arT: "We've had people trying to buy our players since the first month of the team"

Our final interview from ESL One Cologne features Andrei "⁠arT⁠" Piovezan from FURIA, who talked about developing his style of play, bringing that to FURIA, and fighting off teams that want to sign their players.

After a thunderous breakout earlier this year, finishing 3rd-4th at DreamHack Masters Dallas and second at ECS Season 7 Finals, FURIA jumped into the top 5 of the team rankings, but only held the spot shortly.

arT and co. were accustomed to poaching attempts even before the MIBR saga started

A disappointing 3rd-4th place at Moche XL and a sub-par 9-12th finish at ESL One Cologne, where they lost to NRG and Natus Vincere, have shown that the Brazilian youngsters still have a long way to go.

In an interview with arT, which was conducted at ESL One Cologne following the team's elimination, we discussed his path up to this point, the issues he has faced because of his playstyle, the approaches from MIBR, and more.

Your style as an individual player is obviously risky, aggressive, you do things that most players don't do, perhaps they are afraid to do. Has that always been your style? How did it develop in you as a player?

I think the way I play is something in me because I have been playing like that since the beginning. I think that something that people don't see is that when you make an aggressive play, it is not like a 50-50 play, it is more like a 70-30 or 80-20, because even if you die, you can create enough space for it to be worth the death. So when you make a play, it is not a 50-50, and that is something I think about when I make aggressive plays. It is not just about the kill, sometimes it is just about space, about the waste of nades or the pressure. That kind of explains a little bit of my thought process.

Do you think that in a way, people overvalue being alive on the server? Because there are, as you just mentioned, other things in the game than kills and deaths like map control, economy, what weapons you have, etc. Do you think there is a part of the game that people misvalue in a way?

Yeah, I think that is true. I think that a lot of people overvalue, like you said, not dying or being alive. In some situations, maybe most of them, it is important to be alive, even more so when you have the advantage, like a 5v4 or 4v3, but I see a lot of players playing passively in situations I would play more aggressively.

You said this style has always been in you. Was that an issue with you coming up the ranks, as a young player? Because when you are on the big stage and you are doing that and people see it works it is easy for them to support you. But when you are coming up, people are usually very critical about things that you do.

[laughs] Oh yeah. In the beginning, when I joined FURIA, I was not a known player, my way of playing and leading the players was different from what is usual in Brazil. There were some teams that were very upset about us and did not want to scrim us anymore, they said my team and I will never play like that on stage or against good teams, that it is not the way you play CS. I heard that from a Brazilian team that came from Europe, that practiced there for a month, and we played against them in my second scrim with FURIA. One of the guys just said "arT, you are playing CS wrong. That is all wrong. That is not how you do it. We played in Europe and that is not how you play". I think I never let it hit me, I never took it personally, because I knew there was something good about what I was doing. I don't know, I kind of ignored it and kept going.

Were you then always an in-game leader, how did that come about?

I think that in my second or third team I was already in-game leading. When I started playing CS I never wanted to be a captain or an IGL, I just wanted to be a player, I just wanted to play the game, but I was good at it, second calling and helping the captain and, with time, it just happened. I'm a good caller, so why not become the IGL? I think it was a natural process for me, and when I joined FURIA I was already an IGL.

During a game, your coach guerri is often writing things down in his notebook. What is he writing down?

I don't know exactly what he writes down, but I think it is mostly about the economy, so he doesn't need to ask us to press down tab. So he writes down if we lost a round, won a round, if it is an eco, a gun round, and if he knows if we are missing some information, for example, they are ecoing and we are not aware, he will sometimes pause the game to let us know. He also writes down some important things he notices so he can call them when he pauses.

What do you think is the most important thing he brings to the team, overall?

I think I would describe him as a captain, I have learned a lot from him personally, he brings the morale way up. If it were not for him, the morale of the team would be way down, we probably would have disbanded the team already. We have gone through a lot of problems, a lot of people harassing us trying to buy players, and the morale was not good when we were losing a lot way back then. guerri has helped us a lot because we have a young team, he is the oldest guy, he is like the father to the guys, like a big brother to me. So aside from what happens in the game, he has a big impact outside of the game as well.

Having bad results and people wanting to buy out players from you. When did that start? Was it around the Major or before?

That was back in the first month of FURIA. We've had people trying to buy our players since the first month of the team and that kept happening until... well, now. [laughs]

You are bringing in new strategies to the game but some things you used seem like things that were popular maybe two or three years ago. Do you maybe go back and watch a demo from 2015 and find something that could maybe work now? What is the thinking when you come up with some of these things?

I don't think I have ever watched an older game to get strats, I think I have watched some to get an idea of how CS worked, but I have never brought anything from it. I think most of our strats are our own adaptations. We have some strats, we use them a lot and get some ideas for new strats around that or some completely new strats. I think it is more of a process, we adapt our strats to new strats.

Touching on this tournament, you went out to Na`Vi and NRG and you beat Renegades, before this you had that Moche XL tournament, which didn't go so well. So where do you put yourselves as a team, how happy are you with the recent results?

I'm not happy with the recent results, I think the Moche tournament was very poorly played by us, we could've played way better. Here, though, I don't think we have such a big fault because we faced very good teams. I think we could've played the NRG game better but we know we always struggle against them so that was ok for me. Against Renegades we played ok, not great, and Na`Vi are a good team, we need to be at our best to beat them and we did not play to our full potential. We really need to play our best game to win against these guys. So I was not upset, but I really wanted to take the win against Na`Vi.

VINI was two years ahead of the curve on the AUG, getting 11.31% of his total kills in 2017 with the weapon

One of the things that happened recently was the AUG nerf and you as a team had brought in a lot of the AUG and a lot of the SG as well. How do you think it affects your team? Is it going to be a big hit, adapting to an AUG that is not as good as before?

I think it is more of a personal question because the SG is still the same, we can still play it normally. The AUG, for some of us, is unplayable, and others can still play it. I think VINI is going to struggle more now because he had been using only this weapon for a year or two, way longer than the rest of us.

For the rest of us it will be normal, we will go back to normal CS - fu** the AUG! [laughs]

Obviously there were attempts from MIBR to purchase some of your players. How much pressure does that put on you as a team?

I don't really think that we feel pressure due to other orgs trying to buy our players because, as I said before, it is something that we are used to, it happened in the first month of FURIA, the second month, for a whole year, so I think we are used to it. I know that it is probably going to happen again and again and again, if not from MIBR, then from other teams. I think we are solid right now. We know what we want, other players know we are sticking together, so I don't think it is going to be a problem.

At some point, every team makes a roster change. As a team, you've been putting a lot of emphasis on sticking together and have done very good things so far. What do you think would have to happen for the team to consider changing players?

We have never thought about changing the roster, but I think it is a natural process, I think most teams have to go through it because it is a good thing, eventually, to change players. Not because they are playing badly or something, sometimes it is just good to get a breath of fresh air. I don't think we are close to that, it is going to take a lot of time [before we reach that point]. If you are performing badly on the stages or qualifiers and if you feel you have to make a change, it is a natural process. We don't really mind or think about it.

Brazil Andrei 'arT' Piovezan
Andrei 'arT' Piovezan
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xsepower | 
Russia zj2
n1 mibr should buy ksc
2019-07-11 21:09
Furia = fluke
2019-07-11 21:10
brazil scene LUL
2019-07-11 21:12
2019-07-11 21:14
nice nickname,by the way
2019-07-11 21:14
2019-07-11 21:15
Albania 9898
Maybe you should sell then
2019-07-11 22:07
2019-07-11 22:07
Vini 200 IQ geek
2019-07-12 01:53
Name cheks out
2019-07-11 21:54
Turkey scene LUL
2019-07-12 06:42
There is none
2019-07-18 16:00
fer | 
United States y4kob
he's gotta have quite large buyout, especially with that 5 year contract now.
2019-07-11 21:17
they said the buyout didnt increase that much, i mean if they are going to sell cold for $1M . they surely can pay ~300k for ksc
2019-07-11 21:18
Nepal askyee
no one will pay 1m for washed up cold
2019-07-12 00:17
apparently faze did
2019-07-12 00:17
Nepal askyee
its not even a rumor about faze and cold, its only because its only one team that can add cold none other wont add him
2019-07-12 00:19
that is true but there are other factors like relationship in the team which indicates its basically a confirmed thing already.. has to be..
2019-07-12 00:21
Nepal askyee
faze wont pay 1M for any player, even zywoo just look at latest player - adren and neo cuz they were free
2019-07-12 00:22
yea i also thought about that and considering FaZe's recent news about org and that they dont care about eSports but idk it seems like cold will leave mibr 10000% who will he join then? or maybe he will just sit on the bench for the rest of a year? is that a possibility lol perhaps
2019-07-12 00:29
Nepal askyee
i dont know when his contract will end but im sure faze wont pay as much for him, but if no faze there is no one good team he can join.. maybe nrg but i doubt
2019-07-12 00:30
-chrisj +cold ez
2019-07-12 09:55
Ksc > mibr
2019-07-11 21:46
2019-07-18 16:01
MIBR should disband
2019-07-11 21:56
let Furia play with original team
2019-07-12 02:25
Good to see that they are all doing well! Hopefully, they can recover and become top 5 again!
2019-07-11 21:11
Never were top 5 hltv rating is a joke its Well known
2019-07-11 23:23
2019-07-19 18:32
fnx | 
Europe Taehyung
Fuck fallen
2019-07-11 21:09
Fuck yuurih bro, your mom now find a better comeback
2019-07-11 21:21
Australia g00sey
2019-07-12 02:12
Belgium Zehc
Ye with that 5 year contract also
2019-07-11 21:09
2019-07-11 21:11
United Kingdom VOSSKi
art new jw
2019-07-11 21:12
Myanmar xdcc
noone will buy you now with these contracts )
2019-07-11 21:12
out of top20 in a month
2019-07-11 21:15
poor vini
2019-07-11 21:17
Flukia Stuck for 5 years lul.
2019-07-11 21:18
gabriel "two-faced" toledo
2019-07-11 21:18
Furia bought a dead horse. In a year they are top 300 and fight with VP with "who is the worse"
2019-07-11 21:21
over 9000 hahahahhaha
2019-07-13 01:47
nice arterino
2019-07-11 21:24
kscerato buyout - one dollar ableJ buyout - seventy trillion dollars and the entire US treasury
2019-07-11 21:24
"because even if you die, you can create enough space for it to be worth the death" genius
2019-07-11 21:26
With zero curve or fwd pvbp? 😂
2019-07-11 22:52
Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa
2019-07-11 21:28
they talk like they've won 2 majors in a row. these guys just had a good tournament now they will go back to tier 3-4.
2019-07-11 21:30
you didnt even read the interview, just came here to write bullshit.
2019-07-11 22:14
Slovakia veeellys
But he said truth
2019-07-11 22:15
Art literally said that didn't mind losing for NRG and Navi because they are way better teams. Show me where art said something that could lead for a interpretation like that?
2019-07-11 22:48
He said he wasn't so upset losing to NRG because they always play poorly against them, they are a difficult matchup. They probably practice against NRG as much as any team in NA, as they were the two most active online rosters over the last year. Could potentially have lead to his interpretation there. He said he really wanted to beat NaVi but that they would have to play their best game to beat them and that didn't happen, cleary he believes that they COULD beat them. Considering NaVi was a top 3 team for about a year and a half I would say he's simply respecting them in an interview for everyone to read. Could potentially have lead to his interpretation there.
2019-07-12 07:24
Brazil yalamix
The game against NaVi was a close one, they could have won it. I don't feel any kind of arrogance coming from art's statement of "We could beat them". But I see what you mean, some people interpret things differently.
2019-07-12 16:39
Astralis was top 1 for more than a year and Furia beat them, why couldn't they beat Navi as well?
2019-07-12 22:32
They had 2 very good tournaments, maybe 3 tournaments If you count beating the top 15 team as a good performance.
2019-07-12 01:03
I'm not
2019-07-11 21:43
Per0N | 
Venezuela 643
Good man
2019-07-11 21:43
2019-07-11 21:46
" I think that something that people don't see is that when you make an aggressive play, it is not like a 50-50 play, it is more like a 70-30 or 80-20, because even if you die, you can create enough space for it to be worth the death. So when you make a play, it is not a 50-50, and that is something I think about when I make aggressive plays. It is not just about the kill, sometimes it is just about space, about the waste of nades or the pressure. That kind of explains a little bit of my thought process." Totally agree!
2019-07-11 22:05
Nepal askyee
you can waste their nades by other more safe plays, they are just too dumb to understand that exactly like their thoughts abt support and ablej cuz he suck harder than taco or denis
2019-07-12 00:12
Yeah boy, throwing yourself away for some mild utility usage sure is smart! And he literally contradicts himself in the next part saying it's important to stay alive if you have an advantage in a 5v4. The fuck? So how do you feel about giving the other team that? His logic is deeply flawed. Playing situations overly aggressive will lead to allowing the other team to force you to react if you lose player numbers/lack trades. They gave the benefit of playing passive because it's an advantage. The times where he's right aren't even the times he's talking about. Dying for info and making a fast rotation, for instance, but that's way more applicable to mid-round than the start, where he typically applies his ideas. I could analyze dozens of situations that would prove him wrong.
2019-07-12 00:25
Dude, I could also analyze other dozens of situations what would prove what he said is right. The thing is that the team that get advantage of players alive have more probability to win the round. But that is not a rule, if you play agreesive in early round and suceed kill someone your team has much bigger chances to win it. If you die and create a good space your team also can have bigger chances to win it. Agressive style is great agains very structured teams and it is much more impredictible. I am not telling you it is better, but what he said is right and can work or fail, depends of what kind of team you are playing against.
2019-07-12 01:02
What he does is 100% a gamble play. Pure and simple, the idea is to throw a team off kilter. It works until a team begins to prepare for you. Period. There are times where playing passive is the wrong approach, but the reason most rounds are lost is over aggression, not lack thereof. I can say this with absolute confidence. In fact I would say the way that FURIA play is a predictable aggression. Counter-starting that early attack is so mundane it's ridiculous. The reason it worked the way it did isn't because of structured teams, it's because those teams weren't used to the style. Look at the fact that NRG doesn't lose against FURIA. They have played them a lot, they know what's coming and how it'll be carried out. A team with strong tactical depth will make similar encounters (ones where they know each other) less one-sided. Yet NRG, while respectable, aren't a top team (well they are but they never win the important matches). I predicted FURIA would plummet as soon as they did that last interview about aggression, and it's exactly what happened. They are not a bad team, but that theory of creating space is silly. You can bait utility without taking a loss to the team numbers if you know what you're doing. There's no space in a CT starting off in a default spot getting a kill...
2019-07-12 04:54
Every round, every aim duel is kind of a gamble, could go either way no matter what. Everyhting is all about getting some kind of advantage in the situation, still that doesn't make it 100% of the outcome. arT is obviously getting them the advantage by not playing as everyone else! I hate the scene since a couple of years ago since every team started playing exactly the same! That part made the game more random than anything. Nowadays everyone plays the same, everyone thinks the same, even the community thinks the same! That makes the scene more about daily form than anything else which is kinda boring ....... What arT makes here is stiring the scene up a bit which is great!
2019-07-12 09:57
You must be pretty young (not an insult, so we are clear). When you play at a certain level you begin to understand the cost-benefit of certain scenarios. Of course what he's doing isn't 100%, there's always a variable, but the chance of success is less than making a proper, coordinated play based on calculated aggression. When your only real diversity is in which part of the map you'll attack (hey, notice how their CT sides suck) quickly, you become readable. FURIA are a slightly better coordinated version of Asian teams... CS:GO, as a game, is restrictive in its design, in that certain actions are more likely to yield results than others. The reason teams are playing how they do is because it's efficient. The French and Swedish teams used to play very similar to FURIA, and the reason they don't anymore is because against good teams it's not an effective strategy in the long-term. Mark this post, if FURIA do not begin to taper back those kinds of plays they will continue to fall back in the rankings.
2019-07-12 15:14
If 29 is young then yes. U still dont see the problem? All the teams, all the players, all of the ones in the community sees the game at the same way nowadays... that’s the definition of stupidity. What’s needed is new stuff, special stuff and things that’s hard to read. So i can’t really see a problem with not playing and thinking like everyone else, that’s just a good thing for many teams and especially for us viewers!! I’ve not played since like 2011 except like 3 games a year (at the most) Though I played between 1999 (second beta) until 2011 and i’ve been following/watching the scene since the beginning and the truth is that the scene is soooo boring now, and the reason is what im typeing here. Open your mind for one second, don’t just follow others and thinking that there’s just one way to look at the game ...
2019-07-12 16:44
Brazil yalamix
Well, we did get new stuff when Astralis redefined the meta by improving nade usage 100% and using them in creative ways. We need something similar that forces teams to change their playstyle. I agree that FURIA's style is something that could do that, but it's not there yet.
2019-07-12 16:48
Why didn't you get involved earlier? I wrote like 2 novels but you explained it better with a couple on sentences, thanks.
2019-07-12 17:36
Brazil yalamix
Hahaha, I wasn't here yet. You're welcome. But don't worry, your comments were pretty good to get the point across.
2019-07-12 22:30
I mean, Astralis improving nade usage was something that needed to happen for a long time. The reason it happened was because they had an ex-pro like Zonic come in an evaluate safe ways of doing it (1.6 had a LOT of creative nade usage, which I'm sure was the basis for some of his ideas). I'd wondered why it wasn't more thought about, some of stacks they were doing were absurdly common in other iterations of the game. Also, I think FURIA's style is something that could work with moderation. I don't think what they're doing is redefining a meta, though. Plays like they make have been around for a pretty good while, and since they aren't terribly consistent, haven't stuck with anyone. The biggest thing I wish teams would take from what they're doing is being more open to moving faster to capitalize on their openings. It's been a bit of an issue for a while now, but a lot of teams slow down really hard to hit an execute after doing a fake, and they lose their window of opportunity. That's when aggression really can pay off, I've seen so many botched situations where a team sat for...15 or 20 seconds prepping their attack when they've got a single defender holding the site for most of that. Obviously they don't know it, but teams need to look at, and analyze, their pushing tendencies in the mid-rounds, and take a few more risks as a result. One of the things FURIA has done well (especially on Nuke) was to match the pace of their actions. They aren't a pioneer at this, and I don't think it'll ever drastically effect the game, but it's a good start.
2019-07-12 19:36
Brazil yalamix
Exactly. I think with some more work they could develop a style that, while not novel, is more fluid than the current style which I like to call the "MIBR effect" since MIBR does this a lot, of waiting until the last possible second to enter a bombsite and losing whatever early round advantage they had. I have seen FURIA take advantage of this mistake by other teams quite a lot by doing quick rotations, and when the enemy team enter the bombsite with 20 seconds remaining suddenly they are facing a Xv4 situation when they could be facing a Xv2 if they had entered the bombsite earlier. And I think more teams should be using their nades more creatively, because the only thing I see that teams actually copy from Astralis is Banana control through nades on Inferno, because for the most part only a few teams have good nade usage. EDIT: I have realized now that I just repeated what you said, but I'm keeping it for extra emphasis.
2019-07-12 22:34
I mean, I have 8 years on you, man. Look, you think that something new is going to change how the game is played, and you believe that FURIA's aggressive pushes will do that. All that's going to happen is that other teams will simply counter-strat that early aggression. The way to make this succeed is by doing the same initial moves every round, even if what you're doing is different by accordance. I've played this game a long time. Since 99 myself. I've played against some current pros, and plenty of other pros (in competition, not in pugs). Everything in moderation. I'm not saying the game can't change, but CSGO is less open to creative interpretation than, say, 1.6 (which is not saying CSGO is less difficult, I believe its confined nature makes it just as hard). It's not really the game's fault, but as I said, it's intentionally restrictive. The scene is boring, not really because of the meta, but because of how the game is structured. People have become more efficient in how they approach the game, and they've learned how to work properly to secure round wins. Teamwork is like 85% - 90% of CS, not tactics or aggression or any of that. So while the game seems boring, it's because there's only so many ways to do something right and wrong and consistently get results. I mean, I could probably write a book on why CSGO restricts the creativity of executes, but it's not really worth the time. You still see new things, and metas will change with game updates and the like (weapons, maps, etc.), but the core fundamentals are pretty strict for a reason: because they work properly.
2019-07-12 19:40
Brazil yalamix
2019-07-12 22:32
2019-07-17 20:43
Brazil yalamix
I agree that art is over-agressive, but I would say at least half of his plays are calculated agression, with support from teammates (flashbangs, information, etc.). If he were to simply tone it down a bit and did not do those agressive plays when they have a player advantage - 5v4, 4v3, etc - (just as he said they should do) they will definetly improve. Changing the pace and style of the match by playing passive or playing agressive is a very important ability for a team in modern CS.
2019-07-12 16:46
They are clearly intended for a purpose, but the calculation isn't an accurate or reasonable reason to do what he does. The large majority of his plays, while designed to gain an advantage, are very 2-dimensional in scope. I'm less concerned about him doing aggressive plays when in player advantage (though that is, also, a problem), but rather when it's so early in a round you don't even have a clear picture of what may or may not be coming. You can't rely on that playstyle repeatedly, it just becomes sterile. What arT doesn't do is change the pace of the match, he basically just goes 0 to 100 at all times, and that's an issue. It's another thing entirely to play 3 or 4 slow rounds, and then when the other team is full-bought (say after being low on money and needing the round) pushing with a fast attack. That's calculated because it's less expected, and there's less on the line and can create good economic turns. Etc. etc.
2019-07-12 19:17
Brazil yalamix
I see what you mean. But I'm pretty sure FURIA are able to that, I don't remember what game it was, but they were playing Nuke and losing everytime they made agressive plays, when suddenly they decided to play more passive and started winning rounds again. I don't know why they insist on making agressive plays as much as possible instead of doing calculated agression, since they're clearly capable of doing it, but it's very visible that over-agression is not a viable strategy in the long term.
2019-07-12 22:20
I think we probably see the game in pretty similar ways, which is cool! And yeah, I know they'll develop with more experience, and get better. I think they have a style that's pretty much their own right now, and they have some really cool tactics, they just need to balance out a bit. It always sounds like I'm bashing them, but it's really more frustration than ridicule, because the potential is definitely there with FURIA, they've improved a lot in the past year, they just need to work on when to apply pressure. Some teams lack enough, but FURIA actually suffer from having too much. They'll get there with time, I'm sure.
2019-07-13 00:10
Brazil yalamix
2019-07-13 02:06
I agree with you. The scene needs this! There's not just one way to win games (Like every team and every one here seems to think nowadays ....)
2019-07-12 09:59
By "our players" he must mean everyone but him
2019-07-11 22:12
he's the one making them look good. Probably one of the most important players of the team.
2019-07-12 09:50
perhaps you should accepted, maybe not anymore when stop being good
2019-07-11 22:19
noone needs toxic kids axaxaxaxaxax
2019-07-11 22:46
2019-07-11 22:51
2019-07-11 22:54
of course, the MIBR core is always looking to shed through and discard talented players
2019-07-11 23:41
Nepal askyee
mibr want to get young talents to top scene but they still thinks that they are good and will be better cuz of 5 wasted years under contract
2019-07-12 00:13
~Furia . . . . . . <Mibr
2019-07-12 00:34
Nepal askyee
mibr CAN be - ofc they wont cuz BR LUL but still furia wont be good
2019-07-12 00:35
Terrible logic, 70-30 or 80-20 LOL.
2019-07-12 00:43
how's that? 50-50 at the aim duel, 90-10 in taking advantage of the situation/round hence his aggressive plays looking at it from a round perspective is positive and not 50-50.
2019-07-12 09:48
It's a dumb fucking concept and his logic is screwed about it. Sure, it's obviously 70-30 or 80-20 when people don't know you do dumb aggro pushes even if most of the time you look like a bot, but once they do teams will counter it fairly easy. Look at how FURIA is after they got found out lol. Also, one of them had the audacity to say they're one of the most skilled lineups in the world lol.
2019-07-12 16:18
It's not like he does it just randomly and every round lol. Calculated and some rounds hence I stick with my previous comment.
2019-07-12 17:38
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao
But it's just how the meta changes. A team or a couple of teams start to playing a game style that is good against the meta and it becomes a new meta, and then the teams start to making counter strats to the new meta, creating another new meta. Obviously the aggressions from Furia will be countered, as well as everything on CS:GO
2019-07-12 23:52
Furia should just buy Coldzera at this point Amirite???? also, 7-1
2019-07-12 00:47
definitely an interesting flex
2019-07-12 00:47
Big Kapp
2019-07-12 00:48
2019-07-12 08:09
Gained a lot of respect for them, especially arT! -First humble and realistic brazilian? (:D) -Staying together even though big teams and orgs are trying to buy them (respect) -nice view of the game - Why play the game as everyone else? (that's the thing that made the scene so random .. everyone plays the same, ofcourse the result is random ..) -Realistic and clear goals Please BR fanbase don't ruin this team as well! :)
2019-07-12 09:47
Brazil sprk1
look at this nerd
2019-07-12 10:05
How is anyone able to look at me? It's not like I've got a profile picture? Please explain.
2019-07-12 10:23
Brazil yalamix
Don't mind him.
2019-07-12 16:50
2019-07-12 09:47
Brazil sprk1
super overrated team.
2019-07-12 10:04
France niouke
dead team, they will never make it out of the groups of a big event again.
2019-07-12 10:06
Probably mibr tried to buy kscerato!!!
2019-07-12 11:54
nt mibr aheuheuheuheu
2019-07-12 12:30
India Noobdian
2019-07-13 14:31
Belgium haasecsgo
2019-07-12 18:51
doubt anyone wants someone from this CACA team....well maybe a team from brasil...makes sense...poop loves poop...
2019-07-15 14:02
2019-07-16 06:46
Who wanna buy furia players lul
2019-07-18 21:57
Denmark fuze^
Sure you did lol
2019-07-20 17:55
Turkey xC|sliCer
nice that you stay together just like SS for a long time.... :(
2019-07-22 03:45
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