Heroic to replace forZe at IEM Chicago

ESL has announced Heroic will be replacing forZe at IEM Chicago after the Russian squad withdrew from the competition.

The vacant tournament spot will be taken by Heroic after forZe were forced to withdraw from the event due to visa issues. The Danish team had finished in second place in the European qualifier after losing to the Russian side in the final.

Heroic recently competed at ESL One Cologne and at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals, falling short just before the playoffs in 7-8th place at both events.

blameF and his squad will replace forZe at IEM Chicago

The Danes will be joining seven other teams at the $250,000 tournament, which will be held in Chicago, from July 18-21, including the current No.1 and No.2 teams in the world, Liquid and Vitality.

The complete team list for IEM Chicago now looks as follows:

Slovenia Tiooslak
2019-07-11 16:09
2019-07-11 16:09
Actually, even more interesting than Forze
2019-07-11 16:19
actually no. forze looks more like a strange underdogs than heroic and its always intrigue
2019-07-11 16:41
Yeah but BlameF is really fun to watch
2019-07-11 17:31
blameF is the king
2019-07-11 19:19
Poland Unluko
2019-07-11 16:10
totally not expected
2019-07-11 16:20
Undeserved. ESL might wait 2 days
2019-07-11 16:36
2019-07-11 16:09
lets go blameF!
2019-07-11 16:12
Kriegs | 
Asia rehzy
2019-07-11 16:09
2019-07-11 16:09
2019-07-11 16:09
2019-07-11 16:09
India Noobdian
2019-07-11 16:09
why not optic :( guys
2019-07-11 16:10
Cuz optic is bad
2019-07-11 16:13
2019-07-11 16:10
still underserved they can't even beat Forze
2019-07-11 16:47
So should they just throw someone in because they are better?
2019-07-11 16:59
idk just give Forze another chance , they ask ESL for 2 extra days to get their visa ready
2019-07-11 17:00
Yea lets postpone all plans and reservations made for the venue etc etc etc etc etc cause a team cant fix their visas good logic
2019-07-11 18:51
How will that affect anything?
2019-07-11 19:04
explain how forze ask for extra 2 days affect the reservation and the venue ? ESL already book everything including all hotel rooms and venues , waiting for another 2 days won't change anything
2019-07-11 20:03
The event is in days not next year. Do you really think that hotel rooms and the venue has not been booked for months? Not to mention how about the people that have bought tickets to see the event, the other teams that have booked travel tickets...
2019-07-12 17:00
lets just say they already booked the hotel rooms and forze can't go 5 days before the tournament , can't ESL just give Forze hotel rooms to Heroic ? i'm pretty sure 5 days is more than enough for Heroic to pack in and arrive at Chicago.
2019-07-12 19:55
Something seems to be lost in translation. Are you now arguing that of course Heroric can replace Forze? I am confused, because your post to which I commented before seems like you were arguing the event should just be postponed to allow Forze to get visas sorted (to which I posted arguments to why that can't be done).
2019-07-12 20:00
Forze ask for extra 2 days ( which is 5 days before tournament) lets just say Forze didn't get their visas on that extra 2 days , then they can give their hotel rooms to Heroic , since ESL already booked it
2019-07-12 20:36
Agree. Only I do not understand why you wrote "ESL already book everything including all hotel rooms and venues , waiting for another 2 days won't change anything". Surely those "waiting another 2 days" suggested ESL should wait for Forze, since bringing in Heroric means no waiting.
2019-07-12 21:02
2019-07-11 22:26
just like dog ENCE invite
2019-07-11 17:29
ence would have put up a fight against liquid atleast @ cologne
2019-07-11 17:50
Finland EdiEz
2019-07-11 16:10
jeij :)
2019-07-11 16:10
2019-07-11 16:10
Forze beat Heroic and Heroic go to Chicago axaxax nice try Sam
2019-07-11 16:11
ez banana king
2019-07-11 16:11
Russia ChmoEbanoe
2019-07-11 16:11
At least there is a decent team that is going to replace forze
2019-07-11 16:11
you ok?
2019-07-11 16:26
Singapore eriknords
I agree!
2019-07-11 19:50
2019-07-11 16:11
Funny with these visa-issues. Only russian/middeleastearn things.
2019-07-11 16:11
Lol they ain't the only ones suffering remember gratisfaction earlier in the year, I reckon any other nz player would have had visa issues as well if they played over there.
2019-07-11 16:21
Ah yes, gratisfaction had trouble aswell. But with that mustache he had it coming. EU countries barely have these issues. White-EU-male priviledge
2019-07-11 16:25
Czech Republic QuertyX
rather stronger passports and trying to get visa earlier than winning the qualifier 1/8
2019-07-11 16:27
Not sure what you point is. So i give u 2/8
2019-07-11 16:28
Czech Republic QuertyX
Im not sure if you got me or not. Youre danish=smart, so I give you 8/8
2019-07-11 21:34
Didn’t really get u. Where did u hear danish=smart? That’s not true, but we do have a government that is not corrupt (so u trust the institutions), free education for all, and a security net that catches the ones who fall (so kids of stupid parents don’t suffer from their mistakes). The country is in a rather good state, which makes the people living there able to focus on other stuff (education, language, ect.) If the country is in bad shape, the people is in bad shape, because they have to fight just to survive. If u have to fight for surviviving, u don’t have sufficient mental resources to exceed in other aspects of life.
2019-07-11 22:51
They dont have issues with Visa just in Russian you need like 15-30( approximately)days to get Visa and they had 10 days nice quals
2019-07-11 16:42
Nice planning then. Expected from third worlders
2019-07-11 16:44
Latvia Ke]R[4u
fully agree with you mate, imagine playing on your first decent team, just got picked out of fpl, never been to a tier1 lan before, you perform above expectations, and win the qualifier. but its already too late to apply for a visa, you cant do anything to get it in time. holy fuck they are retarded, should have done the visa after they installed CS, and they better be working on those canadian/chinese/australian ones right now
2019-07-11 17:23
U might have point that they exceeded further than expected. Never thought visas would be relevant. Well, stupid ruskies. Good day sir, from ex-sovjet.
2019-07-11 17:39
So apply before then
2019-07-11 17:29
Idk but they applied for Visa straight after winning final mb they didn't want to apply for Visa before bcs they could just lose this quals
2019-07-11 22:45
So they expected to lose? Not a good mental preparation. It must be the organisation at fault: Org: “Sorry boys... We didnt expect you to win. We thought applying for visa’s was a waste of our limited resources. But we got this good minor for U, right around the corner”
2019-07-11 23:55
Excellent attitude to the CIS composition, if it was a EU team, would give time for visas
2019-07-11 16:12
Greenland kinley377
2019-07-11 16:12
told u guys :)
2019-07-11 16:12
2019-07-11 16:12
United States Prattatat
Feel bad for Forze but glad to see Heroic get more big lan experience
2019-07-11 16:14
rip ence again
2019-07-11 16:16
TaZ | 
Hungary muszakk
2019-07-11 16:17
wasted spot like mibr
2019-07-11 16:17
France MrWowo
Vitality G2 Ence Heroic.. Omg
2019-07-11 16:19
Brazil fuNNa
expected from rigged tournament
2019-07-11 16:21
Finland Emvi
Boooooooo. Nothing against Heroic but ForZe deserve the spot, finally they qualified to a big lan. Bullshit that ESL didn't give them 2 more days, it's ESL's fault that the qualifier was so close to the event date in the first place...
2019-07-11 16:21
Another wasted spot
2019-07-11 16:22
flag checks out lmfao, heroic will fuck ence again
2019-07-11 17:30
African Union mikecool
The forze is not strong with them.
2019-07-11 16:23
CIS ShimonSS
Why they didnt write about 2 days they didnt give to forze to be on tourney ? ''Unfortunately, visa complications will prevent @forzegg from travelling to #IEM Chicago'', 2faced esl
2019-07-11 16:23
Europe keNLey94
2019-07-11 16:23
Mibr on last spot again Only sad reaction
2019-07-11 16:24
This sucks
2019-07-11 16:26
Denmark Chokemark
2019-07-11 16:27
Russia MonkaSss
Keep wasting time on this comments ? LuL
2019-07-11 16:36
forsaken pt 2 canceled
2019-07-11 16:43
2019-07-11 16:56
Is that a Silver II I hear talking?
2019-07-11 17:57
FalleN | 
Brazil rneX
Expected over 9000
2019-07-11 16:27
Czech Republic G0naB3
2019-07-11 16:28
mir | 
Russia M13F
expected for 2faced fuckingesl
2019-07-11 16:31
Sweden Akoulad
2019-07-11 16:33
Forze wrecked out this trash in closed qualification. Iem could invite Navi, at least....
2019-07-11 16:34
Nice. Heroic looked good in Cologne.
2019-07-11 16:35
envy ? what are you doing there xD
2019-07-11 16:36
Denmark CRAM3R
Nice. Come on, boys
2019-07-11 16:36
Nice for SwoleF and co.
2019-07-11 16:39
ye ye sure thats the reason 4 sure :)))
2019-07-11 16:42
Montenegro LakaZakon
Undeserved and overrated
2019-07-11 16:42
esl didint give forze 2 more days cuz they want heroic undeserved. heroic LOSERS
2019-07-11 16:43
Lan dodge
2019-07-11 16:52
xD -tier1.75 team +tier3 team
2019-07-11 16:57
North America Neshie
If your gonna give Heroic the spot then take the 5000 away from them and give it to Forze. It’s unbelievable that Heroic deserve both the cash and spot and Forze gets nothing.
2019-07-11 16:57
Albania HLTV_God
its very fair, and a good leason for the org
2019-07-11 16:59
Good lesson? Cuz usa is a shit place for tournaments? Or you are racist and think it is their fault they are Russian. Btw the same could easily happen to Navi. And I don't want imagen what a shitstorm esl would get.
2019-07-11 18:08
Albania HLTV_God
They needed 3days ? Witch means they started preparing for this 3days to late
2019-07-12 07:16
ah no. Visas have no save schedule.
2019-07-12 13:05
Albania HLTV_God
So it's as likely Russia's hockey team won't make it to wc in USA? It's the org who failed to do what they needed to do
2019-07-12 13:44
There are two sides. When they make as they said directly after qualifier takes to care for the visa. Then it isn't their fault when they also delivered everything that they needed on the first day. Then it is the fault of administration. Ordinary sport gets visas faster..... Cuz they have an athlete status. Before you start talking about visa issues learn at least some general basics.
2019-07-12 14:59
Albania HLTV_God
2019-07-11 16:58
mibr invited is a joke, what the fuck
2019-07-11 16:58
2019-07-11 16:59
if heroic and ence is facing, heroic will give that good to ence
2019-07-11 17:01
Ahahaha NA shits scared of sexpower.I don't even care about Forze but its clearly ESL doesn't want them to come.Such a trash tournament Forze can actually beat shit overrated teams like Ence and they'll for sure beat MIBR,Renegays,Envy and with G2 is 50/50 nice ESL fucktards so sad for them they have done everything they could #FUCKESL
2019-07-11 17:14
Russia Fl9X3R
Seriously? Fucked shit
2019-07-11 17:15
They have to win this thing now🤔
2019-07-11 17:19
esl trash
2019-07-11 17:21
deserved forze bot team
2019-07-11 17:26
God BlameF
2019-07-11 17:33
ez4ence ence ence dens putted upperbelt putted upperbelt
2019-07-11 17:39
undeserved + wasted spot
2019-07-11 17:40
All the good teams is in group B. WTF? Who made the draw???
2019-07-11 17:40
Why not to wait for 2 days? I still do not understand. If Heroic have visas, why can't they wait for 2 days by themselves?
2019-07-11 17:44
2019-07-11 18:00
Esl great lier. 2 days left from visa says visa issues. Crap esl
2019-07-11 18:05
forze online? tier 2 forze on LAN? passive bots
2019-07-11 18:33
Thank god forze aren’t there wasting a spot anymore.
2019-07-11 18:41
China hdgamerrr
Expected another lan game avoide
2019-07-11 19:19
YES!!! Lets go Friberg!
2019-07-11 19:31
seriously?online team?
2019-07-11 19:59
They are a great upset team. They just beat ENCE on LAN last week. Granted it was a BO1 but they still have great potential
2019-07-11 20:04
Typical onliners
2019-07-11 20:20
first world over 3 world -of couse.
2019-07-11 20:54
Albania 9898
Error requesting embed html wtf HLTV
2019-07-11 21:25
Sweden Zlatanist
Omg friiiiberg are you kidding meee!
2019-07-11 21:52
EZ Vitality - Liquid in final
2019-07-12 09:03
Unlucky for forze but heroic nice replacement))
2019-07-12 12:04
lol poor forze can't get visa fcking trump hahaha
2019-07-12 19:03
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