fer: "We're going to play with zews [at the Major]"

We caught up with Fernando "fer" Alvarenga after MIBR survived day one in Chicago to ask him about the team's mentality for the American event and their plans for the Major.

Day one at IEM Chicago was a tumultuous ride for the Brazilian side, who immediately fell to Group A's lower bracket after a one-sided series with G2 before beating Envy in a close three-mapper, which concluded with a comeback on Train.

MIBR made it to day two by the skin of their teeth

After the first day in Chicago came to an end, we spoke to fer about MIBR's mentality at the tournament and their matches, and he also commented on the team's plans for the StarLadder Major.

At BLAST it was apparent that the tournament was a lot about having fun playing with zews, not taking it too seriously, has that mentality changed in the meantime or is it more of the same here?

Actually, we were taking it seriously, of course, but we knew that it was going to be difficult because we just lost coldzera, one of the best players in the world, so we are playing with our coach. zews hasn't been playing for something like four years and of course it's hard for him, even though he's watching us play, but when you're playing, you feel the pressure, so it's hard for him. But we are just here to have fun, we are trying to create a good atmosphere in the team, so we're trying to treat each other better as people, as well. We are just feeling really good about playing with each other and we're just enjoying to play, and when you enjoy playing you play your game. Sometimes you just go with the flow and it's good.

You've just barely survived the first day here, at first losing to G2 in what was quite a rough series before playing against Envy in a tight match, tell me about how the day went for you.

Well, against G2, they wrecked us, nothing we can say. They're a really good team, but now against Envy, they're playing with their coach, as well, so it was like a fair match (laughs), coach against coach, so it was fun to play, of course. And on the first map, Eley was playing really well, it was kind of hard for us (laughs) and they beat us on this map, but on Mirage and Train we just feel confident to play even with zews because those are some of our best maps, so it doesn't matter if we're playing with zews or cold. zews was going to do the support role for us and he did, it was amazing for us. It feels good to win with zews, of course, because as I said we are here to have fun, and when you win it's even more fun.

It still took quite a big comeback on Train, though...

Yeah, it was crazy because we did like five rounds and FalleN won a 1v3 as T. Doing T rounds is really hard and we didn't practice Train for a while, but we played it like twice yesterday so that zews can get used to it because we knew we could play it today. It was good, zews was with his SCAR - we call it "tac tac" - and we were laughing when we played, so that was fun.

What's the goal here outside of having fun playing, you've got a month until the Major, so what is the plan?

The goal now for us is that we're trying to find our fifth player, we still don't have a name yet, but we know that we can't decide yet because the Major is coming up. We're just trying to focus on ourselves, of course it's going to be really hard, but our goal for the Major is to keep our Legends spot, so let's see if we can do it. Now we're just trying to get zews used to playing with us and even though we know it's going to be really hard to win with him, we just got LUCAS1, as well, so it's kind of a new team, we got caught by surprise when coldzera left the team. We're just surviving and having fun, that's the truth, to be honest, we're just here to play CS and if we win, it's going to be really good for us.

Does that mean that with the reverted emergency transfer rule, you will play the Major with zews for sure?

Yeah, we can do it, so we're probably going to play with zews because the roster is locked, so we can't play with anyone else. We can only play with the people that we put into the team, so of course we're going to play with zews. It's going to be fun, zews never played a Major properly, so it's a dream for him, as well. I just want to try to do my best so that zews can be a Legend and have his trophy on Steam, so it's going to be really good for him! Let's see.

Brazil Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
Fernando 'fer' Alvarenga
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Turkey leame 
0-3 confirmed
2019-07-19 04:49
Finland ENCEL 
Cold destroyed mibr ahahaha
2019-07-19 04:53
no ma friend, they was destroyed since the beggining. That's not only cold's fault
2019-07-19 06:42
MIBR should hope other teams to rate them higher on the ELO rating so they can get weaker opponent to avoid 0-3
2019-07-19 09:35
maybe if they lost the "legends status" could be an good thing. restart with a new 5th player from the bottom or disband, maybe this motivate them
2019-07-19 09:39
Brazil |witcher| 
2019-07-19 12:44
Brazil parrud0www 
2019-07-19 14:35
Brazil denishideo 
+1 If you want to be the best again, sometimes you have to restart from the bottom.
2019-07-19 16:26
Mibr win major going undefeated beating all opponents 16-0
2019-07-19 17:38
Nice englando
2019-07-19 17:37
Brazil BRAZlL 
Flag checks out
2019-07-19 17:40
2019-07-19 18:27
Probably their goal for the major migth be get atleast 1 win so they dont need to go to qualifiers and all that for the next one
2019-07-19 04:57
Turkey leame 
yeah thats what i was thinking
2019-07-19 04:57
If they win 1 and don't need to go to qualifiers it's good for them, but if they pass to legends is massive for this lineup
2019-07-19 05:05
Sure it is but i dont think its posible to get legends but who know...
2019-07-19 05:08
Depends on the groups we need to wait and see
2019-07-19 05:19
groups at majors? ur still in 2016
2019-07-19 05:43
U2 streamer fan👌🏿
2019-07-20 22:05
lol getting legends, dont dream they will surely get 0-3 .gl to them.
2019-07-19 07:07
TenZ | 
Brazil SkindCS 
While ur gonna be crying for forsakeN
2019-07-19 10:39
just lyk u r cryng for cold. fckn BR bullshit CS scenes
2019-07-19 10:59
fer | 
Brazil _Awper 
Expected english 😂
2019-07-19 11:52
Forsaken isn't the only indian csgo player u know.
2019-07-19 11:58
Brazil _Rhaegar_ 
But it is the most known India's player.
2019-07-19 13:16
Its coz he cheated but he doesn't represent India. I am half indian i know more indian players who were better than forsaken without cheating.
2019-07-19 21:45
Brazil _Rhaegar_ 
I know, but they are not known yet. So they will do that until something happen.
2019-07-20 00:33
Brazil _Rhaegar_ 
I have been watching them since 2017, and I always see people like you saying: 0-3 that major. Well, never happened. This major is the closest tournament that this can happen, so, if does not happen, forget :D Oh, India's scene? Word.exe LOL AHAHHAAHHAHAHA
2019-07-19 13:07
Did i say anything about their history mate. I also only said that this is likely gonna happen this year.I too watched them for years and always fan of sk/lg.And I can give you explanation why it is likely gonna happen ,even the EU minor is very competitive .Many teams irrespective of ranking are playing well.And in the newlegends stage u will see very good teams and of course it will be amazing major. So there will be hard match ups according to their current position now for mibr and zews is definitely the futile pickup but there is no option for them. As per fallen said atleast zews will play "for us" is the only favourable thing. I always wish best for them,never said with hate or something.
2019-07-19 15:12
Sugar | 
Europe Daddy! 
Ok, that is weird.
2019-07-19 04:49
Germany Bicepsislove 
2019-07-19 04:49
2019-07-19 04:49
Denmark Notallama 
2019-07-19 09:22
Brazil NiceBrazlian 
3 bots nt
2019-07-19 04:50
send me your faceit profile please
2019-07-19 13:52
Switzerland Infi2k 
send me your tinder pls
2019-07-19 17:02
2019-07-19 17:03
2019-07-19 04:50
Japan Jotaro 
just suck it up and use cold he said he would play lol
2019-07-19 04:50
I don't understand either, 3x events they could earn some money in, zews will never be in lineup either way. ppl call coldzera traitor just because he want to win so bad, i think what rest of mibr done is far worse, but serve them right now, no money for them.
2019-07-19 06:22
Brazil Minduim 
Using Fer words on stream "If someone does not want to stay with us he should not play anymore with us. I like cold, respect him a Lot but we need to figure out how to play without him" They live together, sleep, wake up, work, hang out and do everything together. So, when they are fone there is no point on playing together anymore. The major is important but not that much. I agree that cold would play the camps and the major but I also understend why they don't want to
2019-07-19 12:21
I just mean, they played with each other for such a long time. I would think they are like brothers, that rest of team understand coldzera desire for winning, and play last events with him as mutual respect both ways... but feel like this isn't the case.
2019-07-19 12:31
Brazil tacold 
Yes, I expected the same but I guess there was something going on inside the game. Probably the atmosphere in the team wasn't good. As fer said in the interview: "[...] we are trying to create a good atmosphere in the team, so we're trying to treat each other better as people, as well."
2019-07-19 16:16
If this is truth then prob coldzera understand what this is about, hope they just didn't force him out, cuz they could and was mad about him for leaving.
2019-07-19 16:29
Malta SS_ArT 
1st lol jks
2019-07-19 04:50
2019-07-19 07:03
United States Deso1ation 
Damn hot
2019-07-19 04:51
CIS xkram 
Already 0-3 then
2019-07-19 04:51
Canada LiquidTop1 
2019-07-19 04:51
Brazil MadBettorGrr 
It's ok, mibr probably won't win this major (furia will), but we can maintain our legend status :)
2019-07-19 04:51
North America MeeM6336 
2019-07-19 05:02
nt fakeflagger
2019-07-19 06:43
Brazil Danxd22 
VocÊ é palhaço, hein, otário...
2019-07-19 14:52
nt google translator!
2019-07-19 14:53
Brazil Danxd22 
clown, retard! You are just a newfag, chill out...
2019-07-19 14:54
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Wtf is this shit ? Fuck, i hope the F duo will go international, or just FalleN to FaZe for NEO & fer to Luminosity instead of NEKIZ, but that is just complete shit.
2019-07-19 04:51
Fallen won't go anywhere, he's a stakeholder for the team.
2019-07-19 05:24
Switzerland TyRRRR 
What team ? MIBR ? The team that host more bots than good player ? The team that lost cold ? The team that struggles against an Envy with a coach ? The team that can't buy any BR talents ? Lmfao he'll probably stay but for what ? Luminosity > MIBR atm lol.
2019-07-19 07:34
They could take yuurih before but Fallen still recycling same players and when they realised that that was too late and now they enjoying 5 years contract.
2019-07-19 12:26
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Meh not even sure they went beyond negociations tbh.
2019-07-19 16:03
Ukraine ksay 
karrigan and cajunb were stakeholders in astralis too :)
2019-07-19 11:44
They didn't left the team, they were kicked.
2019-07-19 11:46
Ukraine ksay 
i mean if they want to kick him then there is no problem if he wants to leave then there is no problem aswell he wouldn't sit in this dying team just for money cus he is unlike others has alternative sources of income. those few % he shares mean nothing if brand is garbage. not worth ruining his legacy/career by sticking around
2019-07-19 11:56
FalleN to Faze kkskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkmmmnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkjkjjjkkjjkkkkkk
2019-07-19 06:21
Switzerland TyRRRR 
Are you triggered my caralho ? Tbh does he really has other option ? Staying in this MIBR is a death sentence for any pro player.
2019-07-19 07:35
Idk if fallen would fit into Faze, in my opinion coldzera would be the ideal option for them. As for Fallen, it's hard to predict where he's going after Mibr.
2019-07-19 11:17
Switzerland TyRRRR 
cold can't IGL
2019-07-19 16:02
Nice MM Queue. Zews - Silver Elite Master Fallen - Gold nova master Taco - MG2 fer - Mg1 Lucas1 - Mg1 Coldzera + bench - LEM Bench > MIBR P.S FIRST TIME SEM PLYS MAJOR OMEGALUL expected 0-3
2019-07-19 04:52
Lithuania SiTyGas 
If that was their ranks then you would be unranked for your whole life...
2019-07-19 09:52
TenZ | 
Brazil SkindCS 
2019-07-19 10:43
Brazil Danxd22 
I don't think so, look at their blast results (judging by the moment of the team, it's really great). 14 - 16 Faze, 10 - 16 Liquid, you know, it wasn't like... a stomp.
2019-07-19 14:56
Ez 0-3
2019-07-19 04:53
Really sad that they can't play with another player that isn't zews, but lets see if they can make some progress in 1 month of training until the major. Edit: Or the team can talk with their new psychologist and cold comeback to the lineup.
2019-07-19 05:02
Malta SS_ArT 
Thing is Cold was willing to play the major. But they were so dumb that they benched him too soon, killing their chances to win even more.
2019-07-19 09:12
Cold wanted play.
2019-07-19 12:26
It is useless to play with a Player that is going to be in another continent and not train with them. So they prefer to stay away from Toxicity of Coldzera.
2019-07-19 14:59
Other Onizuka_go 
Who cares? Furia is now the best team in br.
2019-07-19 04:58
TAC TAC the best gun
2019-07-19 04:59
China Blitzer 
no shit
2019-07-19 05:02
Cry free
2019-07-19 05:05
China Blitzer 
2019-07-19 05:06
have fun at the minors
2019-07-19 05:02
United States @FyreCS 
2019-07-19 05:04
dont | 
Czech Republic @me 
Zews stickers???
2019-07-19 05:08
Ireland infesterinc 
well good luck with ur struggle.
2019-07-19 05:09
cya lan minors LAN
2019-07-19 05:09
Portugal R1gs 
Ez Major with Zews, trust in the process!
2019-07-19 05:18
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
The only real question is: 1-3 or 0- 3 ?
2019-07-19 05:30
Denmark EyesWallow 
0-3 no bad teams make it to the major
2019-07-19 08:15
they can 1-3 if they win against renegades or nip
2019-07-19 09:40
Fer and FalleN are the saving graces of mibr. Let’s see if their next player isn’t actually felps or boltz again.
2019-07-19 05:39
Like anybody is gonna care? I guess we do care who they are gonna poach next. At some point, they will run out of BR/NA players to replace. If they manage to make it to playoff at the Major, they should give zews a raise for leaving Liquid to coach this broken team. Just sad.
2019-07-19 05:49
FalleN | 
Venezuela relFF 
Lets go MIBR
2019-07-19 05:53
Pakistan LoOuU2 
Man this sucks This team used to be the pinnacle of the BR scene. It sucks to see two times Major champs in a situation like this
2019-07-19 05:58
TenZ | 
Brazil SkindCS 
Happens with everyone, NiP, French scene, fnatic, lg/sk>mibr, even blastralis.
2019-07-19 10:46
1-3 ez 2020 major champion MIBR
2019-07-19 06:19
Brazil hansenbr 
One of my favorites interviews on hltv so far.
2019-07-19 06:23
2019-07-19 07:09
the fact they almost lost vs tier5 team with Coach (Coach vs Coach) its really shows how bad they are I guess they need new IGL, FalleN will stay just awper
2019-07-19 07:16
Or just disband.
2019-07-19 07:40
Hungary subzera 
Bro, cringe
2019-07-19 07:50
0-3 inc.
2019-07-19 07:57
"we're gonna get paid a shit ton of money no matter what, so we're gonna play forthelulz with zews and hopefully get some good sticker money too..."
2019-07-19 08:04
Argentina [Darkaren] 
I just wanted to comment that I haven't seen a single mibr flair on this entire thread. Which is certainly surprising considering that it's a thread about mibr and half of the people commenting are brs.
2019-07-19 08:20
Some people are saying Kng already signed with mibr but they cant play the Major with him still, I think that's why zews is gonna with them
2019-07-19 08:39
f0rest | 
Russia trinarr 
why kNg? They can sign HEN1 instead
2019-07-19 10:11
also they should add father of lucas and hen their mother and grandma, grandpa should be coach.
2019-07-19 12:30
Oh, cmon! HEN1 is a great player xD
2019-07-19 12:30
Kng fits better on coldzera position
2019-07-20 00:40
Poland kRAMERO 
thats so funny. they are paying so much for playing this game and in interview: we didnt practice train for long, we re trying to build atmosphere XD shit team hope mibr will remove whole lineup
2019-07-19 08:54
only naive people believe that. these guys only really practice when they are bootcamping and thats what like 5-7days. other than that they play scrims sometimes.
2019-07-19 10:09
Greece hekzy 
well... you are clueless Pro teams practice 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, with scrims and such.
2019-07-19 13:35
2019-07-19 13:40
lmao last place incoming
2019-07-19 09:04
0 mentions of the 'like' word? You didn't interview fer...
2019-07-19 09:06
cR4zY | 
Myanmar xdcc 
He said it 4 times
2019-07-19 10:52
2019-07-19 09:43
fer will carry Taco
2019-07-19 09:51
2019-07-19 09:48
2019-07-19 10:00
Minor *
2019-07-19 10:10
there isnt any brazilian player who could step in coldzera's shoes. mibr has been shit so far and will only get worse from now on. disband maybe????
2019-07-19 10:10
2019-07-19 10:24
TenZ | 
Brazil SkindCS 
mibr can be great again, hear me boys, HEAR ME.
2019-07-19 10:49
oskar | 
Czech Republic PaYaB 
0-3 confirmed
2019-07-19 11:00
2019-07-19 11:11
2019-07-19 11:03
Zews sticker PogU
2019-07-19 11:04
2019-07-19 11:04
2019-07-19 11:11
Indonesia Gingzman 
-zews +Hen1
2019-07-19 11:42
coldzera leaving was the death of this team officialy
2019-07-19 11:59
Poland aiken 
I don't get why they just don't s1mply play last tournament together for the sake of team's history. They just act like little children.
2019-07-19 12:10
Enjoy group stage then noob. Axaxaxax.
2019-07-19 12:22
World breezy0 
for what? what a fucking waste... keep getting rekt. this team is so boring for the viewers
2019-07-19 12:42
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao 
Fan checks out
2019-07-19 16:14
World breezy0 
can't hear the truth? everyone sees them failing hard at every event and now they even dare to play with a coach.. they only care for the money. they are a wasted spot in all tournaments they attend
2019-07-19 16:22
fnx | 
Brazil Moglao 
"This team is so boring..." Ence fan Hahahahaha
2019-07-20 04:27
World breezy0 
will be hard not to fall asleep when ence rapes mibr tomorrow GG
2019-07-20 04:30
Aleksib | 
United Kingdom broco 
not playing your best player LOOOOL Brazil CS is finished
2019-07-19 12:44
Austria cacheex 
Don’t say disband ! Team with the most viewers! No mibr no sponsors - price money = dead game!
2019-07-19 12:49
Aleksib | 
United Kingdom broco 
you are brain dead, they have nowhere near the most viewers
2019-07-19 13:28
MIBR braindead... playing with Smooya would make more sense than Zews
2019-07-19 13:18
s1 | 
Armenia gr1nch 
t's going to be fun, zews never played a Major properly, so it's a dream for him, as well. ??? he played with liquid
2019-07-19 13:55
Some things you can see from space. 1 great wall of China 2 fers nose 3 coldzeras mom
2019-07-19 14:13
0-3 lol bye bye
2019-07-19 14:54
Brazil tupacman 
rip legends :(
2019-07-19 15:33
Brazil erfur 
For me the only way for them to become legends again is if the four players ( Fallen, Fer, Taco and Lucas1) are at the maximum playing all they know...
2019-07-19 16:21
Brazil fuNNa 
2019-07-19 18:10
Good luck bros, enjoy and have fun
2019-07-20 00:17
they playing when NOT expecting to win , haha. kinda good zews
2019-07-20 14:37
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