tabseN: "gob b is not feeling so comfortable leading because we completely changed our style"

In an interview with Johannes "⁠tabseN⁠" Wodarz, we learned about why he took over the in-game leadership in BIG, the style change, and issues the team faced this year.

BIG finished ESL One Cologne 2019 in 9-12th place, unable to follow up on their historic run to the grand final from last year. After their elimination by the hands of Heroic, tabseN took to social media to announce that he took over the in-game leadership of the team.

BIG are trying a style which would allow them to get more out of XANTARES

In our interview, the 24-year-old player discussed the process of integrating Ismailcan "⁠XANTARES⁠" Dörtkardeş, the history he shares with Fatih "⁠gob b⁠" Dayik, and communication issues they are still working on.

Obvious question: you're the in-game leader now - why?

It's a good question. It's an obvious thing that Fatih (gob b) will at some point stop and retire, and become our coach. I was talking with him for a long time, and I told him that I only wanted to do it if he became our coach, because I know that he is a very important player and also an important guy to me. He started my career, he taught me about things I never thought about, and he made my career, I would say. That's how it goes - he's trying to make me an in-game leader that is capable of leading my team, and I feel like I can do it. Obviously, it will be a hard task, because the English-speaking barrier on top of it makes it hard for me. We'll see how it goes.

You touched on him helping you start your career. You played together at the beginning of CS:GO, and then you went on to represent NRG etc. What do you think was the key moment with you and gob b in your career?

The key moment was definitely NRG, when we were playing 12-15 hours a day, talking about Counter-Strike, going on the server, trying to make some moves and trying to understand the game and I was trying to understand his mind. Other than that, of course, I had the aim, but I was not the guy putting hours into the game outside of aiming. He taught me about grenades, movement, ways you can think about the game just to have an advantage for yourself and the whole team, of course. If I wouldn't have been in NRG at that time, I think I wouldn't be here now.

What was the point when you decided that you'll take on the in-game leading now? Because you could've done it six months ago, or six months into the future. Why exactly now?

We're having a rough time right now, and we were talking about having some changes. Fatih is not feeling so comfortable leading because we completely changed our style; of course, his style of calling is completely different from what it used to be. The team we have right now is not the team we had a long time ago. He was leading for everyone, no one had to think about anything, but this time it's completely different because we have players that are able to play for themselves. Of course, they are not that good sometimes in high-pressure situations, they make some mistakes, but other than that, the playstyle has changed a lot and I think his mindset is also that his calling style is not the best fit for the team right now. Calling in this team is nothing special, I would say, because we have tactics, we would call them, of course, some mid-round comms here and there, but other than that we have some certain rules that everyone is trying to think about and stick to them.

One of the players that you brought in, XANTARAS, has superstar potential and played very well before. He has had good games in BIG as well, but the consistency isn't there. Is the change in style done to bring out more from him?

Definitely. You need to remember that he played four years, maybe, with Space Soldiers and the first months with BIG he didn't know anything - like didn't know anything in terms of throwing grenades, didn't know how to position himself better for the team, and we had to try to remind him of that and teach him that he's a team player. Back in the day, he was a player the team played around, and nowadays he's in a team that plays for everyone. It's a really hard task for him to adapt, of course, because he has it in his blood that he needs to win every round by himself. He's a player that can easily do that, but we are trying to get more out of him.

Of course, he has had some good games, also some really bad games, I would say, but for us, it doesn't really matter because he is improving a lot lately, and he is improving day-by-day. He can't show it yet, I think, but in practice, online games and communication-wise, I see that he is getting there, for sure, and he needs to feel more comfortable with the style that we have. Also, the understanding - it's sometimes hard for him in spontaneous situations; other than that I think he will get there, I'm pretty sure.

Do you mean understanding in terms of communication or in terms of what is the right thing to do?

Both. Communication, of course, in hectic situations it's really hard to say: "You need to do this, bla bla bla...", and he needs to understand it directly. It's really hard for him to react to that. Other than that, he knows what to do in certain situations, but he needs to react faster and he needs to see the hole, see where the window is. Sometimes there is a window, and he is not taking it, because he didn't understand the communication. That, of course, is also our mistake, because our English is also not the best, just like his, but we are trying to get there, and I'm sure we will do it.

When you originally signed him, did you think that the adaptation process was going to be quicker and easier than it ended up being?

To be fair, yes. I felt like he is one of the best players in the world, I think he can adapt really good, but I think no one in the world has a playstyle like ours. We are trying to think about the team all the time, we are not looking at the individual. We are always looking at the team and I think for him it's really hard to realise that we are always trying to buy grenades when it's needed, we always try to help our teammates and I think it's really hard for everyone.

With gob b potentially moving to the coaching position somewhere down the line, do you have a replacement player that you're looking at to join the team later on?

To be honest, everyone is talking about syrsoN, like he's potentially a guy who might join us at some point, but right now he's not an option for us, because we are still playing the Minor, we have some tournaments still left to play. After that, we need to see what will happen, but I would say we will not sign anyone directly again, we will take our time, test the players and if they fit for us, we will see how far the player is for himself, and then we will make the right decision.

With this being said, earlier this year you took on the AWPing, now you're taking on the in-game leading. Some people say that you're trying to do too much by yourself, in a way. Do you feel like you're taking on too much responsibility? You could've maybe gone to another team and just been a star player in mousesports or FaZe type of a team, something like that.

Well, probably yeah, I could've done things in different ways, but I feel like I've put so much time and so much effort into this team, and also into the BIG organization. I will probably always stay in BIG because I feel like home here. They treat me the best, I think no one in the world can treat me like them, and I try to make them feel the same. I will always do the best for BIG, and if it's AWPing role or the in-game leader role; to me, it was not always my decision, it was always a team decision, to take the AWP role, for example.

Because I felt like I played some certain positions better than smooya, especially as CT, but as T he was always AWPing. I was never really a T AWP, I felt like I needed to be a rifle. But we needed an AWP, and I tried to take it because no one really wanted it, and I felt like we were not that bad, but someone was missing in my role. Trying to adapt to that was really hard, and other than that, as I said, the in-game leader role now - someone has to do it, and my team, Fatih and everyone else, think I can do it, and I hope that I will do it.

On a more positive note, you beat MIBR, which is kind of a grudge match going back to 2017 at the PGL Krakow Major. Tell me about that win - it may not have been the greatest achievement, as you didn't get to the playoffs, but what do you think about how you did at the tournament?

As you said, the games against MIBR are always something special. The games we had against them were always very close, they were very intense and the emotions are very high, both at PGL and the match we had against them last year at this event. Every game is like going into overtime, and I felt like, on Dust 2 especially, we were playing really good. It's hard to say because they were playing really good, and also they had a new player. Their playstyle changed a lot, and I think LUCAS1 is also a really good player, but the game against them is always intense and I like to play against them, it always feels really good. Beating them is, of course, a nice thing, but not being in the playoffs is something different.

Do you have anything to add before we end the interview?

Yeah, of course. It's always a rough time for the fans, friends, and everyone who is supporting us. The last few days we were out of the top thirty - for us, it's kind of a shock, but to me, personally, it's always like a motivation to grind back. I feel like I'm never stopping for someone, I want to be one of the best. I've shown it, and I will show it again that I will be up there with my team, and I will do anything for that.

Turkey Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
Ismailcan 'XANTARES' Dörtkardeş
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Germany Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz
Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz
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Germany Fatih 'gob b' Dayik
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2019-07-05 23:05
Denmark devnr1
just disband big
2019-07-05 23:05
Germany AYEONV
kick him????
2019-07-05 23:05
Denmark devnr1
tbh I don't get the point why you won't go to back to full German lineup. No hard feelings but there are plenty better players than xantares. Why would you ruin the team potential just because one guy?
2019-07-05 23:11
Germany AYEONV
+1 either add one more english speaking player or go full german no point in ruining communication for turkish onliner ))
2019-07-05 23:16
Albania 9898
cya in 10 gob
2019-07-06 02:28
At the point they added xantares and still have smooya, maybe they didn't see smooya was leaving
2019-07-06 08:22
Germany Fabbsen
The rumours about Smooya leaving came way earlier before they got Xantares. And it was guaranteed that Nex would come back. But maybe they thougt it would take longer.
2019-07-06 11:25
Malta Hurrep
BIG -all Sprout -all sprout line up to big, big lineup disband
2019-07-06 10:06
Germany Fabbsen
And Tabsen to sprout please instead of either Spiidi and Mirbit. Then Sprout would have the 4 best german players (one of them who is thebest AWP in syrsoN), Tabsen as IGL and he is a beast on thr rifle. I would feel bad for nex though. He's such a nice guy and was always humble instead of gob who thought they were a top 5 team
2019-07-06 11:28
Malta Hurrep
nex is a good and kind guy but unlucky with teams
2019-07-06 11:49
spiidi is igl, tabsen should stay in the star player role if u think about mixing all up. there r enough players that can fit together to have two german top 15 teams. lets see what happens
2019-07-11 07:29
Indonesia lumayan
plenty better? not really bruh
2019-07-09 00:15
Poland Unluko
Big is a joke
2019-07-05 23:05
lol ,They have one of the best aimer in the world, but they don't let him aim.they style,wtf this style
2019-07-06 06:00
"best aimer in the world" OMEGALUL
2019-07-06 07:31
2019-07-06 07:48
lol xantares aim is joke... you should die bug clan fan.... player like s1mple electronic dupreeh niko are aimers not this shit xantares
2019-07-06 09:44
Romania decis1ve
Dupreeh is so underrated :(
2019-07-06 11:01
Germany Fabbsen
True, he is the Double D member of Astralis who not many talk about. Also he is one of the best Deaglr players out there. People always talk abouz Niko or s1mple but not many are mentioning him.
2019-07-06 11:30
gob b retire soon hltv confirmed
2019-07-05 23:06
gob b, get_right, neo soon retire thank god
2019-07-06 03:09
RIP Gob B soon then? -Gob B +syrsoN (As new AWPer, TabseN back to normal role)
2019-07-05 23:07
syrson is legit the worst german player, besides dude
2019-07-05 23:24
2019-07-05 23:36
idiot spotted
2019-07-05 23:36
2019-07-05 23:39
Lmao. Syrson top 5
2019-07-06 09:48
Only because he plays well against t50 teams it dosent mean hes good lmao
2019-07-06 10:59
1. Only because he doesnt play vs tier it doesnt mean he is bad 2. Syrson awp >>>>>> Denis awp
2019-07-06 18:36
denis is main AWPer of BIG.
2019-07-06 07:22
Tabsen igl Smooya awp Denis entry Tizian support Xantares rifler
2019-07-06 11:37
That would work on the paper. I Hope the Characters work together.
2019-07-06 15:21
Yeah as a fan you can‘t know it
2019-07-07 13:15
xsepower | 
Russia zj2
unlucky tournament for them
2019-07-05 23:05
Netherlands Nederland
2019-07-05 23:05
World Beard43
-1 +2
2019-07-06 04:33
If he isn't the IGL why is he in the squad?
2019-07-05 23:06
+1 #3
2019-07-05 23:08
+1 to #3. That or smooth things out with Smooya.
2019-07-05 23:10
Sweden swedz2
2019-07-05 23:22
Turkey annttiigs
Can you read ? They have tournaments left where it counts the players from previous ?
2019-07-06 10:23
No, I'm deaf. I can only read in sign language.
2019-07-06 10:25
Germany bVicious
2019-07-06 10:37
Turkey annttiigs
2019-07-06 11:56
tabsen XANTARES smooya Calyx tiziaN gob b coach
2019-07-05 23:06
-calyx +sunny Pog
2019-07-05 23:07
yeah forgot about sunny. it would be even better. but maybe -tizian +calyx ? he is support aswell
2019-07-05 23:08
Calyx is shit Tizian >>> calyx
2019-07-06 02:24
Germany Fabbsen
Calyx ruined the entire turkish scene lol. I believe i read that nobody really wants to play with him and his english isn't the best aswell
2019-07-06 11:33
Now that would be a fun lineup
2019-07-05 23:08
tabseN, sunNy, tiziaN, nex, smooya
2019-07-05 23:08
Germany bVicious
I’d like that
2019-07-06 10:38
Germany Gablov
There is no any chance to BiG can get success with dennis. Picking dennis was to worst recent call.
2019-07-24 04:40
guess they're done then
2019-07-05 23:07
Xantares is so online that he made gob B uncomfortable leading
2019-07-05 23:07
Germany bVicious
2019-07-06 10:38
they play xantares aka one of the best entry fragger as LURK. this big team is so fcked up man
2019-07-05 23:08
it makes sense to have the strongest aimer on the team die last tho
2019-07-06 02:15
Canada flame7
nope, clutching is about outplaying your opponent, not outaiming them... that's what Entry fraggers do.
2019-07-06 07:18
Germany bVicious
2019-07-06 10:38
F for gob b, not one of the best fraggers but one of the best minds in cs history
2019-07-05 23:09
play around xantares or kick him
2019-07-05 23:09
+1 he is useless unless he plays yolo
2019-07-05 23:20
why they add XANTARES and denis one has only aim and no brain second one dont have anything at all
2019-07-05 23:09
2019-07-05 23:14
denis is really shit dont even think hes in the top 50 players in germany
2019-07-05 23:27
United Kingdom VOSSKi
rip gob b, roster change incoming
2019-07-05 23:10
Well, if he's not igl kick gob b
2019-07-05 23:10
-Denis -Xantares -Gob B +smooya +sunNy +nex tabseN tiziaN
2019-07-05 23:10
you already wrote this wtf
2019-07-05 23:14
If you are a Xantares fan I don't hate Xantares, he is a good boy. But maybe it's better he join a other team and learn english and not german.
2019-07-05 23:23
he dont have good english, he dont know what is the team work. everybody is right to critize him. Yeah for sure he is a good team player but if you dont know what you do with him, he cant do anything by himself
2019-07-05 23:36
He is learning german. I think it's better to teach him english, because how good is the chance that he never play with no Germans again?
2019-07-05 23:45
that.. that is so unreasonable. When he left the big what can he do.
2019-07-05 23:54
Now he lives in Germany (Berlin I think) but in Berlin you can live easily with english. And what's happening if BIG pick some no german player? Teach them german too? Haha
2019-07-06 00:11
lol dude. they made a big mistake by losing smooya and i think they cant do without an real awper like him
2019-07-06 00:22
BIG without smooya = BIG joke
2019-07-06 01:17
ye ye ye without smooya big is a fakin shit
2019-07-06 01:18
Sweden Trkmag
XANTARAS new turkish talent
2019-07-05 23:12
XANTARAS upcoming German player
2019-07-05 23:13
Are we ignoring the fact that we are ignoring facts ?
2019-07-05 23:14
Changed style from garbage to trash Nt
2019-07-05 23:16
Nice veteran IGL, playing that role for a decade and still "feeling" uncomfortable? I'm not buying this for a second. He's just getting kicked.
2019-07-05 23:17
Playing that role for a long time in a German lineup
2019-07-05 23:28
Then cut him he is only valuable as an igl lol
2019-07-05 23:17
smooya | 
Europe geo0
ever since they lost smooya they have just gone down and down in the ranking...should of listened to smooya and let him awp, was stupid as now tabsen is not even awping in the team it was kinda pointless There not the same team as they where and dennis is not at the right level for them to compete
2019-07-05 23:17
Dennis isn't that bad there setup is just awful, and the team is really not a great environment.
2019-07-06 03:48
Dennis is not a BIG player tho.
2019-07-06 09:50
Denis facking bish
2019-07-06 11:34
boom bish
2019-07-06 20:39
kennyS | 
United States @rex
Lol not even top 30 team! Loloolololololol XD cry German fans! Cry!
2019-07-05 23:18
Just three words: NA CS LUL
2019-07-05 23:26
You said na CS lul not just three words
2019-07-06 03:48
Sweden Trkmag
Also tabseN is insane, just that he can't show it that good in current BIG. Hope they get rolling
2019-07-05 23:20
2019-07-05 23:20
Smooooooooooooyaaaa The management of BIG is so retarded.
2019-07-05 23:24
You think its just the management? I imagine there's lots of bickering in this team and i doubt a non native speaker ever gonna feel comfortable. I remember reading that tabseN wanted the awp role over smooya and that was part of why he benched himself. If that is true tabsen shot himself in the foot hard his rifle is top 10 on awp who cares hes good but not worldly. And now igling over gob b pls just disband
2019-07-06 00:20
TabseN just said that in the Interview, bro. He felt like he is a better CT AWP but Smoo always played AWP as T. Remember that Smooya did his first steps in top tier cs with BIG and TabseN was probably right about that. Smooya himself said that leaving BIG was HIS biggest mistake in an Instagram Story of his. And TabseN is top 5 last 12 Month, you can check it on HLTV. There is no discussion about that he is a top tier player. They try to figure out what to do, because they dont want to switch lineups completely every 6 month liker other orgs. Hopefully they will bring back Smooya after his Lock due to the Renegades stand in time is over. TabseN Xantares Smooya TiziaN (Nex - Denis - K1to)
2019-07-06 17:59
2019-07-06 00:21
gob b : only good as an igl xantares: only good as a fragger they try to make both play different them their best wtf men
2019-07-05 23:21
Wait so who is Igl on bug clan now??
2019-07-06 03:49
2019-07-06 08:07
Wtf what an awful decision lol.
2019-07-06 11:35
tabsen is a very good guy bois und sick player.. buf if i would be the igl i would just let xantares play his game and he will do great..
2019-07-05 23:23
2019-07-05 23:58
Sweden swedz2
Lmao because Bot B owns the fucking Org he's gonna hardline on keeping himself on the squad What a fucking ___
2019-07-05 23:23
Gob and Tabsen thinking too highly of themselves. They are 6 or 7 years now in CSGO and they were 2x in the Top 8 and one time in the final of Cologne. They haven't done anything significant to think that they are this smart. They haven't won one international tournament since then, even krystal won a dreamhack event. Just let the players play and perform and don't cut players like Xantares or Smooya.
2019-07-05 23:25
Germany NitczkaCS
“They haven't done anything significant to think that they are this smart. They haven't won one international tournament since then, even krystal won a dreamhack event” One of the very true comments I have read about them and this arogancy thinking they know everything about this game and are the smartest is killing
2019-07-06 00:35
The same with Lenz, their manager. They talk so much, sometimes i have the feeling, that they are in the wrong universe. I really hope, that Sprout will perform and win against BIG in the minor, just to see BIGs reaction.
2019-07-06 01:18
Germany NitczkaCS
I hope so too and I wish Sprou to ho further but I think they will destroy Sprout too by getting another player from them..
2019-07-06 01:51
Other Phinks
Honestly a great guy
2019-07-05 23:34
Sounds similar to karrigan last year, rip gob b
2019-07-05 23:41
Except karrigan isn't a fat assed bot
2019-07-06 03:50
Gob b is just an oldskool igl, not a bot, just not a lot of firepower
2019-07-06 11:17
Just trash team no need for excuses
2019-07-05 23:43
Turkey OdunKafaYT
Just -denis +smoyaaa
2019-07-05 23:54
Why change what was working? You guys should have never dropped Smooya, now you lot suck ass.
2019-07-06 00:01
Germany NitczkaCS
Because they think they are smartest and best in this game. I just hope Sprout will do much better than this shit team
2019-07-06 00:37
God B might be a great shot caller in the server, but the ORG has made some of the dumbest decisions I've ever seen lmao
2019-07-06 01:40
Prob a reason why smooya still doesn’t have a team lol prob personality issue
2019-07-06 02:15
Too bad they didin't realise that they needed him way more than he needs them.
2019-07-06 02:25
to be fair smooya is unemployed rn so he sort of needs them.
2019-07-06 07:00
I don't think he be that desperate for it tbh, otherwise he'd likely still be in the team. Attitude can be changed.
2019-07-06 08:38
I think gobb is the one with the personality issues
2019-07-06 03:51
he still has a team and org willing to back him up which i can't say the same for smooya lol
2019-07-06 07:00
uh ok. GObb actually owns big soooo
2019-07-06 08:23
ropz | 
Czech Republic y0fl0w
2019-07-06 00:12
good read. tabsen best mate, i wish him and big only the best. i know they will get into top 10 again. but they really need a main awper
2019-07-06 00:27
Xantares nice Greek player masallah
2019-07-06 00:47
Myanmar xdcc
dead team unless they make big changes
2019-07-06 00:49
Same with tyLUL
2019-07-06 02:14
Myanmar xdcc
idc about Tyloo
2019-07-06 09:23
If there is anything to learn from the last 2 years BIG changes are the worst changes
2019-07-06 03:52
Whatever. We don't have any pro teams.
2019-07-06 00:52
World breezy0
How did they change their style? They play slow shitty predictable cs as ever
2019-07-06 01:01
To be fair they got out the same Time as ence this tourni xd
2019-07-06 02:14
2019-07-06 01:22
South Africa @FyreCS
BIG: Kito Tabsen Faven Syrson Mirbit
2019-07-06 03:23
World breezy0
More like Sprout with tabseN Which also is the best German team possible, sad he wastes his time with bots But from this interview you can see that he is fucking deluded, complete denial of reality.
2019-07-06 10:48
South Africa @FyreCS
I agree, I should’ve just said that. It is sad that he believes in BIG so much... He could lead Sprout and literally be on a potential tier 1 team maybe if he joined and found progress there
2019-07-07 02:11
EZ Fix - GOB B, + GOB A
2019-07-06 03:24
United States theory^
BIG is just fucking hot smelly shit they need to kick the bots no excuses
2019-07-06 03:44
who cares? he's still a fkn bot
2019-07-06 03:49
So they were great with smooya and kicked him They got one of the best individual players in the work to play like a support and now they are using their star as igl and their igl as rifler also adding denis Big are in drugs
2019-07-06 03:59
United States DiabIo
German cs pack an arena for a CS event yet BARE BONES SKILLED PLAYER POOL LUL
2019-07-06 04:05
Switzerland TyRRRR
Make ur star player changing his playstyle and role entirely is not being " all for the team ", that's called having a reduced IQ. And you guys prooved further from that by signing fucking denis, the most bland entry fragger when you have XANTARES & tabseN and force him into AWPing i can't even. " But we don't need syrsoN ". How desilusional can you be ? You picked denis to AWP bitch wat. BIG is doomed, roles went to shit, playstyle went out of the window, bad communication, complete denial of the situation. Man your team went out of the TOP30 and you only won 28.6% of your matches since bot denis joined what more do you need ????
2019-07-06 04:18
2019-07-06 09:07
Denis has to play the awp, because they replaced smooya and never replaced him with an awper. They should just go back to the roots, +smooya -xantares. Denis should play nex roles.
2019-07-06 09:43
World breezy0
+1 delusional
2019-07-06 10:45
germans very low iq.. "Back in the day, he was a player the team played around, and nowadays he's in a team that plays for everyone"
2019-07-06 05:52
BIG, please do this : -Xantares -gob b +syrson +nex Put gob b as coach and kakafu/legija to analyst/manager or anything else and let denis IGL, he's the most capable of all the players and he does that a lot better than awping
2019-07-06 06:25
not even top 30. bb
2019-07-06 07:20
lol tabsen acting like BIG are the only team in the world that play "team-oriented" cs so they cant get players that dont suck like denis no wonder these guys are trash team
2019-07-06 07:28
denis main awp,best move evereererreerrrest dead team
2019-07-06 07:59
Tabsen "gob b is dragging us down, retire plx"
2019-07-06 08:19
not even top30 anymore but denis is main awp.. are they really that retarded?! kick bot b if he's not calling anymore.
2019-07-06 09:10
Australia FalkoCs
NEX TabseN SyrsoN Spidii (igl) TiziaN Gob Coach Bitte danke!
2019-07-06 09:38
Germany sneeek
2019-07-06 14:17
So Xantares was one of the reason, why smooya left BIG and now his playstyle is the reason why gob cant use his insane ingame leading. XANTARES is an insane player, but he destroyed BIG in less then a half year.
2019-07-06 09:41
2019-07-06 10:39
2019-07-06 11:39
maybe, with Space Soldiers and the first months with BIG he didn't know anything - like didn't know anything in terms of throwing grenades, didn't know how to position himself better for the team, and we had to try to remind him of that and teach him that he's a team player. only aim no brain xd
2019-07-06 09:44
Germany NitczkaCS
I used to be Big fan but they are talking to much shit. Smooya said they learn a lot from Xantares like throwing grenades and Big could barely win against SS. But the worst part is how are u talking such things about one of star players that he didnt know anything who is in your team now. Maybe this is their new excuse that it is not working. I guess it is -Xantares soon
2019-07-06 10:54
Bulgaria AboveYall
Ive been listening how players "dont know anything" even tho Xantares has been in the scene for years and carried his team to top15.. Smooya is another example how he "didnt know anything" and let me just remind u that they benched fkn niko back in the days bcz "he didnt know anything.." im starting to fkn hate on gob b and his fkn ego.. Hes done Jack shit in GO yet hes still talking shit despite the fact hes been absolutely miserable individuadly..
2019-07-06 12:01
Germany NitczkaCS
+100000 and this ego is killing them they are out of top30 and still talking about how they know everything and others dont know a shit yeah the result is there.. tabsen: “I've shown it, and I will show it again” same sentence we heard from gob b a few months ago..
2019-07-06 12:34
They locked xantares in a box and he is trying to stay locked. It is smth like that
2019-07-06 10:05
Nice excuse noobs, u suck since forever
2019-07-06 10:27
World euqin
Jesus fuck gob b is a fucking mastermind, nothing but respect for this guy
2019-07-06 13:00
new BIG CLAN god B coach tabsen xantaras syrson k1to tizian please
2019-07-06 13:08
They are high on drugs I think. They cant think straight anymore. When you get one of the best riflers in the game to awp you know something went wrong. Same as NiP with f0rest. Then you have 2 supports and a non fragging IGL. You’ll never achieve anything with that. Get an awper, get a competent 3rd rifler and they’ll be good to go.
2019-07-06 14:49
Europe Qaia
so -gob b
2019-07-06 15:28
" but I would say we will not sign anyone directly again, we will take our time, test the players and if they fit for us, we will see how far the player is for himself, and then we will make the right decision." This basically says they're not happy with xantares sign.I think he's gonna be removed from roster after major.Btw wtf is "XANTARAS" lmao @Professeur
2019-07-06 15:37
Kick gob b Add an awper
2019-07-06 15:42
I'm sorry to say Xantares Deadmatch Hero like Scream
2019-07-06 16:23
tabsen smooya xantares k1to tizian make it happen PLEASE *~*
2019-07-06 20:28
Well gobb is 1 of the best igl of all time so he will figure it out
2019-07-07 18:10
Russia Vad97oRRR
Igl - maybe skill him - stupid
2019-07-22 09:58
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