EM 4 Nordic qualifier info released

The Electronic Sports League has released detailed info on how the Nordic qualifying process for Extreme Masters 4 will unfold.

The ESL officially launched its fourth Extreme Masters season last week and the national qualifiers for the competition are due to start later this month.

The signup process for the Nordic qualifiers, which will run from August 24 through to September 9, will be closed on August 23.

Detailed info on how these qualifiers will be played has not been announced yet as it will depend on how many teams sign up.

Sweden is entitled to a total of five slots, three of which are already assigned: fnatic and H2k-Gaming (Lemondogs) will play the Extreme Masters regular season, whereas SK Gaming have been placed in the second qualifier round.

Denmark, on the other hand, has a total of six slots, with mTw, the continental champions, the only assigned side. The winner and runner-up of the Danish qualifier will be assured of a place in the competition, while the third and fourth-placed sides will have to play the second qualifying round. The team that place fifth will have to play the first qualifying round.

Finland and Norway have four slots each, but the former will take two teams automatically to the Extreme Masters season, while the latter will only take one.

You can find more info below:

Sweden Sweden

Extreme Masters Season: fnatic, H2k-Gaming
Qualifying Round 2: SK Gaming, TBD
Qualifying Round 1: TBD

Denmark Denmark

Extreme Masters Season: mTw, TBD, TBD
Qualifying Round 2: TBD, TBD
Qualifying Round 1: TBD

Finland Finland

Extreme Masters Season: TBD, TBD
Qualifying Round 2: TBD
Qualifying Round 1: TBD

Norway Norway

Extreme Masters Season: TBD
Qualifying Round 2: TBD
Qualifying Round 1: TBD, TBD

Stay tuned to HLTV.org for coverage of the Extreme Masters qualifiers.
go fnatic for victory nr 5!
2009-08-11 19:26
hf !
2009-08-11 19:27
Sweden should have most slots cause we have more better teams then Denmark...last year when all teams quallified Sweden got most teams!!...and we should have got most teams this year to. But maby i understand this wrong? :)
2009-08-11 19:34
sweden has 8 slots, and denmark 6 from what i've heard.
2009-08-11 22:10
why does denmark has 1 more slot than sweden ?
2009-08-11 19:33
will be a lot of fun ^^
2009-08-11 19:43
go h2k
2009-08-11 19:45
mTw gl
2009-08-11 19:45
Why does Denmark have one more slot than Sweden? :P These Swedish _mixes_ beat teams like SoA everyday.
2009-08-11 19:57
And that has do with that because... "..."
2009-08-11 20:11
Because if they want an as competitive tournament as possible they should have as good teams as possible.
2009-08-12 12:35
Ok, but what does that have to do with SoA, and what does that have to do with a mix beating them online..
2009-08-12 14:47
Because SoA is one of the teams behind mTw?
2009-08-12 22:01
What are you talking about..
2009-08-12 22:09
You asked me why we should have more spots than you, and that was where I replied about Swedish mixes, beating the Danish _TEAMS_ that are behind mTw. You still don't understand?
2009-08-12 22:11
What do you mean by "behind mTw"
2009-08-12 22:17
mTw is the best team in Denmark. And the second, third, fourth team is behind mTw.
2009-08-12 22:27
Then SoA is not behind mTw, but of course you didn't know that cause you know nothing of them. But to help you a little, they had recent changes.
2009-08-12 22:32
So they are not behind mTw? Oh, they are better? Of course it isn't JUST the second, third and fourth, it just goes on and on and on and I didn't think I had to write fifth, sixth, seventh and so on.. Apparently I have to explain everything to the letter because you can't think that much for yourself.
2009-08-13 15:22
No you don't have to fully describe it, but you wrote it in such a retarded way that you made it sound that way. And why are you changing the subject? (:
2009-08-13 16:31
I haven't changed the subject? The subject is still SoA and their rank, or?
2009-08-13 16:54
Ok i change my question: What does this tournament has to do with SoA being behind mTw, that you need good teams in this tournament, and that they got beated by a mix team online. ?
2009-08-13 16:59
The tournament itself has nothing to do with it, the thing that Denmark received more slots than Sweden has. That SoA is behind mTw doesn't really have anything to do with it, it was just you who didn't understand me so I had to explain, if you read all our posts you will understand. :) You don't NEED good teams ofc, but you want don't you? And if Swedish semi-mixes beat SoA, FOR EXAMPLE, it isn't just about SoA, then Sweden should have more slots, because they would have more teams that could perform.
2009-08-13 23:12
Yep... but if SoA was nr. 50 in Denmark right now with the new lineup it wouldn't matter, would it..
2009-08-14 15:13
But they're not?
2009-08-14 15:38
How do you know (:?
2009-08-14 15:48
Don't take it this far, you know they are top5. :P
2009-08-14 18:46
No, actually i believe they're not... not even the old lineup was top5 material.
2009-08-14 19:54
Tell me 5 better teams.
2009-08-14 21:22
dakarma - callide - DSRack - Ravens - Fighterz - p00nhandlers
2009-08-15 00:06
No way that DSRack is a better team than SoA. :P
2009-08-15 00:13
2009-08-15 12:14
Oh and also NotaBene: Marc 'MarcK' Kjærgaard Flemming 'zecer' Pedersen Morten 'suraNga' Jensen Patrick 'b1ng0' Sørensen Nicholaes 'zitic' Petersson
2009-08-15 14:11
go h2k
2009-08-11 20:01
sweden should have at least the same number of spots as denmark
2009-08-11 20:05
Sweden should have more slots then Denmark. This is really strange because Sweden have the world best teams. And tbh Denmark only have shit teams after their top 2 so it will be many bad teams with.
2009-08-11 20:31
Which team apart from mTw is in their top2?
2009-08-12 22:28
2009-08-13 10:36
2009-08-13 15:16
fnatic for sure will take this xD
2009-08-11 20:58
Oh!very nice
2009-08-11 21:01
gl H2k
2009-08-11 21:15
GL MTW i hope you will win guys!!!
2009-08-11 22:03
h2k.. may surprise :)
2009-08-11 22:20
go norway!
2009-08-11 22:25
It will be a harder this time for H2k then it was in dreamhack summer 09 because they dont have gtr and gux now, they made the team. Now they are back in the skill they were without gtr and gux and that skill is not good enough to win this tournament, im sorry but fnatic will take this. But it will still be a good tournament with the best 3 teams in the world (My Opinion) mTw, SK , fnatic, so it will be many good matches and many nice frags. GL All teams!
2009-08-12 00:02
btw, Why is SK placed at 2nd qualify round and not H2k. They won dreamhack summer 09, so what? They had gtr and gux, SK is the better team. And why the hell has denmark gott more slots then sweden, i mean sweden have more good teams and as #16 said, denmark has only gott 2.
2009-08-12 00:07
They placed better then SK in EPS scandinavia, i think thats why...and that wasnt with any fnatic player....you make it sound like they would suck without GTR and Gux...thats so wrong, all players in H2K have totally sick aim and they have beat SK more times then on DH-summer 09.
2009-08-12 00:12
Hehe, i dident want to say that Lemondogs suck without gtr and gux, i just think that SK are better and that they instead of H2k should have a place in the Extreme Masters Season.
2009-08-12 00:17
Norway < vtl
2009-08-12 06:24
GL for vitriolic .. <3 REAL & kalle
2009-08-12 07:25
SK Gaming go go you can do it !! :)
2009-08-12 07:35
top3 esl ranking team SK is going to play in quals, lol.
2009-08-12 09:27
SK being in QR2 and not in the European Championship is due to the performance of the Swedish teams in the ESL Scandinavia. That they got a spot in the Super Cup is based on all results of many ESL based tournaments. It's all thought through and calculated very well actually.
2009-08-12 13:10
btw this Nordic qualifier is part of a bigger event ? like EM4 continental?
2009-08-12 12:14
This is absolute correct. The QR's (Qualifier Rounds) are the first part of the international Intel Extreme Masters 4 season. What comes after that is called The European Championship. Some already qualified there, some teams have the chance to catch up through the national qualifiers -> QR1 -> QR2 -> European championship.
2009-08-12 12:53
ty m8
2009-08-12 12:59
lol no poland ?
2009-08-12 18:06
Last time I checked, Poland wasn't Nordic.
2009-08-12 22:28
Go go go SK
2009-08-13 13:25
hope norway can send Vitriolic straight to EM:)
2009-08-13 18:10
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