arT: "Everyone thinks that our style will be easy to read, but there are infinite possibilities of making aggressive plays"

We sat down with Andrei "arT" Piovezan during the first day of Moche XL Esports 2019 and quizzed FURIA's in-game leader about the recent final against Vitality, the top-five place in the ranking and the prospect of ending their trophyless run.

FURIA traveled to Lisbon with confidence running high after breaking into the top five in the world rankings on the back of a semi-final run at DreamHack Masters Dallas and a second place at the ECS Season 7 Finals.

The Brazilians have their eyes on the prize as they look to end a trophyless run on LAN that stretches back to March 2018, months before they traveled to the United States to get more experience under their belts.

FURIA reached their highest-ever place in the rankings on Monday

In this interview, arT plays down suggestions that his team's aggressive approach will become ineffective, and comments on several other topics, including the recent ranking jump and the possibility that his players will start to get burned out.

Let's start by talking about the ECS grand final. Looking back at that series, what do you think that went wrong in that match? Did you expect such a one-sided series, considering you had defeated them in Dallas the week before?

I think those two matches came down to key rounds. In Dallas, if they had won those rounds, the match could have been different, and at ECS, in my opinion, there were some key rounds that we lost and, if we had won, our chances would have been different. If we had won those rounds perhaps it would have been a different game. For me, the Overpass game was the result of the first map, it had an impact on the second. I do not think they changed that much from the Dallas match, perhaps they adapted some things but I did not feel that big of a difference. I think those matches were kind of similar.

The team's game style has been a hot topic in recent weeks. Do you think that, as time goes by and teams are starting to analyze you more, you will find it harder to play the way you like?

I keep hearing that and there has been a lot of criticism, that because our style is the way it is, everyone thinks that it will be easy to read. But I have a completely different opinion. Our game is based on a set of aggressive plays, and, in Counter-Strike, there are infinite possibilities of making aggressive plays, with different timings and approaches. I think we will have to work harder to change our approaches. We used to be able to do the same things against several teams, but since everyone is watching our games now, we will have to change our approach a little bit.

There was some criticism targeted at you about your performance in the final because there were some rounds in which you were killed right at the start. What is your take on that?

To be honest, I try to ignore those comments as much as possible, I know that I will be very criticized because of my role. Since I play aggressively I will die a lot, it is almost 50-50, but generally when you die the impact is much bigger than when you get a kill. When you frag, you create a space that no-one will notice, while if you die in an important round, you leave your team in a 4x5 situation and everyone will see that. But I know how important that is for our team and how much our game depends on that. As a team, we know where our problems lie, so we are trying not to pay any attention to those comments.

How do you look at your individual performances in London?

I think they were okay. I was not happy with my performances, but I think I did a good job as a captain and in-game leader. I believe I am on the right track, but I think I still have a lot to improve individually.

You enter this tournament as the fifth-best team in the world. When you look at how the team has progressed since the start of the year, what is the meaning of this ranking placement?

I cannot even describe how important that is. We never imagined that we would be in this situation this quickly, but it is amazing, it means a lot because we are getting more invites to the tournaments. It shows that our work is paying off.

arT believes that it is important for the team to finally get a LAN title

Does it add more pressure? A top-five team has a completely different pressure than a top 20 team...

The tables have turned. We used to enter tournaments as underdogs and if we lost a match there was nothing wrong with it. That is what happened in Dallas and at ECS, where we just wanted to give our best, it did not matter if we won or lost. Now, the fans are more demanding, they expect us to win, to reach the playoffs and to beat the teams we have beaten in the past. We want to keep the same mentality because it is important to play loose, without fear of losing. I think that was one of the reasons why Astralis lost to us, they had a lot of pressure from the fans and also pressure that they put on themselves, and I think that favored us. When you lose the mentality that you just have to give your best and that, if you lose, then that’s life, you end up underperforming. So that is a mentality we will try to keep.

Looking at your track record, you have not won a LAN title since the Aorus League Season 1 Finals. Do the players feel the need to get a trophy, especially now that they are in the top 5 in the rankings?

We have never talked about it, but I believe we all feel it is important, especially as a reward for our work. We have not won a LAN title in some time, so it would be nice to get one, and it would be really cool if it happened here.

What are your thoughts on the other teams that are here in Lisbon?

We have never faced any of the teams here, perhaps we scrimmed against some of them when we bootcamped in Europe. We are really confident that we can win, even though these are good teams, considering our recent results and the fact that we have been beating good teams.

Did you have any time to change anything in your stratbook?

Yes, we did. We had two days to go over tactical aspects, to discuss those things. We had the Minor qualifier, but we still managed to go over some rounds that were important for us and that we will need to execute here.

Earlier in the week, you qualified for the Americas Minor. What are your expectations for this event?

I think every team there is strong. And Counter-Strike is Counter-Strike, it does not matter which team you are going to face, there is always a chance that you will lose. Everyone will be working hard for that event, so we will prepare for every match like we would if we were going to face Astralis. It is really important for us to go as far as possible at the Major.

For a while, FURIA did not attend any events, but the recent schedule has been pretty hectic for the team. Aren’t you afraid that the players will start to get burned out because you are not used to all this traveling?

I believe there is that chance, but that is something we are going to have to work more on, the team does not have that much experience when it comes to that. But from what the other players have said - and we discussed this with TACO and the other MIBR players at the ECS event -, it is important for us, because we are a team on the rise, that we play as much as we can and we keep up the pace. This effort is worth it and it will allow us to know our limits.

Brazil Andrei 'arT' Piovezan
Andrei 'arT' Piovezan
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North America HitGirl 
Nice. Getting #1's while watching CR4ZY & CHAOS match. 😎👌
2019-06-16 14:26
Twistzz | 
Sweden Unluko 
Furia > FaZe!
2019-06-16 14:26
North America HitGirl 
Idk brother
2019-06-16 14:27
not really my friend
2019-06-17 13:39
United States VRGcarsonqi 
2019-06-16 14:27
absolute mad lad 😎
2019-06-16 14:32
North America HitGirl 
Son of Neil M bro 😎👌
2019-06-16 14:32
xaxaaxa 😎
2019-06-16 14:35
Germany fakeflaggot 
dead team in 2-4w
2019-06-16 14:25
Bulgaria R34 
But wont get worse than mibr
2019-06-16 14:29
mibr is shit but they still accomplished more than this team ever will
2019-06-16 14:32
Bulgaria R34 
Well yeah, but what it was is no more, i believe the future of br cs is furia now. If they even get far enough to accomplish anything relevant like winning a major lul
2019-06-16 15:56
United States traviticus 
They could definitely be a dark horse for the major. Favorites would be Liquid and ENCE , giving Na’Vi, Astralis, and Vitaloty am outside chance too. Furia and Faze probably the biggest dark horses to win tournaments
2019-06-16 17:13
Bulgaria R34 
I agree
2019-06-16 17:24
2019-06-16 16:42
ReDWateR | 
Turkey leame 
2019-06-16 14:26
Best team to watch atm. Awesome aggressive style
2019-06-16 14:26
NADLERRRRRRR KILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-06-16 14:26
Brazil Collee 
just listen to him. he's always right
2019-06-16 14:27
2019-06-16 14:26
ahahahah br brain
2019-06-16 14:26
xartE | 
Finland XARTEGoD 
2019-06-16 14:26
What a humble reply
2019-06-16 14:28
Hahahahaha tries to justify his idiotic peeks
2019-06-16 14:29
2019-06-16 15:48
United Kingdom VOsskJi 
arT <3
2019-06-16 14:29
Germany Gabbah 
This is literaly bullshit. This kind if playstyle never works out in the long run. Didn't work for NiP in the early years of CS, wont work for Furia now. Always playing agressive is only possible, when your so much better then the other team on a individual level, that you win most of the aim duels. That is not the case in Furia.
2019-06-16 14:32
2019-06-16 14:42
Germany Gabbah 
Bro they have not better aim than teams like NaVi, Liquid, Astralis and maybe even Ence and Vitality. We saw, what Zywoo did to them in the final.
2019-06-16 14:48
France Zetherion 
But they still beat Astralis, Vitality ect.. I dont understand why you have to be that mad against a team who has a different playstyle than the whole scene (which is working btw)
2019-06-16 16:07
Germany Gabbah 
They lost to Vitality at ECS Finals 0-2, both maps not even close. They got anti-stratted so hard, that they didnt even had a chance. And you wanna tell me, that their system is working, which by the way they havent changed since that event. Vitality showed in that final, that their system is easy to read and yet Furia didnt change a single bit of it. And btw they beat Astralis only twice, and that was even at the same event. This is not something your should build on. Sure they have a diffrent playstyle, but that does not mean, that its good. They have to get consistency against T1 team, which they dont have: They lost to Liquid 0-2, they lost to NRG 0-2,they lost to ence 1-2 and they even lost to Party Astronauts 8-16 in the Minor. This is not something, that should happen to a Team that is Top 5. To be fair they beat North 2-0, but North is also inconsistent, and Vitality 2-0, which was at a time, when Vitality still struggled. What im trying to say is, that Furia is in no way a Top 5 Team, because their inconsistent as fuck. When you look at the Top 5 Teams in the World: Liquid, Astralis, Ence, Vitality and even Faze, but this is debatable, they are all somewhat consistent, which Furia is not. Im hating on their system, because it makes them inconsistent. You cant win every match by playing aggressiv all the time. It just does not work. So yea there you have it.
2019-06-16 16:42
France Zetherion 
I understand your point of view, but I still think that they can reinvent themselves to be at least a top 10 team, not a top 5 because this status is based on 2 good results in a week but with the firepower it could become a top 10 team
2019-06-16 17:07
Germany Gabbah 
I dont disagree with that, but at the moment they are not a good team, because of their inconsistency, but I could see them as a top 10 team. Still think, that they need to lern, how to play passive CS. That would make them a way better team in my opinion.
2019-06-16 17:29
It's a trick/gamble style. I'm ok with being wrong, but my guess is more teams will get used to it. They beat Vitality and then the next time lost. Most of their wins are from first-time encounters, where a team may be taken off guard. His assessment that there are infinite aggressive plays is shortsighted. Once teams know that's your playbook you will have no fallback. Part of the reason ENCE stayed consistent after the major was they got there because of good team play, not gambles and trick plays. If FURIA do not build on their style they will filter against other teams pretty soon. I think they're a good team with strong potential, but arT doesn't want to believe that some of their success came from being so unknown to most of these teams.
2019-06-16 16:56
France Zetherion 
I can appreciate that comment because I agree with this. This team sill need to reinvent themselves but at the same time, on Dallas and ECS this time was so fun to watch so I hope they will find a way to stay on top so we can see them at more events
2019-06-16 17:12
I think they'll eventually begin to adapt to playing a more normalized style. They're a good team, I don't think anyone would dispute that, but they absolutely need to evolve their play rather than squander the opportunity. Very few teams get the chance they've gotten (getting invited to a lot of events based on rank), so they need to use it as a way to grow.
2019-06-16 17:22
I think ENCE is a great example because of all "top" teams their CT sides are the ones that rely least on gimmicks & individuality. They play the setup, they trust everyone knows how to react, and they play it well. Knowing is legitimately half the battle.
2019-06-16 18:20
I know a lot of people saw ENCE as a fluke with the major, but if you really paid attention to their play ahead of the major you saw their breakthrough coming. I didn't expect it at the major, but I could tell just from watching them that they had the teamplay a lot of other teams don't have. So yeah, I agree. ENCE is a great example of a team that got to where they were less on individual talent, and more on understanding each other. Which, really, that's how teams succeed at high level CS, everything else is likely to falter because it's unsustainable.
2019-06-16 18:28
Yeah, and if you expect consistent results you're spitting in the face of probability with that mindset. For example, the 'space' created by dying in the first 20 seconds in a round is significantly outweighed by the fact that there's something like a 25% success rate on winning 4v5s. Probably an even smaller % success since it happens so much earlier in the round. "If we just won that one round", is a tired excuse in NA. Has been for a decade plus.
2019-06-16 14:51
Germany Gabbah 
At least someone, who understands CS. Ty very cool
2019-06-16 14:54
Brazil Deodato 
Furia is actuall very good in converting 4v5's, like 35% conversion. You kind of create space when you die too(the concept of bait), and they're good at using that.
2019-06-16 15:46
Yeah, wow, that 1-in-3 chance to win a round on a gamble is totally worth it!
2019-06-16 16:58
Brazil Deodato 
its not like he died every round either
2019-06-16 20:22
You don't get it though, it's an unsustainable set of decisions. If it fails, what's their fallback plan? You can't reliably win games if you're going down 4 v 5 early, and then only having a 30% chance to convert that round. When teams start nade stacking you, or pre-firing your smoke aggression, what do you rely on to win you the round?
2019-06-16 20:42
More smoke aggression
2019-06-17 08:22
Brazil UmSaldanha 
This is Brazil guys,, Bests CS players in world..
2019-06-16 14:29
When Will they learn? Stop opening your mouth this early. Teams Will not underestimate Furia anymore and they’ll get 0-16’ed every game from now on
2019-06-16 14:29
Portugal RKO23 
wow, you're so obnoxious lol
2019-06-16 14:35
That’s not another word for realistic.
2019-06-16 14:50
Portugal RKO23 
sure bro, whatever helps you sleep at night.
2019-06-16 15:51
Just lost a bo3 to GamerLegion ... You were saying?
2019-06-16 19:59
Portugal RKO23 
i was saying what? lol i stand by what i said... why u gotta be an ass, i do not play for them do i? get a life.
2019-06-16 22:13
My point just got confirmed. Every fluke-team does that.. speaking too soon. Be humble, prove your worth, then talk.
2019-06-17 00:21
Were you reading what he said at all? All he told you was to stop being a dipshit.
2019-06-17 08:24
He wants to turn me to something im not? That’s just rude ..
2019-06-17 08:39
Are you calling yourself a dipshit?
2019-06-17 09:36
Yes, or atleast that’s the word for it you guys use :)
2019-06-17 09:41
Fair call
2019-06-17 09:58
Portugal RKO23 
incredible how i triggered you by just writting a comment on the internet, i wonder how you are in real life. i personally dont really care if they win or loose lol, is them that win money, not me, so why should i freaking care? oh yeah... so please, instead of saying this or that is this or that, you should create a team and prove it ;).
2019-06-17 20:54
I think you've just understood me the whole time. Is there something wrong with doin it in the order I wrote? Be humble -> prove your worth -> open mouth :) Ye, I'm able to play 2 hours at the most in 3 months (wife, 2 children, traveling every week at work), I'm really the one that should create a team :D
2019-06-17 21:13
Portugal RKO23 
you think that im gonna read any of it? think again.
2019-06-17 21:21
ZywOo | 
France Qaze 
"I do not think they changed that much from the Dallas match". The main problem is that furia didn't change anything, vitality's coach litteraly read everything, they knew where they they would go depending on the initial stuffs etc... If Furia doesn't change or at least enrich their playstyles they will get destroyed every match
2019-06-16 14:35
France niouke 
GamerLegion is gonna predict and beat them. I'll be laughing my ass
2019-06-16 14:37
teams like Sprout and CR4ZY can 16:0-ed those tryhards
2019-06-16 14:37
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
"but generally when you die the impact is much bigger than when you get a kill. " genius
2019-06-16 14:38
lmfao that's another level
2019-06-16 14:39
Latvia Ke]R[4u 
the br vega squadron
2019-06-16 14:38
remove AUG and SG and this team will be back to irrelevancy
2019-06-16 14:55
United States Fin4life 
and there are infinite ways of choking and this caca team has done almost all...LOL look at dudes haircut...straight soy boi cut...what size bowl did he use???
2019-06-16 15:06
United States TrashPanda 
Furia gonna fall harder out of the rankings than Cloud 9. Why you have to do them like this HLTV. They think they're good now. Poor kids.
2019-06-16 15:07
Brazil ThiagoBuccos 
And they're not?
2019-06-16 15:23
United States TrashPanda 
Top 5 good? Hell no they just got 2-0'd by GL. Furia is all filler no substance.
2019-06-16 19:15
Brazil ThiagoBuccos 
come on dude, they're good.
2019-06-17 02:30
Furia plays like me and my friends lol
2019-06-16 15:49
France Zetherion 
Why is everyone mad with Furia ? I still think they can achieve more and climb the top 5, the individualities on this team are insane and if they dont get affect by ego or overconfidence they can still reinvent themselves and constently beat top 5-10 teams easly
2019-06-16 16:02
very trash style play and information Not surprised to lose NRG and Vitality ez trash windigo V.2 get money and comeback to trash
2019-06-16 18:11
Brazil lul321 
It's easy to read
2019-06-16 18:13
s1mple | 
Romania En!gma0 
Losing 2 - 0 might not be a good way to prove your point...
2019-06-16 18:18
If your playstyle is hard to read than nawwk is a fucking poet
2019-06-16 18:21
2019-06-16 18:54
Poland Lukovsky 
2019-06-16 21:05
Losing 2-0 to the team that lost to VP 2-0 the 50th ranked team in the world in the closed minor qualifier ...
2019-06-16 18:23
Said arT, hours before losing the semifinal using aggressive plays
2019-06-16 18:49
2019-06-16 19:17
art must not really understand how cs works if that's what he says
2019-06-16 21:06
No there are not.
2019-06-17 03:52
karma LMAO
2019-06-17 04:51
Sweden zZzlatan 
t hey won lucky some and now they lost versus differenz T3 opponents
2019-06-17 09:40
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