yeL: "It has been a rough season; we want to finish it with a big prize, qualify for the Major"

We interviewed Gustavo "⁠yel⁠" Knittel after INTZ topped group B and advanced to the playoffs of the Americas Minor.

INTZ upset both FURIA and Luminosity on their way to the playoffs, taking wins over their countrymen after heavily contested matches.

Emotions were running high after INTZ made the playoffs

In a talk with yel, we heard about INTZ's preparation, the competition in the Brazilian scene, comebacks against Luminosity, and more.

What was your practice like going into this tournament, what were your results like?

We changed a lot from the last Minor, we were playing 6-7 maps a day before the last Minor, just matches, matches, matches, no theory CS. For this Minor we changed that, we were playing four maps per day and had 1-2 hours of talking about what we did wrong, what we could improve, which setups we could create and I think it is way better because there you get less stress, because you are not playing too many maps, and every map matters to you. I think that is helping us a lot.

Is it hard to get everyone to be focused during those moments, when theorycrafting is going on, when you are breaking down demos?

Not really, I think it was pretty good, everyone gave 110% every time. Of course, there are some days you wake up tired and you are not focusing, but so far, so good. Everything was good.

After the FURIA game, you mentioned you prepared a lot for it. You knew you were going to be playing them in the opener, it is a BO1, but what was the thinking and what did you see in their game that you could exploit?

We knew that it would be either Vertigo or Overpass, and against FURIA it is always hard because they have amazing players and a unique style. But since we knew the maps we were really prepared for the Overpass game. I mean, we did a lot of mistakes, we lost many 2v1s, I didn't have time to watch the game again but I will to try and see what we did wrong, what we could fix for the playoffs.

Were you surprised to see FURIA rise to the level that they did, making playoffs, finishing second - considering their style play?

I don't think so. I thought they would reach top10, but I would never expect them to reach top5. But as I said, they are great players, they have KSCERATO, yuurih, they are really good individually, and as a team, I think they have all the pieces that make them a great team.

In the past, we had a clear distinction of the Brazilian teams as which was the best, the second-best, and so on. At the moment, it is very hard to gauge it. How do you, as someone in the scene, see it at the moment?

I mean, you cannot count out MIBR in any way, even though they don't have a fifth player right now. I'd rank FURIA first because of their results and because I played them a lot and I can see that they deserve to be there, but second, third, fourth, fifth - I don't know. I think CS:GO is so stacked right now, everybody is good, everybody can win against everybody, so I'm not sure.

yeL led INTZ to a victory over his former team

Moving to the Luminosity game, another domestic matchup, BO3. Can you tell me, going into that match, what was the expectation like?

We knew they were going to pick Mirage, it is also a good map for us. Train is our best map, so if you let it open, we will probably going to pick it, and I thought the last map would be Dust2 because they played it against eUnited and won. But they banned Dust2 and went to Overpass.

In these six months of the team, our CT sides have been struggling a lot. Our T sides have been amazing, though, we know how to play the T side in any situation. When we were losing 13-7 on Mirage, Apoka called a pause and we talked about how we can come back because our T side was so strong, and we did. On Train, our T side was TERRIBLE, we tried everything, swapped roles, tried fakes, but it didn't work. It happens, you know, LG played really well, felps and NEKIZ on Ladder and Mid played really well, they just topped us. After that game we had a talk about how we need to reset, we have another map, "Overpass is a great map for us, we can do it". On Overpass we were down as well, but we paused a lot, we talked a lot, everyone gave suggestions. I think that our mentality is to never give up, no matter what. It is working so far and I'm happy that we made it.

You used to be the main AWPer in your team and now playing with kNgV-, he took that role. Is not being able to double AWP as much an issue for you on the CT side?

I wouldn't say that, I think that CS right now is just really dynamic. If you understand the other team you can think about the probability of what he is doing and you can rotate a player. I think that is a problem for us because we are not reading our opponents as much and we might do a bad rotation, which costs us the CT half. But I think we are improving on that and I'm happy that we are playing this LAN and getting experience in that.

You are moving into the playoffs, have a day off, what are the expectations moving forward in this tournament?

Since we have been here, our expectation is to win the Minor. We fought so hard to be here, we finished second place in the South American Minor qualifier, we had a lot of problems there with PCs and internet. We lost to Sharks, went to the lower bracket and we won anyway. But it has been a rough season for us, we didn't qualify for anything, we played DreamHack Rio and finished in sixth place. We almost qualified for ECS but we didn't, we lost to FURIA in the finals. We want to finish this season with a big prize, and the big prize is to qualify for the Major.

Brazil Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
Gustavo 'yel' Knittel
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Lets go KNG and Apoka
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no chance for intz
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Vito Giuseppe + Apokão on the major would be awesome!!
2019-07-17 19:54
Albania 9898
Everybody on INTZ is le spook
2019-07-17 19:55
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Would be awesome indeed.
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Lets go
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Ah crap, second
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brazilian hope yel
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2019-07-17 19:51
2019-07-17 19:51
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Another Brazilian fluke incoming
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Romania cs
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stop yelling.
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Better intz than flukeria
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APOKA MONSTER!!! Teach them how to command a team
2019-07-17 22:53
qualify and winning are two different things....caca team....
2019-07-17 23:51
cry is free
2019-08-01 18:41
you should know about crying like a baby....CACA team....
2019-08-03 00:25
I just want the astronauta stickers
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