Liquid move step closer to Intel Grand Slam S2 prize with EPL victory

Liquid are just one tournament victory away from claiming the $1 million Intel Grand Slam (IGS) Season 2 prize after lifting the ESL Pro League Season 9 trophy.

The North American giants won their third IGS-eligible tournament of the season - after IEM Sydney and DreamHack Masters Dallas - after beating G2 in four maps in the title decider of the EPL Finals, held in Montpellier.

Liquid now have seven $200,000+ ESL and DreamHack events to win their fourth title of the season and claim the $1 million cheque. Their first attempt to scoop the big prize will come in less than two weeks, at ESL One Cologne - which is widely regarded as the most stacked tournament of the year outside of the Majors.

If Nick "nitr0" Cannella's side come out victorious in Cologne, they will have required just four months to win the prize. The first season ran for nearly 18 months, ending in December 2018 with Astralis' victory at the ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals.

Liquid are also confirmed for the following two IGS-eligible tournaments, both of which taking place in the United States: IEM Chicago (July 18-21) and ESL One New York (September 26-29).

Liquid could scoop the $1 million prize at ESL One Cologne, in two weeks

ESL has not yet announced whether the Intel Grand Slam will return for a third edition. The current season began with the IEM Katowice Major, just two months after the end of season one.

Below you can find the list the events that currently comprise the Intel Grand Slam Season 2:

IEM Katowice 2019 - Denmark Astralis
IEM Sydney 2019 - United States Liquid
DreamHack Masters Dallas - United States Liquid
ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals - United States Liquid
ESL One Cologne (July 2-7)
IEM Chicago (July 18-21)
ESL One New York (September 26-29)
DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 (October 1-6)
IEM Beijing (November 2019, dates TBD)
ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals (December 3-8)

United States Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Nick 'nitr0' Cannella
Rating 1.0:
Maps played:
For sure! but they will somehow manage to choke like a true NA team LUL
2019-06-23 22:01
2019-06-23 22:01
Norway ludvik33 
sad to see
2019-06-23 22:01
Almost choke by lulquid
2019-06-23 22:02
hecker | 
World heck9r 
sick game, welcome back G2
2019-06-23 22:06
+1 French CS back finally lol
2019-06-23 22:12
just another short period and french CS goes to >tier3 again
2019-06-24 22:37
Zero | 
Czech Republic ShadyEe 
croisants back lul
2019-06-25 11:31
Brazil igster 
nice try g2!
2019-06-23 22:01
the 1st wrote: ez i wanted to do a : ez for lulquid :(
2019-06-23 22:03
s1mple | 
India S1ayR 
I would have written ence then but nt
2019-06-23 22:10
brother u know .. u write: ez for lulquid not ez lulquid indian brain hurts
2019-06-23 22:20
Brazil BrazilianBoy 
I love u buddy
2019-06-24 01:36
United Kingdom bensolo12 
Ez win lol
2019-06-23 22:01
Sweden Unluko 
Lets go!
2019-06-23 22:02
2019-06-23 22:02
ye faze never choke against na team right?
2019-06-23 22:02
Liquid finally looking strong, shame it had to be with stewie tho
2019-06-23 22:02
What's wrong with stew? Really great player, stop the hate
2019-06-23 22:09
only player I could never even force myself to like
2019-06-23 22:16
Lithuania verslininkas 
uk cs lol
2019-06-23 22:18
great comment coming from Lithuania
2019-06-23 22:20
Lithuania verslininkas 
yes lithuania sucks dick, but who cares
2019-06-23 22:24
so does UK CS, but at least we've got a player in a top 5 team. Don't see how it's relevant to me dislking stewie but k
2019-06-23 22:25
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
Lol ur fine with smooya, the most toxic player in the UK scene but u can't stand stewie who is 1/4 as toxic? Hypocrisy much?
2019-06-23 22:41
what makes you think it's just his toxicity that bothers me
2019-06-23 23:00
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
What else would it be? His attitude towards the game is very competitive and it often comes out as toxic. If you have a problem with his performance you are retarded becuase he is a top 10 player in NA of all time. Dare I say, top 5 of all time in NA
2019-06-24 17:29
uh whyd u bring up his country's scene then lmao
2019-06-23 22:33
I understand, for me the one player I cant force myself to like is Magisk
2019-06-23 22:19
United States Pyreon 
I hate that shitter. Oh let me go around and singlehandedly save the fucking round!. Looks too much like a hansel where gla1ve is his gretzel.
2019-06-23 22:21
He's a great player nonetheless and liquid deserve this win, I'm happy for them. g2 didn't deserve it one bit
2019-06-23 22:34
Ye man, Magisk and Gla1ve are the ones that make me to dislike astralis. device, dupreh, zonic and spn9ux(how do you type that name) are quite cool guys.
2019-06-23 22:51
2019-06-24 05:28
Hong Kong Brutal_Beat 
Coz you can't predict Stewie.
2019-06-23 22:24
He is an absolute trash
2019-06-24 00:35
nt peanut brain sup bish
2019-06-24 22:45
FaZe Fan
2019-06-23 22:06
Just like FaZe choked against C9
2019-06-23 22:13
Genau brudi. Das wird dann wohl der Tag sein, an dem du bei deinen Eltern ausziehst. The day that never comes
2019-06-23 22:16
Furia will win the next 4 tournaments, liquid tried :/
2019-06-24 01:46
This would be the ultimate choke though. losing 7 tournaments in a row when you only need 1 to win double major money
2019-06-24 14:51
2019-06-23 22:00
Asia Go0re 
Ez for best NA player twitssz
2019-06-23 22:10
2019-06-23 22:01
United States Glowstickgamer 
Liquid era incoming?
2019-06-23 22:01
Until there's some official definition of what constitutes a CS:GO era, you can just go ahead and declare that you already think they have one.
2019-06-23 22:02
Nah, it is too soon. If they continue this streak of placing 1st at premier events, and always placing highly without any team truly rivaling them with consistency then we can call it an era. I say an era has to last at least 6 to 9 months minimum.
2019-06-23 22:10
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
Yea! They need the grand slam first! 4 events in a row boys!
2019-06-23 22:44
I feel like if they get grand slam, and keep their form and then get the major then maybe we're talking.
2019-06-24 02:11
Cologne is going to give us an even better idea of where liquid is at. That is the most stacked field I have seen in ANY csgo tournament for a very long time. Will be fun!
2019-06-24 06:01
I don't think they necessarily NEED to win a major, NiP didn't get their major title until after their era ended, and SK had their era after their two major wins. I do think that getting the Grand Slam, the Major, or Cologne would certainly be a step in the right direction, if not making it official.
2019-06-24 07:13
United States Sustind3 
If they win the major, it’s an era.
2019-06-24 03:48
2019-06-23 22:12
United States celesten 
ez for the #1 team in the world
2019-06-23 22:01
EZ ? Lmao, 3-1 againt a T2 team and a very close game on inferno and D2 ? EZ ?
2019-06-23 22:06
jasonR | 
North America J_Nasty 
French fan big mad
2019-06-23 22:11
14-1 against former #1 team,why not EZ?
2019-06-23 22:12
Cry is free
2019-06-24 01:07
Italy Gio_bose 
3-1 only droped one map therefore ez
2019-06-27 13:33
2019-06-23 22:21
2019-06-23 22:01
What if Liquid or Astralis win all of those tournaments? THen only 2 teams will compete? XD
2019-06-23 22:01
wat if ENCE beats dem oll
2019-06-23 22:02
Liquid - Astralis play paper rock scissors - winner goes straight to final, loser has to play ENCE and if wins goes to final
2019-06-23 22:02
One of the best series this year, enjoyed it gg to both teams
2019-06-23 22:01
2019-06-23 22:04
ez pz
2019-06-23 22:01
2019-06-23 22:02
United States CaliNinja 
2019-06-23 22:02
Astralis who ????
2019-06-23 22:02
Liquid Era best era
2019-06-23 22:02
era is real. Deal with it
2019-06-23 22:02
Its been 3 months since major and they've been the most active team. You need to learn to chill and wait a few more months
2019-06-23 22:24
Expect navi, we have seen everyone.
2019-06-23 22:26
And ? Era implies a duration parameters.. Sorry but 3 monthes is no era and they just recently won the 1st place. Don't forget they lost 4 maps against Vitality at the same tournament not so long ago. Let them dominate for 6-9 more monthes, and more importantly win a major then we will talk.
2019-06-24 00:39
Italy Gio_bose 
In a tournament where vitality over prepared and liquid under prepared
2019-06-27 13:34
United States JustBitsy 
This game could have been a 3-1 in favor of G2 so easily So do not let the map count fool you. This was such a hard fought victory for Liquid but I am proud of them and G2!
2019-06-23 22:03
Very well said! It was such a great match to watch.
2019-06-23 22:16
Singapore MrHelloThere 
An intelligent comment on this website ! Very appreciate.
2019-06-24 00:15
+1 , GG to Liquid they finally cemented their legitimacy as the #1 team in the world
2019-06-24 00:40
It was a great encounter, both teams offered nice CS. G2 keep up the work you guys progressing and showed good spirits. Liquid bravo you sure deserve being considered among the best teams ! I hope G2 and Vita will soon dispute Top 5. Thank you for theses good times both teams!
2019-06-24 08:39
Romania FaZe_NBK 
CHOKE2 lost 1v2 and 1v3 LUL
2019-06-23 22:03
If you got 5 of EU's best players and let them bootcamp for 6 months they would still struggle to beat a PUG of 5 random NA DMG's
2019-06-23 22:03
Man that bait, including a fan of DADDY IS POTENT. That's some try hard trolling.
2019-06-23 22:06
jhd | 
Finland JHdash77 
2019-06-23 22:23
this has got to be the worst bait ive seen in months
2019-06-23 22:34
Canada Michaelides 
Wtf is this shit?
2019-06-23 22:45
so basically u r saying that this team would lose against NA DMG??? s1mple NiKo glaive zywoo Xyp9x
2019-06-23 23:19
Nvm remove glaive and xyp9x. Those 3 could probably win NA EPL 3v5.
2019-06-23 23:24
Hahahaha so true
2019-06-24 00:41
Ez for NA
2019-06-23 22:03
ckN | 
India SinghSir 
2019-06-23 22:04
Denmark slacking 
Grats liquid, deserved I guess
2019-06-23 22:05
Europe KrepaN 
2019-06-23 22:05
Vitality is best team in the world its totally confirmed after this tour.
2019-06-23 22:05
2019-06-23 22:07
Choke astralis
2019-06-23 22:07
If Nick "nitr0" Cannella's side come out victorious in Cologne, they will have required just four months to win the prize.
2019-06-23 22:08
So for Intel G S Liquid has to win only Esl one Cologne or any other tournaments too?
2019-06-23 22:15
It won't be easy though, everyone will be in Cologne won't they ?
2019-06-24 00:45
Every1 was in epl9 finals. But Liquid rekt all Of them
2019-06-24 07:29
Yeah sure , ever heard of NaVi, ENCE and Vitality ???
2019-06-24 09:38
liquid never lost navi bo3 2018-2019 liquid last time rekt ence bo3 zywootality fluke team liquid can beat easily him
2019-06-24 10:52
GG Team Liquid ! So sad for G2 (fk this 1 hp...), but they gave their best and I hope they can replicate this type of performance in the future.
2019-06-23 22:08
If they won't win Cologne or Chicago - it's done for them actually, i'm pretty sure of it.
2019-06-23 22:09
Why? NY is always the least stacked IGS event.
2019-06-23 22:26
The other teams won't let them do that. Liquid are not that strong as Astralis in 2018, i would even say they are not even close to Astralis 2018. Other teams have a great chance of beating Liquid. And EPL showed that perfectly.
2019-06-24 16:23
No one has to liquid win, they will take that victory anyway lol. TL 2stronk
2019-06-24 23:07
ENCE will win))) ESL One Cologne (July 2-7) IEM Chicago (July 18-21) ESL One New York (September 26-29) DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 (October 1-6)
2019-06-23 22:09
It's my | 
Europe R2D2s 
They will end like faze, 3 wins and still dont get it xD
2019-06-23 22:09
bUt GuYs AsTrAlIs Is NuMbEr OnE bEcAuSe ThEy WoN lAsT mAjOr - Astralis fans
2019-06-23 22:12
This wasnt a convincing win. Can’t believe We didnt get to see 5. map... This isnt’t the kind of dominance which astralis used to display. In my opinion, Astralis was the better team in the quaterfinal, should have won. G2 should have won 4th map and who knows what might have happened then. I dont Think this looks great for a Liquid era, which many Liquid fans say. It’s difficult to say who would beat who in a BO5 these day. But my guess is still on Astralis.
2019-06-23 23:05
Astralis is an extreme outlier. You can't expect any team to be as dominant as they were that is just ridiculous. Fnatic's era wasn't clean by any stretch of the imagination, i'd compare this to that, if they do establish an era. As long as they win it doesn't matter how clean it is eh? Liquid has a way better map pool than Astralis right now, that's why they gambled on Vertigo instead of Dust2. Old Astralis would have taken it to Dust2 instead. Liquid have them in a best of 5 especially after this confidence boost against them. That is if you look at it from a logical standpoint and not an Astralis fan's standpoint.
2019-06-23 23:18
Well, i dont think Liquid is going to establish an era, the competetion has become to great after Astralis show everyone it’s not just aim. Don’t know about Liquid having a better map pool than astralis. Its damn close. Inferno against astralis would have been a total different story, if astralis had managed to win the rounds they threw with 80+ winning rate. Not to mention Vertigo. This game today would have been total different if twistzz hadn’y pulled 15-15 out of his ass (what the fuck happened, play of the year??) So yes, it does say something how clean they win, because a great deal of fortune and luck went liquids way this week. They dont get to win it that way every single event.
2019-06-23 23:55
4 rounds on vertigo CT side is actually pretty decent. Liquid have beat the #2 team (ENCE) and the #3 team (Vitality) and #4 team (Astralis) I'd say that's enough to say they are pretty damn good and not to mention, out of their past 4 events, they've won 3. Summit doesn't mean a whole lot anyways, kind of like a blast event. Liquid have the opportunity to achieve more than Astralis in one year, Astralis won 10 premier titles if I'm not making a mistake wit that, Liquid have won 3 already, and I'd say are the favorites coming into Cologne and New York (Especially New York). Also, I think we can safely say if Inferno did go to a fifth map Liquid have established Vertigo as one of their best maps and there's prob like a 90% chance they would have won, but G2 was playing out of their minds. Of course it means something how clean you win, but if you win you win. Liquid have made 7 finals this year whereas this point last year Astralis had only made 4, they are on the way to having a better year than Astralis did in 2018. The Liquid era is close, if they win Cologne or New York, and the major, they'd be damn close.
2019-06-24 00:30
Pretty damn good =/= ERA.
2019-06-24 00:47
Winning nearly everything for a long amount of time = era
2019-06-24 16:55
+1000 on those rankings
2019-06-24 12:30
Thanks haha
2019-06-24 16:55
" This is the Liquid Era " - Liquid fans after TL was ranked #1 for 3 weeks
2019-06-24 00:48
Lol. If you read closely I never said this is the Liquid Era, I said it is close to being one for them, I'm not a big Liquid fan but I do enjoy seeing them win, I'm just a sucker for good Counter-Strike.
2019-06-24 01:05
Honestly this is getting ridiculous not so long ago some there was a debate if there was an "Astralis era" after they dominated the scene for a year+.. Now we talking about a "Liquid era" because they had a string of good wins ? Ridiculous. Let's not forget a month ago they lost 4 maps against Vitality. And this tournament they looked a lot more shaky than in Dallas too. They could have lost against HR ( should probably have if HR didn't completely brainfart on inferno ), Astralis and G2. They are undoublty the #1 in the world atm, but dominance I don't see. I'll be surprised if they win Cologne, then we can start saying an ERA might happen...
2019-06-24 09:29
Watch thooorin. You're the type of kid he talks about
2019-06-24 12:32
Xyp9x | 
Cyprus Xeeh 
Considering they are on a much faster pace than Astralis of last year then yes I think you can say it started already
2019-06-24 08:17
Much faster pace ? LOL How many major did they win in there awesome " ERA" ? No argument for an era can be made in my book until they win Starladder. Not to mention the tournament they won the former kingpin was never there until EPL season 9 finals. IEM Sydney : no top 5 team apart from them ( NaVi, Vitality, ENCE , Astralis ) IEM Dallas : Once again several top teams lacking. The true test will be in Cologne as everyone will be there, but how can it be an "ERA" yet when they basically were ranked #1 by Astralis points decaying until now ? If they win Cologne and Starladder then yes, we'll have a talk, but I doubt they will ( and I like Liquid actually, and all their players but Stew, was saying their potential was much superior to c9 a year and a half ago during the c9 circle jerking ) because from what I saw lately I think they lack the " consistency " parameter to consistently win tournaments. They could acquire it, but I'm not sold yet.
2019-06-24 09:36
You don't need to win a major to have an era. You don't need utter dominance to have an era. You need to show you are the best and win tournaments consistently not repetitively. Look at Fnatic era. SK era. NIP era. If liquid wins 1 more tournament to secure the grandslam or win the major thats an era Dupreeh himself said he does not believe anyone will ever win the grandslam. Because winning 4 out of 10 tournaments is incredibly hard. So yes 1 more win and they have an era.
2019-06-24 12:36
Xyp9x | 
Cyprus Xeeh 
They already beat Astralis multiple times this year. It took Astralis 18 months to win a grand slam and how long for Liquid to be only one win away?
2019-06-27 06:47
Man they’re rich...
2019-06-23 22:15
Great match
2019-06-23 22:15
yyyy ... where is a major at this list ? can someone explain me ?
2019-06-23 22:34
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
The major is not by ESL. Its by starladder. Therefore its not part of the ESL grand slam.
2019-06-23 22:49
Aaaaaaaa ... Thanks
2019-06-23 22:51
kennyS | 
United States @rex 
2019-06-23 22:51
ENCE, Liquid or FURIA, one of those will win the next major.
2019-06-23 22:45
United States Eduzera 
2019-06-23 23:00
What about NaVi with boomich ? Astralis ?? Vitality ??? People are writing teams off way too fast LUL
2019-06-24 00:49
He's brazilian obviously will write furia. You're french onviously write vitality. The only other team that can win is navi but no one has seen them play with boombl4
2019-06-24 12:38
United States fatburger 
Edward > boombl4 Boombl4 > Flamie
2019-06-24 14:37
Although i am a supporter of g2 ( shox in real ) I am actually sad g2 got to the finals of this event . Because now they will eventually stick with this lineup, which is of no use for french cs in the long run . Coz everyone knows lucky is not meant to play at this level . This is high time for shox and kenny ,if they really wanna win something they have to keep their ego aside and make one or two changes in the lineup .. -lucky +scream .. Now people will say scream jst has aim ...but well he always had aim yet g2 did well with him even after having smithzz and bodyy . You need aimers and high gamesense player to win at this level . And scream has great experience to play against such teams , he's not doing good now because he's constantly switching teams ..the amount of chance lucky got ...if given to scream you will see more then jst one taps .
2019-06-23 22:49
It's not ez win but so damn excited win
2019-06-23 22:51
hope G2 gonna denie the 1million in a rematch in Chicago
2019-06-23 22:53
United States fatburger 
I honestly want liquid to close cologne cause I’m going to Chicago and want the grand slam to be there
2019-06-24 14:43
What about NA'VI
2019-06-23 23:51
TenZ | 
Japan Misteear 
ez 4 twistzz
2019-06-24 00:13
Brazil FalKsCS 
"Liquid are also confirmed for the following two IGS-eligible tournaments, both of which taking place in the United States: IEM Chicago (July 18-21) and ESL One New York (September 26-29)." Should be following three, given they'll also go to Cologne
2019-06-24 06:16
Xyp9x | 
Cyprus Xeeh 
Expected from the greatest region in csgo North America. It took Astralis over a year to do the same thing.
2019-06-24 08:13
Sweden Lagge15 
Rightfully theirs if they get it. If there will be a 3rd season they might win two IGS within 12 months
2019-06-24 09:07
Lebanon ryBBah 
NA CS forever the best. #Let'sGoLiquid #NAisTop1
2019-06-24 09:56
Liquid Era bois :)
2019-06-24 09:58
Finland ceresje 
Federer will win this grand slam
2019-06-24 10:18
They have SO many chances for the igl but believe me they will choke and not get those golden bars 😂😂 ul bro
2019-06-24 11:15
If liquid wins one of the next 3 tournaments I can guarantee no one will break that record. 4-6 events to win the IGS??
2019-06-24 12:40
I think ENCE wins the next 4 events and gets the grand slam but who can know realy
2019-06-26 00:44
Lithuania verslininkas 
easy for best team in csgo
2019-07-07 12:58
EZ 4 Liquid
2019-07-07 21:20
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