DickStacy: "I feel like after the player break certain international teams are going to be a bit sloppy; hopefully we can capitalise on that"

Following Grayhound's victory over TYLOO in the winners' final of the Asia Minor, we spoke to Ollie "DickStacy" Tierney to discuss the in-game leading setup, their last series of the tournament and plans for the player break.

Grayhound were crowned champions of the Asia Minor following their 2-1 victory over TYLOO in the winners' bracket of the playoffs. The Australian squad demonstrated a convincing performance over the course of the entire event, conceding but a single map on their way to the New Challengers stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major.

DickStacy and his team have made it to the New Challengers stage of the Major

Following the conclusion of the match, we spoke to DickStacy, who shared his thoughts on securing a second Major run with Grayhound, provided an in-depth explanation of the in-game leading system, and shared details on the team's schedule for the upcoming weeks.

This is the second time you've made the Major with the team - what's going through your mind right now?

It feels amazing. Anything, where you set a goal and complete it, is really relieving, especially something as big a deal as this. It sounds cheesy, but it's kind of a dream come true every time you get stickers because you're immortalised in the game, to a degree, so you can't not feel on top of the world, to be honest.

I spoke to dexter at the start of the event, and he explained that there was a long list of issues the team had experienced ahead of the Minor. You subsequently dropped only one map on your way to the New Challengers stage - was this a case of confidence going into the event, or did the momentum propel you in such a way?

In all honesty, even though we didn't do much practice before the event, we had a really efficient bootcamp. We had seven days of bootcamp in Europe, and we just focused on every little detail that we were missing from previous events, obviously because we lost a lot in the past, so you learn from it.

I think coming into this event, we had very good preparation and we focused on our individual skill, so we had a lot of hours and we're in good form, and I feel that's what carried us over. Everyone was confident in each other and we had a really good mentality. I feel like when that happens you can't really be stopped if you've got everything in place, all the pieces.

We also discussed the addition of Sico, and it was explained that he assumed a secondary leading role on the squad. Talk to me about the mechanics of the new calling system you have in place.

Chris (dexter) calls at the start of the round and depending on what the call is, Sico is generally in the pack, while dexter is generally off to the sides, lurking and making his own plays. Generally, when it's a default round, Sico is within the pack, so he has the most information. He's a very smart player and he's the AWPer, so he knows how to confidently position us around him, and knows how to utilise us to help him get a pick with the AWP.

He's a very smart player and, to be honest, he has the most information within the pack, and it's more efficient to have him calling than Chris (dexter) when it comes a default round, or a round that's just slow-paced and us working map control. If Chris catches on to tendencies that the other teams have, he will generally call a strat or a set-piece around that, so that's where Chris comes into it.

From observing the team both on the server and outside, it's apparent that Sico has really fit within the system well. Outside of fragging power and calling, what does he bring to the table that really benefits the squad?

I just feel like we are all like-minded individuals. He's a very confident guy and he's just one of the boys, to be honest. He knows how to party, he knows how to just enjoy himself outside of the game, which really helps us in-game to have, to a degree, chemistry, if you want to use that word. Overall he just really bonds well with us.

Briefly on the series against TYLOO - talk me over Dust2's T side. You persistently struggled on the offense, leading to a 6-16 conclusion to the map - what went wrong?

On Dust2 they had some good reads, and they carried some good momentum. They counter-stratted to a degree, but obviously, that was going to happen. Everywhere we went, they had a really good read and, in honesty, no one was fragging on our team. That pretty much seals the coffin; when you're not getting frags on Dust2, and they have good reads and good aim, nothing is going to happen, and that's exactly what happened on the T side.

Train was a rollercoaster. Regulation saw you exchange 8-7 T halves, then you came back from a 15-18 deficit to take the series 22-20. How did you maintain composure and subsequently close out?

That malta guy on our team is pretty damn good, eh? (laughs) Overall, not only from malta carrying; we had some good adjustments mid-game to our poor CT side in the overtime. T side was a bit of a brick wall at times, but once we figured it out, it was just simple to slow it down. They were giving us the ladder room pick a lot, so once we worked off that, we realised that we should just go slow Outer when they wanted to play two on B. We kind of faked the B presence and went back to a slow Outer, which inevitably led us to a lot of overtime rounds on the T side. On the CT side, we just had to play our own game and have good positions and trust in our setups, and overall that's how we took the victory.

Lastly - you have three weeks ahead of you before the Major kicks off. What are the plans?

For the next two weeks, it's vacation for us. My girlfriend is coming up to Europe and we're going to have a wicked time over here, going to Spain, Barcelona, and party hard while erkaSt's back home in Mongolia trying to get his visa. After that, leading into the Major, we'll have another bootcamp like we did before this Minor, and hopefully, keep up our form and play with confidence, because I feel it's really key when it comes to Counter-Strike - just confident reactions and enjoying the game with each other.

Hopefully we can perform some big upsets and even maybe make it through because I feel like after the player break certain international teams are going to be a bit sloppy, and hopefully, we can capitalise on that and stop losing when we come to these big events.

Australia Ollie 'DickStacy' Tierney
Ollie 'DickStacy' Tierney
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2019-07-27 19:48
North America ProudNAfan 
Ez major for Team Liquid the best team to ever touch the game of counter strike!
2019-07-27 20:06
Fool dick stacy always wins
2019-07-27 20:15
faze? can they even get worse
2019-07-27 20:39
2019-07-27 21:49
Europe PauL(L) 
Signed up 2019-07-15 i think you never heard about Astralis
2019-07-27 23:11
Lithuania microgam1ng 
Ez dick to your mom mount
2019-07-28 06:56
Australia alf_au 
2019-07-28 10:33
Portugal azetecapt 
2019-07-28 05:15
Good to hear Mr Dickstacy
2019-07-27 19:48
MIBRisUnderrated nice F5
2019-07-27 19:48
I didn't f5 it just popped up on my twitter feed so i came here lol
2019-07-27 19:49
2019-07-27 19:50
Reply needs to have actual content ??
2019-07-27 19:50
That's hte least likely story I have ever heard
2019-07-27 19:52
2019-07-28 10:29
Germany PcPrincipal68 
But still not first 🤣
2019-07-27 19:50
Hes doctor DickStacy
2019-07-27 19:54
Ukraine zCainee 
0-3 LUL
2019-07-27 19:48
Turkey leame 
no, they are going to make it through upper stage
2019-07-27 19:50
Pakistan Ligm@ 
Cringe guy
2019-07-27 19:49
volvo pls accept d1ck sticker
2019-07-27 19:49
he can not have his own sticker or what?
2019-07-27 20:33
United States Eagledoc9075 
He had his own sticker in the previous major, but it read DickStacy. He wanted his sticker to read Dick but valve said no because it was inappropriate
2019-07-27 20:48
It read dick NA Brain LULW
2019-07-27 20:55
United States Eagledoc9075 
So insecure that in order to make yourself feel better you point out spelling mistakes EU insecurity OmegaLUL
2019-07-28 07:48
Australia Chereska 
It says DICK in capital letters. Redditors: Dumb people acting smart. steamcommunity.com/market/listings/730/S..
2019-07-28 02:13
United States Eagledoc9075 
So what you are saying is me not putting it in caps is bad? HLTV members: Assholes acting superior than they are.
2019-07-28 07:31
Australia Chereska 
What? You were saying that his sticker said DickStacy and not Dick when in fact his sticker clearly says Dick and nothing else. I even gave you the fucking link.
2019-07-28 08:01
United States Eagledoc9075 
2019-07-28 08:04
Australia alf_au 
You are clearly intellectual
2019-07-28 10:34
Netherlands Williamo15 
The first design was Dick with some extra line to make it actually look like a dick. Valve didn't like that design for obvious reasons. You can probably find the OG link for design on reddit. Edit* OG design imgur.com/a/wycy86kou
2019-07-28 09:07
Australia Chereska 
Link not working. But I do believe I have seen it. Thanks anyway.
2019-07-28 17:20
2019-07-27 19:49
Brazil CaioOlive 
god mr dick
2019-07-27 19:49
watch dis
2019-07-27 19:50
Myanmar xdcc 
hes on the team for his name + making malta happy
2019-07-27 19:56
Looks like he came straight out of a 2000 comedy movie
2019-07-28 06:33
Kazakhstan bjornzz 
No respect for dickstacy
2019-07-27 19:49
Dick is feeling floppy
2019-07-27 19:50
Sweden wiesterfeler 
2019-07-27 19:52
dick's feeling thank you
2019-07-27 19:54
Other NDRnews 
Its not a smart thing going on vacations just before major if they really want to go far they need to practise a lot on this 3 weeks , and not party hard
2019-07-27 19:54
Finland Faust_fSt 
Yeah, loser mentality. Stickers gained, mission accomplished, 0-3 byebye. Not that they really have any potential to go through that stage anyway.
2019-07-27 20:03
But its valves fault for planning a major after the player break. What is this shit. I mean when are you going to have a break if not in summer
2019-07-27 20:13
I think you missed the part where I said, "while my team mate is getting his visa back home in Mongolia. Then we will bootcamp." While I get fat pockets and fat ass in my face you can sit here and discuss why I have loser mentality.
2019-07-27 20:14
Slovakia Fortal 
Your way of making a living and getting through life is half assing it in a CS team and getting carried through to the weakest stage of the major, only because the region you play in is complete shit, and then banking in on the fact that your name has DICK in it so people are going to buy your stickers. Real winners' mentality when you compare your approach to the game and training to other pro teams'. Your team is my clear choice for 0-3 when we can make picks in game. You are just a douchebag meme and nobody takes you or Grayhound seriously.
2019-07-29 10:41
Seeing how weak the asian region is getting, grayhound can bomb out 0-3 and not care. They will qualify for the next major anyway.
2019-07-27 21:07
Germany LiVerGOD 
Yeah enjoying life instead of playing cs 24/7 is clearly loser mentality. Just in case you don't know, having Time off is very essential, in every sports or even science. Doing something completely different for a week or so will make you far stronger coming back.
2019-07-28 15:13
Finland Faust_fSt 
What a pointless thing to write, friend. I never said taking time off is loser mentality, I said that under these circumstances taking 2 weeks off is. "Doing something completely different for a week or so will make you far stronger coming back" so the best training regime would be to play for a day, take a week off, play for a day, take a week off and so on? Come back FAR STRONGER each time? Or maybe, since you know, it's the major, you have ONE week off after the minor, and then work your ass off for two? And I can't get over the naivete of your opening phrase. "Enjoying life" rather than working 24/7 to be the best is exactly loser mentality, from the pure perspective of results. Either way, the guy is a meme and has already achieved his goal in CS - sticker money because his name has "dick" in it.
2019-07-28 15:58
Germany LiVerGOD 
Fan of Ence trying to act smart. EZ4ENCE all your brain is capable of, you clearly did not understand a single word of what was trying to convey.
2019-07-28 23:10
Finland Faust_fSt 
Going for nonsensical ad hominem (based on nothing) is your level of argumentation. Sieg heil buddy!
2019-07-28 23:30
Germany LiVerGOD 
Fan of Ence trying to act smart. EZ4ENCE all your brain is capable of, you clearly did not understand a single word of what was trying to convey.
2019-07-29 14:54
might win 10 rounds in a game then, thats progress I guess.
2019-07-27 19:58
Nah theyre gonna make legends
2019-07-27 20:13
lol imagine if they did what a meme
2019-07-27 21:42
2019-07-27 22:44
Dick up
2019-07-27 20:08
Big Dick Stacy
2019-07-27 20:13
Bro, I would suk your big D
2019-07-27 20:15
World Beard43 
Haha Major D 2.0! #YTB
2019-07-27 20:22
Freeman | 
Poland pren4 
2019-07-27 20:28
United Kingdom trtr098 
2019-07-27 20:36
Dicks out for Mr DickStacy
2019-07-27 20:41
Keep dreaming lol.
2019-07-27 20:59
Other TapioKuusela 
Are these guys professionals or only half?
2019-07-27 21:12
A quarter
2019-07-27 21:34
Australia Chereska 
2019-07-28 02:14
Germany LiVerGOD 
Even 2nd division 99damage teams which are like top 150( if the ranking would go so far down) are mainly full time pros
2019-07-28 15:23
Other TapioKuusela 
Really, who for example? I mean this is not sarcasm, just not aware of this.
2019-07-28 15:51
Germany LiVerGOD 
Planetkey Dynamics or Bluejays in Div. 2.1 and DIVIZON and Leisure in Div 2.2 for sure.
2019-07-28 23:17
"We are not good enough, but hopefully all the others will be even worse and we can capitalise on that"
2019-07-27 21:30
Hope, mother of stupid ppl
2019-07-27 21:35
You just don't know the power of Astralis after break, dupreeh will not exit a match without 40 bomb nor will Device leave any prey with Awp. Improved strats of mastermind gla1ve and don't forget the power of clutch GOD XYP9X. That leaves one and only jackripper MagisK who can smash heads without even looking at his monitor. JUST wait for them to return after break and claim that #1 SPOT.
2019-07-27 22:22
"i just want to suck his [malta] dick tonight. tha- that's what i want to do. that's all i want to do. you're so fucking hot. i'm sorry for swearing." Dick Stacy 2019
2019-07-28 01:37
Olivia | 
Austria SplasJ 
Hell yeah
2019-07-29 15:44
Who are you even? lmao
2019-07-28 01:39
Venezuela Playcalixto 
Let us not forget about Cr4zy and Hunter stickers Crazy | Big | Dick | Hunter
2019-07-28 02:18
Australia t0rrent 
What a boy
2019-07-28 02:22
> erkaSt's back home in Mongolia trying to get his visa gl.
2019-07-28 03:07
my favorite australian team! <3
2019-07-28 03:11
Jame | 
Israel uffiez 
dickstacy delusional all australian players delusional in general
2019-07-28 04:04
Australia alf_au 
Clearly we are dealing with an intellectual here
2019-07-28 10:36
Jame | 
Israel uffiez 
flair, flag and name all check out
2019-07-28 12:28
Australia alf_au 
Haha you're adorable that's all you got to say?
2019-07-28 12:48
Jame | 
Israel uffiez 
2019-07-28 12:48
Anyone hoping some team falls off due to a player break is someone who knows that team is better than them. Just git gud nerd
2019-07-28 16:30
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