syrsoN: "Our chances to qualify for Pro League are still pretty good"

We caught up with Florian "⁠syrsoN⁠" Rische following Sprout's loss to Vitality in the EU MDL Season 31 Finals to talk about the team's recent results, upcoming Minor run, and expectations for the future.

Sprout missed out on direct qualification for ESL Pro League Season 10 following a 2-0 loss to Vitality in the grand finals of ESEA MDL Season 31, sending them over to the relegation stage alongside the likes of NiP and Windigo.

syrsoN wants revenge against Vitality' Collin "CarbonDogma" Davis caught up with Sprout's AWPer to discuss the team's game plan heading into their match against the Frenchmen, as well as how the team are feeling heading into the upcoming Europe Minor.

I wanted to talk about the game against Vitality you just had, you started off in the lead on map one, but ended up losing it in the end. What do you think happened for Vitality to end up coming back on that map?

I think we dominated them really well. We know that Overpass isn't our best map, we were fine with 10-5, but we kind of struggled a bit against their double AWPs. We had a good game plan to punish them on B, but the double AWPs just fu**ed us up in the end. It was a bit unlucky to lose it, in my opinion we should have won it, but it happens. We managed to come back to the overtime, but in the end no doubt they were better.

You still got double digits on the second map as well, so was it disappointing to end up losing 0-2?

Yeah for sure, it was disappointing for us, but in the end they are a top two team in the world right now. We will just rewatch the game, learn from our mistakes, and we will be better next time.

Going backwards a little bit in time, at the Minor qualifier, in your first match you ended up losing to BIG, who had just signed denis. How was it playing against them with your new lineup?

I think it was a different game than usual. I would say it's not a rivalry, but we really wanted to beat them. In the end, it didn't happen, but we were focused all game. I think maybe we were a bit too nervous to play against them, so we made a lot of mistakes and the communication was not that good as in the other games before. We were a little bit chaotic, I would say. If we don't do that the next time I think we will beat them.

In the lower bracket you still took down OpTic to be able to secure your spot. Did you expect to beat them to move on?

Yeah I think so, because we had played OpTic before, and we had beaten them there also. We had a good game plan against them, we felt comfortable, so everyone knew that we would beat OpTic.

Looking forward at the Global Challenge here, what are your goals for the rest of the event?

Our goal should be to get revenge against Vitality, so maybe we can beat them.

At the Minor, you are in a group with mousesports, CR4ZY and NoChance. What are your expectations going into the Minor?

It's a really tough group I would say. Our expectation is for sure to get through the group, but it's going to be really hard, we have really good teams in our group. In the first game, we will meet CR4ZY and anything can happen because it's best-of-one. If we win, we will have to play really well against probably mousesports, I don't know. If we lost, we will still have another chance against NoChance, maybe.

Since you lost to Vitality here you'll be in in the Pro League relegation stage. Against teams like Windigo, the new Heretics, Spirit - how do you think your chances are of still making EPL?

Our chances are pretty decent because Windigo had lineup changes. I think NiP will do it for sure, they will qualify for the Pro League again, so we will probably meet up against Windigo or Heretics. They also changed a player I think-

Yeah, they got jeyN.

Yeah, so I would say our chances are pretty good to beat all of them and qualify for the Pro League.

Germany Florian 'syrsoN' Rische
Florian 'syrsoN' Rische
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EZ for the GOAT awper!!! Let's go german CS!!! Germany > all
2019-07-13 13:03
Germany AdiZen
big omegalul imagine your countires best team being a t3 team while having 82 million people
2019-07-13 13:05
Flag doesnt check out
2019-07-13 13:10
India MihirX27
Just imagine your countries' best team Limited behind the premiership in God knows what tier. *cries inside*
2019-07-13 13:14
Germany AdiZen
t0 liquid t1 navi astralis vitality t2 ence nrg furia faze g2 mouz north nip fnatic renegades t3 optic heroic cr4zy sprout ancient and so on
2019-07-13 13:31
Na'Vi with 1 tournament, and goes to the semi finals at ESL ONE COLOGNE AND TIER 1 WTF
2019-07-13 13:39
Germany AdiZen
current form i doubt that they will become worse they probably will become even better
2019-07-13 13:40
Current form they are tier 1. I respect your opinion but don't over rate them. Tiere 2 is best for them.
2019-07-13 13:41
Germany AdiZen
fine doesnt make any difference anyways
2019-07-13 13:48
It doesn't mean 82 million people play csgo
2019-07-13 13:20
Germany AdiZen
i didnt say that just meaning that it should be likely for a 82 million people country in middle of europe to atleast have a t2 team
2019-07-13 13:32
Maybe the german rule of no one who is below 16 can attend lans is the cause of this problem. Young people can't get enough csgo experience until being 16, what do you think ?
2019-07-13 13:36
Germany AdiZen
nah i doubt that also it is just a recent rule there should be alot of people who are older than 16 and are very talented the problem is that there are no good igls who help players to get their experience e.g. gobb is the type of igl who always picks players he knows instead of going for players who are more talented...
2019-07-13 13:40
JaCkz | 
Singapore ZyZy
I'd say Germans rather go study than take the risk of going pro, since there aren't many pro teams.
2019-07-13 14:35
Germany AdiZen
there are alot of players who dont get a real chance under experienced players
2019-07-13 14:36
Germany Fabbsen
We're also a bit behind in infrastructure especially in Internet which might play a Part Overall Too. I'm really happy with sprout's evolvement. They're picking the Talents ( or rather have picked) rn and they seem to have a really good synergy too
2019-07-13 20:24
why did you write population of Turkey
2019-07-13 13:45
imagine your countires best team being a t3 team while having 82 million people
2019-07-13 13:25
France Axpie
imagine your countries best team being a t5 team while having 38 million people
2019-07-13 15:55
imagine your countrie dont have team while having 2 million people And They run out from countrie
2019-07-13 16:45
France Axpie
At least you have 2 well known pros with EspiranTo & Kvik
2019-07-13 16:55
Yes but 0 people in countryand this to soon take other nationality if have brains
2019-07-13 19:30
Main carry is from Turkey LUL
2019-07-13 15:13
Malta Hurrep
2019-07-13 13:04
Poland Unluko
Perhaps .
2019-07-13 13:06
Sweden Trkmag
2019-07-13 13:02
2019-07-13 13:03
ez for german #1
2019-07-13 13:03
2019-07-13 13:03
India Noobdian
Nip will qualify ez
2019-07-13 13:03
Belgium haasecsgo
2019-07-13 13:09
India Noobdian
2019-07-13 13:27
German CS 2k19 LUL
2019-07-13 13:04
Germany ppgod_
gl Rische
2019-07-13 13:04
Russia Glihhh
I hope they do
2019-07-13 13:05
France niouke
they need to recognize that vitality underperformed on overpass
2019-07-13 13:06
Belgium haasecsgo
Sprout top 5 team next year
2019-07-13 13:14
Reading this I have to notice that he actually honestly thinks they are good. ROFL
2019-07-13 13:14
They are ;)
2019-07-13 13:41
trash...yes they are
2019-07-13 14:05
Germany Bier
Mach kein Auge
2019-07-13 14:16
Dont make eye? Dont understand what you wanted to no speak hitlerando
2019-07-13 14:17
Germany Bier
Dann änder deine flagge du hund
2019-07-13 14:21
why would I ? I cant live in germany and not speak this shit language? nt
2019-07-13 15:50
Germany Bier
Hast deine Frage selbst beantwortet hundesohn
2019-07-13 15:57
sorry that I get your money retard
2019-07-14 01:30
Germany Bier
2019-07-14 09:50
its the actual truth
2019-07-14 13:05
Germany Bier
2019-07-14 13:25
China Gnikiv
kito is great
2019-07-13 14:16
for fpl run n gun...yes
2019-07-13 14:18
2019-07-13 13:19
2019-07-13 13:25
2019-07-13 13:25
Auf gehts Sprout gehts!
2019-07-13 13:41
"We should have won it" , Vitality has still only a 3 weeks preparation from late april/early may and they got 2-0 while they analyzed their demos as fuck and antistrat them as fuck. It wasn't unlucky , i saw the match , vitality was playing shitty , and sprout like a tier 3 team.
2019-07-13 13:50
Germany Bier
Chill. Obviously vitality deserved the win in the end. He literally said that. And ofc Vitality is the better team in general but sprout started better in both maps but choked in the end. They could have closed it 2-0 theoretically. Would have been nice for them if preperation payed off. Don't be a dick
2019-07-13 14:19
(x) to doubt
2019-07-13 14:20
JoJo | 
Russia N1kDaN
2019-07-13 15:35
2019-07-13 17:23
2019-07-13 20:05
I still believe! Go Sprout
2019-07-13 20:23
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