Magisk: "I still think 2019 can be our year"

We sat down with Emil "⁠Magisk⁠" Reif at the press room of the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals after Astralis were taken out by Liquid in the tournament's quarterfinals.

Astralis started their run in Montpellier against Cloud9, who they were able to beat 16-9 on Inferno. The Danes then beat their countrymen of Heroic in dominating fashion in a two-map series, but were then denied a semi-final berth by NRG. Ultimately, it was arch-rivals Liquid who knocked Magisk and company out in the tournament's quarterfinals.

Astralis are close to playing well enough to win tournaments, says Magisk

In the lengthy interview he gave, Magisk talked about the team's match against Liquid, how their match-ups against the North American team have changed over time, what's missing in their game from the dominant Astralis we saw last year, and what they will need if they want to win in Cologne, among other topics.

First thing I'd like to talk about, and it's not so much about the scheduling itself, but are there some unexpected things you've found in having this sort of calendar? Maybe you cooled off a bit?

We had like three BLAST Pro Series tournaments in a row, and that's a format that doesn't play to our strengths, which we've said from day one. It's easy to look back and be smart about it, but we had those three tournaments and that wasn't in our favor. There's no doubt that we miss playing the best-of-threes and so on. At ESL and ECS tournaments, you're almost always guaranteed to play a lot of best-of-threes, and that's our strong side, going into the tournaments prepared, being able to come back if you have a bad day and still make it far into the playoffs.

We got a bit rusty because we didn't play that many maps on LAN and while sometimes it's easier to talk about mistakes in practice, it's different when you play official matches on LAN because that's when you really see how people are playing and what mistakes you need to fix. There's no doubt that when we had those three tournaments it really hurt our gameplay, even individually, communicationwise... there was a lot of stuff we had to fix and it's tough to fix all of that only in practice.

I know some of your main goals, for example, were to become the first team to win three back-to-back Majors. Do you think having such a big, long-term goal made you lose track of the present a bit, the day-to-day?

Honestly, I don't think that's really what made us start losing. We did the same in 2018, we had long-term goals and I think that's something really good to have. You need to find a balance between the long-term and the present goals, so it's not about that, when we go into a tournament we do everything we can to win it. Sure, we may want to win some tournaments more than others, and we may be more prepared for them, but when we go into a tournament we always play 100% to win no matter what. There are no excuses, we always play with everything we can, and I don't think it has something to do with the long-term goal.

I still think 2019 can be our year, to be honest, we still won the Major, and we won in Sao Paulo. We have Cologne coming up which is one of the events we really want to win, we've been looking forward to it for a long time. Obviously, we also want to here, at the Pro League Finals, but Cologne is definitely an important milestone for us and that's where we have to show that we're still capable of winning against the best teams in the world. We're looking forward to it, and it's going to be a long and tough road, but I think that I can speak for everyone on the team when I say that we know we can still win in Cologne.

We didn't feel like we played well against Liquid yesterday, we made a lot of mistakes, lost some stupid rounds, and we lost Vertigo ourselves by making mistakes. There are so many rounds we could have won on the CT side, with the entry kills and stuff like that. If this is how we play when we're playing bad and we almost beat the team that everyone is considering the best team in the world right now, going on to win tournaments is not that far away. The hopes are still high for us.

Do tell me a little bit about the Vertigo, the match could have had a Nuke, which was one of your stronger maps, but you didn't pick it and the decider went to Vertigo. Can you tell me a little bit about the thought process behind leaving it open?

We've been practicing it quite a lot, actually, and we've been winning every single practice we play it on. We've been stomping good teams on it, even the likes of mousesports, G2, and stuff like that. We've been playing good teams and stomping them. We didn't see any reason not to play it because they didn't really look that good on it. [laughs] But now we lost and so yeah, maybe it was a mistake. It's easy looking back now. Our Nuke hasn't been that comfortable, we lost it three times in a row, and we did win one here, but I still believe we should have won Vertigo. It was in our hands, and we lost it ourselves. Big respect to them for keeping on fighting and bringing it back, that requires a lot of mental fortitude. It was a good game, and I'm just sad we couldn't close it out in the end.

One of the big storylines of 2018 was how dominant you were in big matches against Liquid. There was a lot of expectation to see if Liquid would win that important best-of-three win against you. How have you seen them evolve?

There's no doubt that they have a lot more confidence now, and they're starting to get stronger mentally, as well. I also have to be honest, I think this AUG meta has helped them quite a lot. Not to take anything away from them, but they are really good with them, even the SG 552. A player like EliGE, he's been benefitting from it a lot, but that's just how it is. That's Counter-Striker, the META changes all of the time and the team that's faster to adapt to it and get good at it is going to perform better.

They deserve it because they've been working hard for it. Also mentally and confidencewise, that makes a huge difference, we had gotten used to winning so many tournaments and being so dominant, and we had so much more confidence in our own play as a team, that made a huge difference.

How do you think you can get that confidence back, and once again become that dominant team?

Having some small success again, winning some important best-of-threes... it feels like during the past few tournaments we've been so close but ended up losing because of small mistakes. Even against NRG on Dust2, we lost against an eco and if we would have won that round we would have probably closed out the map and would have been in the semi-finals, so it's those small marginals that in 2018 we would have won because of our confidence and mentality. It seems like it just went a bit the other way this year, into the other team's favor, and that changed a lot of matches which could have ended up with us even winning tournaments or stuff like that. But it's easy to say when that's not what happened...

To wrap it up, you said Cologne is a big event for you guys, have you talked about any particular preparation going into it?

We're not going to change our whole stratbook or anything like that, I think it's more going to come down to teamplay and performing individually, we just need that little 2% extra, also communicationwise... you could see it on Inferno, yesterday, on the T side, there were so many rounds we should have won. There were afterplant situations that we should never lose, and would normally never lose, and if we would have just won a couple of those rounds we would have broken their economy completely and the map would look completely different.

It comes down to us finding our confidence individually and making sure we play individually at home as well so that we can find those extra percentage points and make sure that we're ready. We're going to do the same we always do, be prepared for every team. I still feel like we're the best team in the world when it comes to preparation, but when you miss individually, you may be really well prepared, but if you can't kill the guy you know is coming it doesn't matter if you're prepared or not. It comes down to individual mistakes in the end.

I'm just really looking forward to Cologne because it's such a sick tournament and the arena is always amazing, I just hope I get to experience that again this year and hopefully deliver to end this season with a win. That would mean a lot for us as a team, so we're going in with everything we have before the vacation. Because of the Major, if we wanted some time off we had to skip Chicago, if not we would have gone there, but it's just how it is.

Denmark Emil 'Magisk' Reif
Emil 'Magisk' Reif
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i hope u come back stronger #StopToxicity #HearTheRoar
2019-06-23 02:34
2019-06-23 02:33
2019-06-23 02:35
Albania 9898
2019-06-23 02:42
Well it's exactly the confidence needed
2019-06-23 02:52
Omega lol
2019-06-23 11:28
African Union R4PHikari
2019-06-23 13:26
2019-06-23 14:38
What team flair is that? Haven't seen such a logo in 5 years :))
2019-06-26 03:38
2019-06-23 02:51
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2019-06-23 03:02
Germany AdiZen
Furia lost to gamer legion on lan btw
2019-06-23 03:37
Singapore Kerk
GamerLegion top 1
2019-06-23 04:18
gamerlegion > furia > astralis scream > yuurih > magisk
2019-06-23 04:42
classic ex6tenz overpreparation
2019-06-23 07:56
Russia Astrali5
GamerLegion >>>>>>> FURIA
2019-06-23 08:36
It was just a match! This months was great to Furia and I know that they can get the number one team of Counter Strike. It's just a matter of time!
2019-06-24 18:21
furia is random, brasil cs scene is currently dead. mark my words in two monts, kid.
2019-06-23 04:35
2019-06-23 11:40
I fell sad but I need to agree with you.
2019-06-26 22:36
2019-06-23 10:59
Fan of dans BANCH
2019-06-23 14:06
2019-06-25 10:07
Maybe 'shine' is a more suitable adjective for Astralis :P you might encourage furia with that hashtag xD
2019-06-23 03:18
Poland Ktav
2019-06-23 05:50
Haha they ain’t gonna be #1 anytime soon
2019-06-23 06:55
2019-06-23 07:25
is free
2019-06-23 11:38
Russia Astrali5
2019-06-25 04:42
2019-06-25 04:48
Denmark Jonasnhj
2019-06-23 10:17
Poland Unluko
2019-06-23 10:58
Sweden hagelin
This is what all teams are saying... #gonewNiP
2019-06-23 22:12
2019-06-24 21:37
Indonesia N1tz_id
F AUG. Now its time for Negev meta
2019-06-26 01:24
2019-06-23 02:32
Singapore Kerk
Blast Pro Events Our year Choose 1
2019-06-23 04:20
2019-06-23 14:45
Astralis didnt start winning events until april/may 2018. Not only have they won a blast tournament, but they went back-to-back with the majors this year.
2019-06-26 03:41
Singapore Kerk
Yeah we have to give credit where its due but they need to consistently play at least
2019-06-26 06:48
Well Said +111111
2019-06-26 13:00
2019-06-23 02:32
Croatia gmchanger97
Delusional much?
2019-06-23 02:32
+1 He is in denial, after they threw away their own era
2019-06-23 02:33
In all fairness they dropped a lot since last 4 smoke updates.. im not saying smoke bugs directly influenced on their game but mentaly not having that edge anymore certainly means a lot.. and they lost confidence, especially gla1ve who was smoke god and know he cant do shit.. so valve destroyed their era but its fair now But being this delusional its like me saying that croatia has csgo scene haha
2019-06-23 02:40
valde | 
Denmark QBE_
You're saying it like they were the only ones using it.... ''delusional much?''
2019-06-23 02:53
Im not saying that.. even though last smoke update very few players knew and all astralis knew but they were only team that always had big smoke plays and they were certainly using it to max
2019-06-23 02:55
valde | 
Denmark QBE_
so?? after the update they were still dominant, their era stopping has nothing to do with the smoke update, they thew away their era by only going to blast tournaments for 4 months
2019-06-23 02:58
They werent dominant after updates, especially not after last one cause they lost everything after last one.. there is certainly a big correlation between events of updates and them dropping down.. i respect your opinion but i have my own
2019-06-23 03:00
They won a major and 3 other big tier 1 titles after the smoke bug was patched.
2019-06-23 03:42
Dont explain to him. The guy is retarded af lmao. > says valve nerfed astralis Rofl
2019-06-23 08:20
You have autism? He’s talking about the most recent one where you could change the shape of smokes and bind it to a key. They haven’t won anything since then....
2019-06-23 14:40
Stfu and stop baiting lmao.
2019-06-24 08:31
What an ironic question. Either baiting or just a true american. (ignorant and delusional af)
2019-06-24 11:03
They won the major dude. Only losing 1 map, and that was in overtime. Thats dominant enough...
2019-06-23 04:48
"there is certainly a big correlation between events of updates and them dropping down.. i respect your opinion but i have my own" hahahahahha another 3rd world 10 IQ braindead delusional retarded newfag! You mistake your opinion for "certainties" and your opinions are absolutely trash cause ur clueless and make ridiculous and non-exsisting correlations in your peanut brain.
2019-06-24 11:01
+1, blaze it up bish
2019-07-01 12:21
+1 I don't think smoke update or anything of that sort has a major role in them dropping off. Seems like a matter of confidence as individuals and team. They're the pioneers of focusing on psychology aspect in esports, at least CSGO, they should come back stronger no matter what was the reason for the drop, even if it was a silly gameplay update.
2019-06-23 03:24
I would call it a fluke rather than era
2019-06-23 10:11
yeah a 1 year fluke, sure makes alot of sense.
2019-06-23 10:27
Makes perfect sense. Now we see who they really are
2019-06-23 13:36
You’re an idiot. First team to grand slam...that’s no fluke. They were heavily abusing smoke bugs though, anyone who says otherwise, is just as delusional as magisk is with that comment.
2019-06-23 14:42
But what does it matter they will be remembered as "the eternal chokers" Flukestralis fanboy
2019-06-23 15:43
I Agree with U
2019-06-27 15:09
Dominating everyone for more than a year = fluke Playing mediocre for 2-3 months = shows who they really are Hahaha what a 3rd world ignorant retard :D where ever you bought your IQ, you should really return it!
2019-06-24 10:59
You are just mad NA is #1. Liquid have always been better than Astralis.. they became afraid and started to skip events to avoid liquid. Now we all can see clear. I hope they can find their confidence to become #2 again!
2019-06-24 13:11
Ahh just realized your name. I was sure no one could be this extremely stupid, and it turns out i was right. 8/8 b8
2019-06-24 20:06
Mibr didnt know about smoke, faze also not knew. Liquid i suppose knew cause of stewie. Flusha solo won Katowice cause of smoke bug. Mibr almost beaten Astralis in finals 2 times whitout knowing and if it wasnt for that bug they could have won titles and not splited up. These clowns dont deserve any era, just because that every player on Astralis knew about that bug. Look how Big become trash. You think its because of language barrier? Role changes lul...
2019-06-23 09:09
They literally won a major right after the radar got fixed...
2019-06-23 08:22
Croatia KeZual96
We have a great cs scene man, what are you talking about
2019-06-23 12:48
Europe tweekzter
complaining about having to play BLAST... lul
2019-06-23 11:06
World Beard43
2019-06-23 02:38
Albania 9898
He's human?
2019-06-23 02:43
Yes but he is also esport pro.. some professions dont allow you to be this delusional.. this is one of them
2019-06-23 02:48
Well... If they do win the major, that would be 4 in a row. - and yes i do Think thats enough to call the year a succes. Wouldn’t you?
2019-06-23 09:49
3 in a row if they do win Berlin major
2019-06-23 12:31
Cocky magisk expected
2019-06-23 13:58
Italy Fil0Nerd
Imagine saying that and not winning EPL omegalul
2019-06-23 02:33
they won twice in a row. Why would they need to win another one? I mean it would be great but still. ALSO EVEN IF LIQUID WINS THEY WILL ALWAYS BE SECOND TO C9!
2019-06-23 03:10
Greece twachilles
sit the ..... down dude ..!!!!
2019-06-23 03:22
2019-06-23 03:32
then why attend at all what a braindead fanboy logic
2019-06-23 03:34
Germany KappaFLeX
not attending in tournaments is Astralis logic
2019-06-23 03:56
can't lose if you don't attend 400iq move
2019-06-23 04:01
2019-06-23 08:21
2019-06-23 10:36
fan since yesterday bro
2019-06-23 06:26
Italy Fil0Nerd
2019-06-23 07:30
2019-06-23 03:40
How will they be second to c9? Liquid constantly made the grandfinals on almost every t1 event for a year and a half. And now they are.#1 and can win titles and beat Astralis in a bo3 more than any other team. C9 existed for 2 months, won the major, then died...
2019-06-23 05:13
I meant; Cloud9 is still the first NA team to win an EPL finals, major, DH(i think, and iBP masters cup(I think). And doubt liquid will ever win a major.
2019-06-23 06:28
C9 won big things. true but that doesn't make liquid second to c9. Liquid is #1 hltv regardless of not winning a major. Major winner rush has below 1 rating. That's just to show how overrated a major win is.
2019-06-23 08:23
C9 won those titles when the big teams that they played were in slumps , specially the finals in Brasil , when FNX already knew he was gonna get cut and he was coked up his ass before finals day. The Fnatic that beat them in the finals and then lost to them in the rematch was dead as fuck , Pronax was topfragging brother.... and those wins were with the Clown9 players at their absolute peak , really the only legit win Clown9 has is the major because even tho they peaked there , the other teams were at their peak (except FaZe , they choked hard). What Liquid has achieved is unmatched by any n.a team ever , they have consistent tier1 elite level performance against tier1 elite level european teams all the time , a bad tournament for them is going out in semis. All of those feats you listed with clown9 , the lineups that achieved those stuck together and usually went out of groups afterwards against euros playing in a deep slump , no comparison.
2019-06-23 09:14
Still, 2019 summer liquid is way better than major winning c9 by individuals and by team. C9 hadn't won anything in like 6 months when they won the major, they were like top 10 and fell off instantly after it. Liquid has gotten to t1 finals for the past 15 months and counting. They've beat the number 1,2,3,4,5 teams and so on. Sk in 2016 won 2 majors but really wasn't even top1 even half the time. Fnatic ln early 2016 and nv. Navi in mid 2016 and vp in late 2016.
2019-06-23 09:44
Do you think Liquid will still win a major? Cause I highly doubt it. Probably would be out at the likes of FaZe just like in Blast pro miami.
2019-06-23 13:25
Oh yeah I supposed ""other teams are in slumps"" were the excuses all the teams today who lose to a bad team.
2019-06-23 13:22
Also you can't say that FaZe choked the major. Cloud9 played them well, and outsmarted them. They knew they didnt have the firepower against FaZe but they had the smarts to win it.
2019-06-23 13:23
delusional kid
2019-06-23 13:59
2019-06-23 02:32
JW | 
Norway jatakk
2019-06-23 02:32
Hong Kong freehk
delusional lmao its not 2018
2019-06-23 02:32
Yes's not 2018
2019-06-23 02:34
Hong Kong freehk
1.37 rating past 3 months nt 0/8
2019-06-23 02:35
I was just agreeing with your statement, Wtf?
2019-06-23 02:42
U didn't type his full name while agreeing. U should've said "yes s1mple_top1_dev1ce_top2... It's not 2018." 0/8 nt
2019-06-23 08:25
Thanks guy You ruined it
2019-06-23 15:51
2019-06-23 08:24
simple has played a game in the last 3 months?
2019-06-23 09:06
LoL. S1mple is top1 because he is nolifer and he is also baiting his teammates often ;) He wouldn’t have as good rating as he actually has without it :D While Device is living normal life and he is not baiting as well. So don’t trashtalk if you’re blind :)
2019-06-23 09:11
Denmark Alphamon
Imagine being this clueless
2019-06-23 10:14
Netherlands shawtyyy
Didnt expect from Czechs
2019-06-23 10:41
2019-06-23 10:59
Bulgaria Cloudyx
get some help :D
2019-06-23 12:02
delusional kid
2019-06-23 14:00
Serbia is delusional <3
2019-06-24 06:52
Did I hurt your feelings crying device fangirl
2019-06-24 09:15
No. I don’t really care. Just said my opinion as you also did.
2019-06-24 09:30
If you say so...
2019-06-24 09:37
Yes I do :) And did I hurt yoursefl? If yeah then sorry. But that’s a fact :) And I’m too small to change it ;)
2019-06-24 14:52
I get that you are baiting, have a good day
2019-06-24 14:54
:O youre faster than the light.
2019-06-24 15:26
2019-06-24 18:39
The only sad thing is that Serbian economy isnt as fast as you. Hopefuly the goverment will fix this gab.
2019-06-24 19:37
coruption stronk man
2019-06-24 20:52
2019-06-23 23:04
Lmao insane bait 8/8 but if u were serious then i feel sorry for u. Coz s1mple had topped the most entry frags chart in 2018 and u call him baiter lmfao
2019-06-24 08:29
I like to fuck s1mples slavic fans :)
2019-06-24 09:29
wannabe russian doesent know that Astralis already won a major in 2019 :>
2019-06-23 08:25
Still not top1. Just goes on to show how much they sucked at other tournaments considering their skill level.
2019-06-23 08:27
They gave away their #1 spot by simply not attending events. Which is sad. But they won a major in the beginning of the year, if they win the next, #1 spot is probably secured and that would be 2 majors in 2019, which must be considered a succes. They have lost a few blasts whatever.
2019-06-23 09:55
2019-06-23 02:33
Magisk top 3 2019 confirmed
2019-06-23 02:33
This year is reserved for Liquid, Vitality, and ENCE. Sry sir
2019-06-23 02:33
inb4 liquid chokes against g2 lmao
2019-06-23 09:00
Liquid - will start choking again Vitality - won only tournaments where the top teams weren’t attending Ence - what did they do this year, please?
2019-06-23 09:13
Liquid - If they win EPL S9 they will probably never choke again (morale boost imo) Vitality - Won cs_summit 4 vs Liquid and ENCE ENCE- 2nd place at Katowice Major 1st at Blast Pro Series Madrid 2nd at DH Masters Dallas They have 4 fairly inexperienced players, so wait a bit.
2019-06-23 09:28
Ence win blast event vs astralis and end they streak nuke
2019-06-23 09:29
Yeah thats one tournament xD Who cares about streak? Ence were also pretty confident for sure so they knew they gonna play finals against astralis :D So they were prepared for sure, maybe they didnt even sleep.
2019-06-23 09:38
delusional xddd
2019-06-23 14:01
North America noahB_
2019-06-23 02:33
you already had 2018
2019-06-23 02:33
2019-06-23 02:33
Canada LiquidTop1
2019-06-23 02:33
Spain elskio
I’m sure you boys can get back <3
2019-06-23 02:33
2019-06-23 02:34
2019-06-23 02:59
sure, just win 4Head
2019-06-23 02:34
NEO | 
Switzerland gaxen
If they found a new bug, sure they can.
2019-06-23 02:35
Old meme, sorry. Blastralis is now best meme
2019-06-23 04:49
2019-06-23 14:02
If you pop off, yes.
2019-06-23 02:35
Ahahaa go sleep
2019-06-23 02:36
Lmao in your dreams
2019-06-23 02:37
I agree
2019-06-23 14:02
they will fall of just like SK/MIBR, they wont win anything this year, wont make a change until next year, and when they go out of top10 they will make a roster change surely, sad but their era is gone, it looks like they lost all their confidence in themselves, old astralis were coming as favorites into tournaments, everyone was scared of them and now many teams proved u can beat this team
2019-06-23 02:39
I mean those matches were still pretty close tho. They made some mistakes and they can fix it too. Especially a team like astralis Teams like vp were based heavily on the individual performances. Astralis dont need that too much.
2019-06-23 04:51
2019-06-23 08:29
They will win some tournament in 2019 fot sure ;) they already won two tournaments. The problem here is that SK fell down in their skill level while Astralis are “falling” down because Everyone is preparing for them :D so it’s probably just a question of time when Gla1ve will come with a new tactics and then they could start winning once again because their teamplay is just the best :D And I have no idea what are you talking about years... Year is not a border that says from this month to the this month is this era and so on... Year is just something that people created :D but nothing that affect cs, lol. For example Astralis and their second era started in April :D which wasn’t on the begining of the year. So take care about it please.
2019-06-23 09:23
2019-06-23 14:03
Astralis is falling down cause valve fixed their game.
2019-06-23 14:07
must be feel good to live in your own dream time to wake up magisk
2019-06-23 02:39
Other Phinks
Nah i dont think so.
2019-06-23 02:39
At which Point do you disagree?
2019-06-23 04:53
Brazil Matheuscgc
Reading that first answer about Blast was so satisfying that I almost nutted.
2019-06-23 02:42
You are right mr Magisk You will rekt everyone again on MAJOR 3 times in a row! Make it happen Btw hltv aint cancer bro
2019-06-23 02:43
Magisk toxic player, always shoots corpses when angry Astralis will not win 3rd major in a row im highly doubt they will make playoffs with current form
2019-06-23 02:47
Holy shit, I mean they will get a high seed at major. It would be horrible, i see no way that they get a bad major tho
2019-06-23 04:54
Considering they lost to Furia and NRG with an igl that's leaving, it's very possible they dont make it to playoffs
2019-06-23 07:21
ye, the seed is saving them
2019-06-23 14:04
New Zealand CZR^
Lol I don’t
2019-06-23 02:48
Russia Astrali5
2019-06-23 02:50
2019-06-23 04:58
2019-06-23 14:04
Well I'd be worried if he didn't feel that way.
2019-06-23 02:55
niko also lost his dominance due to aug meta
2019-06-23 02:57
Magisk the noob. LUL Maybe he is right or doesnt but Astralis is the name for arrogant pricks who deserve every lost they get. Especially Gla1ve. He won some tournaments and believe he is a GOAT. S1mple still laughing. You can have some arrogance if you really earned but luck and timing isn't a reason. So I hope you will drop out of cologne before the arena stage like last year. I can't respect you guys or like you. Dupreeh is an exception cuz success or no success he never changed.
2019-06-23 03:05
My god your tears, control fellow human!
2019-06-23 03:29
Tears? just hate
2019-06-23 03:33
are u like 10 years old?
2019-06-23 03:52
Holy shit you fucking killed him, dude
2019-06-23 04:02
Lmao he admits that he is a hater!! U do know ur opinion matters even lose when u show that u r a hater?? I know mine doesn't either but i m just saying what society thinks.
2019-06-23 08:32
Norway CheNaLii
Magisk saying Astralis can do well in 2019 is like saying G2 is going to win EPL Finals against Liquid xDDDDD
2019-06-23 03:02
G2 can upset. Who knows. Liquid can choke. They have choked in past. It's not that far fetched to say that g2 can win
2019-06-23 08:33
They won a major in 2019? No?
2019-06-23 13:48
but kenny men
2019-06-23 14:06
Estonia Eduzera
If there are much more Blast Pro Series
2019-06-23 03:05
your team give up so much just to drop from the top LUL
2019-06-23 03:06
2019-06-23 03:07
If you win cologne and major... maybe
2019-06-23 03:08
I hope they put in the work and rebound. They certainly have the potential.
2019-06-23 03:09
2019-06-23 03:12
Estonia RopzTop1
+1 not even an astralis fan but pass fnatic pls
2019-06-23 04:17
2019-06-23 14:07
Estonia RopzTop1
fnatic fans = bandwagon fans
2019-06-23 16:19
How come?
2019-06-23 16:20
Biggest bullshit I have read in a while
2019-06-23 16:25
2019-06-23 14:07
Finland 0lter
Sure it can hahahaha
2019-06-23 03:14
SG 552
2019-06-23 03:14
2019-06-23 14:08
yeah sure bud
2019-06-23 03:21
X to doubt. Team ligma all the way.
2019-06-23 03:21
losing to furia and nrg in important games...
2019-06-23 03:37
South Africa @FyreCS
Liquid Furia Vitality ENCE Faze Top 5 Don’t @ me
2019-06-23 03:51
2019-06-23 03:54
Estonia RopzTop1
2019-06-23 04:18
2019-06-23 07:41
Faze Who??
2019-06-23 08:34
2019-06-23 08:57
Singapore FallBlade
"Furia" nt
2019-06-23 09:12
furia ? lul faze? OMEGALUL
2019-06-23 09:14
2019-06-23 11:36
South Africa @FyreCS
True, I change my mind! Liquid Mouz Astralis Vitality Furia ENCE
2019-06-24 03:44
North America SK_Skay
2019-06-23 04:06
Year to disband
2019-06-23 04:21
Brazil goatzera
2019-06-23 04:22
no it cant
2019-06-23 04:30
It's not already Try next year
2019-06-23 04:33
lulis he still sleeping
2019-06-23 04:36
Germany maxwe11
magisk: Blast Pro Events= Our year . HAHAHA
2019-06-23 04:36
2019 is our year to lose it all
2019-06-23 04:39
lol defeat NRG first
2019-06-23 05:08
Na'Vi in their entire history = 0 major. Na'Vi this year = skipped more events than Blastralis Na'Vi right now = ranked #12. Na'Vi = didn't qualify to EPL finals, lost BO3s vs North and Heroic LUL. You right now = weeb masturbating to imaginary girls. Your face right now = ugly like BnTeT. :)
2019-06-23 05:17
navi 1 ti,ast 0 ti.
2019-06-23 06:27
Russia Astrali5
Chill out Eiffel
2019-06-23 06:46
triggered? xd
2019-06-23 07:21
U r so mad lmfaoo. Made my day. But still s1mple top1. vitality barely top5. G2 top15. S1mple >>>zywho
2019-06-23 08:37
white flag xaxaxa
2019-06-23 11:42
2019-06-23 14:09
soooo mad kid :DDDDDD
2019-06-23 14:09
2019-06-23 05:12
Asia en1lykS
keep dreaming. LOL
2019-06-23 05:41
You got next blast!!!!
2019-06-23 05:47
Yes every year will be yours. Rest all teams are just sleeping.
2019-06-23 06:06
It can if you get your 2018 form back and stop picking stupid vertigo, it's a random map that doesn't fit for competitive.
2019-06-23 06:08
Europe Xuleldar
......said angry bird.
2019-06-23 06:40
dont | 
Czech Republic @me
2019-06-23 07:19
"Choosing to only attend blast even though the format doesn't suit us." That's smart, can be a good excuse when you fall flat. Looks like Blastralias had foreseen their downfall.
2019-06-23 07:23
United States _Nohj
2019-06-23 07:40
2019-06-23 11:36
if u dont like blast and rfrsh was not forcing u to play it why u skipped big tourbaments to play blast? lmao
2019-06-23 07:50
Ahahahahahaha 2019 year of liquid!!!!!! Astralis disband.
2019-06-23 08:32
Sweden Kasidro
Ok BLASTRALIS. You don't like the blast format and no one is forcing you to play it, but you chose it over other events.
2019-06-23 08:36
OMG ANOTHER KID FROM SW...I can figure out ..... you are 12 and still live at home ,,,, therefore you have no knowledge ,,,, IT IS ASTRALIS ORGANIZATION ,,, REFRESH there are behind BLAST ,, ,,,,, you just put yourself somewhere ,,, where it says IDIOT
2019-06-23 11:18
Sweden Kasidro
Why are you using multiple commas? I'm most likely older than you. Nice englando btw.
2019-06-23 11:37
-e ps it seems like u r 12 :>
2019-06-23 14:12
Are you the type that makes a party, but dont show up hahhahaha IDIOT
2019-06-23 11:19
Sweden Kasidro
What kind of dumb logic is that?
2019-06-23 11:48
danish logic in a nutshell
2019-06-23 13:47
cry kid <:
2019-06-23 14:13
well, almost half a year left, Liquid,MIBR,FAZE,ENCE,NRG and Furia say no
2019-06-23 08:50
Magisk: "There are still BLAST tournaments left to play in 2019"
2019-06-23 08:56
astralis was very close in both matches don't count them out yet. Still they are not the astralis that dominated everyone and they'll need to up their game a bit! Still by far the best team of the CS:GO era.
2019-06-23 09:02
Other Phinks
The little marginal things... like all the smoke kills which made you guys win so many fucking matches. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.
2019-06-23 09:04
2019-06-23 09:15
Of course he'd think that , he knows hes on the prime of his career individually , his teammates are fucking device xyp9x and dupreeh , this moron thinks that they're gonna frag more and everything will go back to normal being #1 dominant , it won't , i wouldn't say he's delusional , i'd say he's short sighted , extremely ignorant and arrogant. Things are about to get soooo much worse for Astralis lmao
2019-06-23 09:16
Other Phinks
Not that i necessarily disagree but why do you think this.
2019-06-23 09:27
Because most pro players , specially the ones that are as fucking good as MagiskBoii , are usually extremely stupid about the game and the scene as a whole , they don't know shit and they don't care about shit , and it used to be...SOOOOOO much worse in 1.6. Magisk 1000% falls under that like kennyS or Pasha , cant really blame him since he is so good and makes so much money and Esports careering is so well accepted in his country , he's well off , but he really looks like an idiot when he comes out like this. At the end of the day man , the whole pro scene is like 80% virgin spoiled first world brats who live in a bubble and are eager to have everyone think that they're big alpha male. 2019 could be magisk year though , he can go to another team , you never know what could happen. Maybe FaZe goes apeshit and buys s1mple and Magisk and you have NiKo s1mple Magisk Rain Neo , they could beat Liquid? they'd kick the shit out of Astralis.
2019-06-23 10:30
2019-06-23 13:05
are you retarded or yes?
2019-06-23 13:08
the salt is strong in this one
2019-06-23 13:48
the truth*
2019-06-23 14:36
2019-06-23 09:21
Astralis will shine again!! The lose to FURIA could happen to anyone, and FURIA have won over several top teams, not because of luck, but that they are good, and the other teams did not kn0ow them so well. Astralis made so many mistakes against Liqued in the last game, and doubt that will happen again, it shuld have been a 100% win. Elige was playing out of his mind and all the random stupid things Stewie2k did, actually worked for once(that will never happen again either). So keep on training and maybe pull back some of the tactics from last year that work, instead of making new ones that clearly don´t.
2019-06-23 09:25
Czech Republic PaYaB
nah, you ruined by yourself, same as old mouz, you just stopped playing and that's the worst thing you can do, if you want to be the best...
2019-06-23 09:26
2019-06-23 10:14
lol your era is over deal with it
2019-06-23 09:40
Poland LuMixi
I dont think so ....
2019-06-23 09:56
yes: if you mean you and pimples no: if you mean you and a neck
2019-06-23 10:04
I hope they lost to Fnatic next tournament really take them down a peg
2019-06-23 10:12
> play only blasst pro series > tell people that its because players need to rest to have their full strength > now only used to BO1s against the same teams over and over again and shitty 1v1 dm maps > lose everything ended their own era, idiots
2019-06-23 10:13
+1 the most rediculous story in csgo history
2019-06-23 10:43
3 month break to not even place top 4 in the next 2 events for ‘the best team in the world’ xaxaxaxaxa
2019-06-23 17:34
AstraLUL toxic ducks
2019-06-23 10:14
I stll thk mAUGisk.
2019-06-23 10:18
Denmark Jonasnhj
Magisk is talking the trough, Astralis has been playing very poorly lately. Yet they almost beat TEam Liquid when they are in their prime, thats scary for Team Liquid, that Astralis are playing at their worst and still almost beat them.
2019-06-23 10:18
2019-06-23 10:32
Sure sure Mr Denmark. Fan of Astralis by the way
2019-06-23 11:05
Denmark Jonasnhj
Yes? And if i was a fan of NIP, would my oppinion change...??? No. Just because im a fan of someone does that change the way i throw a ball? Just because im a fan of Astralis, does that change how i eat??? Being a fan doesn't change facts. Astralis played poorly. And still managed to pull out a close fight.
2019-06-23 12:44
Of course, the losses to Furia, NRG, Liquid, ENCE, MIBR, Faze were all because Astralis had a bad day, when they find form they will dominate again! LMAO, why so delusional?
2019-06-23 17:26
delusional af
2019-06-23 14:13
2019-06-23 10:21
hahah nt try tomatusk xD
2019-06-23 10:22
In absolute denial
2019-06-23 10:42
No it wont tomato face, we all want to see your fiery red face when you are losing more =D
2019-06-23 10:52
2019-06-23 11:10
2019-06-23 11:12
China Alar1c
2019-06-23 11:14
I think that it's a little too late for that
2019-06-23 11:15
wtf? they won the first major of the year
2019-06-23 11:34
2019-06-23 11:15
Philippines etalynx08
Astralis will shine and people will start saying: "Astralis in finals again. Boring"
2019-06-23 11:19
i still believe man
2019-06-23 11:25
Russia LeGoBoys
Won a major and you guys will be the greatest
2019-06-23 11:27
ENCE's year
2019-06-23 11:46
acne warrior
2019-06-23 11:47
ok, cya at Cologne then :roflanebalo:
2019-06-23 11:53
nt boi
2019-06-23 11:55
stfu cod boy. you got nothing but aim.
2019-06-23 11:58
Talks how the AUG and the Krieg benefited Liquid, like it didn't benefit them lmao. They are literally the least talented team in terms of skill, that was #1. The AUG meta benefited them the most. Same with the smoke bug. Magisk is a mad, toxic kid, who will get kicked at the end.
2019-06-23 12:10
Magisk is one of the very best players in the world. Give 1 reason he would get kicked and who would be better than him?
2019-06-23 12:21
He would get kicked because Xyp9x, device and dupreeh are together since forever and they also have shares with Astralis. They wouldn't kick each other. I'm sure of it. Also no way they are kicking gla1ve, you can't find a better IGL in the world right now, let alone in Denmark. So that leaves Magisk being the only one that could get kicked. If he starts under performing and Astralis lose more events in the future, he'll be the first on the chopping block. That's my opinion and reasoning on why Magisk could get kicked first.
2019-06-23 12:27
I still don't see the reason he would get kicked. All the players in the team can be kicked btw. Xyph was even very close once. Still Magisk is a top player. He is not underperforming. He cant be replaced with a better player cause there is none in denmark outside Ast.
2019-06-23 12:28
I didn't say he is underperforming now. Learn to read. I'm saying IF he starts underperfoming and they start losing tourneys, he'll be the first on the chopping block and I'll bet my life on it.
2019-06-23 13:27
You are assuming only he can underperform, it seems. Not sure why.
2019-06-23 23:59
Because even if the others do, I don't think they'll separate. There are always some who are closer and they remain together. Same is happening now with MIBR. Used to be the same with Fnatic and NiP. Always the one that joined last, gets kicked first if the team starts declining.
2019-06-24 00:20
How did aug meta benefit them the most, when they were the most dominant before it?
2019-06-23 13:10
2 months most dominant? Lmao. Delusional.
2019-06-23 13:27
Most of 2018 when Astralis dominated there was no aug META, so what 2 months are you talking about?
2019-06-23 13:39
That was 4 months of dominating, until the AUG became relevant. They then became even more powerful, just like any team with the AUG. Stop being delusional. It definitely didn't benefit only Liquid, like what Magisk said. Astralis were also using it a lot. They had (still do) like 4 AUGs every buy round. If you wanna tell me that Elige can't use an M4 and he 'benefited' from the AUG, that's not because of the AUG, it's because he's a fucking beast.
2019-06-23 16:41
i agree
2019-06-23 14:14
It's kind of fun that you can actually see its Magisk simply from the wording :) And btw I really wouldn't consider Astralis done for when it comes to returning to no1 spot this year but I doubt it will be as long and dominant ever again.
2019-06-23 12:15
We didn't see much from the clutch minister on this event
2019-06-23 12:17
good joke bro
2019-06-23 12:19
Yes if you don't sell your soul to rfrsh you can come back as strong as ever.
2019-06-23 12:19
Europe N3sHie1k
calm down, magisk, your time is over as your era
2019-06-23 12:22
magisk delusional kuk
2019-06-23 14:14
Europe N3sHie1k
Ļol yea
2019-06-23 17:41
Yes 2019 can be your year when the era ended. No-era 2019 ftw. I think the scene has become a lot more interesting now as new teams starts showing up and there's rn no clear team who would always win, certainly Liquid hasn't showed that kind of capability yet. Cherry on top is that finally AUG will be balanced in the coming tournaments as well, very excited to see as I think finally the weapon balance should be right and with the tweaked ecomony system, well I'm not sure if I think it's perfect yet but at least it's better than it was initially after the major update to that so CS is becoming more interesting to watch again. Now we just need updated Cache (or a new fixed version of Cobble) to replace Vertigo...
2019-06-23 12:28
clearly learned from Grekler how to farm LULW's
2019-06-23 12:24
I hope they can fix their mistakes and improve their gamestyle to beat Liquid. They're still clearly #2 rn, they only need to rewatch their demos from officials and fix their mistakes. They played really bad at quarterfinals and they almost defeat the best team in the world...
2019-06-23 12:26
2019-06-23 12:38
2019-06-23 12:40
2019-06-23 14:15
I love how people cross them out so quickly. xD It's not like they're still the only team who won a major this year and they've lost 2 narrow bo3 series lately.
2019-06-23 12:49
Netherlands gelm1r
keep on thinking naive kiddo nice try, blastralis your era is down the drain.
2019-06-23 13:05
If you keep skipping event then no ;0
2019-06-23 13:22
2019-06-23 13:30
2019-06-23 14:15
Netherlands xEKOy
buy some clearasil dude, wash your face so we dont have to see all those ugly ass spots :o
2019-06-23 13:35
2019-06-23 14:16
they wont be nr1 again unless the smokehack comes back with nvidia in some new patch
2019-06-23 14:00
lul +1
2019-06-23 14:40
One thing is for sure that you are not good at yourself, you spread fake and negative, you will learn when you get older, I am also sure you are under 15, and your knowledge is very small ,,, small like yourself. if we talk real talk, then sweden has probably cheated in the old days ,,,,, then there were many who cheated ,,, especially from sweden ,,, but you probably do not know c's history ,,, you are not so old ,,, reason kid.
2019-06-23 15:04
hmm I never said Sweden didnt cheat, its not about countries mate. Im going by what I have seen from watching almost every astralis game the past 3 years, and watch them evolve into a much better team. BUT the smokekills gla1ve got before the nvidia update, its day and night from now, he doesent even get half of those anymore. So I believe astralis would still be a great team today if the nvidia hack never existed, but they wouldnt have won those majors and all those tourney, probably some of them though because they are a top team.
2019-06-23 15:58
>danish flag >fan of device
2019-06-23 17:33
I believe in myself, I believe in ASTRALIS, I AM FAN FOR LIFE
2019-06-23 15:01
i know they needed break, after all succes but that ruiend somehow
2019-06-23 15:30
2019-06-23 15:31
No /closed
2019-06-23 15:55
Finland mattixboi
nope. it was 2018
2019-06-23 17:32
Sweden Div-\
Come on Mr Magisk, we believe in you guys! To the stars!
2019-06-23 17:39
2019-06-23 20:41
Korea alphes
2019-06-24 02:48
2019-06-24 10:27
Denmark Zaerdna
Why do pro players even do these interviews? They are trying to talk sense to hltv monkeys with low IQ.
2019-06-24 18:12
respect for magisk no respect for malding elige xD
2019-06-24 22:23
if the whole year is just blast events, then yeah
2019-06-25 10:07
they don't even win blast events anymore lmao
2019-06-30 00:02
I think that the astralis era could have lasted a lot longer if astralis weren’t so selective with their events. Other teams are getting better and adapting to other teams in the scene when they play each other. But astralis aren’t doing this because they aren’t playing these teams. So the other teams are adapting and passing astralis’ level and astralis are just sitting back “working on their own play” and watching their era and other teams pass them by.
2019-06-27 17:52
+1, great to see them struggle tho
2019-06-27 19:23
I’m new to forums what does +1 mean? XD
2019-07-01 02:26
+1 = I agree -1 = I disagree
2019-07-01 03:06
Ah thank you
2019-07-02 03:11
NBK- | 
Poland NHZb
go fortnite.
2019-06-28 13:21
Go home acne face
2019-06-28 13:28
Does anyone have that Magisk twitch copypasta where you spam the red emoji blob guy and goes something like: I am Magisk! (Red Guy) I am a trihard! (Red Guy) I think it's a really funny copypasta
2019-06-29 19:50
ngiN | 
Azerbaijan JWD
2019-06-29 21:59
hahahah no
2019-06-30 00:02
Germany K3v1
I hope not tbh.
2019-06-30 10:13
2019-07-01 20:15
2019-07-02 09:41
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