
2 replies
1 reply
2009-08-09 13:50
2009-08-09 03:05
2009-08-09 03:17
hello ,welcome to china ! wish you succeed !
2009-08-09 03:21
demo's for this?
2009-08-09 06:18
90% bet on ex and crack won ... nice turn ...
2009-08-09 08:22
2009-08-09 08:58
Two teams are allowed to go or I got something wrong?
2009-08-09 09:43
3 replies
only CC
2009-08-09 13:23
2 replies
What about new rule?
2009-08-09 14:54
1 reply
yup 2teams get there but only for the 1st one the trip will be paid
2009-08-09 17:50
thats SHIT
2009-08-09 09:51
Finland Paju
wtf?? :DD not good players in CC..
2009-08-09 10:13
gg CC tihop man of the match!
2009-08-09 10:15
where can I find the demos?
2009-08-09 11:20
3 replies
all demos are available here
2009-08-09 13:05
2 replies
2009-08-09 13:23
2009-08-09 13:35
thought it would be easy for xlo... n1 cc
2009-08-09 11:37
expected by me.. btw both teams are amazing
2009-08-09 11:50
Glad I but my money on CC, well done guys!
2009-08-09 13:18
Everyone is still saying that excello is better..
2009-08-09 13:50
wtf excello
2009-08-09 13:55
Astralis > cc
2009-08-09 15:33
7 replies
-vidi -jigetus they werent good this bo3
2009-08-09 17:44
6 replies
not -jigetus, he was topfragger at many sides =F
2009-08-09 18:51
5 replies
He was 0-10 at train lol.
2009-08-09 19:15
4 replies
So what.. Everybody have bad days.. And why should they change lineup after their first event? :D It seems that what ever finnish teams do its always wrong for all the "experts" of "Cant believe finnish teams change lineups all the time" and when they dont its "They should remove Vidi and jigetus" or "They should form 1 team from these 2 teams" loll
2009-08-09 19:34
3 replies
I'm not saying they should remove jigetus you spastic, was just simply replying on his "he was top at many games"...which he wasn't.
2009-08-09 20:43
2 replies
i see u didnt watch the game. jigetus was topfragger in many sides and after that 0-10 he won the next rounds for excello
2009-08-11 13:58
1 reply
He didn't exactly win the match, he got like 6 frags in the last 4 rounds of that game
2009-08-11 14:51
astralis < CC
2009-08-09 16:40
Even though CC won, I still think plastE is the best Finnish player at the moment, the guy is so good its unbelievable.
2009-08-09 17:28
1 reply
+1 :)
2009-08-09 19:12
-vidi +kookas GL Crack
2009-08-09 17:33
Czech Republic jimb0b
does somebody know page where i can find all results of wcg finland? (not only cs)
2009-08-09 17:37
1 reply You have to register though.. But there they are under ASMS'09
2009-08-09 20:16
2009-08-09 18:41
1 reply
See #31
2009-08-09 22:10
CC should bring in kookas instead of dRiim!
2009-08-09 23:50
great! naSu <3
2009-08-10 14:15
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