Kode 5 Finals

September 19th, 2006 13:33

Kode5 qualifiers have been taking place all around the world for a few months now, not long ago we knew the 14 teams from around the world who would be competing in the Kode5 finals, but we were unsure exactly where or when these finals would take place.... Now we have the answers! The Kode5 Global Finals will take place between the 28th to the 29th of September, 2006; the venue for the event is the the Beihang University Sports Center, Beijing, China. This is the same venue that will play host to the Olympic Games in 2008.

The team participating for the cool $40,000 prize fund will be:

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 Made in Brazil

We wish the best of luck to each and every team participating in Beijing and look forward to some top-class counter-strike action from this event during September!

Finland FliE 
Hoorai ftw :) It'll be interesting to see some of these not-so-famous clans in action though.
2006-09-19 13:38
like SK-Gaming :D
2006-09-19 17:32
Hehe :d .. we will see that The Match btw SK and fnatic will be a training room For SK :D .. Like their last match in last month !! Did you see it ? only Great Teams Like team3D and MiBr maybe defeat SK .. :P
2006-09-20 14:49
I haven't see it, however I know that fnatic definitely is great team (just because they can defeat 3D, coL, wNv, etc.) ;) We'll see. I will bet on fnatic :)
2006-09-22 20:07
For The persons who think that NiP or fnatic Will win The matches , i must Tell That SK-Gaming.Swe Will win them like Last Matches vs Them . MiBr and SK.Swe have better Chance To win . admin is There any Bet on This Competiotion ??
2006-09-19 16:19
fnatic ftw! only NiP can beat them. But they won't :)
2006-09-19 17:32
Serbia suba 
#4 yea fnatic or mibr^^
2006-09-20 11:10
gamefear I think that it wont make far.. I hope that SK wins! :D
2006-09-20 11:26
such a Great one That You Hope on :D SK will win :D
2006-09-20 14:40
hoorai vs jmc @ final sk vs wnv @ 3-4
2006-09-20 14:18
NiP ftw ! :PP
2006-09-22 21:32
NiP Wins 99.999%
2006-10-28 19:26
where is Noa?
2006-10-29 00:01
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